Best Snowboarding Gloves

Dakine Scout

Dakine Scout

Kinco 901 Men's Pigskin Leather Ski Glove

Kinco 901 Men's Pigskin Leather Ski Glove

Burton Gore-tex Glove

Burton Gore-tex Glove

Did the last time you went out for snowboarding feel as fun? Chances are high that it did- but did you at any point regret not having on a pair of snowboarding gloves? Well, we would not like you to worry the next time you plan on skiing or snowboarding some more.

But why snowboarding gloves? Snow being frozen can be quite cold. Our palms and fingers are among the most sensitive areas of our hands, so you will understand why not many people would wish to leave them exposed during winter.

To enjoy your snowboarding and other activities or snow sports, you ought to have all the right equipment with you; equipment that is relevant for the purpose you intend them and is relevant. One of critical equipment to have with you always when snowboarding is a pair of gloves.

How do you choose the best of these gloves? It can be confusing, and we appreciate that. We would like to help you make the best-guided and thus most ideal choice, and therefore here are some of the products that we have reviewed and found to be worth your time.

Best Snowboarding Gloves List


Dakine Scout

Dakine Scout

Snowboarding gloves could come with some amazing features to keep your hands warm while you're out there, but among the most important things you should be looking out for are the materials used in manufacturing them as they will substantially affect the quality of the gloves.
Let's have a look at the Dakine Men's Scout Gloves, their features, benefits and perhaps a few more things that you should check out.

These gloves are made from warm and durable materials, which will guarantee your hands ultimate warmth for a long time. They are 58% polyester and 20% polyamide in material composition, with the former offering insulation thus preventing excessive warmth/heat and enhancing the gloves' breathability.

You should have an easy time putting these gloves on and/or off, thanks to their cuff closure which easily closes and releases the gloves, and the one-hand gauntlet which makes it easy to release or take the gloves off as per your preference and for a comfortable feel.


  • Durable
  • Easily breathable
  • Comfortable


  • You may find the fingers to be way too small
  • They may not hold warmth at below 20 degrees Celsius


Kinco 901 Men's Pigskin Leather Ski Glove

Kinco 901 Men's Pigskin Leather Ski Glove

These gloves are packed with some amazing features that you're sure to love and which should deliver optimal comfort to you when you're out there snowboarding. Why don't we have a look at them?

Your fingers, thumbs and even palms, being the areas that you'd want most covered, have added suede pigskin patches (sewn with Draylon thread) to enhance the durability of these gloves. They come with leather pull tabs that are attached to the wrist knit.

This prevents the knits from stretching when you're putting the gloves on and off. You will love how these gloves easily fit into your hands, thanks to their shirred elastic material on which the hand is tightened with the glove's shell material.

They offer a padded knuckle protection and a smooth interior. These gloves have an added feature which enables them to regulate the body temperature, hence it'll be able to retain heat/warmth and also enhance air circulation so that your hands don't get too hot.
For maximum comfort, these gloves have got you.


  • Warm
  • Amazing design
  • Great fit


  • You may find them to be a little bit stiff in the beginning


Burton Gore-tex Glove

Burton Gore-tex Glove

Were you hoping to spend as little as possible on your gloves? The perhaps you should check these out. They will keep your hands comfortable and dry the whole time you're snowboarding, and they have amazing features for these, which we should definitely check out.

 Their design was made to enhance these gloves efficiency, so you should not expect anything less of what you were hoping for with this pair. They have a double construction and are touchscreen-compatible.

You should, therefore, be able to do up boots and zip up jackets quite easily. Want to text a friend or keep your hands warm as you perform your tasks flexibly? Then these are the gloves just for you!

They come with an added zippered pocket which you can place a hand warmer. This pocket can also be used as a vent when temperatures go a little high. They have thin removable liners which function independently.

You will love these gloves' sturdy build and their strap for adjusting them to your fit, which goes along the back. They are also made with a Thermoscore insulation and Dryride Durashell fabric.


