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Black & Decker Bv6000

Black & Decker Bv6000

Are you wondering what to do with your garden waste and leaves after mowing your lawn? Do you have a hard time raking up all the debris? If you have a hard time deciding what to do with your garden waste and find it time-consuming to clear it up after mowing, this review is for you!

I am sure you want to take the shortest time clearing up your lawn, and a leaf mulcher will do that for you. It is a more environmentally friendly way of getting rid of your garden waste by turning it into something more useful, like manure.

A leaf mulcher will break down your garden waste, such as leaves into mulch. You can leave the mulch in your garden to prevent weeds, or you can add it to your compost pit and create manure and use it on your farm.

In this review, I am going to take you through five of the best leaf mulcher machines available in the market. I hope from the various options you can get one to help you deal with the mess in your garden caused by falling leaves.

I will also guide you on some of the essentials to look out for before purchasing a leaf mulcher and the safety precautions to adhere to when using a leaf mulcher. I urge you to take your time to go through this review to be well-versed with all there is to know about leaf mulchers.

Best Leaf Mulcher List


WORX WG430 13 Amp

Worx Wg430

This leaf mulcher uses electricity at 13 amps and spreads up to 53 gallons of leaves per minute. It has a mulching ratio of 11.1. This allows it to reduce your garden waste into a more manageable size, making it more comfortable if you want to dispose or turn into manure.

This leaf mulcher has a bladeless system, which makes it safer and easier to store when not in use. It takes a very short time to cut the leaves, ensuring that the process is not time- consuming for you.

To prevent overheating of the machine, a clean air motor is attached to it. This machine weighs 24.3ibs making it easy to store. The machine is easy to disassemble and fold down for easier storage. This leaf mulcher also comes with a three-year warranty.


  • It is easy to store as it is compact
  • The mulcher is easy to clean
  • It is a very powerful shredder 


  • You may need to change the shredder lines often
  • The machine may be more suitable to use for small yards only


Patriot Products CSV

Patriot Products Csv-2515

If you are looking for something that will not only clear your leaves but also double up as a wood chipper, then this is the machine for you. This makes it very effective to clear up all kinds of garden waste and not just leaves.

This mulcher uses 14-amp electric power and has blades that cut through branches and leaves quickly. Waste comes out from a pipe on the side of the machine, and you will, therefore, need to hold a bag at the side for the waste.

The machine has wheels and a handle to help move it around as it weighs 95ibs, making it difficult to carry around with hands. You do not have to worry about causing noise pollution while using it as the electric motor is quiet. It does not disassemble but is very compact.


  • This mulcher is excellent as a heavy-duty machine
  • It causes low noise pollution as the electric motor is quiet
  • It is small and compact when fully built making it easy to store


  • The branches and leaves have to be very dry for the machine to shred as it clogs with wet leaves
  • The shredder may be underpowered 


Black & Decker Bv6000

Black & Decker Bv6000

This is a 12-amp electric machine that weighs 8ibs. This makes it very light, thus easily portable and also easy to store. All you need to do is hoover up the leaves you want to get rid of and let the B & D mulcher shred them.

You can attach a bag directly at the back of the machine and dispose of when full. The vacuum and mulcher excellently deal with grass, twigs, pine needles but do not shred branches. You should, therefore, avoid branches when using it to prevent it from breaking down.

This leaf mulcher comes with a reusable collection bag, which makes it very environmentally friendly. The handle of the machine is very comfortable, making it easy to use. The mulcher also produces very little noise, thereby reducing its impact on the environment.


  • The machine is very light making it portable
  • It has a very comfortable handle making it easy to use
  • It also comes with a reusable collection bag


  • The fan/ impeller may explode while using so you need to be careful
  • The assembly instructions may not be clear


Toro 51619 Ultra Electric Blower Vac

Toro 51619

This machine almost functions like the B&D mulcher as it comes with a blower and vacuum capable of shredding leaves and compact the waste into collection bags. It comes with a 250mph of blowing and vacuum power.

This mulcher also comes with a reusable bag with a bottom zipper, making it easy for you while emptying it. You will not have to detach the bag from the blower. The machine has a handle that you can also use as a hook for storage. It is also narrow, and you can store it on a shelf in your store.

Toro mulcher does not shred branches as it may break down. The machine also allows you to attach your collection bags.


