Best Duck Decoys

Avery Greenhead Gear Pro-Grade Mallard Harvester Floating Duck Decoys

Avery Greenhead Gear Pro-Grade Mallard Harvester Floating Duck

AvianX Top Flight Wood Duck Floater Decoy, (Brown)

AvianX Top Flight Wood Duck Floater Decoy, (Brown)

AvianX Top Flight Duck Open Water Mallard Decoy

AvianX Top Flight Duck Open Water Mallard Decoy

Are you looking for one of the best duck decoys for your hunting journey? If you are quite confused about which one to pick because there are enormous options out there, then I can assure you this article is going to help you out.

Nowadays, duck decoys become many popular among us due to their unique quality of attracting ducks and helping out in our hunting adventure.

There are many duck decoys available in the market, so most of the cases, we got confused. Let me clear you one thing while you are going to buy duck decoys then you must need to consider on which setup you are going to use them like dry or watery area.

Besides, there are also some other considerations that you need to bear in mind while purchasing decoys; otherwise, your hunting journey will go in vain.

After researching a lot, finally, I was able to find out the best duck decoys that anyone may love to have. So, in the next segments, I have given the details go through the section and find out what those are.

Best Duck Decoys List


Avery Greenhead Gear Pro-Grade Mallard Harvester Floating Duck Decoys

Avery Greenhead Gear Pro-Grade Mallard Harvester Floating Duck Decoys

If you are looking for the best duck decoys that will not only help you in your duck hunting adventure but also provide you with a unique appearance, then the Avery Greenhead Gear Pro-Grade Mallard Harvester Floating Duck Decoys is here to help you out. You can use the decoy as your house decoration tools.

It is one of the well-known brands for making high-quality duck decoys. This package comes with a hen and a drake that perfectly designed that it will seem realistic not only that these two duck decoys come with a perfect size that makes it one of the best duck decoys.

The most exciting part of these Greenhead duck decoy is the manufacturer always use the same materials and paint to make duck decoys. So if you already have any duck decoy from Greenhead, then these new decoys will match them perfectly with the old ones.

This realistic Greenhead duck decoy ensures premium quality, so you do not need to worry about their durability. The high-quality lure painted with excellent quality paintings that will be going to last for an extended period. Even after years, you will be trouble-free.

Sometimes these decoys do not tend to show any movements even if heavy wind. Despite this negative side, high-quality lures could be an absolute choice for you if you are a fan of Greenhead Line products.

While coming to the price, these decoys come at a cheaper rate than the other ones even after being a premium-quality product.


  • High-quality Greenhead Line product.
  • Comes in a perfect size.
  • Budget-friendly.


  • Sometimes show no movements even though there is heavy wind.


AvianX Top Flight Wood Duck Floater Decoy, (Brown)

AvianX Top Flight Wood Duck Floater Decoy, (Brown)

Now coming to the next option, it is the AvianX Flight Wood Duck Decoy that comes in a traditional setup. Not only that, but the AvianX is also a top-rated company for making innovative and high-quality duck decoys, turkey decoys, and goose decoys.

This six-pack duck decoy comes with two low head drakes, two high head drakes, and two small head hens that made with all the perfection of AvianX. The constructing material of this duck decoy is mature wood that makes the whole setup a perfect replication.

All the decoy comes with a front weighted-keel that ensures the realistic movement of the lure. Most importantly, the non-chip painting of the bait and the advanced rubberized molding material makes the decoy more durable and ensure that the decoy is going to last longer.

If you consider the size of these decoys, they are slightly oversized than the common ones. The measurement is 12.5-inches starting from the breast to the tail of the lure.

This high-quality wooden decoy can withstand the stiff conditions also. So they are durable, sturdy, and long-lasting to assure you that you do not need to be bothered at all.

Now coming to the expense, this exceptional quality popular branded product comes at an average rate, so it can be a perfect pick for you if you want something budget-friendly.


  • Non-chip paint.
  • Rubberized molding material.
  • High-quality wooden product.
  • Comes at an average price.


  • It is not pre-assembled.


AvianX Top Flight Duck Open Water Mallard Decoy

AvianX Top Flight Duck Open Water Mallard Decoy

So here comes another AvianX model. As I mentioned before the AvianX is a very well-known brand for making unique quality products; as a result, I can not avoid the AvianX Top Flight Duck Open Water Mallard Decoy model while creating a top-five list.

