Best Hitch Cargo Carrier

Pro Series Reese Cargo Carrier

Pro Series Reese Cargo Carrier

Curt Manufacturing Basket Cargo Carrier

Curt Manufacturing Basket Cargo Carrier

Rola Vortex Steel Cargo Carrier

Rola Vortex Steel Cargo Carrier

Going on a road trip or camping is a blast. The emotions that come reeling in once you’ve made this decision are just sensational. Why wouldn’t they be? Everyone deserves some time too cool off and evaluate their bearing in life.

But most of all travelling and going camping are fun activities full of joy and laughter, whether you’re planning on taking your family or just a couple of buddies. However, the real pickle comes in when you have too much luggage to fit it all in your trunk.

In other cases, you might be carrying some sensitive luggage that just can’t be piled up with the rest of the things. Have you found yourself in this tricky situation one too many times? Well you have come to the right place then!

Hitch carrier cargos completely relieve this weight off your shoulder by providing extra carrying capacity. These carriers are mounted to your car’s hitch to provide a groundbreaking solution to your extra luggage.

They are designed to be efficient, durable and long lasting. Durability is essential especially when you are travelling through rough terrains, you need the cargo to come out without a dent. They come in many designs including one that is weatherproof to ensure that your gear is safe.

High pitch carrier cargos enable you to make your adventures successful by fulfilling quite a number of envisioned line ups. Since they have been tested by the manufacture, you are sure to find the most suitable hitch carrier cargo for your adventure.

Below is a descriptive list of the top five hitch carrier cargos, take a look around and see if there is anything you like.

Best Hitch Cargo Carrier List


Pro Series Reese Cargo Carrier

Pro Series Reese Cargo Carrier

The Reese cargo carrier is the ideal partner in crime to actualize your camping or road trip in a phenomenal style. It has a robust 500 pound weight capacity, allowing you to carry even the heaviest of gears to your trip.

It is capable of fitting any car, truck, SUV or van that has a 2 inch hutch receiver. The side rails are 5.5 inches to ensure that your luggage or gear is both secure and tightly held in place, you don’t want to lose stuff along the way!

For durability and efficacy, a powder coat finish will swoops in to help in resisting any rusting and damages that might be engineered by the weather or tough terrain. The cleaning is also made a walk in the park by its rugged mesh floors.


  • It is easy to clean
  • It carries bulky gear
  • Has a powder finish coating for durability


  • Has zinc bolts that are prone to rusting
  • The welds do not look that good


Curt Manufacturing Basket-style Cargo Carrier

Curt Manufacturing Basket Cargo Carrier

This cargo prides itself in the complete securement of your cargo. This is due to its 6 inch tall sides that keep the gear fastened and safe. It also provides for easier attachments points for the straps. Considering so many other hitch carrier cargos have fallen short of this quality.

The other incredible feature in this cargo carrier is its foldable design. Yes! It has a folding shank that enables you to fold in whenever you are not using it and don’t want it hanging out without some cargo on it.

It has a weight capacity of 500lbs that will ensure that you comfortably carry your camping gear with ease. There is also a steel mesh floor that will is a breeze when it comes to cleaning of some of the messy stains that have been left behind.


  • Has a powder coating finish to resist rust
  • It is secure and convenient
  • It can be folded


  • The locking pins are slightly out of place
  • The welding has been done poorly


Rola Vortex Steel Cargo Carrier

Rola Vortex Steel Cargo Carrier

The one feature that makes this cargo carrier stand out from the rest in this list is a rise-shank design that conveniently elevates the base and offers a much more efficient ground clearance. Which proves to be a tremendous boost when loading and unloading.

If you are perhaps a bit concerned about the raging conditions that might engulf your trip and result in a damaged cargo carrier then do not be afraid. This equipment is made from a durable powder coating that combats rusting and scratches.

It is basically compatible with a 2 inch hitch receiver on a van, SUV or truck. The Rola Vortex has an upgrade that allows you to get a functional lighting system and make your travels even safer.


  • Has a lighting option
  • It is made from a black powder to protect against the elements hence highly durable
  • Has a robust capacity


  • The screw holes for the license plate are not aligned
  • The paint quality is not that desirable


Maxxhaul Cargo Carrier Wit Folding Ramp

Maxxhaul Cargo Carrier Wit Folding Ramp

This aluminum cargo is an excellent choice, if you plan on transporting wheelchairs, scooters or any garden equipment that is wheeled, as it has a folding ramp that is not only top of its class but also accentuates that sturdy design of this magnificent cargo carrier.

It enables you to secure your loads with 8 inch tall sides that also provide efficient attachment points when strapping down the loads. This coupled with the 500 pounds distributed weight makes it a force to reckon with.

It is also lightweight as a result of its aluminum construction. Its construction makes it extremely durable by waving off any rusting or threats from the elements that taunt long travels. Plus the carrier bed is pretty wide to accommodate most mobility devices.


