Best Snake Proof Boots

Lacrosse Alphaburly

Lacrosse Alphaburly

Lacrosse Venom Scent

Lacrosse Venom Scent

Crack Shot

Crack Shot

Adventuring is an enjoyable experience but might get dangerous at times. It exposes you to several situations that might claim your life. This ranges from wild animals to stray dogs and unruly hunters. This article will, therefore, save you from one-snakes.

Most people get chills at the mention of snakes. These animals are vicious and can attack from any angle. You, therefore, need to amass as much protection as you can in the course of your outdoor activity.

This article will, therefore, look at some of the best snake proof boots you can acquire in the market. Most people have resorted to outdoor adventuring, which means that there is a high demand for these boots. Getting the right one might, therefore, be quite challenging.

We want you to a product that suits you. We will, therefore, look at the features of these boots so that you get to pick on one based on your preferences and specifications. To further help you make the best decision, we have a complete pros and cons section.

In case you intend to make an independent purchase, we have some of the features that you have to look out for in your boots. These will guide you into obtaining some of the best options. Make sure, therefore, that you pay close attention to this part.

You might also find it challenging settling on one of these options since all of them are superior. We, therefore, have a recommendation for you at the need of the article. Enjoy your shopping!

Best Snake Proof Boots List


Lacrosse Alphaburly

Lacrosse Alphaburly

This is one of the best snake proof boots you can find in the market. It offers you maximum protection thanks to its extended structure that will cover your entire leg area. Let us look at the feature of this product.

These boots are made of neoprene and rubber materials, one of the reasons why they stand out. You also get a classic design, which makes them highly attractive. For those in search of aesthetic value, this is the option you can get.

What about the length? This boot measures eighteen inches, which is long enough to cover a considerable part of your foot. It is also flexible enough for perfect wear. As if not enough, these boots are waterproof and scent-free.


  • The boots are waterproof.
  • They are scent-free.
  • It is made of neoprene.


  • Complaints about the size.
  • Check on the toe area. 


Lacrosse Venom Scent

Lacrosse Venom Scent

This is another excellent option from Lacrosse, and just like the first one, you get high-quality performance. The boots are carefully and tactfully made to offer you the level of aesthetic value and beauty you might be in search of.

This boot is quite price but offers you quality. You get reliable protection from snake bites, which might be fatal, especially in the jungle. It is made of leather and fabric. The leather offers it the level of durability, thus saving you from re-purchases and maintenance costs.

You also get 360 snake guard protection, which is sufficient. The boots are made with 1000 denier nylon uppers for the best stability in the harshest of environments. You get eight inches in length and a two-inch heel.


  • It is made of quality material.
  • The boots are durable.
  • Offers 360-degrees protection. 


  • Complaints about the calf section.
  • It is pricey.


Crack Shot

Crack Shot

This is a mid-priced option for those in search of a cost-effective product. It offers the best protection and cannot be penetrated even by the sharpest of fangs. This product features gaiters that run to the knees, creating a barrier.

This is one of the options that even cobras cannot penetrate. You also get an insurance policy on the gaiters, which assures you of a level of safety. They are highly comfortable and will give you an easier time cruising around.

As if not enough, the gaiters can be held firm with plastic clasps for those who do not feel secure. The application is pretty straightforward, and in just a few minutes, you will be done. The gaiters are also comfortable enough to the foot.


  • It is comfortable.
  • It is mid-priced.
  • The gaiters are comfortable. 


  • Check on the rubbing.
  • They are not as attractive. 


Irish Setter 2875

Irish Setter 2875

This is a highly attractive pair of boots that offer you maximum protection from snake bites. The shoes are made of high-quality materials, which consist of a blend of leather and a few synthetic materials. It, therefore, draws from both to offer you the best.

The materials used in the construction makes this pair durable. To help your feet stay dry and warm, this product comes fully equipped with rubber soles. You also get a unique structure to help keep you safe from snake fangs.

As if not enough, these boots are smell-proof thanks to ScentBan Technology, which will keep you feeling all fresh and comfortable. They are highly versatile and can also be used for regular usage. How convenient? 


  • They are durable.
  • They are scent-free.
  • Are uniquely constructed. 


  • Check on the sizing.
  • Are not fully waterproof. 


Bogs Snowman

Bogs Snowman

This is a highly effective option for those in search of a premium product. This shoe will protect you from the deadliest of snakes. To help prevent the penetration of snake fangs, they extend to the knees.

They are highly impenetrable to offer you the best protection. You get a lightweight construction that will make cruising easier. These boots are highly waterproof, which will provide you the level of comfort needed. What more do you need?

As if not enough, this pair is fully equipped with a snake guard construction that will scare away the deadliest of prey. This also helps protect you from thorns and other sharp objects that you might counter in the course of your hike.


  • Equipped with snake guard onstruction.
  • It is waterproof.
  • It has a rubberized sole. 


  • It is pricey.
  • Check on the sizing. 

Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Snake Proof Boots

Getting the right snake-proof boots might not be as easy if you do not know what to look out for. There is a high demand for these products characterized by the number of people who have taken up outdoor adventuring as a sport.

Since we want you to settle on a viable option, this part of the article will look at the features that you have to look out for in the course of your purchase. These will determine whether you get the right product or not. 

Best Snake Proof Boots



The material used to make your boot is an essential factor that you have to consider. There are several options you can pick on based on this. The first one is leather.

Leather boots are some of the top-rated products available in the market. Leather is sturdy and, therefore, highly durable. The toughness also means that snake fangs can not easily penetrate it.

