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Marijuana has been scientifically proven to have many medical benefits; for example, the hemp can be used to slow down the rate of growth of cancer cells, also can be used to treat glaucoma.

It is, therefore, essential to ensure that you roll your marijuana in the best wrap available for you to have an easy time smoking your cannabis. There are many hemp papers on the market today.

With different personal preferences, we all have that kind of rolling paper we prefer to use over others. This makes it challenging to label one particular hemp wrap as the most ideal. As a result, we have prepared for some of the best cannabis wraps on the market.

Choosing the appropriate rolling paper is very important when it comes to marijuana rolling. The process of rolling your hemp could be much easier if you are using the right wraps.

We have taken quite some time and gone through some of the most excellent hemp papers out there. The specifications of each product have been deeply discussed. Also, the pros and cons have been highlighted.

Best Hemp Papers(Wraps)




Element cannabis rolling papers are probably the best and most popular product available out there. This could be because the item is manufactured purely from naturally occurring materials like sugar and rice.

If you love smoking hemp, I would highly advise that you use the elements wraps to roll your joints. You will appreciate that this item contains no hazardous burning agents in them.

Also, the quality of the Elements wraps is top of the line. It has been manufactured with a unique process to ensure that it does not run out quickly. This property allows you to enjoy your hemp for a more extended time.

The last thing any smoker wants is to use a wrap that does not burn uniformly. To avoid such inconveniences, I suggest that you try rolling your joints using the Elements wraps because they burn evenly.

Everything about this product is just fantastic. The packaging unit gives you the real taste of what is inside of it. Visually appeals to your eyes. 


  • The packaging unit visually appeals to the eyes
  • This product burns uniformly
  • This wrap is thin and gives a smooth taste to your joints


  • There have some concerns that this product is a bit hard to roll
  • There have been some concerns about fake products on the market




If you are a cannabis smoker looking for the most exceptional smoking session experience ever, I would recommend that you use this product to roll your joints. The name of the product says it all about the item.

It is made from plant materials, and it is unrefined. Besides, no chemicals have been added to this wrap. Many cannabis consumers appreciate the fact that the RAW rolling paper has zero dyes and burning additives.

For the smokers who just want to feel the original flavor of their hemp, the RAW rolling paper has got you covered. This product adds no taste to your marijuana, thus allowing you to smoke and have a pure and more enjoyable experience from your joints.

Another upside of the RAW wraps is that they are easy to roll and use. This will give you an easy time to get your marijuana ready for consumption if you are up to avoiding harmful ingredients like dyes, I recommend that you give this item a shot. 


  • This product is easy to roll and use
  • Does not affect the taste of your cannabis
  • The product contains no burning additives


  • It is quite expensive compared to many other cannabis rolling papers
  • Some concerns have been raised that the product comes in smaller packs




This is the thinnest hemp rolling paper you will find in the market; as a result, it is preferred by many cannabis smokers. The OCB has done an excellent job in the manufacturing of this product.

Although the OCB rolling papers tend to tear more quickly, they have been manufactured with materials that make the product easy to roll, thus making them convenient for use. You do not require any prior knowledge of rolling joints to use this product.

There are a variety of OCB hemp rolling papers out there, one selection that I am sure you be pleased to hear about is the availability of the organic hemp papers. You will like that this item burns clean, and there are minimal additives added to it.


  • This product is quite easy to use
  • Many smokers love that the product burns clean
  • This item is pocket friendly


  • There have been some concerns that this product easily tear as a result of their thickness
  • It can be hard sometimes to land on this product


Juicy Jay’s

Juicy Jay’s

These rolling hemp papers are one of its kind. The product has been manufactured using different flavors. Those hemp smokers who love the feel of flavors in the joints, this is the product for them.

It has a variety of flavors ranging from watermelon to blueberry flavor. Another reason as to why you should try this item is that it is easy to roll and use. You can choose the taste you want from the various options on the market.

The Juicy Jay’s hemp paper was meant for those who like to stand out among the rest. They have a conspicuous color and a fashionable design that many cannabis smokers will appreciate.
Any smoker out there who doesn't use the Juicy Jay's rolling papers should try this product out. Rolling is effortless and will make you have the most fabulous smoking session you have ever had. You will be feeling every puff you take.


  • This product is great for the environment; it burns clean 
  • You will appreciate that the product maintains the taste of your cannabis
  • It comes with a variety of colors and flavor to suit your preference


  • Some people dislike the idea of flavors in the product
  • Some concerns have been raised of more smoke emission


Zig Zag-‘Oranges’

Zig Zag-‘Oranges

The last product we will review in this article is the Zig Zag rolling paper. One upside of this item is its availability. The sales department of the manufactures for this product tried on this one. You can be sure to get this item in any gas station.

You will appreciate that these rolling papers come at a pocket-friendly price. That means that you can easily afford and get this product without financial strains. As much as the product has its pros, it also has some downsides.

For example, this product has been manufactured using unnecessarily many flavors; in addition, there have been some concerns that the product leaves behind a lot of ash.
This product is also thick. Probably is the most adhesive joint rolling paper out there, making it hard to role and use. You will need some prior experience of rolling joints to be able to roll joints using this wrap.

This is an excellent product for those who are used to rolling the cannabis more frequently and don't have any issue with the rolling process. If you are new to the rolling business, I would advise that you try thin hemp papers.


