The Paw Tracker

The Paw Tracker

The Paw Tracker

Paw Tracker is a tracker that can be used for dogs, yet cats as well. It's a little, lightweight (around 40 g) gadget looking like a paw, which can be cut on to your pet's restraint. It is at present accessible in three unique hues – gold, silver, and blue.

This GPS empowers tracker to find your pet through a cell phone or tablet by discovering its area on Google Maps. With your yearly enrollment, you will get persistent technical support, application refreshes, and a year's assembling guarantee. The paw tracker is both waterproof and shockproof.

Feature of Paw Tracker

Paw Tracker GPS pet tracker comes as the following unit that can join to your pet's current neckline or tackle. It utilizes GPS, cell, and Wi-Fi innovation to decide the area of your pet. It sends the zone data to the devoted Paw Tracker application that you can download for nothing out of pocket and introduce and use on for all intents and purposes any cell phone.

The two principle steps incorporate characterizing the sheltered zone for your pet and choosing how regularly you need your pet's area data to be refreshed, with the base interim bein one moment. Your pet's area is checking continually, and once the person leaves the sheltered zone, you promptly get a warning. You can follow your pet straightforwardly from the Paw Tracker application by following the guide.

Tracker GPS pet tracker remotely from a handful to follow your pet using GPS and cell systems. Being Wi-Fi-empowered, it can find your pet regardless of whether the individual enters an encased space.

Paw Tracker following unit comes looking like a paw. You can look over three accessible hues: gold, silver, and blue. The width seems fifteen mm by breadth fifty mm Begin to finish the forty-seven mm gauges dignified by it, and it weighs just forty grams, that is, 1.41 ounces.

The gadget is appending to your pet's restraint or saddle utilizing a clasp on the rear of the following unit. It very well may be joined either to a neckline or a bridle up to 1 inch wide and up to 1/4 of an inch thick. Due to the lack of light and lightweight, the foot tracker can alert two cats and nines to five pounds for any occasion. For small pets, the producer prescribes joining Paw Tracker to a tackle.

The Paw Tracker

Paw Tracker is a tracker that can be utilized for hounds, yet for felines too. It's a little, lightweight (around 40 g) gadget looking like a paw, which can be cut on to your pet's restraint. It is at present accessible in three unique hues – gold, silver, and blue. 

The Paw Tracker


  • Small, following lightweight unit appropriate for the two felines and pooches.
  • It is merely outside and indoor following using GPS, cell, and Wi-Fi systems.
  • Works over any separation inside cell inclusion.
  • Waterproof and shockproof.
  • Great battery life.
  • Adjustable safe zone.
  • Multi-day unconditional promise.
  • One year maker's warranty.


  • Accessible in the US, Canada, and Mexico.
  • The base interim for transferring the GPS area is one moment.

Paw Tracker Inclusion

Presently, Paw Tracker's inclusion map incorporates North America. The paw tracker does not work in all zones within North America as it is forcing by the availability of its incorporation cell and Wi-Fi infrastructure. The organization gives a nitty-gritty inclusion map, enabling you to decide if the tracker works in your general vicinity before buy.

Constant Tracking

While the maker of Paw Tracker guarantees that the gadget takes into account constant following, in all actuality, you have to sit tight for in any event a moment for your pet's area to be refreshed. It doesn't qualify as obvious continuous however allows you to follow your pet productively. You can choose whether you need your pet's area to be refreshed each one moment, 10 minutes, an hour, or 12 hours, contingent upon conditions.

Intuitive Map

At the point when effectively following your pet, you can pursue the intuitive guide accessible in the Paw Tracker application. You can switch between various perspectives, concentrating on your area, your pet's area, or both you and your pet's space. Your space is set apart by a blue dab in a more prominent white circle, and your pet's area is set apart by a green bolt. The precise separation among you and your pet is showing, so you can realize that you are so near your pet consistently.


With the Geofence include, you can without much of a stretch characterize the size and area of the protected zone inside which you're pet can move uninhibitedly. The protected zone shows up as a circle, and you can change the sweep by utilizing the slider. You get a moment alert when your pet leaves the sheltered area.

Recorded Route

The Historical Route highlight enables you to see your pet's past areas during a 24-hour time frame. Time and date decisions Combine today, yesterday, and custom the custom option gives you the ability to choose a perfect time and date. With this component, you get the opportunity to see your pet's past areas on a guide, moving to start with one area then onto your preferred next at the pace.

Low Battery Alert

The Paw Tracker application doesn't just enable you to see the gadget's battery status whenever yet; besides, it gives cautions when your battery is low, so you realize when to energize it.


You can impart your pet's area data to your loved ones. They need to download and hold the person who follows the application, and you have to give them the device number and the secret number behind the mystery key to sign your wacky face ID. The incredible news is that numerous individuals can get to your pet's area simultaneously, so your loved ones can go along with you in your hunt if necessary.

Paw Tracker Specialized Details

Having secured the essential physical highlights, we will currently continue to investigate the most significant specialized parts of the Paw Tracker pet GPS beacon.


Shockproof of Paw Tracker

Paw Tracker's following unit is impervious to affect. It intends to pursue your pet on any experience, so you don't need to stress over it getting harmed too effectively.


Waterproof of Paw Tracker

The gadget is impervious to water. Even though the manufacturer does not provide reliable rating data, our special tests have shown that these animals can avoid flooding the water they seek separately. In any case, more essential profundities than three feet and suspended sinking and can understand glitches.


GPS and Wi-Fi Precision of Paw Tracker

With Paw Tracker, both the standard GPS situating exactness and Wi-Fi accuracy is around 25 feet, which brings you inside a seeing separation of your pet.


Driven Light of Paw Tracker

To make it simpler to follow your pet after dull, Paw Tracker comes furnished with LED lights for looking in night mode. On the off chance that the gadget is on and it is dim, the rays will streak in hues chose indiscriminately, including green, white, red, and blue. The LED lights can enact utilizing the Paw Tracker application.


The Battery of Paw Tracker

The following unit accompanies a battery-powered 400 mAh battery. Battery life ranges from twelve to ten hours a day, depending on the set in time to move the GPS area. With the 1-minute interim, the battery can keep going for around 12 hours. With the 12-hour caretaker, it can keep going for upwards of 10 days on a single charge.


Similar To the Paw Tracker Application

The foot paw app is compressible for both Android and iOS. It makes Android 3.0 and above and requires iOS 8.0 or later. It makes Android phones and tablets and is excellent with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Paw Tracker App

As expressed beforehand, the Paw Tracker application chips away at both Android and iOS cell phones and tablets and are accessible for nothing out of pocket. You can utilize it to follow your pet in close to ongoing using gave intuitive guide, characterize the sheltered zone for your pet, get to your pet's area history, and remotely actuate the LED lights on the following unit.

You can use various pet-friendly applications, and since the app is free, download it to your friends at no extra charge to your pet's area screen.

The application is relatively simple to use, as there are no extravagant highlights, and the earth is perfect and efficient. The organization gives accommodating video instructional exercises on its official site to help you rapidly see how all the significant highlights work.


The Paw Tracker is reasonable for any creature that wears a neckline, and of course, it's molded like a little plastic paw. Paw Tracker arrives in an assortment of hues, and it's maybe the lightest gadget available, at forty grams. It gives moment cautions when your pet leaves the sheltered zone, enables you to adjust the protected zone uninhibitedly, and works over any separation, as long as there is a cell organize accessibly. The gadget refreshes your pet's area inside a moment.

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