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Navitas Organics

Navitas Organics

Wilderness Poets

Wilderness Poets



The number of people turning their lifestyles and diets around to accommodate a much healthier outline are increasing by the day. Who can blame them! The world seems intent on killing us one by one, with all the fast foods and chemically induced products everywhere.

Have you thought about your diet? Oh boy, if there answer is no then you better get ready because I won’t stop till I get you to other side! In all honesty most people don’t think about their diet or body condition till some life changing experience suddenly erupts from mount ‘LifeMo’

But I am not about to hung you out to dry. To boost you diet you can turn to organic supplements if you are no too keen on bumping on any chemicals. A certain supplement has been making waves in the market, the rise of hemp protein powder is nothing but a blessing.

It is a great protein supplement for those who don’t get enough protein from animal-based products and especially for the vegan folks out there. So what is hemp protein powder? It is a protein source derived from the hemp plant a variant species of cannabis Sativa.

It contains less than 1 % of THC and is purely organic to effectively grant you that all access to a better and more fulfilling diet. It is wonderful option for people with diabetes, skin allergies, obesity and heart disease.

You already know it’s safer than most commercial products and who knows perhaps it might change your whole mentality and get you started on a full on healthy diet. I have complied the top five hemp protein products in the market get you off to a good start

Best Hemp Protein Powder List


Navitas Organics

Navitas Organics

Hemp foods give you the opportunity to live and enjoy a healthy life through a plant based way, which is the best way! With Navitas, you get a versatile product that can be used in your smoothies and your meals, adding a touch of nutritional value

It is 50 % complete protein and this is mainly due to the fact that it is obtained when hemp seeds are cold-pressed and then milled, hence preserving every bit of protein from the hemp seeds.To promote a proper functioning of our bodies, it has an ideal ratio of omega 3 to omega 6.

This hemp powder is jam-packed with nutrients. One serving provides 40 % DV iron to help in the supply of blood in your body, 13g of protein, 25% DV Fiber that helps in keeping you full and helps in weight loss and maintenance, and 60% DV magnesium


  • ​It is jam-packed with nutrients to benefit your body
  • It is extracted from hemp seeds to retain high concentration of protein
  • Contains omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids


  • It doesn’t dissolve in smoothies
  • Has an unpleasant taste


Wilderness Poets

Wilderness Poets

People have different lives, some manage to squeeze a 5 mile run now and then into their schedules. While others can’t afford to spare such time but everyone wants to be healthy and have a say on the management of their weight, either way does it Wilderness Poets all!

Its cold milled process makes sure that the hemp is not heated so as to offer you a high concentration of proteins which to be precise is 19g, not bad. Anyone on a work out plan should definitely grab this hemp protein powder as it can added to your post workout smoothie.

Rather than what you’d probably expect, shelled seeds, Wilderness Poets presents hulled hemp seeds. This should provide a flavor which many have described as “cleaner.”

You should expect it to have a balance of omega 6, omega 9 and omega 3 fatty acids, including all the essential amino acids. It has a smooth texture which offers less residues. It is organic and NON-GMO.


  • ​This hemp protein powder is 100 % organic and NON-GMO
  • Can be mixed with a smoothies to make a great post work out replenishment
  • Has a perfect balance of omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids


  • ​There has been complains that the bag does not seal well
  • It doesn’t dissolve completely 




Sunwarrior has an awesome success rate to easily cruise into this list. It helps you unlock fitness levels that you never knew you would be capable of. With a determined drive and a consistent intake, the chains are broken and the warrior in you is unleashed!

Apart from hemp seeds, it contains an enticing list of other rich protein sources such as; coconut, goji berries and yellow peas. Despite not using harmful and dangerous chemicals like hexane, this protein powder contains high contents of omega 3 fats and antioxidants.

It is allergen free and a suitable option for those folks on a vegetarian diet. It is also NON-GMO so you can be confident that you are getting the full organic experience! It is great for muscle building and can be mixed to make a prefect protein source smoothie any time you feel like it.


  • ​It is gluten free and NON-GMO
  • Can be mixed with a smoothie
  • It is rich in protein sources 


  • It leaves a grainy texture when mixed
  • It doesn’t have a desirable taste


Dr. Forest Organic

Dr. Forest Organic

Do you want to take your fitness to a whole new level? A level where you are comfortable in your own body and wake up feeling rejuvenated to kick off your days smoothly and with sass. Then the Dr. Forest Organic might be a good option to actualize this vision.

It fuses three quality ingredients rich in proteins to materialize a successful formula that will send your head spinning with excitement when your take the first slurp. They include; hemp seed powder, pumpkin seed powder and milk thistle powder.

