Best Roof Cargo Box

Thule 613 Pulse Cargo Alpine

Thule 613 Pulse Cargo Alpine

Thule 682 Sidekick Rooftop Cargo

Thule 682 Sidekick Rooftop Cargo

Goplus Waterproof Rooftop Carrier Storage

Goplus Waterproof Rooftop Carrier Storage

It has become a common occurrence that most of us find lesser space to keep our items while engaging in road trips and other leisure journeys. You may find it a bit uncomfortable, especially when bags and luggage are all over the cabin space.

Today, we intend to provide you with a lasting solution to this major problem, as it not only makes you feel excessively tired but also disengaged when hanging out at your predestined location.
It would be a wise decision to find yourself the best roof cargo box. It is an item that will change your traveling experience forever. You won’t regret making the particular decision to add it as your traveling companion.

Before making any prompt choices, it would be advisable that you first conduct adequate market research involving the cargo boxes and the characteristics they come with. This will help you in finding the best model that will last you a lifetime.

In this first segment, we shall be focusing on the best roof cargo boxes in modern markets. We have done a ton of research work, so as to develop a list that will be beneficial to anyone interested in enhancing their traveling style.

The additional buying guide will also be of imperative significance to the entire buying process. We have included it at the periphery for the general convenience of buyers.

Best Roof Cargo Box List


Thule 613 Pulse Cargo Alpine

Thule 613 Pulse Cargo Alpine

I would say that this is one of the most affordable boxes in markets today. You can get them at a comparatively cheaper price, as compared to a ton of other premium models, that go at significantly higher prices.

It boasts of a sizeable interior, which allows you to pack a lot of cargo, including luggage, and other sporting gear. The interior capacity is about 11 cubic feet. This is a sizeable model and can fit easily in your car.

The durability aspects have been enhanced. The entire model is made of hard plastic. Specifically, it is ABS plastic, one of the best materials when it comes to construction and durability.

The Easy-Grip mounting knobs allow you to install the cargo box without straining. This will save you a lot of time. You will use more time to engage in other activities that may be of utmost significance to your journey.


  • It comes with a Secure Lock lid technology. It keeps everything including your valuables safe at all times.
  • The side of box locking functionality marks handling an easy task.
    The cargo box is compatible with a variety of racks.
  • The passenger-side lid opening keeps passengers safe.
    It comes in a variety of sizes. You can choose the one that suits your needs.


  • It is a little noisy.


Thule 682 Sidekick Rooftop CargoThule 682 Sidekick Rooftop Cargo

Thule 682 Sidekick Rooftop Cargo

It is quite easy to use this cargo box. The opening and closing options are user-friendly. Furthermore, the passenger-side opening ensures that road users are kept safe at all times.

The passenger-side opening makes it easier for you to load or unload the cargo box. This makes it much easier to use the model. In addition, there are two locks, you can always use these to keep the cargo box secure, inclusive of its contents.

The box is well attached to the carrier at all times, thanks to the secure lock system. The heavy-duty construction has enhanced the durability aspects, such that it can easily withstand different weather conditions and other outdoor elements.


  • It is easy to use.
  • The passenger-side opening makes it easier to load and unload.
  • It is secure, thanks to the two locks that secure the contents and lock the box tightly to the carrier.
  • The heavy-duty design ensures that the model is entirely durable.
  • It is compatible with a variety of designs, as it fits perfectly when installed with Thule rack systems.


  • It is quite expensive.
  • Some people find it small in terms of size.


Goplus Waterproof Rooftop Carrier Storage

Goplus Waterproof Rooftop Carrier Storage

The cargo box has a double secure lock. This keeps the contents safe from outdoor elements. You will love this particular feature because it is quite difficult to find a model that suits your safety and security preferences.

The Super Latch security system ensures that all your valuables are safe at all times. In addition, there are two keys to ensure that all the valuables are safe. The dual-sided opening makes it easy to open and close the model from either side.

There are supporting lid lifters. This makes the opening and closing more convenient. It is stable, even after installation. This will keep all the road users safe and free from danger. There are metal stiffeners at the bottom to give it rigidity and sturdiness.


  • It has a double secure lock.
  • The dual-sided opening makes it easy to open and close.
  • Super Latch security enhances the safety of valuable items.
  • There are supporting lid lifters. These make it easy to open and close the cargo box.
  • It is perfect for road trips.
  • It is easy to install.


  • Some users have complained of the difficulties involved when it comes to the adjustability of spacing.


SportRack SR7016 Horizon Cargo 16 Cubic

SportRack SR7016 Horizon Cargo 16 Cubic

You can rely on this cargo box for the fulfillment of all your packaging needs. Traveling has never been so easy. Furthermore, it is easy to use. You won’t experience any difficulties when using it, as it has been designed with user-friendly features.

