Best Waterproof Socks

Dexshell Hytherm Pro

Dexshell Hytherm Pro

Randy Sun Trekking

Randy Sun Trekking

Lifemall Neoprene

Lifemall Neoprene

You may have gone for a hike, running, or a cycling adventure and had your feet soaked in water. It must have been a tough experiencing, and you probably felt a significant discomfort putting on a wet pair of socks.

Putting on wet socks makes your feet feel heavy, swampy, and may, in the long run, cause you diseases. Why would you get sick when your only fault was going out for a run, perhaps to keep your body fit and healthy?

Coming home with wet feet means that you have to spend some time at the fireplace trying to warm your feet or make them dry. Having such experiences may leave you swearing that you'd never go out for cycling or running or for a hike.

In modern times, socks manufacturers are out to ensure that you do not quit running or hiking just because your hiking path is usually wet. They have developed waterproof socks that are meant to keep your feet dry, comfortable, and healthy.

The market is flooded with different waterproof socks that may give you selection trouble. Finding a low-quality product in a flooded market is the easiest task you can encounter as a buyer, and usually, it does not require any effort.

This review is meant to guide you so that you know what product you are looking for and the qualities you get when you buy that product. The reviewed products are among the best there is in the market currently. 

Best Waterproof Socks List


Dexshell Hytherm Pro

Dexshell Hytherm Pro

This product is offered by Dexshell and is suitable for all situations that require waterproof socks. It is designed using mid-calf merino wool and offers you the highest standards of comfort for waterproof socks.

This product is designed such that even if your foot is nearly fully submerged, it will stay dry the entire time. The merino wool is advantageous in that it reacts to your skin temperature and can maintain it for some considerably long periods.

It is thick and large and would be more convenient for a person going on a hike as compared to a person going on an endurance run. Another advantage that comes with this product is that it is breathable due to its Porelle membrane that repels large water droplets but allows for the release of moisture.

This product is available in the market for about $45 a pair and boasts of a 4.2/5 star customer review. Its footbed is cushioned to make it more comfortable, and it does not require a lot from you in terms of maintenance.


  • Offers great comfort.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • They are windproof.


  • It requires air drying.
  • Seeps in water that goes above the socks level.


Randy Sun Trekking

Randy Sun Trekking

If you are a cycler, a runner or you like to walk in areas where you encounter water most of the time; this product by Randy Sun is the real deal for you. It conforms to your foot and has a gentle but firm grip on your lower calf.

It is designed using materials such as nylon, lycra, and elastane, which make the socks breathable hence comfortable to put on. This product is waterproof and can eliminate sweat due to the materials used in its construction.

This product is more appealing to customers since its manufacturer offers it in assorted colors and patterns, giving the buyer a chance to purchase the color and design that pleases them most. The manufacturer is keen on ensuring that this product does not burden you with unnecessary weight, thus making it less bulky and fitting due to its elasticity.

The fabric used in its construction is antibacterial, thus keeping your feet healthy. This product is available in the market for about $40 a pair and boasts of a 4.3/5 star customer rating pointing to the satisfactory service it offers to its owners.


  • Antibacterial properties.
  • The elasticity gives you a firm grip.
  • Breathable.


  • The socks can have a rubbery feel.
  • Sizing seems too large to run.


Lifemall Neoprene

Lifemall Neoprene

This product is manufactured using 3mm neoprene fabric and has straps whose purpose is to maintain a firm grip around your ankle for proper use in water. This sock is non-waterproof in design and soaks in water rather than repel.

This sock is the ideal choice for a beach or ocean visit where you may require having a little feel of the water with slight protection. It’s the best choice for stream hiking, and many customers have given feedback expressing happiness in the use of this sock for their stream hikes.

Having it in mind that this sock absorbs rather than repel water, the manufacturer ensured that it is easier for you to wash and dry this product. It also protects your feet against sharp objects that may be under water, and it is suitable for any water type.

This product is available in the market for about $12, making it the cheapest option so far, and it boasts of a 4.3/5 star customer rating showing how much its purchasers felt satisfied in the quality of service they got from using this product.


  • Anti-slip design for extra grip.
  • Neoprene is gentle to the skins thus no chances of blistering.
  • Maintains body heat even in water.


  • Not waterproof.
  • Wears after some time of use.


Dexshell Ultralight Bamboo

Dexshell Ultralight Bamboo

This ankle-high product is an excellent choice if you are a cyclist or a runner in places where you are most likely to encounter water. They are designed using nylon and elastane on the exterior and bamboo rayon and nylon in the interior.

The manufacturer is more interested in making this product 100% waterproof and has successfully achieved this objective. The bamboo rayon in the interior design of this sock gives you a luxurious silky texture for easy slipping on or off the sock.

