Garmin Alpha 100 Dog GPS Tracker Review

Garmin Alpha 100 Dog Gps Tracker Review

Garmin Alpha 100 Dog Gps Tracker Review

Garmin Alpha 100 TT 15 Dog GPS BundleThe Garmin Alpha 100 is a great little tool, which must be used to sports dog owners or for anyone who likes to be outside with his or her pet. The Alpha 100 mobile, the rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the sparse converter, the antennas, the AC converter, and Garmin were fairly carefully considered adding such items as a belt loop, a power cable for a vehicle and USB cable. And they get extra brownie points in a beautifully made Tri Tronics Cordura bag with all this packaging

Garmin Alpha 100 Dog Gps Tracker Review

Garmin Alpha 100 TT 15 Dog GPS BundleThe Garmin Alpha 100 is a great little tool, which must be used to sports dog owners or for anyone who likes to be outside with his or her pet.

Garmin Alpha 100 Dog Gps Tracker Review

Set Up

It's best to let you know now that the system is unique if you are familiar with the previous Garmin Astro 100. Of course. Although the size of the alpha 100 is similar, the touchscreen is not urgent but rather a touchscreen device, it's a convenient touch screen, and you'll never have to freeze your fingers while you winter track your dogs. The handbook is very detailed and easy to understand. Installation is much better. There are no concerns. All you have to do is turn it on, and for the next 20 hours, you're good to go before it has to recharge. The Alpha 100 comes with superior GPS monitoring, and the top 100 maps from all 50 states are preloaded.



You will never miss your dog on a walk with the Garmin Alpha 100, or chase a wrong game with your pal. And if they aren't in your vision, you will always know where your dog is. Of course, you have to have different necklaces for that, though, it's worth the extra bucks for the peace of mind. Others we considered one of the trackings features extremely interesting to be able to see where the dogs were heading, and that's the ability to track the speed of our buddies and their distance that day.

There is a BirdsEye photos feature synchronized with colors so that you can thoroughly view the landscape of your dogs while they're far away. To prevent unintended stimulation, you can also lock-in or lockout this feature. The personalized stimulation feature is excellent to switch between conventional and linear stimulation, which makes the training versatile and efficient. While the Alpha 100 has a fantastic battery life, you can continue to prolong it by enabling Rescue Mode, which minimizes updates for optimal power output.


  • It is compatible with several GPS collars.
  • It allows antenna of many miles enters by a canopy or deep canyon.


  • It is sensitive enough to pocket-swipe the unlocked screen.
  • The screen is made for reading the sunshine, bad for viewing the shadow.

Things to Consider to Buy the Garmin Alpha 100 Dog Gps Tracker


Great Reception Capacity

You'll quickly be able to see the position of your dog, as shown with a red arrow on the map along with data on the distance between your dog and your movement.


Groundbreaking Tracking and Training Capabilities

You can track your dogs with your finger splash now with the Garmin Alpha 100. The reality is. It gives you access to 100 maps, including highways, parks, changes in lifts, and streams from all 50 states. When seeing both sides by the side on the television, you can also see where your dog / s are positioned about your location.


Versatile Stimulation Options.

You can select from up to 18 different levels of stimulation. This function through direct stimulation, from which you can slowly progress from stimulation level 1 to 18. Otherwise, if you just want to track your dog when going hiking in the mountain with him, you can use audible tone and vibration commands.


Battery Life

The battery capacity is already very unique in this regard, but the rescue mode feature is more important. You can quickly turn to it to increase the battery of the unit. However, when a battery exceeds 25 percent of capacity, the collar supplied switches automatically to the Rescue Mode. This is achieved by adjusting the rate at which notifications between the appliance and the collar are synchronized. You must trigger this feature manually through the app menu, and you will be monitoring your dog for another twelve hours.


Additional Software

The BaseCamp and Birdseye Satellite imaging systems come with notable applications that include the Alpha 100.