Leather boots offer you a convenient break-in time. The quality is also impeccable. You will, therefore, get top-notch protection. The only downside of leather is that you are likely to come across fake products.

Most producers have mastered the art of duplication. You, therefore, need to observe a level of care also. The following material that you can settle on is rubber. These offer average protection, and you might get a weaker option.

The bright side of rubber is that most of the boots made of this option are highly waterproof. They, however, have a low break-in time and would preferably be used as back up boots instead of the main boots.

The best material to settle for, therefore is leather. Leather is hardly penetrable even by the sharpest of fangs. You need to make sure that the leather is thick enough. Most people also prefer combinations meaning that you get a blend of materials.

Just make sure that the material you settle on will be hard enough to stand against penetration. 



These shoes will stay on your feet most of the time. It is therefore wise that the option you get offers you the level of comfort needed. This is not an absolute factor. It depends on several sub-factors.

The first determinant of comfort is the breathability. You need a breathable option so that your legs do not suffocate. You can, therefore, consider getting a pair of boots with a nylon mesh inside.

The sole also matters. You need an option that is equipped with extra thick soles to work on the impact generated as you walk. The bottom, however, needs not to be too thick lest your shoe becomes too heavy to cruise around with.

You also need to observe the right sizing. Your shoes should offer you the perfect fit. Ensure, however, that they are not too tight or too small. You need some space to breathe. This will also help you avoid blistering.

Ensure also that you get some space for socks. This calls for a slightly more prominent option. You can try out the boots before acquisition to determine whether they offer you the perfect fit.

Settle on an option with a padded interior if you come across one. Such boots are, however, hard to come around.



These boots are pricey. The best thing to ensure, therefore, is that you get a warranty on a purchase. There are factors that you need to look out for in your warranty.

The first one is the duration of the warranty. This is not standard. Some will offer you just a few years while others a lifetime warranty. Settle on an option with a considerable warranty period, if possible, a lifetime.

What is the essence of a warranty? A warranty is a form of insurance that covers your product from any damage. This will, therefore, absolve you form some of the costs that accrue in the course of usage.

The other factor is the inclusiveness. Get yourself a warranty that is comprehensive enough to cover the entire product. Some options only include the sole or the upper parts meaning that you will still have to spend in case of defects.



For first time purchasers, this is everything. The brand speaks a lot about the shoe. Some brands have built a name for themselves for some of the best snake proof boots in the market.

Consider established brands. You will get quality and above all, save time on market research. Such brands, however, sell their products at higher prices, which means that you have to arm yourself with some extra dollars.

You can also consider going for a brand hunt. You will discover that some offer just the same or even better quality, just that they are not as famous. Such offer their products at a relatively lower price.

Ensure that you still weigh the features of the product even if the brand is trustworthy. 


Weather Resistance

These boots will be worn in the harshest of weather conditions, and therefore, it is only right that you get an option that is equipped with a level of weather resistance.

This will depend on the material used in the making of your boot. You need to get a waterproof option so that you keep warm in the course of your adventure. Most of the polished leather boots have proven worthy in this category.

You can also consider getting the rubber options, which have also proved to hold up well when submerged into water.



These boots come in a variety of styles. Based on your specifications and preferences, settle for one that is most viable to you. The best one should extend to your knees, if possible.

The pair you get should cover most parts of your legs. You also need to take into consideration that there are snakes that strike above the knee. You, therefore, need to first ascertain the types of snakes in your region before settling on a pair of boots.

Strive also to get a simple design that you will wear or put on with ease. If possible, you need an option with a natural look that can easily be worn and taken off. In short, your snake-proof boots should resemble the normal boot.



This is an essential consideration that most people take lightly. The price attached to your product will impact the decision you make. There are different price ranges, and you ought to settle on one that suits your budget.

The most superior and high-quality products will call for a higher price. Be keen, however, because this should never be a measure of quality. You need to ascertain further features before making a decision.

Make sure also that you obtain value form your purchase regardless of the price. How do you measure value? Go out of your way to determine whether the features and specifications of the boots measure up to the amount needed.

Expensive options should be well equipped with modern technologies. This is the only way that your money will not go into waste. Established brands will also call for a higher price on their boots.

All in all, make sure that you get yourself an affordable option. 


Product Reviews

- This is one of the essential parts of market research. Reviews will equip you with the features of the goods so that you get to know what you are likely to get before the physical interaction.

The reviews should be quite extensive to offer you all the features, pros, and cons. There are certain pieces of information that the manufacturers prefer keeping away from consumers in fear that they might negatively impact on the sales.

Failing to get hold of such information will make you settle on a product based on the biased evaluation. It is, therefore, critical that you first obtain such a piece of information before your selection.

Those are some of the features that you need to look out for in the course of your purchase. Have a good time shopping!


You need a level of market research if you are going to land the best boots. We, therefore, found it wise to review some of the best options you can seek in the market. I hope that this review has served its purpose.

Out of all the options we have, I would highly suggest that you get The LaCrosse Alphaburly, which is one of the most recommended snake proof boots. It is well made with attractive designs to offer you the level of aesthetic beauty you need.

These boots are scent-free and waterproof, which makes them highly effective. They are made of neoprene and rubber materials, which are pretty durable. You can, therefore, use your boots for the longest time possible.

You also get eighteen inches in height, which protects a more significant part of your foot. You should, therefore, make a point to acquire these boots for the best level of protection during your hikes. Make a wise decision today. 

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