Best Large Cooler

Grizzly 75 Quart Tan/Cooler

Grizzly 75 Quart Tan/Cooler

Igloo Ice Cube Roller Cooler (60-Quart, Ocean Blue)

​Igloo Ice Cube Roller Cooler (60-Quart, Ocean Blue)

 K2 Coolers Summit 70 Cooler

​K2 Coolers Summit 70 Cooler

A cooler is a fundamental item to have, especially if you are planning on stocking up on some food and drinks for an outdoor activity like a camping trip. By having a cooler you can be fairly calm each time you clock out and wear your outdoorsy cap.

But the general size of the cooler is one aspect that is of key interest. It generally depends on the number of people that are going to be depending on the cooler. Moreover, the time you intend to spend out of the comfort of your relaxing home.

For a large crew you could go a large ice chest, which has between 60 and 99 quarts of storage volume. Its characteristics range from being a large solid containment to having a hard outer side, since soft-sided coolers are mostly meant to be small in size.

The beauty of having a large ice cooler exceed the complications presented by its size by a mile. For instance, it has a big space to allow for the storage of a large amount of food and drinks that could probably last for days on end.

Hence this very primal feature is not precluded by the bulkiness of the cooler. Since most large coolers are equipped with handling equipment designed to make transportation easier. The most common ones have a wheel configuration to lay off the burden.

However, shopping for the best large cooler can be a daunting task and unlike hitting a piniata the market doesn’t always burst open splattering tasty treats, it’s a jungle that must be maneuvered with great caution. I have combined a list of the top five elite large coolers.

Best Large Cooler List

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Grizzly 75 Quart Tan/Cooler

Grizzly 75 Quart Tan/Cooler

It has a rubber gasket between the lid and the base to maximize ice retention as it inhibits the penetration of air whatsoever. It also prevents the leakage of water, giving you a high quality performing ice cooler.

Despite its large size, the Grizzly 75 Quart is still no match for two people carrying it by the handles and with the dedication of a lion protecting its kill! It has rotomolded thick walls to guarantee insulation of the highest rate.

This product will definitely brighten your fishing or road trip, as it is spacious enough to hold 80 twelve-oz cans. To prevent any unnecessary accidents, it has non-skid rubber feet that keep it hooked on the ground. This product could be a smash hit in an outdoor barbeque!


  • It is durable
  • Carries a large capacity of items
  • Comes with 2 inch drains


  • It is relatively expensive
  • There are complains about the drain being faulty


Igloo Ice Cube Roller Cooler (60-Quart, Ocean Blue)

Igloo Ice Cube Roller Cooler (60-Quart, Ocean Blue)

The Igloo ice coolers have been an injection of new blood to the cooler Industry since they were launched. This valuable reputation has been widely earned as result of the ergonomic cube design of the ice cube that makes it easier to lift and carry around.

This specific Igloo ice cube has a wheel configuration that makes it convenient since you can just push or pull it whenever you need to transport. It doesn’t stop there, to aid in the wheeling is a telescopic handle that has a push release button with a locking feature.

Its build is polyethylene with an ultratherm insulated body that will retain the ice, hence keeping the food and beverages cold for a long time. To make this product an even lovable are four cup holders that are molded on the lid.


  • Has wheels making it easier to transport
  • The telescopic handle has a licking feature
  • Has four molded cups on the lid


  • Doesn’t have a long cooling time
  • The handle is prone to break


K2 Coolers Summit 70 Cooler

 K2 Coolers Summit 70 Cooler

Despite being relatively new to the industry, K2 coolers have risen from the ashes to give other top contenders out in the market a run for their money. This is due to innovative and progressive designs that suit your every need.

This 70 quart summit cooler has a single piece of polyurethane build using a rotomolding process to unleash thick walls that are in the top of their game when it comes to insulation. Further ice retention is aided by K2 icevault gasket that makes the cooler air tight.

To help with the transportation of the cooler are realgrip integrated handles and easyhaul rope handles. The latches are made using the Endura hinge system that makes rotation easier and not forgetting a screw-in drain system, it doesn’t get any better than this!


  • Has thick insulated walls
  • Prevents the escape of air with a K2 icevault gasket
  • Has a variety of colors to choose from


  • It is pricey
  • There has been complains about the drain failing


Pelican 80 Quart Wheeled Elite Cooler - Marine White

 Pelican 80 Quart Wheeled Elite Cooler - Marine White

The Pelican cooler enables you to strut around at the very thought of its great ice life. Which is effected by 2 inch thick insulated walls that have a rotomold construction. This increases insulation, making ice retention a top priority.

