Garmin TT 15 Dog GPS Review

Garmin Tt 15 Dog Gps Review

Garmin Tt 15 Dog Gps Review

Having your dog a trustworthy hunting companion is a phase in which you will ensure that you are trained so that you can develop an outstanding team together. You both will enjoy the time together for several years to come if your dog knows what must be done in each situation. Garmin's model is useful here provided the technology Tri-Tronics, which enables you to direct and alert your dog from a considerable distance.

Often, you still have to monitor the location of your dog for good hunting days, even once the training has been over. Even dogs that are not hunting may be undoubtedly useful to monitor because they can find your pet quickly and keep it from potential hazards.

Garmin Tt 15 Dog Gps Review

Having your dog a trustworthy hunting companion is a phase in which you will ensure that you are trained so that you can develop an outstanding team together. You both will enjoy the time together for several years to come if your dog knows what must be done in each situation.

Features and Benefits

Garmin Tt 15 Dog Gps Review

To ensure the best result instantly, this Garmin dog tracker uses GPS with GLONASS technology with high sensitivity. Through her help, you don't need to think about the situation where your dog is, which in turn allows you to have more extensive experience and to safeguard your young friend.

To be effective, a system like this must be simple to use and allow for fast response, and the Garmin Alpha 100 TT model is suitable for the bill. Like any other, the dog's neck should be easily placed and balanced.


  • It has GLONASS GPS High Sensitivity.
  • The circumference of his neck is at least 9.5 inches (24 cm).
  • LED beacon and rescue mode, as also Stimulation -Tone and Vibration rates, are visible.
  • It has 20-40 hours of battery life.
  • Range: 9 miles.
  • Evaluation of water: 1 ATM (10 meters).
  • TT 15 track and dog train systemw/ Li-ion rechargeable, 1 "red band, 18 1/2" standard & 22 1/2 "extension antennas, load loop, AC adaptor, power line, contact pointw/ wrench, side. 
  • TT 15 tracks and dog track devices.



Ease of Use

The only trick is that if you want to use electronic training features, the sensors should be located in good contact with the skin. As for the receiver in your pocket, the simple navigation from an intuitive menu is provided by a wide range of functions.

The 3-inch diagonal monitor is also easy to read but small enough to stay convenient and lightweight.


Maps and Boundaries

The alpha 100 TT comes with TOPO 100 K maps that are preloaded, which means you will always learn about your surroundings and are not too shocked, regardless of the region in which you are located. In turn, this also helps you to track your dog and direct him in places where the game could be concealed more likely.

They also allow you to set virtual boundaries and receive immediate warnings if your dog crosses them so that he or she is reminded immediately. You are always aware of what is happening and don't have to spend time looking for your furry friend, especially in a situation that is potentially more dangerous.


Multiple Dogs Training

This system may be the right one if you are a professional training provider who wants a way to host up to 20 dogs. You can use the compass display to obtain detailed information on each of the dogs you have selected, such as speed, direction, and distance. You can also correct the actions of one dog without doing so for other dogs.

In addition, you can keep all dogs on track using the Tri-Tronics electronic training equipment, which is definitely useful in circumstances in which the wrong response of one dog can affect another, for example, to chase the game if it is not right.


Battery life

The computer will most probably have enough battery life for a whole day of hunting, depending on how the machine is used. There is a very slim opportunity to allow some additional charging as you are in the field with your puppy.

You can use it without any worries if you do not need to send signals and retrieve your dog as often.


  • It suits the dogs in a small size.
  • It suits Narrower necks with a narrower diameter.
  • It is compared to Full-size collar, lighter weight.
  • The gap to Full-Size Collars was comparable.
  • Its battery life is maintained in sleep mode.
  • These features allow all of the full-size collars.
  • It has just TT15 bark identification.
  • It provides virb controls (with Alpha 100 only).
  • It provides rescue Mode.
  • It provides GLONASS GPS.
  • It provides vibration.
  • It is compatible with Astro 320 or Alpha 100.
  • It has LED Beacons.


  • It has a shorter battery life.

Customer Review

Many of the surveys show that consumers are delighted with this product and its results, as they are always aware of where your dog is. They are generally calm. Most users live in areas that are going a lot, and their pets have a lot of fun throughout the day.

Some also note that three levels of stimulation used in correcting actions are more than adequate and that the third level will only be used for urgent situations, such as the dog on the way. In other situations where a mild correction is required, both are useful.

Another function that dog owners use very often is the area on the screen, as it certainly comes in handy that the app sends an automatic warning. This feature is not so often used during an actual hunting day, but the fact that other hunters and their dogs can be tracked is certainly appreciated for this circumstance.

The high initial cost of the appliance that could pose a problem for some dog owners, as well as the likelihood that the collar antennas can be scratched quite quickly as the dog goes through vegetation, are some of the less positive aspects reported by users.


For particular, if you have a training phase in which you all undergo, the enhancement system that helps you to change your dog's behavior is helpful. However, dog owners, who use this tool to track their animals in various areas, certainly appreciate the area identified on the map as well as the water-resistance of the collar appliance.

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