Best Waterproof Gloves

Akaso Ski

Akaso Ski

Mcti Waterproof Ski Gloves

Mcti Waterproof Ski

Motto Cycling Gloves

Motto Cycling Gloves

Do you love the outdoors? Is the winter or its cold temperatures holding you back? Does this make you feel limited?

Well, if yes, this article is made just for you. We will go through some interesting solutions to this problem and it will seem like you have been making a mountain out of a mole hill. Yes, these solutions are that easy.

There are waterproof gloves in the market that are made and designed especially for this frozen weather or outdoor jobs and tasks during the icy weather. They not only keep the cold weather out but also keep the wind out.

You can now enjoy the outdoors even when it gets really chilly. We will discuss some of the brand in the prevailing market that so happen to be the top five ranked in the waterproof gloves industry. Below are the five best waterproof gloves available

Best Waterproof Gloves List


Akaso Ski

Akaso Ski

These are the top brand gloves available currently. These gloves are made of high-quality fleece material that offers amazing insulation. This in turn increases the heat retained in the gloves.
This prevents the freezing of your extremities. No one like pale finger tips worse still bluish ones. That is a big no.

To make this even better, they are not only waterproof but also wind proof. This means that it only takes the warmth in and keeps the cold out. Also no water can get into the gloves and this prevents wetness in the gloves which would cause great discomfort.

To add to this the Akaso Ski gloves are made of a 3M thinsulate. This makes the gloves breathable in as well as increases their flexibility. Flexible gloves are easy to use mostly if you want to wrap your hand round a tool or when riding your bike or scooter.

Lastly, they have a drawstring closure, this helps with the heat retention. Keep the warm locked in at all times.


  • Good for extreme weather
  • Thinsulate insulation
  • Warm and very comfortable
  • Tag buckle for easy storage
  • Adjustable wrist cuffs.


  • Are not immersible
  • Have fragile straps


Mcti Waterproof Ski Gloves

Mcti Waterproof Ski Gloves

This top ranked brand of gloves has a lot to them than just an abbreviated name. Here are some of the things that make them special hence the high rating;

They have an insulated interior. This enables the waterproof gloves to retain a whole load of heat to keep your fingers warm. Heat retention is key when it comes to this type of gloves.

Retained heat enables your fingers to have proper blood circulation even when the weather outside is crappy.

They are made to endure extreme cold as they are made for a snow sport, skiing. Further, these gloves have soft inners that make them extremely comfortable as well as breathable in. they also have adjustable straps for perfect fits.


  • Have a windproof exterior
  • Joining buckle for storage
  • Comfortable, well-fitting and warm
  • Perfect for freezing temperatures
  • Have excellent value


  • Not very thick
  • Not for heavy work


Motto Cycling Gloves

Motto Cycling Gloves

This brand prides itself for using extremely high-quality material as well as having the most up to date or otherwise known as state of art waterproof and wind proof system. The above ensures the best user experience as one gets optimum warmth as well as protection when you are outdoors.

These gloves enable the use of touchscreen devices when they are still on. This is made possible by having metal fibers that transmit the heat from the finger direct to the screen. The main reason for this feature is to reduce the amount of heat lost every time you have to remove your hand from the comfort and warmth when either replying a text message or even receiving a call.
Comes in pretty handy right?

The Motto Cycling Gloves have an enhanced anti-slip feature. An anti-slip palm gives you greater confidence when gripping things. It also reduces the damages that arise from dropping stuff that you are holding or tools like shovels as well as make it safer.


  • Warm insulation
  • Weather resistance
  • Solid grip
  • Versatile style plus grip
  • Touch screen capabilities are available
  • Come in various sizes


  • They are not tight around the wrist.


Boodum Cycling Gloves

Boodum Cycling Gloves

These are the sportiest yet extremely breathable gloves in the market. To add to these gloves, have a waterproof and windproof feature for extreme warmth of your hands as well as fingers.

