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Tough Headwear

Tough Headwear

The North Face Bones

The North Face Bones

Under Armour ColdGear

Under Armour ColdGear

Running is a therapeutic exercise that you need to try out. The thing is, there are times when the environment is not as conducive. In cases of extreme weather conditions, we have the winter running hats.

These hats are specifically designed to keep you warm by minimizing as much heat as possible from escaping your head. They are pretty common and come in different designs, which call for a level of care in your selection.

This article will, therefore, look at some of the best winter running hats we have in the market. We have weighed all the available options, and thanks to reliable consumer feedback, we settled on some of the best. For the best deals, this is your ideal article.

We want you to get a viable item. We will, therefore, look at the features of these goods so that you get one that suits you best. I know that you have your specifications and preferences, which we aim to fulfill.

For those who prefer independent purchases, we have your interest at heart. We will equip you with some of the features that you need to look out for in the course of your purchases. Be keen to abide by these, therefore.

We have pretty superior options, and therefore picking on one might be quite a challenge. This should not bother you since we have a recommendation for you at the end of the article. The following are our products:

Best Winter Running Hat List


Tough Headwear

Tough Headwear

This is one of the best winter hats you can source in the market. It is highly comfortable thanks to the breathable design and materials incorporated in its making. This hat assures users of high performance, a reason why it is highly preferred.

For those who are not sure of their head sizes, this should be your ideal hat. It offers one size that fits all thanks to its high stretchability. For warmth and heat retention, it is equipped with a top-notch moisture-wicking ability that will also keep sweat at bay.

As if not enough, this product is made of quality materials, which are polyester and spandex. This opens you up to a whole level of durability. To make it even better, it comes with a lifetime warranty. How convenient can an option be?


  • It has a lifetime warranty.
  • It is a high-performance option.
  • It is equipped with moisture-wicking ability.


  • It comes in only one size.
  • Check on statics. 


The North Face Bones

The North Face Bones

This is a highly attractive option for those who value aesthetics. Just like the first one, this product also comes with a lifetime warranty, meaning that your hat will be covered throughout its lifespan. Can you find a better deal out here?

This hat offers you the best quality thanks to the nature of the materials used. It has an excellent moisture-wicking ability that will keep you all dry and, therefore, comfortable. To help your ears stay warm, we have a highly functional fleece-lined rim.

What more do you stand to get? This product gives you the best fit, thanks to the slim profile design. It is, therefore, best suited for cold winter runs. What more do you need, if not this fantastic option? The fact that you get a snug fit is to die for. 


  • It offers the best fit.
  • It is highly comfortable.
  • Has a fleece-lined rim. 


  • Loose on small heads.
  • It might be too warm for some


Under Armour ColdGear

Under Armour ColdGear

For the brand fanatics, you already know what you stand to get with this product. Under Armour is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to cloth wear. It has served the market for quite long and built a name for itself.

This product is made of foam for added comfort. It covers the whole face to protect you from the fiercest of conditions. It is highly breathable thanks to the extra ventilation features.

This hat is highly versatile, thanks to the chin feature that can be dropped to be worn as a neck gaiter. You also get high breathability thanks to the numerous ventilation features. It also comes with a 4-way stretch fabrication to mold your face and aid in heat retention.


  • It has a four way stretch fabrication.
  • It is very warm.
  • Highly retains heat. 


  • They do not encompass all.
  • It comes in dull colors


Turtle Fur Midweight

Turtle Fur Midweight

This is a highly versatile option that will come a long way to make you warm during your morning runs. This product is made of polyester, which gives it the perfect blend to winter conditions. It is also light enough to serve you well during a springy morning.

To keep your ears warm, this hat is equipped with a double-layered rim. The slim profile also offers you a comfortable and snug fit, which makes it best for people of all sizes. What more do you need in a winter hat?

As if not enough, this hat is water-resistant to help keep your head dry always. It is an excellent modification to our second option thanks to the heat-regulation mechanisms that ensure you are not too warm.


  • It is highly versatile.
  • It is double layered.
  • It is light. 


  • It comes in one size only.
  • It is not too warm for extreme conditions


Trailheads Ponytail

Trailheads Ponytail

This is a pretty fantastic option for people who need their ponytails to breathe out without getting constricted. It comes with a ponytail loop that will keep you comfortable and warm all through your morning or evening runs.

You get a polyester fleece which is soft enough to help keep you cozy. To keep you dry, this product is equipped with a highly functional moisture wicking feature. This beanie also comes in several colors, allowing you to get one that suits you best.

The perfect beanie needs to be flexible. This product, therefore, has spandex material incorporated in its making, which makes it highly stretchable. It also boasts of numerous positive reviews assuring you of a highly practical option.


  • It is highly stretchable.
  • It is comfortable for ponytails.
  • Has moisture-wicking ability.


  • It is pricey.
  • It does not cover the ear adequately

Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Winter Running Hat

Running is a pretty common activity that involves a lot of power and strength. You, therefore, have to observe the level of comfort needed for a successful athlete. This cannot be possible without the right hat.

There are several options available in the market, and therefore depending on your specifications, you are going to land a fantastic option. This is where the real challenge comes; you are exposed to several inferior options.

This part of the article will, therefore, help you make your purchase count. We will cover some of the features that you ought to look for in the course of your purchase. High demands generally open up the market to infiltration by low-quality products.