  • Extra zippered pocket
  • They have a strap for adjusting the gloves
  • Warm & comfortable


  • You may find them to be a little less durable when compared to gloves of its price range


Tough Outdoors

Tough Outdoors

You should love using these gloves if you're a fan of skiing or snowboarding among other activities out there, but mainly the two.

These gloves were specially designed for a nice day out in the snow. These gloves have been made from durable materials which you will be sure to wear for a substantial amount of time while enjoying ultimate comfort.

They are 100% weatherproof nylon, and were therefore made to stand the cold and building up heat alike. They are also tear-resistant and are thus ideal for snow sports. They also have wrist wraps to keep your gloves in place while in your hands.

For the features that it offers, you will find these gloves to be reasonably and thus medium-priced. They are durable and quite comfortable and yet are ideal for any snow sport because they were made for the snow!

They are excellent for snowboarding and you should enjoy your time outside in this pair of gloves.


  • Ideal for snow sports
  • 100% weatherproof
  • Durable


  • They’re available in only one color
  • You may not find them as breathable


Gordini Promo Gauntlet

Gordini Promo Gauntlet

You should enjoy your time in the snow this winter with an amazing pair of the Gordini Promo Gauntlet Gore-Tex Gloves. These gloves are made from a waterproof Polytex fabric. You should therefore be sure to keep your hands dry and protected the whole time you're outside.

No matter how wet it gets out there, you should trust that Gordini Promo Gauntlet gloves will keep your hands as dry as you'd expect, and pretty warm. They are made of an elastic fabric, so your fingers should feel quite flexible and comfortable whenever you're playing.

They're also lightweight, so you shouldn't have a maneuverability issue with them. This also makes them quite easy to clean, and means that you can carry them with your luggage or in your backpack! For their features, you will love the price that these gloves go for.


  • Waterproof
  • Warm
  • Lightweight


  • They may get tight whenever it gets cold

Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Snowboarding Gloves

Best Snowboarding Gloves


The Affordability of the Product

When talking about the affordability, the rule is that the cost should be equal to the value. What do I mean by this? The cost in this case is the amount of monetary value used to purchase any product. The value is the usefulness of any product to the customer or the worth of what you are able to purchase. In that case let us go straight into the discussion.

We have all been in situations where we are enticed by having seen something that attracted us to a product which could merely be the color or design, that we do not focus on the attributes of the product.

When we come to products like these, we do not mainly focus on the design or any outwardly attributes, rather we focus on the attributes that matter like the level of warmth, the level of comfort, the heat retention and material used.

The next step is considering the price ranges of the product. When going out shopping, you should at least check two to three such like products and compare the prices. After that, you should start noting down the features that come with every of these products beginning from the least expensive. Note down the features which are different from other products from the other products and if and how they will benefit you and if they are worth the price. 


The Durability of the Product

I’m sure we all want to enjoy a good time snowboarding without the gloves getting in the way because they are worn out. That is why you need to consider the durability of the gloves as a factor before buying any product.

Durability of the product is determined by very many things some of which include the material used to make the product. When shopping for the best pair of gloves, you ought to check for materials like polyester which keep you warm in the inside but also expel cold on the outside.

It is also a key factor as it determines your expenditure. How? Well if you have gloves that can be in use for a long time, you are able to keep them for a long time other than getting gloves that require constant replacement or upkeep as it will cost you a lot more.

As we all know, these are outdoor items meaning that they incur wear and tear often that is why we have to find the products that are of great quality that will be able to last us a long time. 


The Comfortability of the Product

I am sure no one here would want to be uncomfortable while snowboarding. A comfortable pair of gloves play a huge role in the activity as your hands need to be as comfortable as possible so that we can get maximum enjoyment.

Apart from the durability and the affordability of the product, comfort is a factor that needs to be well highlighted. The comfort of a product is determined by very many this is why I am here to give you directions on what to look out for.

The quality of the material plays a huge role in the comfort of the product. This is what determines whether the glove is going to be stretchy meaning a size that can fit a wide range of people. You should go for gloves that have a cotton interior as they tend to retain warmth for a long period of time.