It also uses the Porelle membrane to keep water out while also pulling moisture from your feet to the exterior layer. However, one disadvantage of this product is that its use is limited to shallow waters, and it would, therefore, be useless to acquire them for deep waters.

This product is also windproof due to the layering. This gives it an added advantage, and this special quality is something that could break the tie when comparing to another product. It is available in the market for about $30 and boasts of a 4.5/5 star customer rating.


  • Silky feel for easy slip on and slip off.
  • 100% waterproof.
  • Porelle membrane.


  • Complaints of keeping in sweat.
  • Limited to shallow water use.


Showers pass Crosspoint

Showers pass Crosspoint

This product by Showers pass keeps your feet dry and ensures that your enjoyment outdoors goes on uninterrupted. They are designed for multi-purpose use though they are more suitable for biking, hiking, and running activities.

These socks are designed using nylon, polyester, and spandex fabric to ensure that the sock adheres to the structure of your foot, giving you a good sense of grip that doesn't cause blistering or any irritations.

It features three layers, each designed for a specific purpose. The outer layer is designed to make it wear-resistant, an Artex waterproof interlining, and an interior CoolMax moisture-wicking antibacterial to keep your feet healthy and safe.

The exterior is coated in Durable Water Repellant (DWR) that is hydrophobic and ensures that there is no water saturation, thus keeping your feet dry all the time. It is available in the market for about $42 and has been rated highly by its buyers.


  • DWR ensures that your feet are dry.
  • Firm fit without irritations or blistering.
  • Antibacterial interior.


  • Not good heat retainers.
  • Small sizing.

The experience of putting on soaked socks is usually not the best feeling ever. Your shoes feel swampy, and the whole experience is just awful. It can also cause diseases to your legs, especially if the water you came into contact with is contaminated.

That is why you need to take precautionary measures to make sure that your feet are safe and that you can efficiently work around and in water or go for that stream hiking that you've always wanted for recreation.'

It is crucial that you read the products as reviewed in this article and have knowledge on which socks best suits your needs. It would be dangerous to go to the market and get a product that does not eliminate the very need you had in the first place before going to the market.

In addition to the information you have from the review above, there are some tips that you need to be aware of and have them at the back of your mind while deciding to purchase waterproof socks.
Remember that the products reviewed above are among the best there is in the market currently, and therefore, you may not be able to choose one over the other. Therefore, take these tips and make use of them. They include;

Best Waterproof Socks


Water resistance

The primary motivation behind coming up with waterproof socks was the need to make sure that your feet are kept dry even as you work or come into contact with water. Therefore, if you go to the market to buy waterproof socks, whatever product you acquire must at least offer this primary characteristic.

Wet feet cause irritation, make your legs feel swampy, and in some cases, you may develop smelly feet. In some instances, wet feet cause diseases and medical conditions such as tissue damage, hypothermia, or in extreme cases, frostbites.

Products that have high water-resistant abilities are usually designed with a hydrophobic material such as DWR coatings or multiple layers that make it difficult for water to penetrate your socks.

Some manufacturers design their products in such a way that the temperature of water you are working in or coming into contact with does not affect the body temperatures. Such socks are excellent at heat retention.

You should, however, take caution as to the levels of water you are working in since high water levels above your socks will be sucked into them and cause your legs significant discomfort. This will, therefore, render the very essence of buying the socks useless.



The socks you acquire must be designed to offer you the comfort that you so much deserve. This is because you most likely are going to be putting on these socks for the entire day or for a considerably long time.

The product you buy must not cause you irritations or any blistering that will probably cause you suffering. Many manufacturers of waterproof socks are using techniques that ensure maximum comfort. These include; a cushion on the footbed, soft, and silky texture fabric, among others.

A cushion on the footbed ensures that you are protected from potentially harmful objects under water while at the same time keeping your leg warm and a spongy feel. Other manufacturers make their products lighter, and you do not bear the burden of carrying extra weight around.

The soft and silky texture fabric is also another way of making your feet comfortable. Bamboo rayon is now being used for this purpose, and products made from soft fabric pose no danger for blistering or skin irritations. The silky fabric also ensures that you can easily slip on or off your socks without much struggle. 



Maintenance goes to the depth of determining how durable a product can be. It is usually upon the purchaser to determine the maintenance measures they put in place for their product. The manufacturer usually has a little hand in this.

The best a manufacturer would do is to give you suggestions as to whether you may use machines to wash and dry or if you should do hand wash. You are therefore required to read the manufacturer's recommendations and put them into consideration.

If a product is well maintained, it will no doubt serve you for long. This will make sure you can use your product for long and save some money that you’d otherwise be spending on buying worn out socks.



