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Boosted Mini X

Boosted Mini X

Razor-x Cruiser

Razor-x Cruiser

Acton Blink Lite Go

Acton Blink Lite Go

Do you love to skate? It can be quite fun. Most people have not been able to shake some habits that we picked growing up, as some grow in us and actually even become part of us and how we spend most of our time. Skate boarding can be regarded as one of such habits.

If you love to skate, then you must regularly be out and keeping an eye out too for new skates in the market too. It's a good way to grow and even enjoy your sport and activity more. Now, have you tried electric skateboards? They are amazing and you would want to know more about them.

With advancements everywhere in our new societies, especially in fields of technology, strides have been taken in the motor industry in developing strong/powerful and more portable electric motors. Electric skates are powered to give you a more unforgettable experience.

We are used to doing things the old-fashioned way, most of us, but you may want to test out this form of personal transportation which seems to be taking younger masses by swoops.

But how do you settle on the best electric skateboards with all the available options out there? I mean, doesn't it get confusing? If you're still wondering, then guess what, you're right. Choosing the best electric skates can be quite confusing and even worse, a difficult task.

So, how do you? Well, I prepared this article to help you when shopping for these skates, as I have reviewed some top products in the market and included information which may help make things even easier. Why don't we start by looking at the top products in the market? They are as follows:

Best Electric Skateboard List


Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard

Boosted Mini X

This is our number one and overall best electric skateboard in general performance. Considering rideability and power, this product tops our list with its amazing features which I hope you will love. The skateboard offers quite a comfortable ride.

You will love its speed, which shouldn't at all worry you as this skate is equipped with great breaks. You will perhaps not come across weight limits as high as that of this skateboard, making it accommodative to everyone who wants to ride.

You may also appreciate its TSA compliance with regards to the use of lithium batteries. You should, therefore, have no problem carrying it with you on most planes. Does your work involve travelling? Or do you just want to blow off steam?

Then this skateboard can be an amazing way to do it and it will sure serve you well, as it is quite lightweight at 15 pounds and is rated for a 25% grade.

Here's a unique feature for you: this skateboard offers the ability to switch between standard and extended battery use. The standard use may give you a range of about 6 miles, and the extended battery basically doubles that.

The skates are quite durable as they are made from vehicle-grade materials. It has a low-profile design, so you can even go on it to work. This skateboard may be pricey, but for its features, it definitely is a value for your money.


  • Smooth rideability
  • Durable
  • Low-profile design


  • Pricey


Razor-x Cruiser

Razor-x Cruiser

Are you working on a budget? Then maybe you should consider this option, following that it's the least expensive of the electric boards listed here. You shouldn't expect it, therefore, to hold up to higher range boards.

Nonetheless, you shouldn't think less of this cheap skate, as its power may surprise you. It's a lot more accessible to heavy riders, thanks to its weight limit and can go up to 10 miles an hour. Amazing, right? For its price, I thought so too!

You should have an easy time with handling hills atop this skateboard. Its not as sturdy with its maple deck, but looking at the brighter side, you'll be walking away with a lightweight skate which will offer smooth and easy movement.

Most people love that it’s a kick-start, so you don't have to worry about any chains or belts. This is a good thing too, since it means maintenance will be free as there are no parts to replace or maintain.

You should expect the board to come weighted at a little over 10 pounds. This skateboard doesn't have as much features as most others do, but it definitely is a good way to start off your kids with electric skateboarding.


  • Cheap
  • Lightweight
  • Powerful


  • Not as sturdy


Acton Blink Lite Go

Acton Blink Lite Go

If you're looking for a stylish skateboard, then you found the perfect product! Acton Blink is a fan favourite for among many other things, its beautiful design.

On its deck, is a signature bear silhouette. It has a light underdeck and like green wheels. The design aside, this skateboard is quite versatile for its price. It is light-weight and comes with a whopping 5-mile range, which as compared to expensive models, is quite a distance.

It doesn't have as high a top speed as compared to other midrange skateboards and sadly too, it doesn't come with a swappable battery. What does this mean to you? In case the battery dies, sadly, you may not be able to change it with the one you may have on you.

You shouldn't be deterred by that though as this board offers you amazing manoeuvrability; it was sure made for carving. It also offers a good weight limit, which you may find to be more than that of most of its alternatives.

If you are an adult rider who likes to try out curvy routes, then you may want to try this board out as well.