  • This mulcher offers you variable speeds
  • It comes with a powerful vacuum and shredder
  • It is also very easy to store


  • The bag quality provided may not be the best
  • The sucking action of the vacuum may be very weak


Flowtron LE-900 The Ultimate Mulcher Electric Leaf Shredder

Flowtron Le-900

This is a heavy-duty electric leaf shredder that weighs 17ibs. It has a metal blade that allows it to function. You also have the ability to change the coarseness of the shredded leaves giving you control if you want to use it in your compost manure or recycling it in a garden bin.

Flowtron is a lightweight machine, and you can also easily disassemble to occupy less storage space. The electric shredder comes with 36 cutting lines in the box for additional shredding power.

This mulcher is excellent as it shreds both wet and dry leaves, small twigs, and grass as well. You can also place it directly over small compost bins making it even more convenient.


  • It is easy to store as you can disassemble to occupy less space
  • It has powerful shredding ability
  • It allows you to change the coarseness of the shredded leaves


  • The quality may not be the best for the price you pay for it
  • The motor may die after using the mulcher for some time 

Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Leaf Mulcher

With very many options available to you and every manufacturer claiming to offer the best, it can be very confusing to know what to go for. Some leaf mulchers will only work best for small yards, while others are heavy-duty machines. I suggest you go for the one that suits you best.

I have taken you some of the best leaf mulchers in the market, but is the list exhaustive enough? Are you confident of getting yourself a tool that will work excellently for you? Do you know what to look out for?

I am going to guide you on some of the essentials you should look out for before purchasing to ensure that you get value for your money. With the knowledge I have gained from going through and studying such reviews, I hope this acts as your perfect buying guide.

Best Leaf Mulcher



It is important to note that quality products will always cost you more than average products. You may find it expensive to buy a quality mulcher and opt for a cheaper one to save yourself some coins.

In the long run, you will end up spending more money, replacing the cheap mulcher. I, therefore, recommend that you go for a quality machine that will serve you for long without you having to replace some parts or buy a new one.

However, you should not exhaust your resources, purchasing a leaf mulcher. With many options, I suggest that you find one that will serve you and go for one that is most pocket-friendly to you.


Your Yard Size

Some leaf mulchers are more efficient for small yards, while others are heavy-duty machines. If you have a large garden and go for a mulcher suitable for small yards, the process will be not only tiresome but also time-consuming.

You should consider the size of your farm before purchasing to prevent yourself from the agony of using a small machine to clear a large garden. Nevertheless, using a small machine to clear a large yard can cause it to break down as it lacks the power to handle such work.


Your Garden Waste

Some leaf mulchers work well only with dry leaves and get clogged by wet leaves, while others are excellent at shredding both damp and dry leaves. Some just shred leaves while others also double up as wood chippers.

I recommend that you know the type of waste mostly in your garden to be able to use the right kind of tool for the job. If your garden has branches, twigs, leaves, and pine needles, I recommend that you go for a mulcher that can also chip wood.

If you are in an area that is continuously wet or rainy, meaning that the garden waste will also be wet, I recommend that you go for a mulcher that will not choke on wet waste and get clogged.



I recommend that you go for a mulcher that will be easy to maneuver and carry around. You should, therefore, check the weight of the machine before purchasing it. It should be lightweight for ease of moving around.



If you want a small machine, then it will be easier to store as it occupies less space. However, if you wish to own a more massive machine for various reasons, I suggest that you go for one that you can easily disassemble and fold up for easy storage.

Mulchers that are not compact and that you can also not disassemble take up a lot of storage space. If you are also concerned about the safety of those around you when storing a mulcher, then a mulcher with a bladeless system is much safer to store.


Ease to Use

Before purchasing, I suggest that you carefully go through the description of the machine. You will be able to know whether the machine comes assembled or if you will have to assemble it on your own.

If you have to do the job of assembling the machine, you have to ensure that it comes with very clear assembly instructions to make it easy for you.

You should also ensure that the mulcher has a comfortable handle that will give you an easy time even when working for long hours.


Impact on the Environment

If you are going for a mulcher that you have to attach a bag on the side to collect the shredded material, I suggest that you go for one that comes with a reusable collection bag. This is environmental-friendly as you will end up using very few bags.

I also recommend that you purchase a mulcher whose electric motor is quite. This will cause very little if at all any noise pollution. You will not need to use earplugs, and you will also give your neighbors an easy time. Doing so, you will have reduced your impact on the environment.



