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Ulla Reminder Attachment

Ulla Reminder Attachment

Water is essential to our bodies, and doctors recommend that we take two litres in a day. It can be challenging to track the amount that you drink in a day, and you could also completely forget to stay hydrated.

Do you want to keep track of the amount of water you consume in a day? Are you tired of having digestion problems? Worry not! I will guide you on ways in which you can stay hydrated to avoid all of the issues that come with not drinking enough water.

You may want to track the amount of water you consume in a day for different reasons. It could be for health reasons, or you may be an athlete. In this article, I am going to help you achieve your desired goal of tracking your water intake.

In this review, we shall look at five of the best smart water bottles available in the market and also help you go for the one that suits you most. I will also guide you on some of the factors to consider before getting yourself a smart water bottle.

Water is essential to the body, and its advantages are endless. It is not only good for your skin but your kidneys as well. We shall take a look at the importance of drinking enough water and all the benefits we get.

I urge you to take your time to go through this review to know how to stay hydrated all day with so much more ease.

Best Smart Water Bottle List




If you are looking for the perfect water bottle to use when at home or work, then you should go for this. It is light making it very portal and easy to carry around. It tracks how often you are drinking from it and how much you take in each sip.

You can connect the bottle to your phone, and you will be able to get reminders when you for too long without sipping on some water. It will also customize your details to determine how often you should hydrate and how much you should take depending on age, weight, and activities.

The H2OPal is of excellent quality as it is made from glass. This enables it to retain the flavor of your drink even if you do not change it for a while.


  • This smart bottle has personalized tracking.
  • It has a very durable design.
  • It is made from glass enabling it to preserve the taste of the drink.


  • It does not fit in the cup holders.
  • The bottle is expensive.




If you are looking for a water bottle that will ensure that your children will stay hydrated, this is the smart bottle for you. You connect the bottle's tracker to your phone to get reminders. The app is designed as a game with their favorite pet.

Whenever your child takes a sip from the bottle, they get a score, and their relationship with the pet is improved. This encourages the child to sip more often without your supervision, which keeps them hydrated.

Gululu smart water bottle is durable, making it even more child-friendly. It is also very easy to clean and comes with a charging port, so you do not have to worry about the bottle not taking reading because of the batteries dying.


  • This smart bottle has a durable design.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • It also comes with an easy to charge battery.


  • It is only made for children.
  • This smart bottle is very expensive.


Ulla Reminder Attachment

Ulla Reminder Attachment

If you have a lot of water bottles and the idea of buying another one to track your water consumption is uneconomical, then this attachment is meant just for you. You can attach the Ulla to your ordinary water bottle and track your consumption.

This attachment turns on when there is light around and off when in the darkness. It flashes on and off after every hour, ensuring that you sip from your water bottle at least once an hour.

It is very easy to use Ulla Reminder Attachment. Its simple technic of flashing lights makes it very convenient even when you don't have your phone close by. The attachment is also very cheap, making it easy for you to acquire without breaking your back.


  • You can attach to any water bottle or whatever you use to drink your water.
  • Its price is pocket-friendly.
  • It also has a simple reminder system.


  • It does not come with a water bottle.
  • You may lose it easily as it falls off the rubber band.


ECEEN Backpack

ECEEN Backpack

If you are a hiker who wants an easier time the next time you are out there in the hills, I recommend that you get yourself this backpack. It comes with solar panels attached to the back of this bag.

You can charge all your electrical devices once the sun has charged your solar panels. The bag as a USB cable on the side that you can then use to charge your phone and keep your GPS tracker running.

The backpack has a water pouch that helps you to stay hydrated even when you are enjoying your weekend hike. The price of the back-pack is pocket-friendly, yet it provides you with the convenience of sipping your water every now and then and charging all your devices.


  • The backpack comes with solar charging.
  • It is easy to carry around.
  • The price is pocket-friendly.


  • It has no reminders for you to sip your water.
  • You can only use it when in the outdoors.




This is a Bluetooth smart water bottle as it uses Bluetooth to connect to your phone for easier tracking. This water bottle also comes with a companion app that is compatible with other common health apps such as Apple Watch and Fitbit.