The first thing you notice when you look at this product is the sturdy design that is bound to provide durability and efficacy. It has a strong rubber gasket to prevent escape of cold air. This accompanied by the large volume makes the Pelican cooler a keeper.

To elevate its performance this cooler has a host of features. They include a drain flow port that makes it easier to drain water from this huge compartment. To alleviate any transportation barriers are rotating and molded handles and wheels that allow you to ease the least energy.


  • It is has thick walls
  • Comes with anti-skid feet
  • Has built-in bottle opener 


  • It is very expensive
  • It is bulkier compared to the other coolers


nICE 75 Qt Cooler

 nICE 75 Qt Cooler

Despite being a newbie in the market, this cooler puts up a hard fight against some of the top reputable coolers. It boasts of the popular thick, rotomolded walls that have proven to be most effective in the insulation of coolers.

It has simple heavy duty rubber T-latches that require to be stretched to close. These rubber latches are not only durable but also air tight largely complementing the performance of the cooler when it comes to ice retention.

On board the accessories ship is a stainless steel locking system, a maximum flow drain and an integrated bottle opener. It also has thick freezer grade gasket that provide an impressive squeeze preventing cold air from escaping. 


  • Has a soft and easy grip handle 
  • Has max flow drain plug
  • It has a built in ruler on the lid


  • It is expensive
  • The drain plug is prone to faultiness

Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Large Cooler

Hold your horses! Before you scram off to buy a cooler, I want you to hear me out. The market can be a cruel mistress, filled with deception and glamour at the same time. Most times it is difficult to distinguish the two.

Hence it is possible that more than once someone has altered regrets about the choice of cooler they bought. I don’t want you to be in that position, and won’t have to if you make sure to observe the following factors before buying a large cooler.

Best Large Cooler


Construction and Material

You have to check the material that has been used to construct the cooler before cashing in, it can either be plastic or metal. For many years now the industry has thrived off foam insulated coolers. The process is achieved by encapsulating insulated foam between two plastic shells.

This amounts to different plastic pieces joined together to offer insulation. However, in recent times the industry has taken a different approach, which has seen a number of high-end quality coolers emerge to ruffle up the mundane nature that once haunted the cooler industry.

It includes coolers that are build out of plastic using a rotomolding process. The process involves the molding of plastic directly over insulated core. This results in a thick wall that offers great insulation to the cooler, increasing efficacy.

A rotomolded wall triumphs the other constructions because it brings to the table a thick airtight. The traditional pieced in plastics can be flimsy sometimes and prone to leaks. Another construction to consider when buying a cooler is that of the gasket.

It is mainly located between the lid and the base, make sure to get a rubber gasket that provides a tight squeeze to prevent the escape of cold air. These things might sound simple but you have no idea the lengths they will go to making sure you have the best quality cooler at hand.

The other material is metal, though not as popular as the high-end rotomold plastics. They are still high quality and have a fanbase of their own. To prevent rusting or denting you should go for stainless steel ones.


Size of the Cooler

How large of a cooler do you need? Since large coolers mostly work around 60 to 99 quarts before upgrading to giant coolers once they have hit that 100 quarts. It is absolutely necessary to have an exact size before buying a cooler.

The size of the cooler will depend on the uses you intend to put it into. Perhaps you plan on hosting a barbeque with a couple of family friends. Maybe you’ve set out on a road trip to God knows where and in some miraculous way all your friends have said yes to the trip.

So instead toying around with the notion that any large size will do. You can get make a background check on various large coolers and their holding capacity. After all you don’t want to run out beer just when the fun is starting, dreadful to even think about it!

So make sure you keep that fire burning with a constant supply of drinks and a storage of food enough to last you for several days. Another reason you should be sure about the size is that a partially filled large cooler could be inefficient to say the least.



You’ll need to move your cooler around, perhaps from the house to the backyard or the car. Either way you want something sturdy but portable at the same time. Sure large coolers will be impossible for a single person to carry but two could definitely do the job even with a full cooler.

Be very afraid of getting stranded with a bulky cooler, be very afraid! However, the manufactures have embarked on solving this crisis by making the transportation of large coolers as easy and convenient as ever.

Most of the products in the market have easy grip handles on the sides and top. The most efficient handles are made out of aluminum which makes them less prone to breakage and light. Unlike those pesky plastic handles that could break any moment.



Take it from me, it is not easy to tip a 75quart cooler filled with cans in a bid to drain it. That thing is heavy! But that’s what the drains are for, though all large coolers generally come with a drain, it wouldn’t hurt to double check before buying a cooler.

