Best Laptop for Music Production

Apple Macbook Pro

Apple Macbook Pro

Lenovo Thinkpad P52

Lenovo Thinkpad P52

Dell Xps 13 9360

Dell Xps 13 9360

Music production is a tedious task. However, adopting the use of relevant tools makes the process so much easier. The Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) serve to provide relevant audio plugins for music production.

You would, therefore, need a central place to organize and facilitate the integration of audio elements with ease. That's where the laptop comes in. A laptop is essential in music production because of its flexibility of purpose.

Regardless, you will need the aid of a powerful laptop in order to produce efficiently. Not every laptop is suitable for the production of music. You need a laptop with superior specifications, capable of running for a long time with minimal lagging issues.

Choosing the best laptop for music production still proves to be a process that would require careful deliberation and consideration. You will have to consider a variety of factors so as to get yourself the best tool for this business.

Production of music always involves a lot of multitasking. In addition, it requires precision and a lot of storage space to facilitate easier profiling of already made music. Today, I will recommend you the best laptops when it comes to music production.

Best Laptop for Music Production List


Apple Macbook Pro

Apple Macbook Pro

In terms of overall ranking, the Apple MacBook Pro has been categorized as the best laptop for music production. This is because it not only has a perfectly working Operating System but also provides the best options for quality audio production.

The MacBook Pro has a very powerful processor; depending on the device, up to 8-core processors. The processor is vital in ensuring that multiple tasks are handled without causing any lagging problems to the laptop.

The Solid State Drive, (SSD) is efficient in storage. In comparison to the Hard Disk Drive, the Solid State Drive is much faster and efficient in storage. The user is therefore assured of the ability to save audio tracks without worrying about space.

A music producer will be able to access files and additional programs with ease. The SSD is quite fast when it comes to storage. The Solid State Drive does not slow down, meaning transferring your work will be much easier.


  • Offers sufficient storage capacity, of up to 4 Terabytes.
  • Quick in performance.
  • Has a powerful processor.
  • It has touch sensitivity.
  • Allows multitasking without lagging.
  • It is durable; works for a long time.


  • It is quite expensive.


Lenovo Thinkpad P52

Lenovo Thinkpad P52

When it comes to Windows devices, the Lenovo ThinkPad P52 is the best in terms of efficiency and suitability in music production. The laptop is well customized with an additional array of unique specifications.

The processor is powerful. It boasts of the Intel Core i7 6 Core Processor. The ability of this device to retrieve random data ranges up to 64 GB. This large RAM ensures perfect coordination of tasks, especially background data supporting music production.

Your production activity will continue for a relatively long span of time, thanks to the long-lasting battery that ensures you work for as long as you want. The Lenovo ThinkPad P52 handles plugins quite comfortably, your laptop won't be affected by lag.

Graphics are an essential part of music production. The Lenovo ThinkPad P52 comes with an option of Graphics Card integration. This maximizes music production by giving you an easy time during customization.


  • Has a super-fast processor.
  • It has hardware properties that are easy to change or customize so as to suit your preference.


  • The battery life may be reduced with time because it is not specifically customized to perfectly serve consistent demands of music production processes.


Dell Xps 13 9360

Dell Xps 13 9360

This laptop is the premium recommendation for starters in the vast field of music production. Its specifications are user-friendly, hence are able to give the user a less strenuous experience.

The processor of the Dell XPS 13 9360 is thoroughly updated to suit modern demands in the music production scenes. Apart from this, its screen is touch sensitivity, you can, therefore, enable the feature so as to handle digital audio customization efficiently.

Generally, the Dell XPS 13 9360 is simple and not complicated to use at all. The Graphics customization option offers you a High Definition Resolution. You can, therefore, manage audio plugins quickly enough.

This device offers a music producer a variety of features to enjoy. The specifications it encompasses are designed to ensure that, as a user, your time spent working maintains relevance and turns out to be a success.


  • The processor of the Dell XPS 13 9360 is quite fast.
  • In terms of connectivity, the laptop offers a wide range of options to allow for the same.
  • It is easily portable due to its compact nature.


  • Its RAM cannot be updated.
  • For production starters, the laptop is quite expensive.


Razor Blade Stealth 13

Dell Xps 13 9360

In music production, this laptop proves to be not only fast but also relevant in suitability for purpose. The device has one of the most updated processors; the 8th generation Intel Core i7 Processor.

The processor gives the laptop a supernatural kind of speed. In normal performance, the speed is 1.8 GHz. In turbo mode, the speed may double or triple, making the laptop process at 4.6 GHz.
This kinds of speed make it a preferred device for music production. You can handle multiple tasks without doubting the Processor's efficiency. You are able to work comfortably.

