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Milk is undoubtedly one of the most vital food substances in the world today. The nutrition benefits that we get from milk is unparalleled. There are quite many reasons why it is essential for you to take milk.

It is indeed true that a significant number of people who, unfortunately, are unable to consume naturally occurring milk from cows due to allergies and intolerance, thankfully they can still enjoy the nutrition and health benefits to be derived from regular milk thanks to Hemp milk.

You may be wondering what best hemp milk is, and how it differs from conventional milk, well, it is a special type plant-based of milk that is very easy to prepare. It is made from the seeds of the hemp plant.

With hemp milk, you need not worry about the negative side-effects like getting intoxicated as it barely, if at all, contains the intoxicants that occur in the Cannabis sativa species. It is an entirely healthy and tasty alternative to milk.

Now that hemp milk is increasingly becoming popular, and it is becoming difficult by the day for consumers to determine the best one to select from the market. This article will be of importance to you in identifying the product that will suit you well.

The top recommendations are:

Best Best Hemp Milk List


Pacific Foods

Pacific Foods

In the market today, you will find barely hemp milk that is as good as what Pacific foods are offering. This excellent commodity has a great taste; what's more, it is entirely free from additives such as sweeteners, so you know you are getting a product that looks out for your health.

A feature that you will surely love from this product is that you have quite an array of flavors to choose from. You often do not get this assortment with other manufacturers, and this adds to the uniqueness of this particular product.

This product is entirely vegan-friendly, you, therefore, do not have to worry about ruining your diet with this commodity.


  • The product is entirely free from lactose, making it the perfect substitute for conventional milk if you happen to have allergies.
  • There is an assortment of flavors for you to pick from, depending on your preferences.
  • It is convenient if you use large quantities of the product because of its packaging.


  • Some customers are concern about the integrity of the packets and say they damage easily.
  • If you like a frothy coffee, you will be disappointed as the product contains very little gellan gum.


Living Harvest

 Living Harvest

Living Harvests have certainly gone all out in providing consumers with a unique premium quality product. It contains unique product characteristics that you would ordinarily not find in other types of Hemp milk.

Your health has certainly been taken into consideration with this product, as it contains fundamental nutrients such as calcium and vitamin D, not to mention Omega 3, which lessens the probability of heart disease.

The product will be excellent for your coffee as it provides you with high foam for your cappuccino, unlike many other products in the market.


  • The product will certainly be useful, as it will assist you immensely in taking care of your overall health.
  • There are no added sweeteners in the product, and this gives it a completely natural taste.
  • It is recommended for those who have gluten allergies and lactose intolerance.


  • The product has been known to expire quickly; hence it would be ill-advised to ship it as it is likely to arrive when it is expired.
  • The containers are known to be of poor quality, and you have to handle them with a great deal of care.




Unlike other types of hemp milk, this particular one is sold in frozen packets. The unique brand is highly renowned for its excellent quality. The product is excellent, as it is free from preservatives, unlike many instant dairy products in the market.

You will certainly not have to be worried about consuming sweeteners, chemicals, or other taste enhancers. This product is 100% natural, making it a must-have for those who prefer to purchase in frozen packets.

Not only is the packing attractive, but you also don't have to worry about spilling resulting from poor packaging. Surprisingly, many manufacturers fail to provide the right quality products, and this is not the case with Goodmylk. 


  • The product is entirely free from chemical additives, which makes it all-natural and gives it an authentic taste.
  • The manufacturers have no doubt paid great attention to detail where packaging is a concern, and have, therefore, come up with high-quality packets for the product.
  • This product gives you a great deal of portability and makes it convenient for on the go consumption.


  • Just like with ordinary frozen packets, you should always refrigerate these ones too. This makes it hard to trust shipping as they may arrive spoilt.
  • Once you open a packet, you have to consume all of it as you cannot recycle the product.




Nutiva have made it possible for you to purchase Best Hemp milk in powder form, and this makes their product stand out in the market. You will love the product as it provides you with more protein than you would ordinarily get with conventional milk.

The issue with purchasing powdered milk in the market is that many of them are lased with preservatives and contain Genetic modifications. With this product, you can be assured that you would not have to worry much as they give assurance that their product is absolutely organic.

This product is a must-have for vegans, as it adequately provides a great source of proteins.


  • The product will significantly supplement your diet, especially if you are a vegan, as it is rich in protein.
  • It is entirely organic.
  • The packaging is of excellent quality.


  • Some users of the product have complained of severe stomach upsets after using it.
  • A section of the customers has raised concerns about a mismatch in the actual day of expiry and the best of the date indicated on the container.


Navitas Organics

Navitas Organics

For those of you looking for hemp milk in powder form, this product is definitely one to keep in mind. It is unique in that; it provides you with an excellent mix of benefits that you will gain for drinking ordinary milk.

This product is free from genetic modifications, making it healthy and safe to consume. Dieting specifications have also been taken into consideration with this product. If you happen to have gluten allergies, or if you are a vegan, this is a top recommendation for you.

The product will offer you with iron, magnesium, and nine amino acids, making it a very healthy alternative for people who do not use dairy products.


  • This product is entirely organic. It does not contain genetic modifications, and this makes it a healthy choice.
  • Since it is entirely plant-based, it is ideal for those on vegan diets.
  • The product will provide you with a healthy mix of nutrients that are commonly found in regular milk.


  • It is quite a difficult adjustment for those who are used to using dairy products when they start using this product. Several have complained of stomach aches.
  • Some customers have expressed complete dissatisfaction in the manner in which this product tastes.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Hemp Milk

Hemp milk has, in recent times, become an increasingly essential commodity among many people. It has enabled those who suffer from milk allergies to enjoy the same benefits as those who can drink regular milk.