These are tough times we need to ensure that we eat a nutritious diet at all times and live a healthy life. The milk thistle helps to detoxify the kidney and liver hence promoting your health. With this product as your supplement you get an allergen and NON-GMO protein powder.


  • ​It is doesn’t contain soy, wheat, diary hence is allergen free and also NON-GMO
  • It promotes healthy liver and kidney function
  • Contains vitamins and minerals to boost your immune system


  • ​some people are not into the taste
  • It is grainy when you try to mix with a smoothie 


Manitoba Harvest

Manitoba Harvest

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Yeah! Takes your gloomy moments and flashes a couple of headlights in them brightening your whole life with the inevitable possibility of reaching ‘world-class’ fitness. It is made out of an organic plant based ingredient compacted to make a rich protein safe haven.

It contains 20 g of proteins per serving of Hemp Yeah! Which is not too shabby if your compare with the other hemp protein products on this list. You can opt to scoop or drink it, revealing a creamy texture you are bound to love when you mix it with your favorite drink.

It is a 100 % plant based vegan protein with the exclusion of any diary. It is NON-GMO and offers you 4.3 g of omega 3 and omega 6. The Manitoba Harvest is built broadly on quality and this is accurately visible in the Hemp Yeah! An outstanding product indeed!


  • ​It is very nutritious with 20g protein per serving of Manitoba Harvest Hemp Yeah
  • It can be mixed with your go-to drink
  • It is an all organic plant based protein supplement hence safe and healthy


  • ​It is relatively expensive
  • It doesn’t mix with water

Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Hemp Protein Powder

Because of the fast rising popularity of hemp foods and products, a number of brands have branched into this field because nobody wants to miss out on the fun! My point is there is an abundance of hemp protein powders out there.

So the possibilities of landing a decent hemp protein powder too sufficiently boost your nutritional diet might appear to be hazy at this point. But with the right type of information guiding you through your every step nothing is impossible.

Before you scamper off to your nearest drug store, there are a few factors you should have on your fingertips. These are just some of the guidelines that are meant to give you an upper hand and completely banish any future regrets. 

Best Hemp Protein Powder


The Type of Hemp Protein Powder

The two types of hemp protein powder are; pure and blended. The distinction between these two isn’t exactly mind blowing, but it goes a long way in making a difference since you get to choose what you want.

Pure hemp protein powder is purely derived from hemp that means you get to experience it in all its glory, unaltered and unhindered. One the other hand blended hemp protein powder is made from mixing different protein sources.

An example of a blend hemp protein powder is Warrior blend that is created with a blend of hemp protein, pea protein and goji berry. If you want to start on a hemp diet then pure would be subtle then you can slowly advance to blend along the way.



Do you want flavored or unflavored hemp protein powder? So far the scope of the conversation surrounding hemp protein powder has been constricted to its nutritional value but don’t you dare sell its flavor short.

If you don’t want any sugary taste then you can go for unflavored. For the flavored fans you might want to make sure that the product has a variety of flavors like chocolate vanilla and peanut butter, you don’t the aspect of versatility no matter where it’s coming from.

The norm is that flavored hemp protein powders are usually consumed straight from the pack. Hey you can just a spoon and start scooping away. Unflavored variants can be sweetened with sugar or honey whichever you prefer or mixed with a smoothie or juice.


Protein Content

Depending on your body’s needs you should be able to have a rough view of the amount of protein you should consume, this then helps you in buying the hemp protein powder. If you read the labels and descriptions you’ll find protein contents ranging from 10 -20g.

Another aspect that most people don’t realize it’s too late and one that emphasizes the need to read the labels to see the description of the product is identifying the proteins per saving. There are some that say per serving of 30g which is basically two tablespoons.


Cold Pressed or Refined

Normally the hemp seeds can be processed at a temperature of 40 F or less and 275 F or more. The former is the cold pressed which is then milled into the powder. The difference is retains more proteins than the former which is exposed to a lot of heat.



If you work out often, a hemp protein diet is an excellent option to help you max out. You can mix it with your smoothie as a pre or post workout drink to get the muscles working. There are some options that are soluble enough to avoid the grainy texture of hemp protein powders.


Hexane Free

You should have a lookout for any hemp protein powder specified to be hexane free. It is a harsh chemical solvent used in refining hemp oils to eventually end up with hemp protein powder. You should avoid it at all cost.



Lastly, to close the deal you obviously have to find a hemp protein powder within your price ranger. Luckily, there is an array of affordable and quality hemp powder proteins, but a higher price coincides with the quality in a trusted brand of course.


