Best Skateboard for Beginners

Powell Golden Dragon Flying Skateboard

Powell Golden Dragon Flying Skateboard

Atom Drop Deck Longboard (41-inch)

Atom Drop Deck Longboard (41-inch)

Penny Skateboards X Star Wars Skateboard

Penny Skateboards X Star Wars Skateboard

Which skateboard is the best for beginners? This is an excellent question if you just start yourself or buy your child's first skateboarding. But you are likely to get a response other than someone you are asking or visiting some shop or website. Do you know what you want to play and where? This facilitates things to fit a new whip.

For children and adults alike, the skateboard is one of the world's most popular sports alternatives. The majority of beginners are simply gathered on the board of which they want and which can lead to a choice of boards that are not right to learn with the constant variety of deck art, styles, and behaviors.

Even if you're a student looking for a tool to help you get around, skateboards are perfect. Traffic and smoking can be challenging to get around, particularly if you are trapped in your city and don't want the issue to be added. Ski-boards could be an excellent way to have fun and experience a new hobby if you don't want to drive alongside a pavement or a relatively clean lane.

We want to satisfy our customers with their products. This is why we spent hours looking for and selecting the best skateboards on the market today. 

Best Skateboard for Beginners List

We recommend that you give it a shot instead of hesitating and feeling you can't because you will probably never give up once you learn how to skateboard. But only if the board you rid is good enough can you get to that point of pure joy. So, it would be a better approach before beginning to study the Best Skateboard for Beginners on the market.


Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon 2 Complete Skateboard

Powell Golden Dragon Flying Skateboard

The All Powell-Peralta ligament strap is a crucial safety feature that keeps the deck in place when broken. It avoids injuries and allows the driver a little more rest.

The Golden Dragon, however, has a very soft track bushing, which makes it much easier to lean and respond to the distribution of weight. The eccentric and initial designs from Powell Peralta are known. This board has a black and red dragon in particular. A concept that will undoubtedly make everyone excited to fly! The board is roughly 31 "wide, 126" in the shape of the skateboard and 7 "in width. The rollers are approximately 54 mm by 37 mm. Thanks to the sturdy polymer harness, this skateboard is very durable. That brace will hold you together even if your board splits, and prevent you from separating.

This can be for people weighing up to 200 livres. The skateboard remains very light, given the polymeric braces and grip tapes. The Golden Dragon of Powell has excellent prices. It is excellent for beginners who just want to get started with a decent entry-level.


  • Rugged polymer.
  • The spokes are flat.
  • High-rebound.
  • Rigid and long-lasting.


  • Too fast for beginners


Atom Drop Deck Longboard

Atom Drop Deck Longboard (41-inch)

If you want something very stable out of your first skateboard to feel like riding safely, the Atom Drop Deck is perfect. This is a longboard that allows it to travel and cruise long distances. This board also has a unique form, which makes it much easier to move, which is not always typical for longboards. You also receive a one-year guarantee of the manufacturer if something goes wrong, it is much easier to push off this deck. It is a great choice, particularly for riding in mostly flat areas, if you never used to drive onboard and do not want to get to learn tricks straight away.

For all beginners, Atom has dropped a new, highly innovative skateboard. It's the longboard of the Atom Drop Board. Ski experts and enthusiasts from all over the world are crazy about Atom products. They commend this company for taking into account its customers diverse needs in the design and fabrication of products. A typical example is the atom longboard, which contains all the necessary design requirements for a perfect skateboard for beginners.

This longboard is an ultra-low-ride, emotionally stable board for all users on all types of terrain. The Atom drop board contains a one-year warranty that covers errors in art and material for all manufacturers. For all who want to know how to skate, we suggest this skateboard because it is easy to use and easy to handle.


  • High-quality grip tapes.
  • The covers are reversible.
  • Choose from 8 colors.


  • Too soft.


Penny Skateboards X Star Wars Limited Edition Skateboard

Penny Skateboards X Star Wars Skateboard

If you are, let out your dark inner side and select this skateboard from Penny. At the bottom of the deck, the Star Wars style would certainly turn heads. Because of its spokes, several board reviews are positive. It is 59 mm in diameter and 83a in durometer. With the use of this skateboard, you can expect smooth cruising. In addition to the wheels, it packs other high-quality components that value every dollar. It has ABEC-7 plates, 83a covers, and 4-inch aluminum trucks lined with powders.

Please note that there is no grip tape on this surface. This is a common thing in branded skateboards by Penny. The plastic has a specific design, which provides excellent traction, although it does not have grip tape. Don't you believe this penny board to buy? You could change your mind after you know that the manufacturer's lifetime warranty is reduced. The company is confident that this will be offered because it believes in product quality.


  • Star Wars-inspired design limited edition.
  • Long-lasting deck.
  • Soft and fluid wheels.


  • It can be crumbling.


Enjoi Skateboards Whitey Complete Skateboard

Enjoi Skateboards Whitey Complete Skateboard

You cannot go wrong with this ENJOI board if you're a novice and want a forum that gives you a bit of everything to learn. All you need is ready to leave the box and made with qualified pieces. The ENJOI gains points too for a classic cool work of art on the deck that makes the park an enjoyable experience.