  • Stylish
  • Lightweight
  • Amazing manoeuvrability


  • Doesn't have a swappable battery


Maxfind Penny Board

Maxfind Penny Board

Weighing 8 pounds, you will find this skateboard to be one of the lightest out there. It’s also a well-known commuter’s board, but most other people don’t use it because of the less power with not much on extended range.

It will, of course, give you 16 miles after one charge. In case it runs out of charge, nonetheless, you can use it as a regular skateboard as it is light enough. It has been cleared for getting on airplanes, so you can carry with you the next time you want to fly somewhere.

For its price, you will love that this skateboard offers swappable batteries. You can, therefore, carry a replacement battery with you so that you can use it to extend your range. It may disappoint you with its difficulty with steep inclinations, and its weight limit isn’t that much.

Kids, teens and even adults who are just starting off skating will love using this board, since you don’t have to spend much, and yet you’ll be getting the ultimate experience of riding an amazing electric skateboard.


  • Cheap
  • Lightweight
  • Swappable batteries


  • Not as powerful


Maxfind Max C

Maxfind Max C

This skateboard takes portability to a whole new level. It is the lightest of the boards we’ve reviewed, weighing less than 8 pounds. It sticks out to a length of 27 inches. Are you worried that an adult may not be able to use it because of these features? Worry not! It was made with everyone in mind.

This skateboard has a waterproof rating, which is a great plus. It means that you can use it on wet road surfaces and even through puddles with not a single worry in the world about what may happen to its electric components. Guess what’s more? It comes with a remote control!

While it can take you to only up to 10 miles in every charge, you will find this board quite better with scaling the hills. It can go to up to 15 degrees high without losing power, so you’re good to go every morning if you live in hilly places.This board may, however, take too long to recharge.


  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Comes with a remote control


  • It may take too long to recharge

Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Electric Skateboard

Best Electric Skateboard

Having an electric skateboard is exciting, isn’t it? Skaters would definitely like a little upgrade to the regular skateboard types. Electric motors have gone a long way in transforming our experience on the roads.

Skateboards can be used for sports, personal recreation and even as transportation. Yes, you can get a few friends, create two or more teams then race against each other; for a prize or just for fun. But remember, it you always have to use the right equipment and be on less busy roads for your safety.

Some people don’t get well with others, or simply prefer the comfort of their own company. Passing your time on a skate can be a good way to spend your afternoon. Some people even say that they skate to clear their minds or after a hectic day at work.

Are you in a rush in the morning, to work, maybe? Perhaps you’re running a little late again, and you’re worried that keeping up the trend may not be good for work. Will you keep relying on the 8am bus which at times runs late? Or will you keep trusting in yourself to keep time and beat traffic?

You don’t have to worry about all these or even more with a skateboard. I mean, you can simply manoeuvre in between vehicles when there’s too much traffic. Skateboards are an easier and faster way to get to where you’re going, especially in the AMs.

Enough with skateboards. What’s so special with electric skateboards? I believe that electricity is the magic of our modern world. I mean, doesn’t it and hasn’t it transformed everything? Look around you. When there’s no power, it’s all silence, all darkness. When there’s power, there’s light, there’s life!

Electric skateboards are thus a lot more powerful than the regular ones that you may have been used to. Their motors enable them to move a little faster as you skate, and their manoeuvrability is greater than that of regular skateboards.

Do you need these skateboards? Well, do you want an upgrade to your fun? Definitely! So, yes. We do need electric skateboards, and I would like to take you through some of the things that you should consider before buying one.

Making these considerations prior to your purchase is rather important because it gives you a good idea of what you’re working with and also helps you eliminate the products that will work for you from those that will not.

Weight is perhaps one of the most important of these considerations. But whose weight? Well, first, we can begin with that of the skateboard. How much does it weigh? Is it lightweight or is it heavy? Manufacturers always have an idea in their minds when they’re making these products.

Some of their adjustments may make your board a little heavier or a little lighter, depending on the end-goal. You should always go for a lightweight skateboard. With this, you will have more control and an easier time manoeuvring.

But don’t forget that a heavy skateboard is so for a reason. So, find out, what makes one heavy? If it’s a worthy feature, then you may want to reconsider. Next on the table is the weight of the rider. How much do you weigh? Do you think the skateboard you want can sustain your weight?

You can find this out by looking at the products’ features. A good skateboard can and should be able to sustain your weight. You don’t want to be falling off whenever you’re on the road skating as you may get yourself injured.

Material is something else to look at. What material has been used in making your electric skateboard? Some materials are more superior than others, and that means that they have higher quality, could last longer and may even provide a higher efficiency of your skateboard.