The Hard Disk of the Razor Blade Stealth 13 can be upgraded to improve performance. You will not have to worry about effectiveness in performance. Besides, the laptop has on-screen touch sensitivity features.


  • It is compact and ranks among the most portable laptops.
  • It gives users an opportunity to multitask because of its powerful processor.
  • Its speed makes it one of the best options in music production.
  • The laptop has a stylish design.
  • The hard disk can be upgraded.
  • It can offer a high 4K quality display.


  • It is expensive.
  • May suffer reduced battery quality with time.


Msi Gx63vr

Msi Gx63vr

The MSI GX63VR has a very strong build. It is manufactured to enhance durability. These durability features ensure that the laptop is safe from suffering constant external damage.

Moreover, it is easily portable. Portability gives the user a chance to manage music anywhere he or she prefers. The battery of this laptop lasts for a very long time. You will be able to work for long hours without worrying about recharging.

The MSI GX63VR is by far the best laptop when it comes to making beats. It will be specifically relevant to music production as it can exponentially work with even the heaviest of beats.

Supplementary features are another physicality to reckon. It has a number of ports that offer connectivity for a variety of sound input devices. In addition, the processor can support music making with a range of audio tracks.


  • Equipped with a powerful processor.
  • Offers a double-storage capacity. It features a 256 GB Solid State Drive and an additional 2TB Hard Disk Drive.
  • Has RGB keys with backlight.
  • Has a fan to prevent overheating.
  • Comes with high definition speakers.


  • The fan can become a little noisy at times.
  • It is quite expensive.

Choosing the Best Laptop for Music Production

Choosing the best laptop for your music production needs might require putting into consideration a number of factors. With modern manufacturers, you aren't too sure of the authenticity of specifications.

You have to go the extra mile on your own to compare and contrast available laptops with the productivity they offer. The best laptops for music production will give you an easy time when using.
Choosing the best laptop will offer you numerous benefits. After considering relevant factors, you will be able to choose the perfect laptop for music production. A good laptop will ensure that you are able to work faster and efficiently.

Properties of a good laptop will act as a checker when making music. This means that you won't have to do the hefty work all by yourself, the laptop becomes a personal aide. Whatever you do, you'll be able to receive key recommendations for better production.

There are a number of critical factors that deserve evaluation before embarking on the road to choosing the best laptop for music production. You have to consider the workload you are likely to deal with in production.

Best Laptop for Music Production



While considering this factor, you have to keep in mind the flexibility of locations you are most likely to work in. The best laptop for music production is very portable and convenient for working in any location without offering any inconveniences.

You may be a producer who is accustomed to working at home. You will, therefore, need a laptop that is lightweight. A lightweight laptop will minimize the risk of causing accidents by falling.

A heavy laptop will be inconvenient for a producer who works while traveling most of the time. This is because it will prove to be too clumsy to handle and even become a bother to carry around.

You have to know the places where you work the most. You may be a producer who loves working at the convenience of your own bedroom or a lover of professionalism. If you love working at home, a lightweight and compact laptop is the most suitable.

However, if you are a producer who runs a well-equipped studio, you may consider adopting the aid of laptops that have advanced features, more especially the ones with powerful processors and capabilities of working for long hours without lagging.


Operating System of the Laptop

There are two most common types of Operating Systems, the MacBooks and Windows. These Operating Systems are made available by established companies, hence their proficiency is assured.

Despite the wide application of MacBook and Windows Operating Systems, you may find it appealing to consider other Operating Systems. It is also a matter of personal preference.

There are additional Operating Systems such as Ubuntu. They are not as widely known as MacBooks and Windows, but some people find them a darling when it comes to music production and general laptop functions.

In addition, the Operating System of the laptop you seek to acquire ought to work in line with the Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) you are using. The ability of a DAW to perform greatly depends on the Operating System in play.

Different DAWs work well with particular Operating Systems. Some DAWs are entirely compatible with MacBooks while others are compatible with Windows or other Systems. Choosing a compatible version of the Operating System will prove to be very efficient.

There have been concerns, however, concerning the workability aspects of MacBook Operating Systems versus Windows. It is critical to note, that the choice of the Operating System depends on your preference.

Both types of Operating Systems are great when it comes to music production. Their efficiency is unmatched and unrivaled. When choosing the best laptop for music production, you are advised to use either for they work just fine.


The Plugins You Use

Plugins in music production refer to the audio elements you use for the sake of music-making and production as a whole. The plugins you use will greatly affect the choice of laptop for music production.

When choosing the best laptop for music production, it is important to put into consideration the plugins you use in making your music. The extensions you use in the process are also of imperative significance to your choice of device.

