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Ozeri Touch II

Ozeri Touch II

 EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale

EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale

OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Food Scale

OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Food Scale

Do you need to make a replacement on your current food scale? Your old one could be inaccurate and therefore posing some challenges. After all, the most important thing to consider in a food scale is its accuracy.

This is true especially if you are trying out a new recipe and would not like anything to go wrong. If you own a bakery, you are also not an exception since there are a lot of measurements to be taken.
Even though most bakers can make a good guess they still need a scale when measuring the weight of dough for each piece of cake. Most importantly, it is a business and you can't be undergoing losses for wasting some amount of dough on a daily basis.

Otherwise, you could end up closing down soon. Well, there are several food scales on the market at the moment which could cause some confusion. It is therefore your responsibility to find out more about food scales since everyone is out there to take some money home at the end of the day.

To make your search a little easier, below are five food scales that could be perfect for your selection. I will ensure that I do not consume much of your time. Without much delay, let me take you through.

Best Food Scales List


Ozeri Touch II

Ozeri Touch II

Are you worried about your food scale growing some stains or inhabiting odor-causing bacteria? It may please you to know that this food scale made by Ozeri is an exception to that. This is because it features a Microban antimicrobial technology to cater for that.

It also comes with two sensitive buttons, one of which is the precision tare button. Its function is to give the accurate weight of the ingredient after subtracting the weight of the container used, if any.

The second button is the unit button which converts the weight of your ingredient to either lb./oz., g, fl.oz, and ml. It also comes with four high precision GFX sensors and a big blue LCD screen. If you are wondering about its capacity, it ranges from 1 g to 8000 g or from 0.05 oz. to 18 lbs.

For it to function, it requires two lithium batteries and its compartment is very easy to access since you won't need to arm yourself with any tools.


  • It applies the Microban antimicrobial technology
  • Its weighing surface is large
  • It enables you to use more units of measurement than what other competitors are offering


  • It comes with a shorter warranty compared to other scales
  • Big and heavy


EatSmart Precision Pro

 EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale

Are you dieting and therefore watching out for your calorie intake? If you are, this food scale could be perfect for you. This is because it comes with a free EatSmart Calorie Factors guide to make your work more easier.

It is also perfect for use in your household for cooks, dieters, and families. Its displayed weight is in ounces, lbs., grams, and kgs. And just like most food scales, it has the tare feature to ensure that the weight of the container is subtracted to give an accurate measurement of the ingredients.

It also comes with an auto-shutoff feature of three minutes to give you some time as your preparations are underway while still keeping the life of your batteries. Since accidents may be hard to avoid sometimes, it has five rubber feet to ensure that it doesn't slip off.
It may also please you to know that it is easy to not only move it around as you please but also in storing it away when it's not in use.


  • Accurate
  • Portable
  • It comes with rubber feet


  • Its weighing surface is small
  • It has a maximum capacity of 11 lbs.
  • There are additional costs for shipping


OXO Good Grips

OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Food Scale

Could you prefer a food scale that comes with a pullout display? If yes, then maybe this food scale from OXO could be good to go for you. This is perfect when your ingredient is too large and therefore occupies most of the weighing scale.

In case you are curious, this food scale is very accurate in its measurement and also very consistent. What is the maximum weight that this scale can carry? Well, its maximum weighing capacity is at 11 lbs.

Its weighing surface is wide and measures approximately 64 square inches which is adequate if you think about it. It is also made of stainless steel and will therefore not give you trouble with stains like some scales being offered by other competitors in the market.

However, if you prefer decimals instead of fractions, which I believe most of us do, you may not like this food scale. 


  • It has a wide measuring surface
  • It is accurate
  • It comes with a pullout display


  • Very heavy
  • In case you prefer decimals, it displays fractions
  • There are additional costs for shipping


American Weigh Blade BL-1KG-BLK

American Weigh Blade BL-1KG-BLK

Just like most food scales, this food scale features several weighing units including grams, ounces, grains, and carats, making it very convenient. Do you go for unique designs? Well, it could make it to the list with a section of it swinging out on the side to bring out a light display.

It also comes with three buttons. The first, is the on and off button to restart it and switch it off. The second is the tare button which measures the true weight of your ingredient by eliminating the weight of the plate or container used.

The third and last button is the mode button. And if you are worried about the guarantee of this product, it may please you to know that this manufacturer had you in mind with the ten year guarantee that comes with this product.