  • Has an extra-wide carrier bed
  • It is lightweight
  • Has tall sides to secure the loads


  • The holes are not drilled properly
  • It’s carrying capacity has proved to be below 500lbs


Tow Tuff Cargo Carrier With Bike Rack

Tow Tuff Cargo Carrier With Bike Rack

The design is out of this world! It can be used as a cargo carrier and a bike rack. For the former use you can simply remove the pins transforming it to a cargo carrier. While the latter use is achieved by the use of the adjustable when cradles and holes at the end of the cargo.

No matter how you decide to put the Tow Tuff Cargo Carrier to test, just know it will blow your mind. This is made possible by a capacity of 500 pounds that enables you to fit up to four bikes or your normal bulky camping gear.

The uniqueness of this cargo carrier is the bi-fold ramp that sufficiently fulfills all your hauling needs. The aluminum construction is yet another added advantage that makes it lightweight and durable at the same time.


  • Has a bi-fold ramp
  • It is good for carrying wheeled devices
  • It is durable and lightweight


  • Does not fold up when not in use
  • It is welded poorly

Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Hitch Cargo Carrier

The necessity of a hitch cargo carrier cannot be understated, especially if your outdoorsy endeavors come at the cost of carrying a lot of luggage. The equipment smoothly comes to your aid, providing extra carrying capacity and a neat interior to your vehicle.

We cannot ignore the devastating process that comes with buying a hitch cargo carrier. I mean given that the industry has evolved is ever unleashing new carriers to its customers. Choosing a deserving winner can be like finding a needle in a haystack.

Furthermore, don’t get me started on the consequences you stand to suffer if by any unfortunate chance you end up picking a wacky equipment. Then it will be downhill for you from there own, what are you even going to tell the masses?

So like an armored knight going to battle you must be fully prepared before going out into the field. Here are a couple of factors to carefully scrutinize before making your pick, they will ensure you pick out the best carrier that is worth every dime!

Best Hitch Cargo Carrier



Considering there are many types of hitch cargo carriers, it is not enough to stagnate on the most common type. Perhaps getting a clear knowledge of the other popular types might tip the scale to some other direction.

Basket cargos are the most common ones that have shaken the industry for quite some time now. Their popularity mainly streams from the fact that they have a large carrying capacity hence are an awesome choice any day, any time!

They also have tall sides that can range from 6 inches to 19 inches. Just imagine that! It’s secure as they come I tell you. Their bottoms are also sturdy with easy an easy cleaning mesh that is bound to be quality.

The second type are the tray carriers. Now they are not widely considered to be efficient, because as the name suggests they are tray-like, thus do not possess the rail sides. On one side this means they are suitable to carry cargo past the edges.

On the side they are not safe or completely secure, since the assurance you get all depends on how you strap the luggage. Besides you never know what might actually happen, maybe the straps will loosen up and away we go with the luggage!

Lastly we have box cargo carriers. They are designed to fully enclose the cargo and keep it safely locked under key. This is their top selling feature, the fact that they protect the cargo from any elements. They are however very expensive and limit the size of cargo you can fit in them.


Carrying Capacity

The most popular and quite frankly fancied carrying capacity is 500 lbs. The manufactures are very aware that you need some extra assurance that your cargo will be equipped to handle the bulkiest of loads that you might haul on it.

That is why most of the high quality carrier cargos have a weight capacity of 500lbs. But , nobody is forcing you to strike the deal. If you need a lower carrying capacity then you can also hop on to the 200 or 300 lbs bandwagon.

Though they won’t necessarily guarantee flexibility in case you need to carry a much heavier load than you had planned on. They are extremely affordable and go to all lengths to make sure that the job is done!

So upon carefully analyzing your ordinary carrying weight you can then move forward to choose the right hitch cargo carrier. But like I said there is no pressure this is your turf so make the decision that makes you happiest.

Disclaimer! Before closing that deal, look at the customer reviews and gauge if the manufacturers are true to their words. Believe me a lot of customers have fallen prey to the 500lbs carrying capacity promise only to acquire the carrier and found out it carries below that.


Maximum Hitch Weight

This has got to be the most ignored requirement in the history of hitch cargo carrier shopping. Since people generally want to be done with the shopping process and only concentrate on the carrier itself and not their hitch weight.

Hence, before grabbing yourself a carrier confirm that your receiver and the car are fully capable of holding up against the weight of the carrier when it loaded to maximum capacity. If it can’t then you might want to rethink your previous carrying capacity choice.



Picture this gut drenching scenario, you are driving on the highway and suddenly the whole pile of luggage crumbles down. The driver behind you in a bid to avoid the falling bags, hastily swerves without a second thought and boom, there is a loud collision.

This is a dreadful possibility likely to be occasioned by a non-secure hitch cargo carrier. So double check your desired choice to see if there are any lockable options or if it comes with straps.