The most complex plugins would require a laptop that is supported by high definition graphics. This will generally prevent lagging or slow performance due to the compatibility achieved.

Your ways of mixing songs are also crucial. In case you are a producer who relies on a good number of audio tracks during production, it is very important to use a device that can support such kinds of performance demands.


Connectivity Auxiliaries Including Ports

A good laptop for your music production needs will be able to support even the most complex types of subsidiary connectivity. Most secondary connection features are the ports.
Music production is a process that involves connecting several devices to the central management unit, which is the laptop. This would mean that a good number of ports ought to be found on the laptop to facilitate such versatile connectivity.

The most common types of extension devices include audio output devices, such as the loudspeakers, Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs), and even sound enhancement features.

Every unique extensive device requires connectivity to the laptop. This will maximize performance in general, therefore, it would be advisable that you go for a laptop with such additional connectivity specifications, for enhanced music production.


The Ease of Handling Future Projects

This is always among major goals music producers seek to achieve in the course of their careers. Getting more work and dealing with more musicians. This entails producing for artistes you've never worked with before.

It may be a gruesome challenge, considering the fact that your usual ways of doing things are compromised. You might have to work with beats you've never handled before. Your laptop might come in handy, especially if its processor is super-standard.

The person you are working with will really affect your production style or process. Some artists and producers do a totally different kind of music that might involve handling new plugins or too many of them at a time.

This constant change of workability might require the best laptops. The best laptop will be your destined companion through it all. It will offer creative solutions and handle complex parts of the process.

This will, in turn, save you a lot of time and energy. All that you'll be left to do is to comprehend the needs of your artiste, sample the lyricists with your Workstation and integrate all these with the plugins and relevant audio tracks to create good music.


Size of the Studio

The size of your studio will determine the size of your working arsenal. The tools you use and the place you use them are a contributing factor to the extent to which you have to go in order to produce your music efficiently.

A small studio with a small production capacity gives you an opportunity to acquire the best laptop that performs well in the kind of setting. A small studio would preferably be a home-based arena. You may work for fewer hours.

Therefore, your needs may not be so demanding. On the contrary, a professionally customized studio as a working booth is highly demanding. Music-making is the daily routine. Deadlines have to be met and heavy beats have to be made.

You will be handling a lot of content. Plugins will range in specifications and a lot of storage space will be required. Digital Audio Workstations will also be handling production.

The best way to handle this would be to choose the best laptop to manage the consistent production processes without failing you at any instance. You'll need the best processors and storage features.


The Cpu

The Central Processing Unit is the powering station of a laptop. The CPU specifications will determine the speed of the laptop. The speed is effectuated by the processor. Therefore, the better the processor, the higher the processing speed.

Processing speed is vital in handling multiple tasks. Tasks that run in the background can still be managed and efficiently coordinated with each other to achieve exemplary output.


Ram of the laptop

The Random Access Memory works hand in hand with CPU instructions by handling the efficient running of multiple tasks. A music production demands inclusionary integration for successful realizations.

The laptop RAM serves as a short-term memory enhancement. It is able to facilitate recollection of just concluded tasks and offering solutions to forthcoming needs by using the collected information.


Storage Space and Characteristics

There are essentially two common types of storage devices for laptops. There is the Hard Disk Drive and the Solid State Drive. Both perform the same functions of storage but with different levels of performance.

Music Production may involve the creation of audio tracks and plugins that require saving. Storage space is therefore significant in music production. You would need a laptop with large storage features.

Back to the distinctions between Hard Disk Drives and Solid State Drives, we rediscover that a Solid State Drive is far more efficient in terms of transfer and general storage. A Solid State Drive barely slows down during storage. It is fast.

The Hard Disk Drive, on the other hand, slows down when more files are added to it. It spins when files are being stored. Generally, they are slower. However, both offer a large storage capacity. You will choose the best laptop depending on your storage demands.

The performance of the laptop affects the music production process. All factors are critical.


Generally, choosing the best laptop for music production depends on how well you know what you are looking for or the intensity of your needs. The best laptop will cater for your production needs to the very best.

In satisfaction of your music production needs, the best laptop should be considered for the purpose. In my recommendation, the "Apple Macbook Pro" works as the best device for any music producer.

The laptop is the best fit for music production due to its capability. The build is strong, making it durable. It has been gauged as the best laptop for making beats. Its battery lasts for a very long time too.

The storage versatility it offers is just exceptional. It provides a Solid State Drive and a Hard Disk Drive. The laptop comes with high definition speakers, a fan to prevent o reheating and RGB keys having a backlight. It gives you everything.

Before embarking on a purchase, you might need to carry out market research first. Online window shopping might come in handy too. Always remember to check the warranty details of the items you seek to acquire.
Customer Reviews are also very important.

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