Transparent Labs

Transparent Labs Review

Transparent Labs Review

Transparent Labs provides additional services for athletes who want to make more fat and muscle. You also sell a few supplements for weight loss. Open Labs said that by divulging all information about their supplements, they would like to "live up to their name." One of our first questions, though, was that the business or the people behind it were not visible. Our team has examined the ingredients and possible side effects in addition to researching the company.

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What Do You Mean by Transparent Laboratories?

Transparent Laboratories is an organization that manufactures supplements for athletes and individuals seeking support for weight loss. Supplements in the following categories are included in their products:

  • Pre-working outs. 
  • Collection of protein. 
  • Intra & strength. 
  • Intra & strength. 
  • Fat Burners. 
  • Fat Burners. 
  • Raw Series. 
  • Wellness Series

Transparent Labs provides additional services for athletes who want to make more fat and muscle. You also sell a few supplements for weight loss. Open Labs said that by divulging all information 

Transparent Labs Review

Transparent Labs provides additional services for athletes who want to make more fat and muscle. You also sell a few supplements for weight loss. Open Labs said that by divulging all information about their supplements, they would like to "live up to their name." One of our first questions, though, was that the business or the people behind it were not visible. 

How Did Transparent Laboratories Originate?

Transparent Labs is not very upcoming with information about the company itself because it is an organization that is proud of transparency. Only an email address is available on your contact page. There is no indication of the location of the company.

Our research team has crossed a secret site "about us" for the client to get more information about the company. Even on this page, however, the company says nothing. Their claim to use high quality, active ingredients are reaffirmed only.

Trevor Hiltbrand founded the company together, which we know because he is due to the quotation on the home page. Trevor Hiltbrand once put on the television show Shark Tank an item called Cerebral Performance.

Although the shirks hated Hiltbrand's artificial pitch, the shark Barbara Corcoran eventually supported the product of Hiltbrand. Corcoran says she bought into the product in an article that she wrote about LinkedIn because she saw that Hiltbrand "knew the frequency and the risk of college kids taking Adderall pills without prescribing to pass their checkups.

Cerebral Success is not one of the products offered by Transparent Labs, and Hiltbrand appears to have more than one iron. Given that he studied accounting in college on his Facebook page, it seems that he is more a businessman than a fitness and health specialist.

This doesn't mean, of course, that science experts did not surround himself to make supplements. If he did, however, the transparent laboratories website does not mention them.
Currently, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for Transparent Labs has the F rating. The explanation for their low level of performance is dual:

  • The company was not very long in operation. In March 2017, the BBB opened its Transparent Labs file.
  • Transparent Labs has not answered the company's complaints.
Transparent Labs Review

Transparent Laboratories Affiliation Program

Open Labs offers its affiliate program in its Marketing Plan of products. You should register as an affiliate with Transparent Labs. It gives you access to a link on your website.

It's a little unclear how much affiliates can earn. You can receive up to 30 percent from the original Affiliate Program, but subsequent reports state that Affiliates "benefit 20 percent of the entire price." The website then says that the income received depends on the goods sold. The site then clicks on the Affiliate Registration button.

The default rate for pre-workout products is only 15 percent, but it is 25 percent. There is no indication of how 30% of commissions can be earned. You do not even have to agree when you sign up under the terms and conditions.

Claims of Transparent Labs

Transparent Labs Makes General Claims on Their Products and Companies:

Transparent Labs makes general claims on their products and companies:

  • 100% accuracy of ingredients.
  • Ingredients based on scientific knowledge. 
  • Effective doses of ingredients are used. 

Fat Burner Claims Are:

  • promoting fast loss of weight.
  • Metabolism increases.
  • It reduces cravings.
  • Makes weight loss "pleasant."
  • The arguments of lean pre-workout are:
  • stubborn fat targets. 
  • Evitates slight muscle loss. 
  • It is boosting power.

Transparent Labs Ingredients

Transparent Labs says all ingredients are scientifically supported and use at "clinically effective," which makes it readable (and dull!) by listing all ingredients in each product, and recorded a few of the elements. Some of the features in the transparent laboratory are:

  • The forskohlia coleus.
  • The pepper of the cayenne.
  • White Willow.
    Mucuna pruriens.
Transparent Labs Review

Are Transparent Laboratory Products Effective?

This depends on the ingredients used, whether a supplement works or not. Nevertheless, our team spent hours looking for the parts to see whether they are scientifically supported. Some of the elements are perhaps not as helpful as Transparent Labs wants you to believe in the information it contains.

Transparent Labs Makes General Claims on  

Transparent Labs makes general claims on their products and companies:


Mucuna Pruriens

Mucuna pruriens is a type of leguminous plant that grows in Africa and Asia. You may have heard of it by one of its many other names:

  • velvet bean,
  • sweet Bengal beans,
  • delicious beans of Florida,
  • cowage, 
  • cowitch bean and lacuna bean. 

In the diagnosis of snakebite in traditional medicine, the Mucuna prurien was used, according to Wikipedia. High L-DOPA levels are present in Mucuna pruriens. Indeed, 98 percent of L-DOPA is the ingredient label used for mucuna pruriens.

It is used to control mood and is released by the reward center of the brain, according to LiveStrong. Therefore, a supplement with mucuna pruriens can increase your mood during exercise, but there’s no chance of much more.


Synephrine HCL

​Synephrine is a substance similar to the prohibited drug ephedrine, according to It may have been called bitter orange you have heard of. It is used in supplements to replace ephedrine with fat burning. It is indeed one of the ingredients in the fat burner of Transparent Labs.

According to the National Centre, the branch of the United States. "The usefulness of bitter orange as a health supplement for humans has only been studied in a few studies," said the Health and Human Services Department.