Those Who Can Benefit from Hemp Protein

  • Vegans and vegetarians-the most obvious group of people that utilizes hemp protein powder is vegetarians and vegan. This is because they do not take any meat or animal based products hence they turn to hemp supplements.
  • Lactose intolerant people- This means that you are allergic to diary. But you will find that hemp protein powder doesn’t contain any diary to suit the needs of those who are lactose intolerant.
  • Athletes- athletes need a large amount of protein than the normal person to maintain a proper working body and functionality all the same. Hemp protein powder should be a favorite for all athletes.
  • Dieters- it is a proven fact that hemp protein powder helps anyone on a diet to not only sustain the diet but improve it , since the fiber in it causes your stomach to be full hence inhibiting your from eating any other types of foods.

Side Effects of Hemp Protein Powder

Hemp protein powder is an all plant protein lacking in the overhyped modern additives that are purely chemical and that have infested a large number of companies. Hence has a few side effects affecting some people;


GI Distress

Yes, hemp protein powder can lead to the emergence of gastrointestinal symptoms due to the fact that it contains high levels of fiber. These symptoms can include bloating, gas and constipation.



There are some people who are allergic to the pure hemp protein powder. So immediately you realize this fact then it’s best to completely stay away from it and probably look for another protein powder.

Benefits of Hemp Protein Powder


Faster Recovery

Hemp protein powder is extremely rich in branched chain amino acids. This helps in muscle building and quick recovery also, it enables you to also have muscles with a greater and leaner integrity.


Helps in Weight Loss and Weight Management

If you are trying to lose weight then hemp protein powder might just be the best decision you’ve ever made in your life. It enhances the burning of calories in your body and ensures that you worked out more.

It improves digestion and cleanses the colon-You diet determines a large portion of what is happening inside your body, that includes the condition of your systems at large. Well luckily hemp protein powder helps in improving gut health and digestion.

The fiber in hemp protein powder is majorly 80% soluble and 20 % soluble .The soluble fiber actually does some magic in your body to get things going. It dissolves in water to slow down digestion and acts as food for your good bacteria to tremendously improve your gut health.

It also prevents the absorption of sugar and cholesterol into the blood hence regulating blood pressure and cholesterol levels in your blood. The insoluble fiber on the other hand adds bulk to your stool hence preventing constipation.


It Reduces Your Risk of Heart Disease

Heart disease can be exponentially reduced by eating healthier and exercising more and which best time to do this than now when the infestation of fast food joints has spread fire and wide.

How does it reduce risk of heart disease? Research shows that high levels of omega 6 to omega 3 increases to inflammation which is attributed to heart disease. One the other hand hemp seeds have lower omega 6 to omega 3 ratios which helps is reducing inflammation.

This then goes ahead to reduce any chances of heart disease. The hemp seeds also contain high amounts of arginine. This is an amino acid that produces nitric acid, which is known for promoting normal blood pressure and reducing the risks of heart disease.


Helps in Fighting Against Sugar Cravings

Sugar cravings are mostly trials that sent you on a snack hunting expedition, leading to the consumption of many sugary foods. But hemp protein powder has large amounts of fiber that keeps you full for an extended period.

There are certain benefits that you accrue from using Ample meals. These meals come in three formulas, which both offer you a set of advantages. These include:

Frequently Asked Questions of The Best Hemp Protein Powder


Can Hemp Protein Powder Lead to You Failing a Drug Test?

No hemp protein powder doesn’t make you fail a drug test, however it is totally normal that anyone would supposed that. Since hemp plant is a variant species of cannabis Sativa, but it contains low levels of THC which won’t be able to induce any high.


Does Hemp Protein Powder Help in Muscle Building?

I can simply state that hemp powder contains all the necessary amino acids for protein production in the body hence is an excellent companion to have during your workouts and bodybuilding routines .


Is Hemp Protein Fast or Slow Digesting?

It is a slow digesting protein, so it takes longer to digest than pea protein .But this is good because it enables prolonged protein absorption and provides your body with a lot of benefits in the end.


Hemp protein has been around for a while now and thus is not a new product trying the market. The only difference is that more people know about its immense benefits and hemp foods have considerably increased.

So don’t get left behind you know very well that you need some protein supplement in your body to help you in your workout and normal life. It is an all-natural plant based protein that can become a favorite for the vegan and lactose intolerant people.

If you are totally sold on the idea then you might want to try the Nutiva Organic Hi-Fiber. It has been cold-processed to preserve the high levels of protein, amino acids and edestin concentration. It is a rich source protein with 15g of protein per serving.

The Nutiva Organic Hi-Fiber also contains 8g of fiber per serving which are able to keep your tummy full and substantially help in dieting which is all we want to see you take charge of your weight management and loss.

It is allergen free and NON-GMO which is safe and health. You can blend it with a smoothie to get a great tasting and healthy refreshment that helps you start your day a high notch. No more slacking around time to take charge, choose Nutiva Organic Hi-Fiber!

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