The breathability of socks determines how comfortable one's feet will be in the shoes. You should acquire a pair that keeps out water while at the same time offering you the comfort of breathability.

This is for the reason that you will put on these socks for long, and therefore your feet must be having an opportunity to breathe and, thus, comfort. A pair of socks that don't offer breathability feels like rubber, and you will feel the bulk of owning such a pair.

Manufacturers are designing socks using materials such as nylon, elastane, and spandex that easily conform to the structure of your leg, thus eliminating instances of socks being constricting to your legs, thus offering breathability and comfort.

A porous membrane and a soft interior in the design of socks make them breathable as well. The permeable membrane is designed in that it selectively allows air out while not letting water in. It is therefore advisable that when acquiring a pair, you look for that which features a porous membrane.

Using merino wool is also proving to offer a breathability aspect to waterproof socks. Another advantage that comes with merino wool is that it has excellent heat retaining capability, and you, therefore, do not need to worry about your body losing heat the water.
Other manufacturers achieve breathability by using a three-layer design in making their products. The middle layer is designed explicitly for breathability. In many cases, when there is excessive heat in the socks, it is eliminated to the outer layer and lost to the atmosphere.



You want a pair of socks that serves you for long. To ensure that you are buying a pair that serves you for long without wearing out, you need to be careful about the material used in the making of the socks.

There is a tendency of durable material to be hard, and chances are they'll cause blistering on your foot due to the friction caused due to forward and backward movement in your shoe. Materials such as elastane and nylon have proven to be excellent materials if you are seeking durability.

Bamboo rayon is also a durable material in addition to the silky texture it has. Polyester fabric is another material you need to consider if you are interested in durability-which you should be interested in anyway.



Waterproof socks manufacturing is a business in which several companies are interested. To do good business, several companies try to make their products better and more appealing to customers by adding specific features to their products.

Features such as antibacterial characteristics ensure that your feet are safe and healthy. This is especially when you are working in potentially contaminated water that may have disease-causing organisms.

Some manufacturers offer after-sale services such as a return service in case you receive a defective product while some offer services such as warranties. This is, in my view, a strategy to entice buyers, which in return is good business for them.

In other instances, manufacturers offer to pay for the shipment of products or careful and colorful packaging, which also is a bait to some customers. Manufacturers who provide these extra services are, in some instances, genuinely caring about their customers' needs while others are using it for business reasons.



The price of an item determines whether you will acquire it or not. You may have a desire to purchase a product though you may not have the finances to do so. You may end up buying a product not because it is your preferred item, but because it fits in your budget.

Remember that you are looking for a waterproof pair of socks. For as long as that pair can keep your feet dry, then it is the right choice for you. All these other features come as additional features that you do not necessarily need.

The general rule on pricing is that the price must always be justified by the features a product has. Simply put, you must feel the value of your money. High-quality products are generally expensive. The more the features the product has, the higher the prices tend to rise.

However, you should warn yourself of the danger of purchasing a cheap product only to end up replacing it after a short time. When the price difference is not so significant, it would be advisable to get the excellent quality product at a higher price and save yourself the danger of repairing or replacing a product after a short period of use.

I consider these tips as being handy, and I am sure that if taken into consideration, then you will have no problem acquiring the best waterproof socks there is in the market.

However, if one would ask me on which of the waterproof socks I preferred, I wouldn’t hesitate to give them an answer. In my opinion, Dexshell Hytherm Pro is the best product there is in the market currently. My advice is shaped by the reasons I shall discuss below.

First, the inner lining of this sock is designed using merino wool, acrylic, and nylon fabric, which is soft and gentle to your feet, thus giving you maximum comfort, and there is little chance of irritation or complications associated with poor quality fabric.

Secondly, there is a guarantee that your legs will be kept dry even if submerged in water for a long time. This is, of course, applicable only to the extent that the water levels do not go above the socks level since going above this level causes water to seep into your socks.

This product has excellent heat retention capability and makes it advantaged over the others. It also features a Porelle membrane that works to keep your feet dry while also ensuring that the socks are breathable for maximum comfort.


The interior is cushioned at the bottom to ensure that your feet are well protected and that you are comfortable when using them even for long periods. The price tag attached to this product justifies the quality it offers, and the truth is that it provides all you need for a waterproof pair.

Need I convince you more on why you should acquire the Dexshell Hytherm? The answer is obvious, and I hope that your decision is already made. Get yourself the Dexshell Hytherm and enjoy hiking, cycling, and other activities without worrying about wet feet.

Having walked this journey with me, I hope that it is now apparent to you on what you need to know about waterproof socks, the best there is in the market, and what to look for before acquiring waterproof socks. The ball is now in your court, and the decision is yours to make. Get yourself the Dexshell Hytherm and enjoy dry feet hikes or cycling and great comfort!

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