Best Football Gloves

Under Armour F5

Under Armour F5

Seiberation Pro 3.0 Elite

Seiberation Pro 3.0 Elite

Cutters Gloves

Cutters Gloves

There is no denying that the introduction of gloves as sportswear has brought with it a sense of style. However, this addition to the uniforms has been not only fashionable but also functional. In football, players need their grips to be tight and their hands to move freely.

It beats the point of wearing gloves to the pitch, but advancements have been made to their designs that allow the gloves to be accessories rather than liabilities. You are looking to buy a pair for yourself, so in this guide; we will discuss everything you need to know.

Most players love to wear them, mainly for two reasons. Football is a contact sport, and their hands are the moneymakers. Getting injured could affect their careers and so to protect their hands, they wear gloves.

The second reason is the gloves provide them with a better grip. Whether it is to grab an opponent or to catch a pass, the football gloves are designed to have enough treads for this purpose. When the weather gets rainy and muddy, the functionality of the glove must be maintained

Why do you need gloves? Which ones suit you best? What makes them fit your needs perfectly? All of these questions will be answered by the time you are done the reading. Below is a list of the top five football gloves available today.

Top Five Best Football Gloves List


Under Armour F5

Under Armour F5

It has been manufactured by one of the well-known companies. Very many sportsmen and sportswomen have bought sports apparel sold by Under Armour. The functionality of the glove balances with the comfort to ensure optimal performance.

The gloves can wick away moisture, thus keep your hands dry and protected on the football fields. It has been designed to give you a better grip, thereby improving your game by making sure you do not drop a pass.

The gloves are an excellent choice for any player no matter the position. It is breathable; the material does not interfere with how your skin sweats. The palms are made with a grab tack material that helps with your grip.

They are affordable. You can purchase them at a price well below average.


  • It is made with HeatGear fabric that regulates temperature
  • Palms and fingers have grips to enjoy your play
  • There is a Velcro close system that holds them tightly to your hands
  • You can buy them in ten different colours and sizes
  • They are designed to be flexible, so they do not affect your game negatively


  • Some users had problems with the gloves tearing at the seams
  • Other customers found it hard to get the right size


Seiberation Pro 3.0 Elite

Seiberation Pro 3.0 Elite

It is excellent for a player in a tight end position or a receiver. The grip enables them to play well without dropping the ball, and it is not so bulky that it gets in the way. Anyone can own a pair because there is a size for everyone ranging from XXS to XXL.

The middle, ring and little finger have a grip material in a diamond pattern that allows for a better grasp. Gloves have been made accessories in the sport, and Seiberation Pro has made it possible to own a pair that gives you a cutting edge.

You will be able to buy it at a reasonable price below the averages ask. It goes for $18 and for this price you get good quality and a long-lasting pair.


  • It is available in four different colours
  • You can choose from seven different sizes
  • Almost three-quarters of the hand is covered with grip material
  • They lock on your wrist securely with a Velcro strap
  • You can wash them with a washing machine


  • It is not well ventilated
  • Others have issues with the grip falling off


Cutters Gloves

Cutters Gloves

If you are looking for a pair of gloves that will not fail you even in severe weather conditions, then this is the pair you should buy. It performs at peak performance during all kinds of weather. Whether it shines or it pours, you can rest assured that you will have a handle on the situation.

This pair of gloves is designed for everyone. It caters for everybody's taste with its vast array of thirty colours. You can pick the colour you want and are most likely to find it. The sizes available on sale ensure that people of all sizes can have one pair of their own.

You will not find many gloves that are well equipped to give their optimum performance in severe weather bet the Cutters Gloves does. When playing in a light shower or during a torrential downpour, your grip remains the same, and your play is not affected.

Football is a sport after all, and when people play, they sweat a lot. When you include a pair of gloves to your uniform, you are bound to sweat profusely in your hands. That is why this pair is made to be breathable and to allow your hands to perspire freely.

There is a band on the wrist that holds the gloves to your hands. The last thing you would want is to make a pass and your gloves to fly with the ball. That is why this band has been made to lock tightly to your hand.

As always for a premium product, you pay a premium price. The Cutters go for about $30, which is steep for some but the consolation is that you will be buying a high-quality product. It has been made with excellent fabric and leading design for sportswear.


  • It is made with a C-Tack grip technology that will not let the ball slip from you
  • They are flexible allowing your hands to move and stretch freely
  • The palms are perforated to make it more breathable and regulate your temperature
  • It is made with a lock-in band that secures the gloves to you
  • It is available in thirty different colours and comes in many sizes


  • They do not have enough flexibility between the finger and thumb, and that could affect your play
  • Some users have had problems with them splitting down the palm


Nike Vapor Jet 4

Nike Vapor Jet 4

For every sport we think about, there has always been a mention of Nike. It is a trusted brand for everything that includes sports apparel. In this case, we are looking at their pair of football gloves. As expected they have been tailored to cater for all you may need from gloves in a pitch.
Wearing the Nike Vapor Jet 4 is like putting on a second skin. The gloves are flexible enough to allow you to stretch however way you like. They are also well ventilated and prevent your hands from getting too hot and sweaty.

The mesh at the back gives it a stylish look while serving the purpose of ventilation. The functionality incorporated into this pair of gloves is impressive, and the degree of detail that has been exploited is remarkable.

The materials that were used to make them are very flexible. This property will allow you to hold the ball with confidence as though you have the full control. The flexibility will enable you to move your hand as though you were not wearing the gloves in the first place.