If not then it is recommended to buy your very own sturdy straps that will keep the load secure. The height of the rails is also a major prerequisite. Go for the tallest and most convenient rails you are likely to come across, since they keep your gear or luggage secure and safe.

They also provide sturdy attachment areas to tie the straps on firmly, once again elevating the safety level. For better efficacy, you can choose a hitch cargo carrier with a lighting option that could prove useful at night in notifying the other drivers.


Rear Hatch Access

If you absolutely need to access your rear hatch, then it is paramount not to choose a carrier that is raised. You should go for on without a rise shank, then again this would mean you have to give up on a better ground clearance.


Assembly and Installation

Some carriers come already assembled, hence taking a huge load off your shoulders. I highly recommend you choose one of these. Since you don’t want to get the perfect carrier suitable for use, only for that light at the end of the tunnel to be dimmed out by the assembly process.

Primarily because other carriers need to be first assembled, it’s like struggling to press the buzzer first before you can actually give the right answer in a sepllingbee contest. My point is the assembly and installation might not be a piece of cake!

This is because the manuals can be pretty unclear on how you arSe supposed to join the bolts or where to join them exactly. Nobody wants this kind of headache! So strive to pick out an already assembled carrier and the fire shall be rekindled!


The Build Material

The build material is an important factor since it immediately signals the durability and sturdiness of the carrier. You do not want to be stuck with a material that is an impediment to future uses and leaves the carrier tattered and looking crappy after a few trips.

The best option out there is stainless steel, it is heavy duty material that will handle heavy loads and not succumb to the pressure. The second best option if stainless steel isn’t looking too bright is aluminum.

Aluminum is extremely efficient and is not as heavy as stainless steel making it a top contender if you are looking for a lightweight carrier. You might be forced to reduce the weight you intend on carrying. It will still be in the heavy bracket, just not enough to match stainless steel carriers.

Moreover, aluminum is made more durable by its ability to resist rust. The last option is polypropylene which is lightweight and durable than the two options. The only hiccup is that it can only handle light luggage.


High Cargo Carrier Vs Roof Cargo Carrier

Both of these cargo work the same way, by providing extra carrying capacity for your much needed escapades. Roof cargo carriers were the most common ones. But the popularity of high cargo carriers has been growing exponentially.

Advantages of Roof Cargo Carrier

  • They don’t require the availability of a hitch to use them
  • They are lighter than hitch cargo carriers
  • They generally have less expensive versions

Advantages of Hitch Cargo Carrier

  • When installed on the back of the car they add less air drag hence reducing on gas fuel.
  • They have a larger carrying capacity than the roof cargo carriers. Since they can hold up to a weight of 500 pounds. While rooftop cargo carriers only go up to a weight of 200 pounds.
  • They are easy to access and install, as they don’t require all the climbing and struggling to unhook the straps or unload the cargo unlike the roof cargo carriers. For installation all you need is a receiver hitch and it’s easy peasy from there on.
  • They are very efficient if you are using a pickup truck. Since not many rooftop cargo carriers can fit on top of pickup trucks.

Frequently Asked Questions of the Best Hitch Cargo Carrier


How Much Weight Can a Hitch Cargo Carrier Hold?

The most common weight is 500 lbs, which is able to give you some insurance when you are not sure about the amount of cargo you are taking with you. But there are other carriers that are able to handle a weight of 200 lbs and some 700lbs.


Is Using a Hitch Cargo Carrier Safe?

They are very safe, but it depends of the precaution measures you are going to pay attention to and actualize. For instance, you should distribute the weight of the cargo evenly to prevent a scenario where one side is leaning hence becoming a definite safety hazard.

Also make sure to tightly strap the gear or cargo tightly and securely. Ensure that you purchase a cargo carrier with a lighting option, which is one with reflectors. They are extremely crucial, more so at night when you need to alert other drivers that you have a hitch cargo carrier.

If by any chance you don’t land on a cargo carrier with reflectors then it is best to take the initiative and buy them. Then after installation you will be good to go! In a nut shell, hitch cargo carriers won’t be a safety hazard provided you too are careful.


After this elaborate piece, I hope that I have caught your attention and accelerated your burning desire to buy a hutch cargo carrier. If you want to be able to have a wide playing field when packing your cargo then I am sure this equipment will soothe your heart.

Having told you to take your time and choose the right carrier. I haven’t considered the fact that it might not be that easy so my apologies! Personally I think the Pro Series Reese Cargo Carrier stands out from the rest in pretty much everything.

Just take a closer look, it is sturdy and durable with its powder finish coating which is capable of battling out the elements and is rust resistant. It is secure and convenient due to the tall rails that will keep your luggage safe.

You will also notice that the rugged mesh floor is easy to clean. It has a tight sealed assurance hovering over it, and just waiting to materialize once you’ve grabbed it. So wait no more! Go buy the Pro Series Reese Cargo Carrier.

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