These drains provide a high flow rate, draining all the water in the cooler that could be perilous especially if you have food in there. You could decide to go big, and get coolers with a drain plug below the flow of the box, that way you don’t have to constantly tip the cooler.

Additional Features

Some of the coolers have additional features to tip the scales and justify their pricing. So be on the lookout for any additional accessories that might be a great help as far as owning a cooler goes. They might even persuade you to make a higher end purchase that you had intended.


Solid Latches

The latch does more than just provide a sturdy way to open and close the cooler. It also prevents the sipping of air out the cooler. So a solid latch will prove to be easy to open and airtight.


Non-skid Feet

This feature gives your cooler traction preventing it from slipping off when you are in the boat. It also offers a helping hand when it comes to the elevation of the cooler off the ground.


Measuring rulers

As you might have noticed that some coolers have rulers on the lid. It isn’t as weird as it looks, this ruler can be used when out fishing to accurately measure the fish length. These coolers have you covered!


Cup Holders and Bottle Openers 

 This is another whole level of conveniency! Some coolers have cup holders to help you leisurely relax on your picnic or when you are out on the beach. The bottle openers are a godsend if you are going to be packing some beers.

Advantages of Using a Large Cooler

More and more people are getting themselves this fundamental equipment. This might be attributed to the fact that the traditional outlook of coolers has long since changed and people have more uses for them. Coolers have numerous benefits that include:


Alternative Storage

A cooler can easily replace you refrigerator if you are looking for an alternative place to store your food and prevent it from going bad. As long as you pack the cooler full with packs of ice then you will be safe for some hours.


Easy to Use

A cooler is pretty simple to use, given the fact that unlike a refrigerator you can slap this beast full with some beers, food and set out on your adventurous trip .What I am trying to say is that it doesn’t need any power source to work, only some ice packs or solid blocks of ice.


Efficient Cooling and Freshness

You will have a supply of cool drinks, whether we are talking some beer, water or tasty ice cream. A cooler also keeps your food fresh and suitable for eating. Hence you will have access to fresh food no matter where you are.



Large coolers are always a drag and mood killer when it comes to portability. But this might as well be an extinct problem due to the variety of modifications installed in these coolers to ensure portability. They include side handles, wheels and telescopic handles to help in push and pull.

Some like the Igloo cooler are ergonomically designed to enable you to easily lift and carry them. All these stunning features will make your camping, fishing or picnic trip a complete success.


They are Durable

The last thing you need in an equipment meant for frolicking outdoors is easy wearing out. Since you are liking to face a rigorous terrain out in the open, accompanied by some harsh weather conditions.

That’s why these coolers are constructed using sturdy materials to reduce denting. They are able to handle anything rough conditions you might endure while out on your escapades hence making them the perfect companion.

Frequently Asked Questions of The Best  Large Cooler


How Long Will Things Stay Cold in My Cooler?

This greatly depends of the product you have purchased. Not all coolers are insulated the same way. That’s where the disparities come in, so if you want a longer cooling time then pick a cooler that is thickly insulated and you might have a couple extra hours in hand .


​Why Are Some Coolers Hard to Open or Use First?

This isn’t a very big deal and is likely to wear off once it has been given some time. The rationale behind this is since the product is new and hasn’t been used before it might take a little time to loosen up and adjust to functioning.


​Why is It Advisable to Spend More Money on a Cooler?

Like all products, a cooler’s price depends widely on the quality and extra features it has to stand out from the rest. Hence by investing a little more on an ice chest, you get one with a sturdy construction and thick walls increasing insulation.

So it’s a worthy quid pro quid , you get to give out a couple of extra bucks than the midrange price tag and in return you get a splendid quality cooler . One is that is long lasting, this might put you up on that pedestal!


Whether you are a lover of nature and have a habit of running off to the outskirts or you simply like to kick it back and have a simple chilled day barbequing out on the backyard. A cooler meets all your expectations and even exceeds them.

However choosing the right cooler from a wide variety of products can be a bit of a pickle. Hence, I highly recommend the Pelican 80 Quart Wheeled Elite Cooler. It is a magnificent cooler!

For maximum ice life this cooler has 2inch thick walls constructed using the rotomolding process so strike off prolonged freshness off your list. It has a strong rubber gasket to prevent the escape of cold air from the cooler.

To ease up the pressure of the weight are rotating and molded handles that are easy to grip. This along with the strong built wheels make transportation easy. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself the Pelican 80 Quart Wheeled Elite Cooler.

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