If you are looking for a water bottle that will serve multiple purposes, this is the bottle for you as it gives you options. You can use this bottle for different types of drinks, and that makes it very economical.

This bottle not only indicates if you have had too little to drink but if you have also had too much. The ozmo smart bottle comes with an LED indicator that will remind you when you need to sip on your drink or refill and drink if it was empty.


  • It connects to other health apps.
  • The bottle comes with a LED indicator that reminds you when to take your next drink.
  • You can use the bottle for different beverages.


  • The bottle has no suction nozzle.
  • The rubber seal may keep coming out.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Smart Water Bottle

I have taken you through some of the best smart water bottles available in the market. But is the list exhaustive? Are you confident about purchasing a bottle that will be suitable for you? If not, then worry not!

It can be challenging to decide which smart water bottle to settle for, especially where you have options. I want to provide you with a list of what to check out for before making your purchase to ensure that you get the value of your money.

This guide will help you know what to spend your money on or not, especially with so many knockoff products in the market. I urge you to take your time to go through the list to know all you can about smart water bottles before making your purchase.

Best Smart Water Bottle



You should go for a bottle that is made with robust and durable material that can stand falls. If you are purchasing for your child, I recommend that you go for bottles made from plastic material as it will not easily break.

Glass is susceptible as it may break even at the first fall. It would be very uneconomical to keep replacing your smart water bottles after every short while, as they are also quite expensive.



Many factors, such as the material used and quality, contribute to the price of a smart water bottle. I suggest that you go for a bottle that guarantees you to get the value of your money.

Bottles made from glass are likely to be more expensive than plastic bottles. This is because glass bottles will retain the original taste of the drink even if you take some time before changing it while plastic bottles will not.

You are also more likely to spend more money if you get both the tracker and the water bottle. If you feel like you already have too many water bottles and see no need adding another one, I suggest you buy the tracker attachment only and save yourself some coins.

A smart water bottle that can be used for different drinks is likely to cost you more than a bottle that is specifically for water. It may seem expensive, but it is more economical than buying yourself a water bottle and a separate coffee mug.

I recommend that you go for a smart water bottle that is pocket-friendly to you. As long as you can track your water intake and stay hydrated, you are good to go.


Customer Review

With very knockoff companies in the market claiming to provide you with options on how to keep track of your water intake, it can be very challenging to know what bottle to go for. Going through customer feedback can help you understand what to or not spend your money on.

I suggest that you go through customer reviews to know the quality of the smart bottle you want to purchase and if it does what the manufacturer claims it will do. Check if you can also return if the bottle is faulty or defective.

You should, however, ensure that the reviews you consider are from verified purchasers. It is only fair if you get feedback from a person who has bought and used the product. This will help prevent bias.


Material used

Metallic bottles are more durable but may start to rust after some time. Rust will not only give your drink a metallic taste but is also not good for your health. On the other hand, plastic bottles tend to more child-friendly, very durable, and easy to clean.

Glass bottles are the best quality but are also very fragile. They are good as they retain the taste of drink even if you for long without replacing it. I suggest you go for a glass smart water bottle if you are purchasing for yourself and a plastic one if it is for your child.



The whole essence of a smart water bottle is to get a reminder to keep your body hydrated? Why then go for a water bottle that doesn't provide you with reminders of when next you should sip from your drink?

I suggest that before purchasing, you should ensure that the bottle can provide you with reminders of when you can drink your water. The reminders should be in such a way that you can notice, such as an alarm or glowing lights.


Compatibility with other apps

Most smart water bottles come with their app that you can sync to your phone and help you monitor the amount of water you consume. Other bottles are also compatible with other apps health apps on your phones, such as Fitbit or Apple Watch.

You may want to sync the tracker to your other health apps to know when you should drink your water, depending on your physical activity.


Where you intend to use the bottle

If you are looking for a water bottle to use in the house or carry around work, I recommend that you go for a smart water bottle that is light making it easily portal. You don’t want to make drinking water a more difficult task than it already is.

If you are looking for something to remind you to sip from your water bottle often when you are on a field trip or a hike with friends, you can go for the ECEEN backpack. You will have your water pouch on the side, which will have you sipping on your water every now and then.

