Best RV Leveling Blocks

Andersen 3604 Leveler

Andersen 3604 Leveler

Camco FasTen 44515 Leveling Block

Camco FasTen 44515 Leveling Block

 Beech Lane Camper Leveler

Beech Lane Camper Leveler

An RV leveling block will always come handy when you need to park your RV on an uneven ground. I, however, like to believe that you may use this quite more often than on just uneven grounds. The habit of using it may grow in you, and why not? It’s an important accessory for any RV owner.

If you love camping or going out on your RV, then you are no stranger to uneven grounds. Some parking spaces that we drive our vehicles through don’t normally have the best spots for all kinds of vehicles, and yet this is important for some, like RVs.

Yes, you will always want your RV to stand stable and upright whenever it’s parked so that your stuff doesn’t fall off inside and cause you more to get replacements and repairs. However, a good leveling block for RVs may not be easy to choose.

Remember that you will need a quality product whose stability cannot be questioned, lest you will be running at double losses. Choosing the best of RV leveling blocks may get quite confusing. This article may not magically take away the confusion, but I hope to discuss a few things that will help.
But first, why don’t we have a look at some of the top RV leveling blocks available out there? Here is my list:

Best RV Leveling Blocks List


Andersen 3604 Leveler

Camco FasTen 44515 Leveling Block

Are you already planning to go for camping or have found a suitable spot to park your RV? Well, perhaps it may not be as suitable if it happens to be uneven. In that case, what would you do? Worry not; the best leveling blocks are here to your rescue!

You will sure find these blocks a worthwhile accessory whenever you’re out camping as they come with a complete chock kit. This, be sure, will not disappoint. One of the reasons is that it’s pretty easy to use. The two-pack leveler will do your trailer/camper leveling in no time.
Yes, time. You wouldn’t want to spend the whole afternoon fixing your camper level with, perhaps, little to no success. don’t stress yourself while you can let the Andersen blocks take care of that for you. Flexible in use, these blocks can be suitable for travel trailers as well as trucks, buses, campers, among others.

What else would you be looking for in a leveling block? Consider getting this product and enjoy your camping experience without risking damaging any of your equipment or appliances due to tilts caused by irregular/uneven parking grounds.


  • Can lift up to 4 inches
  • Durable
  • Easy to set up and use


  • It would have been much better if it could lift more than 5 inches


Camco FasTen 44515 Leveling Block

Camco FasTen 44515 Leveling Block

You may want to check this product out a little closer for some of its amazing features. One is that it has an interlocking design, which makes stacking and/or combining together to your desired height pretty easy and fast.

It has a carrying handle system which is quite convenient for easy carriage and storage. This leveling piece allows you to set your base height as per your preference. You may also love that these blocks come with additional ten others, unlike most other kits which come as two-packs.
You would, of course, want your leveling blocks to be durable. These particular ones have solid construction, which guarantees you long-lasting use. You cannot go wrong with this pick, as it will give you a value for your money.

Still doubtful? Here is my final reason. It has good versatility. Well, here is another: they’re durable and are best recommended for people with dual-tire trailers.

There is absolutely no reason to risk damaging your equipment in your RV because of tilts due to poor parking. This may even pose a risk to you. Get these leveling blocks.


  • Customizable leveling
  • Durable
  • Recommended for dual-tire trailers


  • Its versatility may be falling behind of other brands
  • You may need to buy filler caps


Beech Lane Camper Leveler

 Beech Lane Camper Leveler

Looking for a leveler for your RV? You wouldn’t want to shop past the Beech Lane Camper Leveler. Yes, as the name suggests, this is an ideal leveling block for campers, but you can also use it with your trailer, airstream, truck, and even van.

You will sure love it for its versatility. Have a trailer in mind that could use a leveler? Well, this piece is perfect for a dual axle trailer. It can sustain those of up to 32 inches in tire diameter. If or when necessary, it can be sized up to 4 inches for a fit.

This set comes with two levelers, two chocks and also two pieces of grip mats. Say bye-bye to stacking wood or even plastic blocks below your RV or under its tires. Say bye-bye to second-guessing your parking spot. With the Beech Lane Camper Leveler, there is nothing to worry about.

It can sure make leveling feel pretty fast and even look quite easy. With every leveler sticking out to about six inches in width and roughly 15 inches in length, you will love how this piece works for your RV. The two pieces of rubber grip mays that are included help prevent slipping of tires.


  • Grip mats are included
  • Compatible with dual-axle trailers
  • Easy to set up


  • Expensive
  • Not as durable


Tri Lynx 00015 Lynx Levelers

Tri Lynx 00015 Lynx Levelers

You will love these levelers for so many reasons. One is that they can be cut to the size you need in case you find that they don’t fit. This should, however, be done with much care, so that you have only what you need and avoid issues such as slips.