Its accuracy is also on point and if you intend to carry it more often, it is perfect. This is because once you put its lid on, it will easily fit into your pocket with much ease. It also comes with two expandable lids.


  • Portable
  • It has a unique design
  • It has a warranty of ten years


  • Its maximum weighing capacity is at 2.2 lbs. and therefore low
  • There are additional costs for shipping


Ozeri Pro II Digital ZK12S-B

Ozeri Pro II Digital ZK12S-B

In case you are looking for a food scale that you can easily carry around, then this food scale should definitely make it to the list. This is because it is light in weight. Among a variety of scales, it stands out with its timer.

It is not only accurate but also very consistent in its measurements. Its maximum weighing capacity is 11 pounds while its least capacity is 0.05 ounces. Its weighing platform might seem smaller when compared to other food scales in the market since it measures 20 square inches.
However, it is still adequate to be used at home. It also includes a large, bright display with a variety of units grams, ounces, kilograms, and pounds. It also features the tare button which subtracts the weight of the container to give an accurate weight of the ingredient.

This food scale is also very easy to store since it doesn't come with many restrictions.


  • Has a timer
  • Portable
  • Light in weight
  • Accurate and consistent


  • It doesn't display weight in fluid ounces or milliliters
  • Its weighing surface is smaller than other food scales

Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Food Scale

Instead of guessing the weight of the ingredients you need, a food scale will perform that function for you. This will also ensure that you do not end up wasting precious time especially if you have a lot of meals to prepare.

It also helps in ensuring that you do not use too little of a certain ingredient which might mess an entire recipe, or too much which will only make you waste materials that would have been beneficial later.

Below are features that you should look out for when purchasing a food scale, either online or from a store:

 Best Food Scale



Who wants a product that will only last a few months or even weeks at the most? Definitely no one! We all want to buy something that we can use for a considerable amount of time before it gets spoilt.

Of course it won't last forever, but we need to feel that the machine we bought was worth the amount of money we spent. How do you know that a food scale is durable? Luckily, most food scales are made from stainless steel.

This will ensure that it doesn't get stains especially if you live in a cold and moist environment, for instance, during the winter season. This has been a common issue for food scales in the past. And stains are not good for your health since it could stick to your ingredients as you prepare them.

They could also cause ailments in the long-term. Some food scales that are currently in the market have been advanced to use the Microban antimicrobial technology. This is helpful in two ways. First, it ensures that the food scale is stainless.

And secondly, it keeps the bacteria that could bring about odor away making it very safe for your use. Therefore, you could choose a scale that is stainless or one that comes with the advanced technology.

However, the second one is likely to be more expensive since it's an upgrade.



Where do you intend to use your food scale? Would you like to carry it around more often? If you do, you might need to choose one that is small in size and light for you to have an easy time. Most but not all food scales tend to be heavy.

However, some have been made in such a way that they are not. In fact, there are some food scales in the market that can fit into your purse and they still function as good as the others. Can you imagine that?

But its weight somehow determines its durability to a certain point. The more heavy it is, the more durable it is likely to be. And if it is too light, you might question its durability a bit. However, this may not apply to all food scales.

It is therefore a good idea to ask the manufacturer or seller for this information before purchase since they are at a better position to know more. However, you might have to choose between portability and durability.
Just gauge yourself on the one that matters most and go for it!



This is definitely one of the most important factors when buying a food scale. In fact, it should have been in the top of my list. Come to think of it, you buy a food scale in the first place because you are tired of guessing the amount of ingredients and need some accuracy.
It could also be that your current scale is misguiding you with inaccurate measurements.

However, one thing is clear and that is the fact that you can't work with an inaccurate scale. It is therefore a good thing to ensure that the food scale you choose offers nothing but accuracy.

It should also come with the tare button which ensures that the weight of the container you are using is not included in the overall measurement of the ingredient. This ensures that the true measurement is displayed.


The Display

How do you prefer your display? You could be wondering what I mean. The display is in form of numbers and their units. The units could be in ounces, grams, kilograms, and many more. However, some food scales don't display in fluid ounces or milliliters.

Depending on how you want to use it, this could disadvantage you. But if you have no use for those units, you definitely have no limits in your choices. As for the numbers, they could be displayed either in decimals or fractions.

I must admit that I personally wasn't that good at math. Therefore, for people like myself, we wouldn't want to undergo the torture of having to convert the fractions into decimals by ourselves.

