Link AKC Smart GPS Tracker Dog Collar Review

Link Akc Smart Gps Tracker Dog Collar Review

Link Akc Smart Gps Tracker Dog Collar Review

LINK AKC smart collar is a GPS pet tracker that will help you track the position and level of your pet's behavior and monitor the overall health and welfare of your best friend. LINK AKC, a Connecticut-based company founded in 2015, has been established specializing in technology products to protect and improve animal welfare.

The smart collar of LINK AKC has secured the CES Best of Creativity award from the American Kennel Club. Our aim in this LINK AKC analysis is to find out whether this GPS animal tracker is capable of helping your animal to be safe and healthy and is the best option for all sizes and all dogs and cats.

Link Akc Smart Gps Tracker Dog Collar Review

LINK AKC smart collar is a GPS pet tracker that will help you track the position and level of your pet's behavior and monitor the overall health and welfare of your best friend. LINK AKC, a Connecticut-based company founded in 2015, has been established specializing in technology products to protect and improve animal welfare.

Link Akc Smart Gps Tracker Dog Collar Review


In an elegantly crafted card cycling with collar, tracking device, collar holder, base station, and charging cable, the LINK AKC peter tracking system comes. The base station is semi-circular and light-gray, built for the ideal match for recharge. It contains an extra USB, allowing you to load the monitoring device and phone simultaneously.

The collar is especially trendy and is made of reflective nylon, the Classic version of real leather, and the Sport. This is also available in 3 different sizes: extra-small and small, with a neck fit between 8 and 11 inches, medium, a neck fit between 11 and 17 inches and big and extra-wide, a neck fit between 17 and 29 inches. The monitoring device comes in different colors, including black and light gray, white, and light gray. It is rounded to match your pet's neck comfortably so that it can not sit on a belt so comfortably. The panel is 1.5 meters. At 3.9 in height. By 0.5 in width. In profundity.

You can delete the trace unit by pressing the jack button, together with weight 2.55 ounces of carriers and trackers. The manufacturer recommends no smart collar with small pets weighing less than ten libraries. However, it is to be noted that even for animals weighing 10 + pounds, LINK AKC may be too large and heavy. Therefore we do not encourage the use of Connection AKC if your cat or dog isn't especially big, even though the manufacturer claims that the AKC is for small cats and dogs.

Features of the Link Akc Smart Gps Tracker Dog Collar Review

We stated before in this Connection AKC review that the pet tracker can do far more than remind you of your pet's location. Now we'll concentrate on what you need and talk about the benefits of using smart collar LINK AKC.


Location Tracker.

It provides almost immediate updates on leaving the safe zone and uses GPS to monitor the changing location of your animal's animal outside the safe area. It includes a paw map showing the recently identified positions of your livestock.


Safe Zones

The tracker doesn't provide much flexibility in the fencing, but it offers two secure zones around your phone and base station automatically. If required, the protected area around your phone up to 2400 meters can be extended temporarily. This can be helpful if you are in or anywhere in the park, where the pet can travel comfortably within a wider range.


Ai Activity Tracker

LINK AKC uses a three-axis accelerometer to calculate the movement of your cat. It not only uses a patent-pending algorithm that knows how to differentiate various activity rates, such as mild and extreme, to let you know if your pet is active enough during the day.


Personalized Activity Recommendations

Connection AKC offers customized activity suggestions based on the age, ethnicity, or mixed race, temperament, and size of your pet to help you decide how active your livestock will be to remain healthy.


Sound Training

The tracer features a remote, clicker-like sound that you can activate directly through the LINK AKC app to help you train your pet better, mainly while staying in the safe zone. Many pets will quickly recognize the sound, which will help deter your friend from wandering and warn him or her to return to the secure area.



With LINK AKC, you will recall your past experiences with your friend using LINKAKC's virtual scrapbook. With a single touch of a button, you can launch an adventure, and the pictures you add are editable.