If you’re wondering about this system’s dimensions, then they are 15 inches in length by 6 inches in width. It’s quite easy to use and setting up should take about five minutes or even less. It comes in a 10-pack, which you may love for its modular design.

How much does your RV weigh? No need to worry though, since this system can withstand whatever weight you bring against it. The levelers are long-lasting, and the blocks are easy to configure, allowing you level fast and with no hassle.


  • Can be resized
  • Long-lasting
  • Easy to set up


  • Flimsy nylon bag


Camco 44505 Heavy Duty Leveling Block

Camco 44505 Heavy Duty Leveling Block

You don’t want to skip these leveling blocks for their great functionality. They were specially designed for both single and dual wheels, which makes them among the most versatile leveling blocks out there. With these blocks, you can rest assured that your RV is parked stably.

This set comes with 10 interlocking blocks. You can use them to set your desired height for leveling your RV. What’s more is that the Camco leveling blocks are quite durable as they are made from UV-treated materials. Being UV-treated, they are expected to last longer and withstand harsh weather conditions.

Its solid bottom design prevents levels from sinking into the ground. The system comes with a zippered bag for their storage, and the bag has a handle. This way, you can take the system with you wherever you go. You can always rely on these blocks for an easy and safe use.


  • Zippered bag for storage
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Durable


  • Pricey
  • Can break on gravel

Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Best RV Leveling Blocks

By now, you probably already have a good idea what a leveling block is, don’t you? If you still don’t, then worry not; I truly am here to help. So, how can you best understand leveling blocks?

Parking grounds may be level or uneven, depending on the conditions of the place you’re in. if you’re a camper, then chances are high that most of your parking areas usually have uneven grounds. Is this a problem? I think that it is.

Uneven grounds are not ideal for any vehicle to park on. But if you’re driving an RV, then this may be a little more different for you. We use our recreational vehicles as our small traveling homes. We carry many important things in them, and some can be quite delicate.

Uneven parking exposes you to the risk of tilting your vehicle to the point of dropping contents of your RV which you probably wouldn’t want to drop carelessly. You may end up breaking stuff, and even losing others.

Is there a solution to this? There is. And it’s actually a pretty simple solution that you may want to try out. Leveling blocks! Leveling blocks are used to level the ground, as their name suggests, so that you can park your vehicle more comfortably and with more assurance of its stability.

Yes, your vehicles stability is quite important, and a leveling block can guarantee that in a pretty easy way.

What are the available types of leveling blocks? There definitely are a lot that you can look at. Each type of leveling block serves a slightly different purpose, and they also come in different makes. You may want to have a look at these types so that you’ll have a first good idea of what you may want to go for.

We have the ramp-leveling blocks. These blocks come in ramp-like designs. Does that create any image in your mind? Why don’t we talk about ramps for a second then! Unlike staircases, ramps are not stacked. They come in a single build, being supported by their height and elevations.

Some people prefer ramps over stairs for different reasons. Ramps are a little strenuous to get on but may be tiresome with time because they are a little elongated. If you transfer this idea to the make of a ramp-leveler, you’ll realize that most people prefer them because of their fixed height.

There is a red flag though. These leveling blocks can get quite slippery! If you’re thinking of getting one, then you may want to consider whether or not it has a grip mat. These mats prevent slipping once levelled.

We also have interlocking blocks. As the name suggests, they interlock, and like stairs, are stacked together. They don’t come with a fixed height, and people who choose these blocks love it for the fact that you can set the height as per your preference or requirements.

Do you prefer stairs or ramps? This question should help you choose better, because this is basically it here. Stairs have more work, but a shorter distance. In leveling, they have to be stacked, but will give you the height you want. Ramps are less work, but stressful at the end because of their lengths.

In leveling, they are disadvantageous because of the slips which may be caused by their fixed height. Interlocking blocks come in packs of 10 or 12 and are made of square plastic tiles.

These are the major types of leveling blocks that you should expect to come across in your search. You will however want to have a look at two more types which are taking up the future markets, and they are the electric levelers and the inflatable levelers. Why don’t we have a look at them?

Electric levelers are basically levelers which use modern technology to keep your parking ground leveled and your recreational vehicle, stable atop of it. You would, of course, expect these levelers to cost a fortune. They actually do. So, why would anyone get them? You may wonder.

We all have our preferences which are set by conditions such as convenience. How convenient is the block you’re using in leveling your parking ground and keeping your vehicle stable? Can you always rely on it? If so, then you’re lucky. But if you have some doubts, it wouldn’t hurt considering spending some extra dollars.