It is a durable model. The construction of the cargo box is extremely rugged, especially on the exterior. The major material used is ABS plastic. This material is quite renowned for its durability and longevity.

Safety features have not been left out either. The passenger-side opening makes it easier to access the contents of the cargo box. Installation can be done at an instance. You can install this model single-handedly, with minimalistic aid.


  • It is a reliable model.
  • It is easy to use.
  • The materials used in construction are high-quality and durable. The ABS material is impact-resistant.
  • It is also easy to install.
  • It can fit perfectly on any vehicle.
  • The model has three different sizes for you to choose from.
  • It is quite affordable.


  • It is not suitable for wider items.


Yakima SkyBox Roof Cargo Carbonite

 Yakima - SkyBox Aerodynamic Rooftop Cargo Space for Cars

The Yakima SkyBox Roof Cargo Carbonite box is a modern version of cargo boxes. It is versatile in its entirety. Furthermore, it has a variety of features that work to make the model proficient in terms of performance and functionality.

It is a lightweight cargo box. This is majorly because of the carbonite material. It can be installed easily. There are internal lid stiffeners that add to the quality and design of this masterpiece. It is truly remarkable.

The aerodynamic design makes it easy to travel. This reduces the drag with air, so the vehicle maintains its top speed while saving fuel usage. There is little noise produced by the box when traveling.


  • It is a lightweight cargo box
  • There are internal lid stiffeners.
  • It opens on both sides.
  • It closes tightly and securely with the aid of the Super Latch secure closure system.
  • It has an additional integrated SKS Lock system.
  • It is easy to set up.
  • It holds a lot of cargo. It is also durable.


  • It is expensive to acquire.
    Some users have complained about the quality of the material used in construction. They say it is comparatively weaker.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Roof Cargo Box

Choosing the best roof cargo box for your vehicle can sometimes be a hard task to engage in. When making such decisions, it is always important that you first know the type of car you are handling.
Knowing the specific type of car will prevent you from acquiring a model that will be incompatible with the vehicle specifications. This will not only save you a lot of costs but also prove to be relevant and convenient in the long run.

Before engaging in the purchasing experience, most experts advise us to first engage in the field aspects.

Fielding aspects are small-scale programs intended to enhance customer awareness with regard to product specifications and the factors affecting their pricing and availability.

In other words, it is the process by which you engage in conducting market research. Market research has proven to be a vital process in the entire process of purchasing.

In modern markets, it is always important that you familiarize yourself with all the factors affecting the market prices and quality of products. With roof cargo boxes, users have to be extra careful.
In this segment, we have carefully reviewed a number of factors and specifications that affect the availability of products today, specifically, cargo boxes. You have to know the designs of the cargo boxes, as this will influence your storage preferences.

Furthermore, you have to check the material used in the construction of the models. Are they durable? Will they last for a long time, or will they give in after the first try? All these questions have to be answered and taken keen note of.

Best Roof Cargo Box



This is one of the major aspects to be considered when it comes to the choice of cargo boxes. The functionality of a model is basically how it works, in comparison to the expectations you had of it.

When choosing any box for carriage, you have to ensure that you pick the model that works well with all your needs.

You have to carefully assess the pricing of the product, comparatively with the quality and construction, so as to determine the affordability and functionality aspects.

From a user’s perspective, you are required to be fully aware of the suitability situation. This is essentially a question that requires a review of the persons who need the cargo box.

In consideration of this aspect, you will definitely know the target users, the people who need the aid of a cargo box. Most at times, you may find that the trunk fits all your luggage at a single go.

This is a good thing, and you should actually be delighted, as you may barely need the aid of a cargo box.

However, in situations where you find that a majority of passengers in your vehicle are placing bags on their laps, you may have to consider acquiring a cargo box to aid in the carriage and eliminate any incidences pf inconveniences.

When are the cargo boxes useful? And who needs them the most?

Cargo boxes are usually useful for people who find it hard loading all their items in the car in a single instance. In a number of instances, the trunk may barely fit all the items they may be carrying.

In addition, the cabin may feel a bit small, when a lot of items are loaded. These items may include pushchairs, sporting gear, and other bulky equipment.

Such items may make the entire trip uncomfortable, especially when the trip is lasting for several hours or even days. You would really love the convenience and comfort that comes with the best roof cargo boxes.

Children may at times be part of the traveling crew. With bigger cars like SUVs and minivans, there are chances that you may all fit at a go. However, the higher the number of people traveling, the larger the luggage to be carried in the process.

With kids tagging along, you may find it necessary to incorporate the aid of a quality cargo box. This will really help you while traveling, as a good amount of the luggage may be placed in the cargo boxes.