On the path, in the skate park, in trails, and many more, you can ride this board. These decks are manufactured with a very consistent process, particularly suitable for tricks. They have expanded since then and started producing accessories and clothes for skateboarding apart from skateboards. They have used a panda as their emblem since then. This logo has become the company trademark on most of their products.

You can clearly see how proud a panda is with her special, geometric design put on the back of the skateboard. The table itself is black and white, and the wheels are red, black, and white. The Whitey Panda is approximately 7.75x 31.5′′ in size, which makes the skateboard a perfect entry point. It is excellent for both beginners as well as children and adults and is one of the most flexible boards. Whitey Panda is a sturdy product made of Canadian maple. The patented resin glue tightly binds everything together, which makes the board sturdy and robust.

Compared to the other skateboards we described; the core of the skateboard trucks is extremely light. We still wear heavy metal, but their original design makes it lighter and more comfortable to rotate the skateboard. It also comes unassembled to allow the adult or the child to feel fulfilled when the board is assembled. You can also tailor it to the content of your heart! For the entrance level, the Whitey Panda skateboard has an excellent price. This is a skateboard that helps you to comfortably and reasonably skate as a beginner.


  • Canadian Skateboard Maple.
  • Concave Deck.
  • Custom Skateboard.
  • Easy to assemble Skateboard Installation.


  • Comes unmounted


Minority 32inch Maple Skateboard Sunset

Minority 32inch Maple Skateboard Sunset

This is a very robust and long-lasting piece, which can accommodate as many as 220 livres. The efficient lorries, the concave form, and the bushing are all perfect for bridges, pools, and street walking.

Each part has a combination of top-of-the-rangege material and is an incredible example of construction — one of the best-known options.

Minority 32 Inch has printed artwork of a kind when thinking about perspective. They are using advanced technology for printing so that the written content is not damaged. You can even adjust the print according to your preferences.

Deck uses seven-ply maple stones, which can be shock resistant and flexibly combined with epoxy glue. It can hold up to 220 lbs in weight, making it an excellent choice for weighty individuals.

It's quite low in the concavity. Its nose and kick tail are spacious, providing exceptional movement. The style can be tailored to beginners and advanced riders who are willing to apply several tricks as well.


  • Applies excellent force to the aluminum body.
  • You need nothing to change, as it will be able to be used immediately after unpackaging.
  • Eight high-quality graphics and color choices are available.


  • We need to be careful because the edges will splash after a while.
  • Daily cleaning of the wheels is essential.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Skateboard for Beginners

Amateurs must choose a panel that fits well, whether it's a street or a park. It's significant. Since you have a limited idea on the skateboards you like, our team has a list of features to look for when you purchase best skateboard for beginners:

Best Skateboard for Beginners


Deck Size

The deck width that proportional to the size of your shoe is recommended to begin. The deck must be between 7.5 and 8 inches if you wear it in the range from 6.5 and 9 inches. And you must use a cover size of 8 to 8.5 inches to get your shoe size 9.5 or higher. The scale also depends on the area on which you are going to play. Experts usually recommend an 8-inch large and 30-inch deck to start with. More full boards for beginners are great because they enable you to stand firm.



Two trucks for the board are chosen for the next move. To order to make a choice less complicated, we recommend you evaluate only a few products. You should realize that the size of the truck depends on the deck level. The length of the axle must be the deck width. It helps to ensure that the deck width is balanced once the trucks are assembled. The smooth running of the spokes results in proper alignment.



As for all other cars, the skateboard speed limits will be determined by the spokes. These are available from several manufacturers in sets of four. In addition, a wide range of colors, sizes, and intensity are possible. Based on your personal preferences, finding the best skateboard pedals. In general, a medium-size skate wheel, which falls between 52 mm–54 mm, should be the best skateboard for beginners. It would have a medium durometer of 90a to 99a. One advantage of this scale is that it is easy to attach it to the lorries. A riser pad is not needed. If you have the size of your wheel over the range, a riser pad will sit underneath the truck to turn the board quickly.


Bearing and Bolts

The selection of every section of the skateboard is essential. As a novice, you'll have a hard time getting the board underhand. You do not need an additional burden of incompatible components, of course. So, we recommend that you choose the smallest pieces with extreme care, such as bolts and spaces. The bolts will repair the truck, and the covers rotate the wheels. The standard size of the skateboard is 8 mm in diameter. The ABEC rating system displayed on the bearings must also be recognized. The resistance and physical limitations of the coils was measured. Besides these, it is essential that you keep your covers from day one clean and oiled.


It takes a lot of time to make maximum use of every sport. You have to rely on others in the initial stages, and sometimes you learn solo. In both cases, intermediate steps are not easy to reach. Skateboarding is also a sport you can't easily understand. The simple lessons take time, but once you know how to adapt, new tricks can be learned. It depends heavily on the type of board you use.

All of these mentioned skateboards have several advantages and disadvantages. A board you think is an average board can become someone else's best skateboard. The collection can, therefore, be different for all.

Check out our top pick,Powell Golden Dragon Flying Skateboard (CHECK BEST PRICE HERE)

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