Best Headphones for Kids

Jlab Audio Jbuddies Wired Headphones

Jlab Audio Jbuddies Wired Headphones

Riwbox Light-up Bluetooth Headphones

Riwbox Light-up Bluetooth Headphones

Onanoff Buddyphones Explore

Onanoff Buddyphones Explore

The traditional perception of fun to kids is long gone, as if abducted by an alien ship never to be seen again. What kids consider fun these days is binge watching a whole season of SpongeBob on their tablets and then switching up to some games!

But hey change is inevitable we would be horrible monsters, worsts than King Kong and Godzilla if we didn’t allow the dynamics of life to take their course and swoop us to newer and even better lives.

What I am trying to put across is that we have to be there for our kids and what they like. Perhaps your child like thumping down to some sick kid songs. The least you could do is get them some headphones to get rid of the noise and because you also love them!

Now I understand headphones for kids is a sensitive issue and not every parent would be totally on board with the idea. But I assure you the market is filled with kid friendly headphones designed specifically for their tiny heads and most of all safety.

I emphasize safety since we are all aware that loud volume levels could be damaging to our eears, now imagine that on a little kid, devastating! That’s why these headphones have volume limiters to prevent damaging noises to our kid’s eardrums.

To make sure you do this the right way, here is a list of the top five headphones for kids to guarantee safety and efficacy at the same time, and plus they are adorable.

Best Headphones for Kids List


Jlab Audio Jbuddies

Jlab Audio Jbuddies Wired Headphones

Children have smaller heads than adults so you can’t expect them to wear the standard headphones that are prone to falling off. These headphones are specifically designed to fit children.

They also have a design that is absolutely comfortable over the ear, with eco leather cushions and padded headband. Due to the risks involved with getting a child headphones, JLab Audio has volume limiters and regulators that ensure your kid doesn’t pump up that music past 85db.

Furthermore it has braided-nylon cord that is not susceptible to tangling, which can be nagging especially to a kid. It also has an in line mic for taking calls and also controlling the music. Could be a nice touch to your kid whenever you call them.


  • It is highly comfortable
  • Has an adjustable headband
  • Offers a lifetime warranty


  • Doesn’t have an option for both wireless and connected headphones.
  • There has been complains that one side stopped working


Riwbox Light-up Bluetooth Headphones

Riwbox Light-up Bluetooth Headphones

This product is a blessing in disguise for any parent looking to surprise their kid with a headphone. For one it has both a wire and wireless mode for your choosing. It has the switches at the both sides of the earphones making it highly convenient.

It comes with 40mm speaker and a 5.0 Bluetooth technology so it’s a nice integrating device for a child. Moreover, once the matching is done you don’t have to fumble with the Bluetooth option matching again.

It has a breathtaking design! It includes LED installed at both sides of the headphones such that it lights up according to the frequency of the music. It is also foldable which a winning feature is especially if the kid wants to fit it their backpack.


  • It is foldable
  • It has an on/off LED light design
  • It is reasonably priced


  • Doesn’t have a variety of colors for boys to choose from
  • The music blasts loudly hence not safe for little ears


Onanoff Buddyphones Explore

Onanoff Buddyphones Explore

This has got to be the safest headphones for kids out on the market. It seems most people seem to agree since these particular headphones are an award winning safe audio for kids. Looking at the features on these device you can totally attest that is it worthy of the acclamation.

For starters, it has a built in volume limiting circuitry capped at 85dB to prevent any damage to hearing since you can’t always be there, standby to protect your kids from damages to their hearing. It is also designed with hypoallergenic materials.

To satisfy the palate for kids are a number of features on these headphones. They include a variety of fun colors that are bent on brightening their lives and fun custom designed stickers. These headphones are also durable to endure the test of time.


  • Engineered using durable and hypoallergenic materials
  • Custom made with stickers and fun colors
  • Have a volume limiter


  • It is difficult to connect both ear cups
  • They are flawed sometimes when getting sounds from both sides


Elecder 137 Kids Headphone

Elecder 137 Kids Headphone

If your kids manage to damage about everything put in their way, then this is one special device for you. These headphones have nylon cords that are very durable and do no tangle. For comfortability, they have a soft push headband that is also adjustable.

They are foldable, making them extremely portable. You can simply squeeze them in your child’s backpack and they will hop around happy as a daisy. They also rank high in quality due to their excellent sound effects.

For connecting to other devices is an L-shaped stereo plug that fits into any device with a 3.5mm jack. It has 40mm dividers that efficiently cancel out any outside noise and promote an immersive listening for your young one.