Things to Consider to Buy Link Akc Smart Gps Tracker Dog Collar

The most significant technical aspects of this pets tracking equipment are covered in this LINK AKC review section, including water and impact power, battery life and contact range, precision, light mode, and compatibility with smartphones.



The unit is waterproof, and IP67 certified. This helps it to stand up to 3 feet of immersion.



The smart Connect AKC necklace is impact resistant. It is designed to last and resist daily use even harder.


Rechargeable Battery

LINK AKC has a rechargeable battery with regular activity for up to 3 days. But with the GPS monitoring disabled, battery life decreases significantly. The device has a battery-saving on/off button while your dog is in view.


Communication Range

AT&T cellular coverage can be used with LINK AKC GPS trackers everywhere. Nonetheless, when the place becomes too crowded, or the acceptance becomes low, the distance can decrease considerably, and frequent disconnections occur. The tracker does not operate inside, so you can only discover its last known location outside if your pet enters a closed room.


Gps Precision

GPS accuracy depends heavily on cell receipt. The tracker can provide less than precise information if the reception is poor.


Led Light

The system is fitted with LED light, which makes it easier to find your pet after nightfall. When your dog is home to store the charger, the light is disabled.


App Compatibility

The Bluetooth-enabled Android and iOS phones are compatible with LINK AKC's mobile app. Android 5.0 + is running. And 9.0+ for iOS.


  • It has GPS cellular network position monitoring.
  • It has secure environments for Bluetooth.
  • It has a tracking of intelligent behavior.
  • It is water-resistant and shock-resistant.
  • It has several types.
  • It provides a warranty for1-year duration.
  • It provides warranties of 3 years.
  • In the case of poisoning, it has access to veterinarians 24/7.


  • It functions only in the US, protected by AT&T.
  • It may not fit all types of dogs and cats.
  • It can delay details about location and operation.

Frequently Asked Questions of the Link Akc Smart Gps Tracker Dog Collar Review


How Does It Cost to Link Akc?

The regular price of the app is $129, irrespective of whether you chose to use the classic edition or the sports versions of Connect AKC. The price is the same regardless of the size of the collar you pick. All orders are issued free of charge. You have to pay for the service contract in addition to the cost of the collar. You can opt to subscribe per month, annually, and two years. The annual scheme costs $9.95, the weekly project costs $7.95 per month, and the two-year project costs $6.95 per month.

You can access the Pet Poison Helpline with 24/7 Veterinary assistance by buying the service package. You are protected further by the company's 3-year limited warranty in the event of malfunctions during regular usage, along with the company's1-year warranty that you may get a collar of a different size if it does not suit or is outstripped by your animal. LINK AKC collars purchased via LINK AKC official website are guaranteed 90 days without risk, and you will have the option to return the collar within 90 days if you are not happy and are completely refunded on the purchase price. The operation schedule used can not be reimbursed.


How the Akc Link Function?

The base station should always be plugged in as a safe zone through Bluetooth is established, which determines the location of your pet. Secure areas are created automatically, but if you want, you can change them.

You are alerted within approximately 30 seconds to begin the monitoring of your pet outside the security zone, and when the Bluetooth link between the tracking device and the base station or phone breaks up. Then you can begin to control your friend using GPS.

You have to access the specialist mobile application for LINK AKC and go to the Location screen to monitor your pet via GPS. The first place appears within three to five minutes on the screen and is regularly updated so that you can quickly track and find your cat. In addition to the important tracking characteristics, LINK AKC provides a range of valuable monitoring resources on behavior, health, and wellness.


LINK AKC is a unique GPS pet tracking system with a range of additional features that do not have many other pet tracks, such as IA tracking, adventure building, sound remotely turning around, and maintaining veterinary records easily. About central monitoring and activity characteristics, it is beautiful, though it has some limitations determined by the AT&T mobile network's inherent limitations. This does not operate inside or in places with low or no reception, which may pose a challenge in some instances. This offers highly precise GPS information with a good response and clear vision to the sky. It does not provide real-time tracking, but it offers regular updates and accurate information on the position that is continuously being updated so that you can easily find your pet.

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