But the better the qualities of the material you’re getting, the higher the price. Some materials that are durable also incorporate the use of heavy parts, which may add on to the weight of your skateboard. Something else is that more power may be required by such skateboards, so they’ll need bigger batteries as well.

Bigger batteries mean more expensive boards. So, weigh all that. What are you more interested in? The quality? Functionality? Or durability? These will help you come to a conclusion on what skateboard will work for you and which ones to forfeit.

How can you rate the ride on your current skateboard? Is it an electric one or the regular ones that are not powered? If it’s the former, then how do you like it? Is it smooth or rough? A skateboard is an investment to your fun. To some kind of free meditation too, and to an enjoyable sport.

You should, therefore, go for an electric skateboard that will deliver a smooth ride. It should have amazing manoeuvrability and should be able to take on curves like it was made to, because it was literally made to.

But how can you tell that a particular skate will deliver the smoothest ride? Simply try out several skateboards. Skateboarding is a journey. You sure will not be using the same skateboard for the next five years; you may want to try out other models and types too so that you know what works better for you.

With time, you’ll be able to tell and set your skating preferences, and these will help you choose a perfect board. This is a rather personal consideration.

Something else that shouldn’t slip from your list of important things to consider is the range of your electric skateboard. This is important as you may want to go for long before having to swap batteries. Don’t be surprised that some models don’t even allow you to do the swapping.

So, you’ll have to consider range more seriously. With range, comes expenses as well. Long-range skateboards come at a rather high price as compared to short-range boards. So here, it would be best to ask yourself what you’ll feel more comfortable sacrificing; range or a few extra dollars?

Remember with range goes so much of your fun. So, choose well. What are you looking for? Is my next and final question. What kind of skateboard do you have in mind? I’ve made this part easier for you, using the products we’ve already discussed.

If you’re looking for the most versatile boards, then you may want to go for Acton Blink Lite Go. Here, you will not go wrong with some other options as well, like the Maxfind Penny Board and the Maxfind MAX C.

Are you looking for the cheapest and yet, good performing electric skateboard? Then you may want to consider the Razor-X Cruiser.

And are you wondering which of these skateboards performs best overall? Well, that’s a secret that I’ll share in a bit!

Finally, why don’t you consider the cost of purchasing these skateboards? Some skateboards are undeniably more expensive than others, and you would want to know why before you brush them off.
There is always something special with every skateboard, no matter the price. With cheaper skateboards, it’s a good idea to find out which features you’re limited to. Remember that most times, cheap things come at a cost. You may have to sacrifice something to walk away with a less pricey skate.

Before you spend though, weigh your preference against your needs and features. Look at them all and ask yourself if there’s a way you can work them all out together. So that what you like corresponds with what you need and agrees with amazing features that these skates offer.

There are many electric skateboards out there and choosing the best one can be quite challenging. I hope that this guide was adequate enough. I have surely not discussed everything that you may want to know about skateboards. I’ve also not touched on all the considerations that you should make.

But what we’ve discussed is enough to get you going and should land you an amazing product; trust me! You should enjoy skating, and you shouldn’t miss a chance to try out these amazing electric skateboards.


I hope you found this article to be helpful. I wouldn't want you to miss out a chance on having an amazing time out there on your skateboard. If you're still confused about what to go for, then I hope to make things even easier for you.

There is everything to love about electric skateboards and if you're not convinced, then you should just try them out and see; it wouldn't break a bone, literally, and you'll be gaining a new experience. These skateboards are amazing, and you would want to have them.

Any good skater loves good power and a smooth ride. Electric skateboards are a sure way to get these, and easy. They are also ideal for most people if not everyone.

We have looked at some amazing electric skateboards out there. I would highly recommend that you go for the Boosted Mini x Electric Skateboard. It has amazing rideability and power.

This skateboard offers quite a comfortable ride. You will love its speed, and it's equipped with great breaks to counter. Its weight limit is pretty high too. You will also appreciate its TSA compliance with regards to the use of lithium batteries. It is quite lightweight at 15 pounds and is rated for a 25% grade.

This skateboard offers the ability to switch between standard and extended battery use. The standard use may give you a range of about 6 miles, and the extended battery basically doubles that. The skates are quite durable as they are made from vehicle-grade materials.

It has a low-profile design, so you can even go on it to work. This skateboard may be pricey, but for its features, it definitely is a value for your money. There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't go for the Boosted Mini x Electric Skateboard. Get it today!

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