Under the comfort, we could look at factors such as are the pair of gloves you are purchasing breathable? This is very vital as it prevents your hands from being all sweaty. I am sure no one wants to interrupt their fun ride with taking off their gloves every other minute to keep the hands dry.

Under the same still, we have the grip the gloves have. What do I mean by the grip the gloves can offer? While using any equipment to snowboard, you ought to have a firm grip to avoid being thrown off the equipment and succumbing to injuries. You ought to look out for the grip the gloves have so that it can allow for easy functionality and comfort.

Generally, comfort is what we are looking for in this product that is why you have to pay keen attention to all these factors listed above. 


Features the Product Has

There are some features that come with each and every product that are unique to the product. Some of these features include the zipping of the gloves, the buckles, the design, the storage space to mention just a few.

I will discuss in detail the above listed features just to help you expound on your knowledge on this. First off, the storage space. I know most of you are wondering what the storage space has to do with the gloves. Well, everything.

The pocket space of the gloves plays a very fundamental role when it comes to snowboarding. This can come in handy when you have a small item you want to carry around when you go for the adventure.

Say for example, a lighter. You can easily carry it in the gloves, and it is quite convenient. Such like items which can comfortably fit in these spaces should be put for convenience and to allow you to get more spaces in the bag.

Second is the design of the gloves. The design of the gloves involves things such as the appearance of the gloves and such like features. There are those gloves made in such a way that they can be attached together meaning that you are able to keep track of the other glove and it will help in not losing either of them. Another factor is the appearance of the glove. This is not an important issue per se but it matters when it comes to appearance.

The straps in the gloves are a very essential feature. They add on to the grip of the glove to avoid it from falling off any other minute. The buckles are very essential when it comes to fitting them properly to avoid them from loosening up which might even lead to loosing of the glove. 


The Material Used to Make the Product

I am sure all of us are out for a good time when we think of going out snowballing. Therefore, we need to find the best possible option of gloves to best fit the situation. The material used to make the gloves you are going to use will influence a variety of features including the comfort of the gloves.

A basic requirement that comes with the choosing of the best snowboard gloves is the warmth that the gloves provide. For the benefit of your health, you need to choose gloves that provide adequate warmth to avoid contracting ailments that come with the low temperatures such as the flu.

A very striking feature that cuts across all the gloves is that they are made in such a way that they keep the warmth in but the cold out! Fascinating isn’t it? This only means that you need to pay keen attention to the outer part of the glove. Why is this?

We just mentioned that the gloves are meant to expel the cold. Therefore, the material used to make the outer part of the gloves play a fundamental role in keeping the cold out. Most are made from polyester which is a great material as it keeps the cold and any moisture out.

In addition to that, they are very durable meaning they can be used for a long period of time.

When it comes to the inner part of the glove, most are preferably made from A-grade material which also include the polyester. This way, it allows the hands to be well insulated yet still breathable meaning at no point will the hands be overheated or underheated.

Another factor that is determined by the material is whether the gloves are waterproof. The outer part of the gloves should made with a material that is able to completely keep the water out so that you get adequate comfort. In addition to that, you should opt for a glove that is stretchy so that when you are using it, you can comfortably have fun. 


Making a decision on the best snowboarding gloves to get for your next game with your friends or your next time out in the snow may not be as easy as you thought. You have now looked at some of the features that most of these gloves have. These features should tell you what to go for.

We have also looked at some of the considerations that you should be making while out there purchasing these gloves, and we’d like to believe that this article will provide you with all the guidance you need.

We however would like to leave you with a recommendation. Get the Dakine Scout snowboarding gloves. They are made from warm and durable materials, which will guarantee your hands ultimate warmth for a long time.

They are 58% polyester and 20% polyamide in material composition, with the former offering insulation thus preventing excessive warmth/heat and enhancing the gloves' breathability.
Get this pair of Dakine Scout snowboarding gloves while stocks last!

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