These gloves also allow for the use of touch screen devices. This acts as a security feature as far as warmth of both in and out of the gloves is concerned. They also give you the security and peace of mind that no sweat will build up in the inside of the gloves.

Feel free to bag a pair if you have sweaty hands. These are the gloves for you in the cold. They also have a reinforced stitching that gives you confidence when in inclement climates.

Boodum Cycling Gloves are made of a nice stretchy fabric. The spandex used aids in the flexibility of the gloves since they are mainly sporting gloves. It also helps one to have a better grip of the handles on your bike.

The gloves are made to conform to the user’s hands. This creates more warmth and comfort.


  • Warm and comfy fit
  • Shape retention
  • Silicone print palms
  • Dual scroll technology


  • Not suitable for low temperatures
  • Need to size carefully


Mphabon Ski

Mphabon Ski

This consonant filled name features in the top five waterproof gloves in the prevailing market. They happen to be among the most stylish waterproof gloves available. They also have a snug fit as well an updated material selection which increases the comfort and warmth they offer.

They are both wind and waterproof. They also pride themselves in the heat retention duration. This is made for spending long durations outdoors.

The brand makes their gloves slip proof by adding anti-slip patches on the palm to increase the grip when handling equipment. This increases the general safety of usage.

Wrist cuffs are added to the gloves to provide the snug fit against the elements. When you are out in the cold you need a fast solution to the cold penetrating into your gloves, wrist cuffs are definitely the way to go.

These gloves definitely give you value or your money. It is among the safest options when it comes to the purchase of waterproof gloves. The materials and the durability go a long way. Is that not what you want all through?


  • Warm and comfy
  • Have a synthetic versatile material
  • Have a firm grip
  • Adjustable wrist strap
  • Small side enclosure


  • Bulky
  • Limited colors

Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Waterproof Gloves

Best Waterproof Gloves


Adjustable Straps

When it comes to the wrist area it is pretty difficult to come up with an average size mostly for these unisex products. This is because the size of one’s wrist is directly proportional to the size of your body. There are way too many body sizes to enable you to come up with the perfect fit for all.

The manufactures of these waterproof gloves know this and have therefore gone ahead to include straps on the wrists of these gloves. If a brand has no straps, they have wrist cuffs which are even better.

Straps are installed to allow the glove to have a snug fit on your hand and prevent the glove from coming off. When the glove comes off, it exposes you to the cold that you were avoiding when buying the gloves in the first place.

That being said, it is important to look into the adjustability of the strap of the waterproof gloves you are buying. In addition, get a pair whose straps are made of premium material to avoid having to take them in for repairs. This will not only waste your time but also your money and taint the experience of these gloves.


Anti-slip Properties

The grip of the gloves you will buy is very essential. Why? You may ask. Well, here is the reason why. When you have a firm grip on something there are very slight chances of you dropping it.

When an item is dropped it can either break or dent worse still it can cause injuries you as well as the people around you. The item or equipment that has been dropped cost you money during purchase.

This will mean you have also incurred a monetary loss. In the event that heavy equipment as being handled and it drops, there are very high chances of being badly hurt or even maimed.

To avoid all this unnecessary drama, get yourself a pair of waterproof gloves that have an anti-slip feature. Why settle for less when you can get so much more?


Waterproof and Windproof Properties

What are waterproof gloves without waterproof features? When looking into a brand to buy check how much water or to what depth your gloves can handle when under water. Waterproof gloves ensure that your hands are dry and in turn are warm throughout as long as your hands are in the gloves.

In addition to this get a pair that keeps the wind out. Wind will make your hands cold as well as affect the heat retention of the gloves. This beats the logic of purchasing these gloves in the first place.

When both wind and water are eliminated from your gloves you will experience the full benefits of using any brand of waterproof gloves when you are both indoors as well as when you are outdoors. This gives you the confidence to say that you have received the full value for the waterproof gloves you bought regardless of the brand. That is pretty amazing right?