  • Has a colorful design
  • They are durable and foldable
  • Have a durable nylon fabric cord that makes it durable 


  • Doesn’t have a volume limiter
  • The jack is prone to breakage


Symphonized Kids Volume Limited Earbuds

Symphonized Kids Volume Limited Earbuds

You have to give it up for the material and design of these earphones. They are made from all natural wood to bring out acoustics that sound natural and a powerful bass. So your kids are treated to an excellent sound profile.

To guarantee they are child friendly, they have a volume limiter capped at 85db to prevent ear damaging volume levels to your little ones. They are also super easy to figure out and use, with voice control, and buttons effecting skip, pause and play music.

They come in sizes convenient for children and have silicon ear tips for comfortability. Since we all know how careless kids can be, these earphones come with a cute portable pouch to safely store the earbuds when not in use.


  • It has a volume limiter
  • Great design and material
  • Provides a variety of size options


  • The sizes are big for some children
  • Poor durability 

Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Headphones for Kids

Just like other a number of other products, when buying headphones for kid you should have a few pointers to help you strike the right deal. The last thing you want is to buy a device whose quality is going to crumble bit by bit rapidly.

Moreover, if you have already made up your mind about getting your kid headphones, then you are most probably conversant with the risks associated with it. So you should take the wheel and steer towards the safest device for your little one.

Best Headphones for Kids



Let’s be honest here , you are buying headphones for you kids .The volume limiting feature isn’t going to exactly make him run around the living room singing ‘hakuna matata’ from the Lion King. What they are going to want to see is a fun colorful style.

Hence, you should be keen to buy the most kid stylish headphones you can possibly find. Going for flashing colors is a start, if it’s a girl then a nice pink colored design will do. For a boy perhaps a black or blue color.

Some headphones are also come with stickers making the headphones customizable. Your child will certainly fall in love with this accessory. Since they get to experiment with their own creativity and add a little bit of their touch to the headphones.



Kids are generally rough around everything. They are what you would call ‘monsters of destruction’. They go around raging wildly during their playtime and it is never advisable to give them anything that comes even close to being fragile.

I have heard tales of kids that have took down an entire living room set up! Yes! This matter is that serious. Anyway, when buying headphones makes sure it is built from sturdy materials that are likely to withstand all the rough handling thrown at them.

For this you should make sure the headphone cord are strong enough and that it doesn’t tangle. Since tangling presents an Achilles heel that will utilized by your children, you can take me on my word!


Comfort and Fit

You want to make sure you buy the right fitting headphones for your kid. Especially since you don’t want them to keep falling off their head, because it will be your job to explain why ‘my headphones don’t fit my head’

Good fitting headphones also increase the efficiency and quality of performance. Since your kid will experience great sound quality and rock out comfortably. Talking about comfortability, you need to ensure that your little one is comfortable with the headphones.

However to be absolutely sure, you can go for adjustable headbands. With one of these you don’t have to fret about fitting. Since you can easily adjust to suit their little heads and they won’t have to grow out of them fast.

Don’t worry this can easily be attained, there is a wide variety of headphones in the market that offer comfort over the ear. To pinpoint them out you have to look for cushioned headphones and padded headbands.


Volume Limits

This is definitely the most important factor that you should have over your head before making that purchase. When you finally decide to get your child headphones then you must put their safety before anything else.

This is mostly because you won’t always be present to monitor the volume levels and prevent hearing damage. Given the fact that kids like to crunch a bunch of numbers whose use they have no clue to, you can bet they will crank up the volume to dangerous levels.

In the long run you want to guarantee you child’s safety and fun, since the standard earphones mostly advise 95db and this is for adults. You should ensure that kids do not listen to volume levels above 85db.

How do you do this? You buy headphones that have volume limiters and regulators. They are absolutely efficient in maintaining the volume below 85db and keeping your kid from being susceptible to hearing damage.


Noise Cancellation

Noise cancelling headphones are the perfect choice for kid’s headphones. Primarily because they cancel out all that background noise and gives our kids an immersive listening that will not derive them to increase the volume levels.

The first type of children’s noise cancelling headphone are the active noise cancellation ones. They work through a simple and yet intricate way, whereby they have a microphone and a digital signal processor.

The microphone picks up on the external sounds, be it a clanking racket or some background music. Then the digital signal processor plays the exact sound frequencies cancelling out the intruding noise.

The second type is a passive noise cancellation headphone. They are the most commonly used but less effective compared to the active noise cancellation one. They seal the ear canal using high density form to the external noise


Foldable/ Space Saving

If you are plan on travelling with the kids, then foldable headphones come in handy. Especially if you’ve tightly packed the suitcases and you definitely want to bring the headphones with you to keep the kids occupied.