The Alpha 100 Garmin has two lines of interchangeable contact points for stainless steel, which are also solid in the wet. In this situation, the device uses an electric compass and a barometer. When you are traveling with more than one dog, these readings should be color-coded for different dogs to prevent you from confusing crossed roads or compass directions and inform you about your dog: how fast, distance, and whether they are running or pointing to something. If you are looking for help, your location is pinged for other Garmin Alpha users in the area–if any. You can also check-in by using pre-set messages while you are out in the wide-scale hunting party with other people in the area, make sure everyone has Garmin compatible appliances.


Easy to Use

The Alpha 100 features an interface that is simple to use with three fast reference buttons pre-set, which will take you to 3 fast looks rather than clicking or swiping through the touchscreen menus for a few essential notes. There are also 18 different types of tonal and vibration alerts for your dog or dog. If you have a dog collar-you can get up to 15 with the handheld of a single Garmin Alpha 100.

You can also save details from the handheld by clicking a button via a VIRB program (or by selecting on the screen if you use the touch screen instead of a simple reference button for this). You may also set up a recording in advance to automatically begin when an incident is activated by a dog you are watching. It is a fantastic feature to escape established risks, property lines, or just to train your buddies to remain within a reasonable distance.



On the Garmin Alpha 100, there is a price tag that may make some people angry, but you might not think it's unfair when you look at how much it is practical and how much healthier you and your dogs are when using it. You may usually use the bundle-packs with a single, compatible neckline and handheld plus a few accessories if you intend to use it for training and use it with a dog, even multiple dogs.

Of course, it will cost you more, but the package deal might be worth it, mainly if you train dogs for a living. The Garmin Alpha 100 will take you to a portfolio of between 500 and 600, $depending on the seller. Make sure the price and bundle which best fits your needs are shops around and around. One collar and tracker bundles usually start at close to $700 and may be reduced based on sales and promotions. When you buy more than one handheld shirt, the price range is even more expensive.


Frequently Asked Questions of the Garmin Alpha 100 Dog Gps Tracker Review 


How Did It Be Noticed by Other Reviewers?

A quick search on Amazon and most customers are impressed with this device. The features that stand out include the possibility of tracking dogs on a long-distance, a useful mapping device, a loud collar beep, which can also be heard for the older dogs and different stimulus environments, making the training super simple. There have been several reports that the device has far too many features that make it difficult for others. Another criticism was that users had to reprogram the machine regularly, which was very frustrating throughout and after charging.


Should We Think That's a Reasonable Investment?

Sure, of course! The Garmin Alpha 100 is one of the most innovative dog tracking systems because the technology behind it was able, without sacrificing on any of the functions, to combine training with tracking performance on the system flawlessly. There's always scope for improvement like any piece of technology, but overall it's worthwhile buying, and you get what you pay for. It's effortless to walk and hunt with dogs, even if it isn't a pro.


Ok, working with the Garmin Alpha 100 can be a real pleasure, with a few hiccups here and there. The Birdeye Satellite Imagery option is particularly impressive, which gives you an accurate view of your dog's surroundings and the landscape, the road, and its relative distances on the map. It provides a wide range of options and offers you the possibility of tracking your dogs over long distances while being able to correct and interact with them. No better device-activated apps will compete with this feature on the market. Equally impressive is the rescue mode battery life that is available both on the unit and on the harness, allowing you to last up to 12 users. You can search your dog in compelling circumstances for an additional 12 hours. Further, with a simple camp feature, you can set a criterion for your hunting or walking trip in advance, which allows you to experience a personalized trip and share it with friends via the Garmin Adventure application.

Naturally, there will be malfunctions and scope for improvement here and there like any other technology, but overall, it is an outstanding offer from Garmin. It's a little pricey, but it's well worth the money because, at the end of the day, you get what you pay for. Let us know if you have tried one in the comments–we hope you enjoyed our Garmin Alpha 100 analysis.

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