This pair is not cheap. It is sold slightly above the average price, but the value in it is comparable to the amount. Like all the other high-quality gloves, the price may be high, but the returns are also high.


  • They have a mesh backing which not only makes them breathable but also stylish
  • You will be able to flex your hand naturally when you are wearing them
  • It has a fully adjustable closure that secures them well to you
  • They are available in thirteen different colour choices and patterns
  • There are grip materials throughout the fingers and palms


  • Some users have experienced problems with their palms tearing on them
  • Others have reported that the gloves do not fit them properly


Adidas adiZero 4.0

Adidas adiZero 4.0

Adidas is well known for the boundaries they push when fusing functionality and creative design. This pair of gloves is one of few that have the compression fit which allows the glove to feel like a second skin.

This pair is essential for receivers. The extra grip, the lightweight and best of all the flexibility it allows you is unmatched. If you are playing in that position, then these are the gloves you have been searching for.

It is made with excellent quality materials. A piece of compression fabric is used to ensure the grip on your hands is tight. It will keep your gloves from sliding around in your hands hence eliminating snag.

The compression fit will make you feel as though you do not have a pair of gloves on your hands. The moulded tab is made from rubber, and it does not get stuck on anything. It secures your wrist firmly.

The cost of this pair of high-quality gloves is not low. It goes for $42. You will need a plan to pay it off. Never purchase beyond your spending limit.


  • It has a neoprene band that secures the wrist, thereby preventing it from falling.
  • It has a compression fit that increases comfort and reduces slack
  • The palm grip capabilities are not affected by harsh weather
  • It conforms to NOCSAE standards
  • The locking tab is made from moulded rubber that will not snag.


  • Users report the gloves ripping on them
  • Other reviewers have had issues with them losing their grip

Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Football Gloves

The Criteria You Should Use To Pick An Excellent Pair of Gloves.

You have seen the top-ranked football gloves in the market today. How then do you make sure that you have bought yourself a pair that is a good fit for you? Below are some of the things you should look out for.

Best Football Gloves



Since your career may ride on how well you pass the ball or how tight you hold on to it, you must consider how effective the gloves will be on the pitch. You do not want to be the guy who will blame the gloves for a poor throw.

So, first, you need to consider the position you play. There are two significant categories of football gloves, and they are so different from each other. Because of these differences, each one of them is only suitable for the position they are made for.

The two are the line and the receiver positions. If you play on the line, you will need a pair of linemen gloves, and if you play in the receiver position, you should look for the receiver gloves. The two are fundamentally different and are made to solve various issues.

Linemen Gloves

They are thick. They have firm padding on the palm and backhand to protect you from impact. On the inside, it is layered with a reinforcement that further protects your hand from scrapes and bruises.

The wrist is more heavily supported. This prevents a sprain and reduces the chances of severe injuries. The finger area has a more rigid frame that prevents the finger from bending backwards and breaking.

The palm has little to no tackiness because there is no use for grip at that position. Generally, they are made out of more substantial and more durable material that can withstand more abuse. The line is where all the contact and action is, and so the players' hands must always be protected.

Receiver Gloves

Receiver gloves are nothing alike to the linemen gloves. They are less bulky and have more grip material. They are made for running backs and receivers. They are specially designed for better ball control.

They have extended tacks from the fingers to the palms and thumbs for increased grip. This feature allows you more control of the ball while preventing you from dropping it. The back of the gloves is made of thin padding to give the players some protection without making it bulky.

It is lightweight and is designed to be flexible and breathable.



Always when buying apparel, pick the one that fits. Not too small and not too large. The wrong fit will affect how you play. A large fit will have more snug, and a more modest fit will compromise on flexibility.

You should feel as though you are wearing another skin. They should not stretch extensively nor bunch up either. This will make sure they perform at the very best. Begin by checking the size. Football gloves are sold in youth and adult sizes, so try on a few pairs.

You should be able to move your fingers naturally. Secondly, check the wrist area. An elastic band and a Velcro strap are the most common. The wrist strap offers a more secure fit. Pick the gloves that fit you well.



If you are not comfortable in your gloves, then you will not play well. A poor choice of football gloves could cost you more than wasted money. Look for a pair that feels great on your skin and can wick away moisture. This will come in handy when you are sweaty.

Most football gloves are made from synthetic fibre such as nylon, and polyester. They are polymer-based and will not hold moisture like cotton or wool. Hence, they will not trap sweat in your gloves.

They also give a compression-like feel. Great gloves are designed to function for many seasons and in all weather conditions. Thicker gloves are bulky and make it hard to control the ball. Gloves with reinforced seams are less likely to get spoil.

The mesh materials between the fingers allow for ventilation and increase comfort.


Looking for a pair of football gloves that suit you has never been easier. With this guide, you can identify the features that make them more productive, more durable and the right fit. You can consider various factors that make a high-quality glove.

You should always remember that the best pair is the one that suits you and there will be no ranking that could beat your own. So, go through what your requirements are and then take a look at the various football gloves.

I have gone through more features and characteristics of these gloves, and I would recommend the Under Armour F5. With the HeatGear fabric, it can regulate temperature and prevent you from getting sweaty palms.

Moreover, it is specially designed for any player, regardless of their position. It is breathable because the material it is made from does not interfere with the skin perspiration. The palms and fingers have a material that increases your grip on the ball.

They are available in ten different colours and sizes. They are made flexible and go for a price below the average price, making it affordable to everyone.

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