It also comes with solar panels that will ensure your electrical devices do not go off when you need them most when you are out there.


Personalized details

I recommend that you go for a smart water bottle that will allow you to customize your details such as weight, age, and physical activities you undertake. This will enable the tracker to know how much more or less water you should consume.


Who you are purchasing the bottle for

If you are purchasing a smart water bottle for your own use, I suggest that you go for a water bottle that suits your style and purpose. You should also be able to sync it to your phone for easier monitoring.

If you are buying one for your child, you should ensure that it is designed in such a way that it will be appealing to them and motivate them to drink water. The app could be in the form of their favorite pet or in a game form to convince them that drinking water is a good thing.


Rating of the product

The rating of a product will tell you the quality of the product. If you are purchasing your smart water bottle on an e-commerce site, you will find that most products are rated from a scale of 1 to 5. 1 being the worst and five being the best.

Ratings are simply an average of the customer reviews on the product. I suggest that you go for a smart water bottle with a 5-star rating. This will ensure that the product you receive will be of the best quality.

Importance of drinking enough water


Good for the skin

If you want your skin to look younger and glow, you cannot run away from drinking water. If you do not drink enough water, you expose your skin to skin disorders and premature aging. Do not worry about drinking too much water as the body will eliminate through sweating.


Water is good for the digestive system

If you are always suffering from constipation, then the chances are that you suffer from dehydration first. The body needs water to eliminate waste materials from the body in the form of stool or urine.

I recommend that you also drink a lot of water if you have acidity or a sensitive stomach generally. Failure to drink enough water can make you suffer from heartburn or even develop stomach ulcers, which is a severe condition.


Helps with weight lose

Water can come in very handy if you want to lose or maintain your body weight. Instead of drinking soda or other sweetened drinks, you can just sip on some water to quench your thirst, and you will stop yourself from taking extra calories.

You can also drink water before taking your meals. This will give you some sense of fullness and will prevent you from overeating.


Helps to maintain blood pressure

60% of the body fluid is water. Drinking enough water helps to maintain a balance for all the body fluids. When you are dehydrated, the blood in your body thickens, and thick blood increases the blood pressure.

High blood pressure is detrimental to your health, and you should, therefore, ensure that you keep on sipping on your water after every short while. 


Good for the kidney

The kidney cleanses your body by getting rid of toxins. It needs enough water in order to be able to do that and function properly. Enough water allows your body to release urine, of low concentration, more frequently, therefore, getting rid of toxic waste material.

If you do not take enough water and end up hydrate, the body will want to retain more water for other bodily functions. This means that you will urinate rarely and that the concentration of the urine will be high. This will cause toxin build-up in the body.

Lack of enough water for the kidney may also lead to severe conditions such as kidney stones developing.


Important when exercising

If you are going to take part in strenuous activity, I suggest that you take enough water. This might boost your performance. When you are dehydrated, you are likely to get tired and give up after the first thirty minutes.

Water helps to lubricate joints. If you have a tendency of not drinking enough water, you unknowingly reduce the shock-absorbing ability of your joints. This will lead to joint pain, which will affect your exercise activities.


Protects the brain

Dehydration can interfere with the production of hormones in your body as it interferes with its structure and function. This can cause you to have problems with your thinking and reasoning. Do I still need to insist on the importance of drinking enough water?


With the many benefits that come with drinking water and the danger posed to our health if we do not drink enough of it, we must stay hydrated. I hope this article has provided you with some insights on how to track the amount of water you drink daily.

Smart water bottles provide the convenience that you should enjoy. Of the five smart water bottles I have recommended, I highly suggest that you go for the H2OPal. This bottle will guarantee you value for your money.

It is made from glass enabling it to preserve the taste of your drink even if you go for long without changing it. You can personalize your details in terms of age, weight, and the physical activities you undertake.

The bottle is also very durable, meaning it will serve you for a long time before replacing it, making it very economical. It is portable, and you can, therefore, carry and sip your drink wherever you are.

What are you waiting for? Get yourself the H2OPal smart water bottle and stay hydrated all day!

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