Thus foldable headphones will go a long to save you some space. You could even put them on your kid’s tiny backpack and have them carry their own entertainment! Either way these foldable feature is bound to make you and your kid happy souls.


Benefits of Headphones for Kids

Allow me to reiterate the fact that is am fully aware that some parents are very hesitant to get their young children earphones. This is completely understandable if you are still not certain here are some of the benefits of buying your kid headphones.


Reduces Noise From the Outside World

Noise cancelling headphones employ various methods to ensure that your kids is fully immersed in the music or whatever they might be listening to. This ensures that they are not only protected from external noise but that they also enjoy quality sound.

That is why most parents opt to get headphones for their toddlers when taking flights. This protects the toddlers from the overbearing loud noise of the plane taking off. Hence keeping them calm, you don’t want them to start crying.


They Keep Your Child Calm

Travelling with your kids is always a nightmare, unless they fall asleep. This is because kids need to be constantly engaged for brain activity. That’s why they are always jumpy and high on alert.

So if you are the car out on a long trip you want to make sure both you and the kid have peace and tranquility. This is where headphones come in, they allow your kid to full concentrate on their cartoon or music, that when silence prevails and you get a piece of mind.

This also applies at home, maybe you have some chores or work you want to do. Headphones will work wonders to calm your child, especially considering the digital world has safe and enticing content for your young one.

It could be their favorite music or they simply want to catch up on the new toy story, be sure it will calm them down? Headphones also help in reducing all the noise coming from your kid’s tablet or phone, to the relief of everyone in the house.


It Promotes Fun Alone Time

The happiest moment for a parent is when they see their child happy. Headphones are bound to provide a lot of those memories. Imagine seeing your kid giggle hilariously at some SpongeBob episode.

In that bleak moment you get to witness and breath it all in as your kid experiences true fun and happiness. Knowing quite well that a bunch of people are going to try and rain of his/her parade in the future, but you are not ready for that yet!

But a word of caution to you, it is your duty to limit your child’s screen time. Since overindulgence has its negative effects also. This also applies to the headphones, do not allow them to put the headphones for way too long.


They Are Fitting and Lightweight

Headphones, especially those with adjustable headbands can easily fit the head of your kid comfortably. This prevents them from falling down, they are also extremely lightweight. Your child will even forget they have headphones on.

Frequently Asked Questions of the Best Headphones for Kids


Are Headphones Safe for Kids?

This answer could go both ways, on one side headphones are extremely helpful to your kid especially since they give you some time off from their constant noises and nagging. Provided you ensure that the headphones have volume limiters.

The general knowledge is that prolonged exposure to loud volume levels leads to hearing damage. This noise restricting technology ensures that the volume stays below 85 dB, which is considered a healthy level for your toddler.

But on the flip side some products have a clearly detailed description guaranteeing that the product has a volume limiter. Only to have your kid exposed to loud blasting that cannot be controlled.

My point is that you can never be too sure about the credibility of the products. Hence, before buying the headphones, it is wise to ask around and even go through the various reviews penned down about the product. In a bid to ascertain its safety!


How Young is Too Young?

There isn’t a certain answer to this question. So it this you just have to go with your guts and make the right choice, provided you ensure that loud volume levels are limited and you kid is kept from hearing damage.

But still I urge you not to be afraid to go for it. Especially since technology has come a long way to ensure even your infant can wear some headphones. Since these headphones are comfortable, light and pretty. 


Should I Limit My Child’s Use of Headphones?

Of course you should! Technology might have caught the world by storm and offered it a great many gifts. But it still remains to be that glaring hungry lion that lurks in the bushes. It can be harmful if over used.

So in spite of giving your child some fun time and allowing them to take their new ‘toy’ out on spin. You must take it upon yourself to regulate the amount of time they can use their headphones.

Each day you can allocate some hours for them to enjoy their headphones provided the volume is sufficiently limited and that the content they are enjoying is also supervised. This goes for the older kids. The last thing you want on your hands is the technology growing into an obsession.


Headphones are a great gateway for both you and the kids. Well you get to have some peace and quiet to carry out your work diligently. As for your kids, they get to safely rock out and not forgetting the reduction of noise for the infants.

However, due to the many headphones parading the market .Any of them could be the wild card that blows up in your face. We must prevent that by all cost, thus i present to you the JLab Audio JBuddies.

These headphones have an adjustable headband to fit your adorable kid. For comfort they have eco leather cushions that are simply blissful over the ear. They also have a nylon cord that is extremely durable when set against your kid.

Leaving the best for last, these headphones have voice limiters that ensure your child is not susceptible to hearing damage. By keeping the volume below 85Db, no matter how much they try to crank it up. JLab Audio JBuddies is riveting and godsend!

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