The numerous health benefits have also attracted those who were very much used to consuming dairy to start drinking hemp milk. There have, however, been a lot of challenges faced by those who seek to purchase this essential product.

There are several vital issues that you have got to take into consideration before selecting hemp milk from the market. There are several products on the market, and this certainly does not make it easy for you to make a choice.

It can be very easy for you to fall bait to aggressive techniques used by marketers to try and get you to purchase some of these commodities. This is why you need to isolate a specific mix of factors to assist you in your purchasing decision.

But how would you maintain a level head and make the correct purchasing decision? It is certainly not easy, but you need not be under pressure. We will offer you guidance in making the proper steps before spending your hard-earned money.

When selecting products that are vital to your diet, you must exercise a lot of caution. You must be sure to select only the best product for you and your loved ones. This piece will assist you in identifying the critical factors that should inform your choice.

Some of the critical issues are:

Best Hemp Milk


Brand or Manufacturer

When you are looking to purchase hemp milk, be sure to buy one from a well-trusted manufacturer. You can easily trust such manufacturers as they will go out of their way to ensure that they maintain quality standards in order to maintain a competitive edge.

A reputable brand can also be held accountable in case of faulty products, as they command a large customer base, and this keeps them on their toes to continue providing excellent services.


The Shelf Life of the Best Hemp Milk

When seeking to purchase hemp milk, it is imperative that you look at the longevity that the product has to offer. It will be regrettable if you have to throw out your hemp milk because you failed to look at its duration of usability.

Looking at the shelf life will also enable you to plan your shipping, there have been several cases where some customers have ordered their products online only to find out that they are expired when they arrive. This can be really frustrating.


The Integrity of the Packaging Material

It is surprising how little attention to detail, some of the manufacturers in the market pay when it comes to creating quality packets. It is for this reason that you have to be careful when purchasing hemp milk.

Some manufacturers cut costs when packaging their commodities. It is advisable to avoid such brands. Look for a product that will have good quality in terms of packaging in order for you to prevent losses arising from damaging the packet before its use.


Storage Requirements for the Hemp Milk

With each product purchased, comes different storage requirements. This is why it is essential that you exercise caution when purchasing hemp milk so as not to buy one that will give you a hard time storing.

Just like regular commodities, if you happen to store hemp milk in less than ideal environments, they tend to go bad. Hemp milk, in particular, has the tendency to grow mold, and this makes it very poisonous to use.


The Price of Best Hemp Milk

Just like any other commodity in the market, it is critical that you invest in hemp milk that is within your budgetary capacity. Do not break the bank, purchasing costly products while there are cheaper ones in the market.

It is also a common misconception among buyers, that expensive commodities are the best. This is not always the case. It is prudent that you compare the prices of products based on their quality so as to avoid purchasing over-priced goods.



While most manufacturers have eliminated in totality, a lot of ingredients present in regular milk that could trigger allergies, it is recommended that you go through the elements or consult the manufacturer just to be entirely sure.

Do not assume that the products will be safe for you to use. You must, therefore, exercise caution before settling on the commodity that you deem best for purchase.

Benefits Arising From the Use of Hemp Milk

Hemp milk is essential, more so if you have milk allergies. There are various benefits to be derived from using hemp milk; some of the benefits are:


Improvement in Skin Conditions

Hemp milk contains useful amino acids and omega-three supplements that are critical in promoting and maintaining healthy skin. If you suffer from scaly and itchy skin, perhaps it is high time that you consider switching to hemp milk.


Reducing the Risk of Heart Disease

The likelihood that you suffer from heart-related problems decreases significantly if you consume hemp milk. This is because hemp milk is critical in assisting you in minimizing your blood pressure.

Hemp milk contains high levels of arginine. This surely goes a long way in eliminating the risk level of arginine in your body.



Hemp milk is critical when it comes to supplementing your diet, especially if you suffer from allergies related to consuming regular milk. It provides you with the same nutrients, and sometimes, even more, depending on the type you select from the market.

It is vital that when looking for hemp milk to purchase, that you go over the nutritional benefits column to aid you in selecting the product that gives you the best.


Avoiding Allergies

Hemp milk is an excellent alternative for those who are intolerant to lactose or those who have allergies related to consuming regular milk. Some brands, in particular, have incredible options for those who are allergic to gluten and soy. This makes it a recommended substitute for regular milk.


Faster Healing

Hemp milk plays a critical role in assisting you to recover from injuries. This is because most hemp milk contains fatty acids, Omega 3, and Omega 6, which are crucial in healing damaged muscles, tissue, and skin.

Hemp milk also contributes to the development and strengthening of new muscles and tissues in the body. It is very much recommended for growing children as it will go a long way in assisting their bodies to become healthy and robust.


There are numerous benefits that arise from consuming hemp milk. Many people are beginning to use the product as a substitute for regular dairy milk. This is because many can attest to the product being a perfect substitute.

The product has made it possible for many people with lactose intolerance and other milk-related allergies to enjoy the same benefits as those who are not affected by milk. This has made the product very popular.

There are several factors that you ought to take into consideration before making a decision to purchase the commodity. It is challenging to select the best product in an ever-expanding market, owing to the increasing number of brands entering the market each day.

The Hemp milk provided by Pacific foods is definitely one of the best products you can get in the market today. It provides you with the perfect assortment of features that you ought to expect from hemp milk.

The wide range of flavors gives this product a high degree of uniqueness. There is also love the fact that it is entirely free from preservatives and genetically modified organisms. This is definitely a healthy choice.

I would recommend that you purchase this stand out hemp milk from Pacific foods today and start enjoying the benefits.

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