This, in the end, gives the users a large space to enjoy within the cabin. You will definitely enjoy the experience and feel less fatigued.

Pushchairs are other items that may cause a great deal of inconvenience when traveling. The only problem with pushchairs is that they are bulky.

They take up a lot of space unnecessarily. Having the best cargo box with you will definitely save you the problem of having to think about its storage, as it will take care of your needs inclusively.

There are other items that also fill the trunk quote fast. A good example of these items is the sporting equipment.

They are also bulky in nature. In the event that you may be traveling in large numbers, it may be possible that the trunk may barely fit all the items, especially if you are golfing, skiing or bowling.

You would definitely appreciate the availability of additional storage space. A cargo box exists to take care of such needs. You will be able to fit all your items collectively in the trunk and the cargo box.

In other instances, long-distance driving may be involved. Long hours of traveling result in fatigue and tiring. You may be forced to take a good rest every once in a while, so as to regain your energy.

The presence of bulky cargo in the cabin may make the driving experience so technical. It may be impossible for you to flex, stretch, and even rest in your own vehicle, all because of the compact storage.

Equipping yourself with the right product will definitely help solve all your worries. Having bulky equipment around you is a thing of the past. It is always safe to keep them within a cargo box, so as to keep you safe and comfortable.

The cargo box will generally keep more luggage out of the cabin. This will improve your driving experience and keep you and your crew comfortable at all times. That is why it is important that you make a consideration to acquire one as soon as possible.


Types of Roof Cargo Boxes

There are generally two types of cargo boxes, the hard boxes, and the soft boxes. Both models come with their advantages and disadvantages. It is all but a matter of personal preference. You will choose the one that is more convenient and reliable.


Hard Cargo Boxes

These boxes can be termed as the traditional versions of cargo boxes. They are made of hard plastic. The plastic component used in the construction is sturdy and rugged in design. This makes it hard, durable, and impact-resistant.

Solid construction was definitely integrated into the design of these models. This gives the contents of the boxes better protection against harmful outdoor elements, such as harsh weather.

The presence of a decent lock makes it easier to keep the contents safe and secure.


Soft Cargo Boxes

Most of these models are large bags with straps. The materials used in construction are majorly made out of thin plastic. PVC and vinyl are used most of the time. The good thing about these models is that they are waterproof.

In addition, they are cheaper and easier to acquire. This makes them affordable. You can acquire them without having to spend a fortune in the process. They are also easier to install. The installation process takes up little time.

They are lightweight. You can use them on any vehicle, as they won’t add excessive weight to the car or damage it in the process. In other words, they are compatible with smaller cars.



One thing about cargo boxes is that they create drags to the vehicle when installed on the rooftop. The drag may negatively affect the performance of the vehicle.

When the drag is higher, the vehicle slows down. In addition, the drag may result in higher fuel consumption. This is because the vehicle requires a lot of energy to break the wind and work optimally.

There are premium models that have been constructed with precision to reduce the aspect pf drag who driving. They are styled and built to be aerodynamic. This gives you the chance to cover longer routes and use less energy in the process.

In the long run, you will be able to save a lot of money, as you won’t be required to refill the fuel tank each and every time.


The Length and Width

You may prefer to choose a longer model. Similarly, you may choose a wider cargo box, or inclusively, one with both properties. Sometimes, you may be carrying longer items, especially when intending to engage in sporting activities.

The common types of items with variation when it comes to length and width are ski bags and golf bags. Most of them are horizontally placed. You will definitely need a longer bag with these.

The good thing with a wider box is that you can place it in smaller vehicles.



Anyone who intends to acquire a roof cargo box should be willing to invest. According to your needs, preferences, and financial abilities, you will choose the model that fits you the best.

Generally, soft boxes are cheaper to acquire. In the event that you are not going to use the box frequently, you are advised to go for these. For hard boxes, you will invest more. They are long-lasting. You can acquire these if you intend to use them frequently.


The most important thing to consider is that when using the road is safety and security. You should pick a model that is durable. The construction of a cargo box should be done with tough material, that will give it durability.

A lockable cargo box will be much easier to use. The ones that are passenger-sided will enhance the safety of users, and also make the opening and closing processes much easier. Always go for a model that is more convenient.

In my recommendation, I would advise you to go for the Thule 613 Pulse Cargo Alpine. It is affordable. You will acquire it at a cheaper price. It has a lot of features to improve performance and workability aspects.

The passenger-side lid opening is safe for all. The model comes in a variety of sizes. You can choose the one that impresses you. The Easy-Grip mounting knobs make installation a fast and easy process.

The 11 cubic foot interior capacity gives you adequate space for storage. It is durable, thanks to the rugged ABS plastic construction.

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