  • It is the most effortless rolling paper to use
  • It comes at a pocket-friendly price
  • The product is readily available in the market


  • There have been some concerns that this product burns out faster
  • There have been concerns that this product adds unnecessary flavors to the joints

Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Hemp Papers(Wraps)

Rolling joints is not an easy activity, as many may think it is. You need to be using the right wrapper so that you can fully enjoy the experience of smoking cannabis. The market is filled with many items as a result.

It is hard to determine the best item; what this article has done is impressive. We have taken our time and researched the best hemp papers available. By doing that, we have saved your time by reducing the number of options; you have to check.

Keeping in mind the benefits of hemp, the least you could do is to roll the cannabis in the most suitable rolling paper. Marijuana has severally be used to slow down the rate of cancer cell growth among any other functions.

You need to be sure of what you want when you want to buy excellent joint rolling papers. Are you used to rolling joints? Are you into different flavors? Below are a few considerations you need to think about to buy the best hemp papers.

The close similarity of the product is what makes it daunting to settle on the best item. You need a guideline that will guide you to being the product you will love to use at all times.

Below we have discussed some of the crucial factors you need to keep in mind to buy the best hemp paper. Take the time you need and go through the entire post. You will not regret your purchase decision.

Best Hemp Papers(Wraps)



You will come to realize that price is one of the factors that you have to consider while buying the majority of products on the market. In this case, generally, hemp papers are not very expensive, and affording one should not be a problem for many smokers.

But at the same time, it will be unwise just to spend money without clear guidance and cause behind it. The price tags vary from product to product when it comes to rolling papers.

This could be as a result of ingredients added to the item like flavors. A rolling paper with flavor is likely to cost more money than a plain rolling paper. The quality of the product also affects the price of the hemp papers.

Highly durable cannabis wrapping papers will cost you more compared to hemp papers of less quality. I would advise that you go for the items that are of high quality so that you can experience the joy of having an excellent smoking session.



The most vital factor that you need to keep in mind while selecting your hemp paper is the ingredients added to the item during manufacturing. You should know that during the manufacturing process, a lot of additives are added to the hemp papers for various reasons.

It could be because they want to increase the durability of the item, add some flavors, or applying visually appealing colors.Some of these additives could be harmful to your lungs, and you should avoid them at all cost while others are safe to use

I would suggest that before you pick an item from the shelf, be sure to read on the information section on the packet. If you see any carcinogenicelements, avoid the product. It is also advisable to avoid products will elements that can lead to an allergic reaction.
The flavor is another additive you need to consider before you select your item. They are very many flavors out there; you need to buy a rolling paper with the taste that you find interesting.

If you are not into the flavor, I recommend that you go and try the plain hemp rolling papers, those that do not have any flavor. Using such a product allows you to experience the authentic taste of your cannabis.

If you are using marijuana for medical reasons, I would advise that you roll your joints using wraps that have been made using purely natural materials from plants.


Rate of Burning

Different hemp rolling papers burn at different rates depending on the materials used in making them. Keeping in mind that we have smokers who love and prefer long smoking sessions at the same time, we have those who like short and brief sessions.

If you are a smoker who loves to have a brief smoking session, I would advise that you consider buying rolling papers that are thin. The thin rolling papers burn quickly because of small mass density; as a result, you will have your desired session duration.

On the other hand, if you prefer long smoking sessions, you can always use a thick product. The high density of the materials allows it to burn for more extended periods. As a result, you will have a long smoking session as you desire.

Another critical factor you need to remind yourself about is the uniformity of burning out. It is wise to purchase marijuana papers that burn out uniformly.


Aesthetic Appeal

It is not just about functionally; the aesthetic part also counts. Rolling papers come in a variety of colors for you to choose your preference. This is the best thing about the hemp papers; you can choose from a variety of options available.

Some makers have gone a mile further and applied exciting patterns and colors on their products to increase its aesthetic appeal. Remember, this means that there will be dye and some chemicals that could be harmful to your health.

I, therefore, advise that you make a habit of using rolling marijuana paper because they are pure and are free from many hazardous elements that are present in dye elements.


Ease of Use

The ease of rolling joints depends on many factors, such as the thickness and materials used in making the product. I would suggest that while you are buying hemp papers, go for the one that you can easily manipulate and use.

Thick hemp papers are not easy to use. They tend to bother those who are new to the idea of rolling joints. I would suggest that you go for the items that are thin because they can easily be rolled.

You should also consider how to clean the paper burns. Avoid items that do not burn cleanly; the papers produces a lot of smoke; it can interfere with your smoking experience. You should, therefore, go for the papers that burn clean.


For you to have the best smoking experience, you must use the Best Hemp Papers(Wraps) available. Using the appropriate rolling paper makes it easy for you to roll your joints and gives you ample time while smoking your joints.

You need to use a product that assures your health; by that, I mean that you need to get rolling papers are manufactured using natural materials and have fewer additives in them. Of The five hemp papers reviewed, I highly recommend that you buy the Elements.

The Element rolling paper is thin, which means that it is easy to roll the joints in it. The product is also made from naturally occurring materials. It gives you the real taste of your cannabis; one thing you will love about the product is the fact that it burns uniformly.

The product also does not contain any harmful burning additives, and the packaging is just amazing and appeals to your eyes you are looking for the best hemp paper, Elements is the rolling paper you should buy.

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