Inflatable levelers are as the name suggests, inflatable. Easy to use, right? Yes, they sound so, and quite convenient too. They come as bags which you can place beneath your recreational vehicle. You can already guess the magic, can’t you?

Besides the types of levelers, we have looked at some available products in the market. There are many more, apart from the ones which we’ve looked at, and you can never exhaust that list. So, how do you choose the best?

The best leveler is not marked or indicated. It’s not a single product or brand, as it keeps changing. But we always strive to find the ones with consistency in their quality, and also those that offer features which you cannot say no to.

There are also some factors that upon considering, will help you make a choice much more easily. The following are some of the factors:

Best RV Leveling Blocks 2



How durable is the block you’re intending to get, and why is durability a factor to consider here? Remember that you’re planning to get a leveling block for your vehicle. That’s a block on which your recreational vehicle will be parked upon. Wouldn’t you want it to be durable enough?

Blocks which aren’t as durable may break within a short time of using them. They may not serve you optimally as they may often cause slips. At the end of the day, you may come to wish you had parked your vehicle without one.

Considering that you may go out for camping often, a durable block will survive rocky grounds. A less durable block may need replacement in a few weeks, and this eat into your budget unnecessarily. But how do you know that a particular leveling block is durable?

Just like everything else good, this is never marked on a product and neither can you tell by merely looking at it. First, some reputable brands just cannot fail you when it comes to the quality of their products. Also, look at the features the leveler you’re interested in.

Is there any technology used in making it? Any shift from the conventional and even regular types that everyone is using? What about what other people are saying? Customers who have bought these products are sometimes the best people to seek a word of affirmation from.

Bottom line is you should get a durable leveling block for your recreational vehicle.



How much weight can the leveling block sustain? Your recreational vehicle has its weight, which when added to yours and perhaps that of other occupants in your RV, may increase the chances of accidental tilts due to poor parking grounds.

If your leveling block can’t sustain the weight of your recreational vehicle including that of its occupants, then why do you have it? You should get a block with a greater stability, and this can be guaranteed by one which can sustain the overall weight.



Do you know how important warranty to the products you purchase is? Well, it is quite important, as this will determine whether or not you’ll have an easier time getting replacements in case of any issues.

A warranty is basically the manufacturer’s way of assuring you that in case the products they made have issues, they’re going to replace or fix the issue at no cost. This is often provided by manufacturers who are sure about their products and know how best to help. Such value customers and their satisfaction.

If you get a leveling block that doesn’t serve you as you were hoping, therefore, you can always get it replaced or repaired in the event that it gets damaged, at no extra costs. Failing to get a warranty will be forfeiting such a privilege.

Warranties, however, have terms. Be sure to read and understand all the terms stated. If you have an issue, you can always seek help from a professional who will guide on what to do next. Remember, you don’t have to spend money purchasing a new leveling block for your RV if your warranty covers you well.



Better than the warranty, is cost. Consider this as vital because you should never have to strain your budget. So, what is the cost of your leveling block and how can this affect the future of your recreational vehicle’s parking?

Leveling blocks have varied prices, especially due to their varied types. Each type was made a particular way, and to serve you slightly different from the other. Leveling blocks which have come with improved technology like the electric levelers may cost you a little more than the regular types.

You should also expect a difference in the price of a ramp-leveler as compared to that of an interlocking block. Considering the price will allow you to settle on what will work for your budget. Going way above it may not be as ideal because you may have to get a few more accessories for your RV, and a leveling block shouldn’t take all your money.

These are not all, but some of the most important considerations that you should make when you’re looking for the best leveling block for your RV.


Camping should be a fun activity, especially in the summer’s heat, and perhaps with some cool breeze. We have to park our RVs when we’re out there so that we can fully experience the season, and to do so, you will need a leveled parking ground.

Why? As has discussed, uneven ground may cause your trailer to tilt, thus damaging what’s inside. You may end up pouring out things and even ruining others. A good leveling block should come handy. There are some things to consider before getting a leveling block, and I hope that we’ve discussed them exhaustively.

I would like to leave you with a recommendation so that you’ll have an easier time the next time you’re out there shopping for these blocks. In my professional opinion, I think that you should go for the Andersen 3604 Leveler.

You will sure find these blocks a worthwhile accessory whenever you’re out camping as they come with a complete chock kit. This, be sure, will not disappoint. One of the reasons is that it’s pretty easy to use. The two-pack leveler will do your trailer/camper leveling in no time.

Flexible in use, these blocks can be suitable for travel trailers as well as trucks, buses, campers, among others. What else would you be looking for in a leveling block? Consider getting this product and enjoy your camping experience without risking damaging any of your equipment or appliances due to tilts caused by irregular/uneven parking.

Get the Andersen 3604 Leveler today!

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