When shopping for any piece of clothing we want something comfortable and we can move in. well waterproof gloves are no exception to this rule. Get a pair that is able to conform to your hands. A snug fit will also go a long way when it comes to flexibility.

A flexible glove will ease the use of the glove as well as help in heat retention as you do not have to take your hands out of the gloves or in other words takes the gloves off to perform a certain task then put them back on.

In addition to that flexible gloves make outdoor sports much more fun since you do ot keep dropping stuff as you play. Imagine playing ice hockey with gloves that are not flexible. Now that is a big bore, right?

Flexible waterproof gloves are available at amazon so feel free to look them up and place an order. You will not regret even a second of using them I can bet you on that. The most flexible material used to make waterproof gloves are spandex.



In as much as these waterproof gloves are supposed to keep you warm, you also need to breathe in them. If your fingers can not breathe in the gloves there are very high chances that they will start to swell. Swollen fingers can be very uncomfortable now mostly because you have snug fitting gloves on.

This will also make the blood circulation in your fingers to be offset which can be rather painful or cause pins and needles. Imagine having a pins and needles sensation in your hands when doing an outdoor sport or handling outdoor equipment like rakes and shovels, tragic!

Breathable gloves will also prevent sweating. Sweating will make the soft material that is used to make the inside of the gloves wet. Wet gloves are uncomfortable to stay in, unhygienic as well as quite disgusting as you feel like you are in something wet all through. 


Heat Retention

Gloves need to be able to hold in the heat that is generated by the body. The material used to make the loves have big part to play in this. One should make sure that you pick a brand that is made of a very poor conductor of heat.

Poor conductors of heat do not transmit heat as opposed to the good conductors of heat. In addition to that due to the improving trends in technology, these waterproof gloves have been installed with an insulating material that is thin and flexible but still traps in all the heat generated.

To take that a bit further, the straps on the wrists or alternatively the wrist cuffs on the gloves also help to retain heat by reducing any possible entrance of the cold, snowflakes and even water.

Heat retained will also improve the circulation of blood in your hands to avoid finger cramps and it eases the pain for people who suffer from arthritis.



Some of these gloves lack when it comes to the sensitivity feature. Sensitivity of the gloves enables you to use touch screen devices. It also helps to retain the heat in the glove as one does not have to keep wearing and taking off the gloves that he or she is in just to use their smart electronic appliances.

The gloves are fitted with metallic fibers that transmit the heat that is needed for sensitivity to the screens of the touch screen devices. 



The material used when making the waterproof gloves should be flexible, a poor conductor of heat, as well as good looking. The material should be skin friendly to avoid any allergic reactions that may occur due to a fabric that does not go well with your skin.

The material ought to be breathable in to avoid accumulation of sweat in the gloves. This makes them very hygienic most especially if they are being shared among people.



Pick waterproof gloves that fit well. A glove that fits well will feel like part of your hand instead of something bulky. A good fit will enable you to have a good user experience. They should not slip off or be too tight on you. Get a size that fits your hands like Cinderella’s glass slipper.

The best brand that is recommended for waterproof as well as windproof gloves is the Akaso Ski. The gloves have a ninety-four-point three percent (94.3%) rating. This is a very high rating bearing in mind there are an array of brands that offer the same kind of product.
Some of the features that make this particular brand so special are discussed below.


Akaso Ski gloves are ideal for extreme temperatures. They will keep you warm even on the coldest of days. They have a 3M thinsualte insulation that is flexible and retains a lot of heat.

To add on to that, the brand prides itself with its extreme warmth and comfort it gives to its users. They want to show the best kind of loving to your fingers as well as your palms.

Since storage of these gloves could be difficult since they are kind of bulky, Akaso Ski have attached a tag buckle to the gloves to ease that out. In conclusion, the wrist cuffs on the gloves are adjustable to meet your preferred fit.

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