It is not uncommon to have a machine fail to function after a while or fail to perform the tasks the manufacturer claimed it performs. Ensuring that the mulcher you want to purchase has a warranty is a great way to ensure you do not waste your money.

If you get a defect machine, you will be able to return it to the manufacturer and get a replacement or a refund of your money. You should also ensure that the warranty is two or more years long to give you time to use the machine and get used to it.

Warranty is also a great way to tell the quality of a product. If the manufacturer gives you time to use the machine with a guarantee to replace it if it breaks down or is defective before a certain period of time, then the manufacturer is confident in their quality.


Customer Reviews

There is no better way to learn about a product from feedback from customers who have used the product before. Going through the customer reviews on a product, you can learn about the quality, durability, and even customer service offered by the manufacturer.

Some manufacturers may claim that a machine is best suited for a particular activity or can perform specific tasks when, in reality, it does not. You can only learn the truth about the product by going through customer feedback.

You should ensure that the feedback you take into consideration is from verified purchasers to avoid bias. Someone can only give correct feedback if they have had firsthand experience with the product.


Shredding Power

You need to ensure that the tool that you want to purchase can do the job. Therefore, if you're going to buy an electric leaf mulcher, you need to ensure that it offers you the shredding power you need.

If you are dealing with a mixture of garden waste in your yard, such as pine needles, twigs, branches, grass cuttings, and leaves, you need a mulcher with more shredding power compared to if you are going to mulch the grass.

Safety Precautions When Handling a Leaf Mulcher


Avoid Loose Clothing

You should avoid wearing loose clothing or jewelry when using a leaf mulcher. You should wear protective gear instead. If the motor of the mulcher you are using is not the silent type, I suggest that you use earplugs to protect your ears.

You should also wear glasses or goggles to protect your eyes from particles that could be flying around as a result of the process. A dust mask is also essential as it prevents you from inhaling any of the pollutants. You should also wear gloves for a firmer grip on the handle.


Survey Your Garden Before Mulching

You should take your time to take a walk in the yard before you start shredding and mulching. You will be able to notice and clear tiny stones, hard branches, and other material that your leaf mulcher may not be able to shred.

You will be able to prevent any minor accidents and also protect your tools from breaking down.


Stay Sober

You should restrain from using a leaf mulcher when you are under the influence of any drug or substance abuse. This could cloud your judgment, and you may end up causing harm injury to yourself.

You should also avoid mulching when you are tired as you will not be in the best state of mind to handle the machine. I also recommend that you carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions on how to handle the leaf mulcher and adhere to them.


Be Careful of the Extension Cords

If you are using an electric leaf mulcher, you will have extension cords that connect you to the power source. You should ensure that the cables are in a place that you can easily see to avoid tripping and falling. A simple trip could turn hazardous.


Do Not Use the Machine on a Ladder

I strongly urge you to avoid using a leaf mulcher while on a roof or a ladder. You may fall and end up injuring yourself. If you need to, you ensure that you are well secured and that you have a strong footing.


Proper Storage

You should ensure that you store the machine appropriately. Clean up any spills and was up. If the machine has blades, you should ensure that it is far from the reach of children.


Fill in the Warranty Form

It is important that you purchase your machine from a manufacturer that offers you a warranty. A warranty is essential for various safety reasons. You should fill the warranty form and mail it to the manufacturer after purchasing your mulcher.

By doing so, you will be informed in case of any recalls or safety information in case of a problem with your model. 


First Aid

If you get hurt while mulching, you should stop mulching and turn off the power source of your machine. You should then remove yourself from the area and get first aid in case of a minor injury. If you have been badly hurt, you should see a professional doctor for more help.


You may want to find a more environmental-friendly way to get rid of the leaves and other garden waste in your yard. A leaf mulcher will not only reduce the waste or leaves for you but will also help you turn it into mulch, which you can use to prevent weeds or make manure.

Of the five leaf mulchers that I have recommended to you, I highly suggest that you go for the WORX WG430. This is a powerful electric leaf mulcher that will save you time as it takes a very short time to cut up the leaves.

It is easy to disassemble and fold it up, making it compact for storage. The machine is also bladeless, making it easy to store and is also very easy to clean.

What are you waiting for? Get yourself the WORX WG430 13 Amp today and make gardening much easier! Turn leaves to manure and also help prevent weeds in your yard with this powerful tool. 

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