Instead, I would go for a scale that brings out the numbers in decimals. But if you don't mind, you have many options to choose from.


Weighing Platform

Do you prefer a large or small weighing surface? Well, this will depend on how you intend to use it. What ingredients will you be measuring? Will they be large enough for you to need a big platform? If yes, then you already have your answer.

But if you only need a food scale to measure the normal ingredients in a household, even a small one is still good to go. The surface could measure between 20 inches to 64 inches. Those are not the exact measurements for all food scales since some could even be lower or more than that.

Since what I need might not be of help to someone else, it is a good idea to visit the store, and if it's online, you can make comparisons and look for what works best for you.



Is consistency really that important? Yes, it is. Can you imagine a weighing scale that measures the same amount of ingredients twice but gives two different measurements? That might not be good.

For starters, it will mean that the manufacturer ripped you off. Unfortunately, there is no way to affirm this before purchase. However, you can go through the previous reviews of other customers who have used it.



How flexible are your pockets at the moment? If you want a food scale with high quality, you are going to spend more than when you are just good to go with a standard scale that can perform the function. The high price could also be due to the fact that the scale in question is an upgraded version.

Have you ever considered a second hand food scale? Even though it is not something common, never buy a food scale that has already been used. You could take risks and they turn out to be okay or the total opposite.

But why am I saying this? This is because such food scales are not likely to be productive. You might not even be sure about how they were used in the past. And just like every machine in the market, the food scale wears off and is likely to be inefficient and ineffective overtime.


The Weighing Capacity

This is about the minimum and maximum capacity that will suit you. The minimum capacity in most cases is 0.05 oz. with the maximum for most food scales being at 11 pounds. However, you should think about what you need.

This will be based on how you intend to use your food scale. For one person, the minimum amount could be really important but for another, the maximum amount could be the game changer for them.

Therefore, find out what you need and make your choice.



Can you make a replacement on the food scale that you choose to settle for? Everyone prefers a longer warranty as this will mean that you have more time to gauge on the efficiency of the food scale and make a replacement if need be. Manufacturers offer different guarantees.

Some will give you none, others will give you one year, ten years, or even a lifetime. The more the guaranteed time, the more your food scale is likely to deliver quality. But what is the purpose of a warranty?

It is to ensure that you are happy and fully satisfied with a product. Let's look at the one that comes with a ten year warranty. The truth is that the time is a little too much. You might not even be using that same scale in those ten years for a variety of reasons. But this will ensure satisfaction.

For instance, there could be more advanced scales in the market.


Additional Features

This is basically about any outstanding features that the different food scales bring to the table. An example could be the pullout display which will enable you to view the measurements and their units easily despite your ingredients being too large and thereby covering the entire surface.

It could also be the five rubber feet that will ensure that the food scale does not slide off. This can be a good preventive measure since accidents happen all the time. Not all food scales use the microban antimicrobial technology.

Therefore, choosing a food scale that uses it, is definitely going to be an added advantage. This is in fact, a game changer. It could also be the auto-shutoff feature that gives you approximately three minutes to prepare your ingredients before they are ready to be measured.

And if you want to cut down some extra weight, some food scales come with a calorie factors guide to make your work more easier, and lastly, is the timer which most scales do not have. It could come in handy.

With all these features, you just have to choose the ones that matter most and then pick out the best that suits you.


I sincerely appreciate for your time and hope that my article was of help to you. I reviewed five food scales that I highly recommend that you choose from. However, my top pick is the Ozeri Touch II.

But why would I choose this food scale when there are a variety of choices? First, it is very accurate and when it comes to food scales, this is very important as that is in fact the reason why you go for one in the first place.

Secondly, it comes with a large weighing platform which makes it efficient for a variety of uses. My third reason is the fact that it is one among the few that uses the Microban antimicrobial technology to get rid of any bacteria causing odor and ensure that there are no stains. This will guarantee your health unlike most food scales in the market.

It also comes with a large blue LCD screen, 4 high precision GFX sensors, and 2 touch sensitive buttons which comprises of the precision tare button and the unit button. It also doesn't require any tools for you to access the battery compartment.

However, its warranty is relatively short compared to other food scales in the market. It is also very big and heavy. The advantages still outweigh the shortcomings since it combines accuracy, consistency, new technology, and functionality all in one. If it meets your needs, you should definitely make your order while stock lasts!

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