You can consider this a buying guide to help you land the best. The following are the factors:

Best Winter Running Hat



Trust me or not; this does matter a lot. The brand of your product will determine an array of factors. Some brands have existed for quite long and therefore built a name for some of the best winter running huts around.

There are brands such as Under Armor, which is credited for functional apparel. These offers you not just quality but also save you the stress of having to endure a defective option.

In case you are a first-time purchaser, I would highly advise that you consider certain brands. They will save you the hustle of extensive and exhausting market research. You will also get a chance at best.

Note that these brands charge more for their products. You might, therefore, be required to incur more costs in your purchase. You still get a good deal owing to the quality and durability.

For better purchases, I would advise that you consider product hunting. You will discover that there are several affordable and better quality brands other than the ones we know, just that they are less famous.

Be flexible in your purchase. Get to know other cheaper alternatives. 



The best hat should give you a comfortable time. Running during winter is quite a task, and the best you can offer yourself is a good time. Comfort is a wide factor that depends on a variety of aspects.

The first one is sizing. There are several options based on this. You will find the all-size and one-size hats as well as the small-fit and the large fit options. Make sure that the product you pick on offers you a snug fit.

You do not want to kip on adjusting your hat during your sessions. Most people prefer one-size options. You, however, need to exercise a level of care when getting these since some of them are loose on small heads.

Does your hat keep you free from moisture? If not, it is not the best option. The best cap should be equipped with moisture-wicking ability. The truth is, with running, you have to sweat.

The best option, therefore, should find a way to separate this sweat so that it does not penetrate your body as much. This factor will depend on the material used, and some of the mechanisms applied in the construction of your hat.

The third factor would be the breathability. You need free air circulation during your running expedition. This is good for the brain and the head muscles. How then do you determine a breathable option?

One is the material. Get yourself a hat with a highly breathable material. The best, in this case, would be nylon. If not, make sure that you find a hat with the perfect ventilation system.

Lastly, your hat should be soft enough. This will keep you feeling all cool



This is the actual reason why we are getting these hats-to keep you warm. How do you determine whether your hat is warm or not? The first one would be the material.

Get yourself an option made of heavy material. Do not confuse this with the weight of the hat, though. The content should be densely packed and stuffed to offer you all the warmth you can amass.

The best, in this case, would be cotton. Cotton is dense and carefully packed. Polyester is also a pretty common material for warmth. Remember, not only your head needs to be covered as you practise away.

Your ears are also part of your head, and if not covered well, you will be in for a rough time. Your hat should, therefore, extend to your ears. Ensure that the option you settle on comes with a double-layered rim to cover your ears.

You can also consider getting an option with a double-layered construction. Such will offer you just the level of warmth needed during your athletic sessions.



Your hat should not restrict you to winter running only. You need one that will serve you even after winter. Remember, spring closely follows spring, and you will still need to get on the track.

How then do you determine this? Get yourself a lighter option that can serve you well in not-so-cold conditions. You can also acquire a classy hat that will serve you well ion casual wear.

A versatile option will help save you money by reducing your budget. This is a factor you ought not to miss.


The Hair Style

We all prefer different hairstyles. You ought to take this into account before settling on an option. What hat is suited for your hair? How can you determine this? These are questions that you need to answer.

Those of us with ponytails have a hard time finding the right hats. We do not want our hair constricted, and almost all the options available seem to cover the whole head. Look harder, though; you might find just the right product.

There are options with integrated loops that will help your pony to hang out without denying you the warmth you are so in search of.



The type of material used in the making of your hat is a significant factor of consideration. This will determine factors such as durability and performance. What are some of the materials?

The first one is spandex. This is a pretty standard material in a lot of options. Spandex is highly stretchable, offering you the perfect fit. Make sure therefore that above pother materials, your hat comes with a load of spandex.

The next material would be cotton. Cotton is a natural fiber and, therefore, highly durable. Since cotton is fluffy, you get a great deal of breathability. This is all you need for comfort.

One standard option would be polyester, which I would highly advise. Polyester, though not a natural fiber, is highly durable. It is also easy to wash and will help you maintain a level of hygiene.

You also need to get yourself a material that is easy to wash. This will give you an easy time. The best material should be machine washable. This is why I would appreciate polyester. Cotton can also serve well.


Product Reviews

This is the surest way of obtaining information about a product. The reviews will extensively dwell on the features of the products and in return, inform you what to expect.

It is also from these reviews that you will get to understand some information that the producers might have kept away from you. These include some of the limitations and the cons of your hat.

Your product reviews should, therefore, be more detailed to handle the features, pros, and cons tactfully. You must also see to it that you get options from highly credible sources.

Remember, products are also rated in the course of your reviews. Just like any other rating, this is done using stars. As a general rule, the higher the stars, the better placed your option is. Get yourself a hat that will serve you best.

Those, therefore, are some of the factors that you ought to look into


Getting the perfect winter hat should not be much of a problem once you have superior options to pick from. To make it easier, we brought you some fantastic hats that will offer you a pleasant time exercising during these icy conditions.

Out of all the options we have, I would highly recommend that you get The Tough Headwear, which true to its name, is a superior option. It is made of high-quality material, including polyester and spandex, which makes it highly flexible.

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