Coleus Forskohlii

Coleus forskohlii tropical plants is a substance known as forskolin. reports that some promising research has been carried out on the efficacy of the fat loss substance, but it is still too early to tell for sure.

A report in the Obesity Research journal revealed that coleus forskohlii could have a positive impact on fat loss. The sample consisted of 30 obese and overweight men and lasted 12 weeks.

At the end of this study, researchers concluded that' the 12-week oral consumption of forskolin (250 mg 10 percent extract of forskolin twice a day) had a positive effect on the composition of the skin.


Cayenne Pepper

The spice used in cooking is the Cayenne pepper. It is made with hot pepper chili. It has several health benefits in addition to improving the flavor of foods. The active ingredient is Capsaicin, associated with According to MedicalNewsToday:

  • Pain relief
  • Relief of congestion

The thermogenic effects of Capsaicin were also studied in the weight loss application. The thermogenesis is supposed to lead to additional calories burning by increasing core body temperature.

A Physiology & Behavior study has shown that the consumption of red pepper encourages thermogenesis. It could even lower appetite. The body builds immunity, and the symptoms are increasing.

Benefits and Outcomes of Clear Laboratories

Transparent laboratories have several advantages, including:
ingredient transparency.

  • ingredient transparency.
  • Clinical evidence endorsed.
  • The lack of weight.
  • Improved body slimming.
  • Appetite diminished. 

We accept that understanding what is included in a supplement is a benefit. Transparent Laboratories does an excellent job of listing the ingredients and product tags on their website. Moreover, our researchers have shown little clinical proof that the ingredients work.

Transparent Labs Review

Details on Transparent Labs and Weight Loss

The services of Transparent Laboratories targeted at losing weight:

  • Fat Burner
  • Fat Burner Stim-Free

If your body grows used to the substance, the results may decrease while you experience temporary weight loss because of the cayenne pepper.

Synephrine can help weight loss, but insufficient research has been conducted to demonstrate its efficacy. Many people may not be healthy, too. 

How to Use Transparent Laboratories

This depends on the drug, whether you take explicit laboratory supplements. One of the best things about Transparent laboratories is that they have information on their website about additional products. For example: "Take a capsule twice every day between dinner (one serving in the morning), to test the coffee sensitivity. The instructions for Fat Burner read:" Then growing twice a day to 2 capsules. The guidelines for Mass Gainer state: "Take two smoops during the day (for extra calories) in milk or water to add to the muscle mass. Don't sleep within 6 hours if you're susceptible to caffeine. We also recommend staking the [sic] MASS GAINER Protein sequence with the Creatine HMB StrengthSeries.

Side Effects

Transparent Labs discusses some of the possible side effects of caffeine-associated ingredients in its products. But, for specific individuals, they weaken the severity of these side effects.

They are not addressing other ingredients, such as synephrine, as potentially dangerous side effects. Our team has examined the ingredients to give you further information about Transparent Labs ' potential side effects. Synephrine or bitter orange is considered, according to WebMD, to be "probably unreliable" for weight loss use. Outbreak include possible side effects.

The case of a 24-year-old man who does not have any cardiovascular risk factors after taking a supplement containing synephrin was explained in a case report in the Texas Heart Institute Journal. Web ® states that cayenne pepper has side effects, including:

  • Stomach irritation
  • Sweating
  • Flushing
  • A runny nose

WebMD also states that bloating and vomiting are the most common side effects of Mucuna pruriens.

Further side-effects, like:

  • fault.
  • Sleeplessness.
  • Anomalous body movement. 

Transparent Labs Alerts for Goods

Many Transparent Labs products contain alerts. There are warnings in some of the Transparent Labs products. Some of their products contain stimulants that may cause difficulties for some people. For example, caffeine in the fat burner can make you feel sullen and beat your heart more quickly. The company says to potential users.

This is what we like transparent labs says that side effects may occur. Nonetheless, the potential severity of the secondary outcomes is reduced by saying it's just "because of increased energy."

Transparent Labs FAQS


Is Transparent Laboratories a Loss of Weight?

Yeah, that's right. Transparent Laboratories provides weight loss supplements.


What Are the Components for Transparent Laboratories?

On the back of each package, you can find a complete list of ingredients.


Are There Any Side Effects for Transparent Labs to Know?

Many people may have irritations of the stomach and the spell of cayenne pepper and Mucuna prurien, depending on the patient.


Is It Secure for Transparent Laboratories?

Apart from these side effects, Transparent Labs are believed to be healthy.


Are Male or Female Transparent Laboratories?

Transparent laboratories are all-inclusive and are designed for men and women alike.


Where Should I Purchase Transparent Labs?

The products of Transparent Labs are only available on their website.


Is There a Free Trial or Test for Transparent Labs?

There are currently no free samples or products available in Transparent Labs.


What is the Most Frequent Complaint of Transparent Labs?

Unlike the name of their company, Transparent Labs has got a bad rap because its products are ambiguous.


What Are Products Similar to a Transparent Laboratory?

The transparent laboratory products are identical to Iron Addicts, Kaged Muscle, and CrazyBulk.

Bottom Line on Transparent Labs

Do you want to go to the Transparent Labs website and complete your digital cart? Maybe not. Maybe. It lists all its ingredients, the quantity of each element that is used. However, we have some reservations, such as that there is little information available about the company that appears to be reasonably new, the prices of Transparent Labs are quite high, and many of the ingredients are lacking scientific evidence.

While the pros and cons of Transparent Labs are available, weight management plans that are scientifically testable and adaptable to your individual needs are also available — weight management plans.

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