This premium quality comes with a non-chip painting; as a result, the design becomes durable, and it lasts for a longer time even though it comes in contact with water or any other materials. Not only that but also, these paints can withstand any situations where they have used regularly.

This six-pack of Mallard Decoys comes with one feeder drake, one feeder hen, one low head drake, one high head drake, one swimmer hen, and one high head hen.

These duck decoys come with a very realistic design to make your duck hunting easier. The rubberized molding material ensures its durability while the front weighted keel design guarantees the natural movement of the decoys.

The easily accessible swimming clip makes it handier to use for duck hunting. These decoys come with an ultra-realistic look that will remain consistent even in the roughest water.

Nevertheless, all these features will be a perfect choice for anyone because these decoys are not expensive at all. Just give it a try; you would not feel dissatisfied with the lure.


  • Realistic design.
  • Non-chip painting.
  • Rubberized material.
  • Durable.
  • Inexpensive.


  • Not a consistent keel design.


Dakota Decoy X-Treme Flocked Drake Head Mallards

Dakota Decoy X-Treme Flocked Drake Head Mallards

Coming to the next option, then you can see the Dakota Decoy X-Treme Flocked Drake Head Mallards is in the fourth position of my top-five list of five best duck decoys.

The unique part of these decoys is they come with a 12 piece pack. As a result, you can target a large group of ducks and perform your prey more swiftly.

All the decoys come with six different head styles, and you can spin the head in 360-degree direction for assuring a more realistic look.

The high-quality polyethylene material of the decoys guarantees the durability of the products. They come with a perfect finishing that makes it look ultra-realistic and ensures consistency.

They come with lifelike painted finish and a multiple-step painting process with all the attention to detail to make it realistic enough to attract the ducks.

These Dakota Decoys are slightly oversized than the average size, which makes it visible from a distant place. Not only that, but the weighted keel also ensures the perfect movement of the decoys.

These duck decoys are quite expensive than the other choices. But still, it is worthy enough for its high-quality material and realistic design. Undoubtedly, this 12 pack decoy set is highly durable and will last for an extended period without requiring any replacement.

All these features make it the best choice over the other decoys.


  • Oversized.
  • 12 in 1 pack.
  • Six different head styles.
  • High-quality polyethylene material.


  • Quite expensive compared to others.


Avery GHG Pro-Grade Green-Winged Teal Decoys

Avery GHG Pro-Grade Green-Winged Teal Decoys

Finally, here comes another duck decoy of Avery Greenhead. This duck decoy is something that you must like to have for your duck preying experience.

The constructing material of this duck decoy is heavy polyethylene that ensures the strength of the lure. Both the head and body structure of these decoys are slightly different from the ordinary design out there, which successfully attracts the ducks.

This Avery GHG Pro comes with a six-pack decoy set that is available in automatically precise shapes.

The green-winged teal paint scheme makes the decoy more realistic than the other ones. All the lures come with ultra-realistic feather detail and true-to-life painting that makes it appealing to the ducks out there.

The 60/40 dura-keel ensures perfect natural movements of the decoy to make it lifelike. The highly durable decoys can effectively float on water while ensuring that the painting on the lures will not fade away.

Finally, coming to the cost of these six-pack high-durable realistic duck decoys is an economy pack that you need to give a try.

While we compare the bests, there are only a few differences among the tops that differentiate them from others. So, pick the one among these bests that perfectly suits your requirements.


  • High-quality polyethylene material.
  • Durable.
  • Six-pack set.
  • 60/40 dura-keel.
  • True-to-life paint.
  • Economy pack.


  • A little bit smaller than the average-sized decoys.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Duck Decoys

Best Duck Decoys



So while you are up to buy duck decoys, then it is a must that you find the form of the lures. We use duck decoys for attracting ducks so that we can prey.

So, when it is about the attraction, then your duck decoys must need to seem realistic; otherwise, all your work will go in vain.

Try to pick those duck decoys that appear in a more realistic style rather than the other ones that are available in the markets.



Try to pick those duck decoys that are durable enough so that it can last for a more extended period without requiring any replacement.

There is no meaning of replacing duck decoys frequently, while many reliable lures are available out there to make you trouble-free.



Consider the material content of duck decoys. As we use these decoys for duck hunting so verify that the lures can float in water or not. But if you are buying bait for decoration purposes, then you can neglect the fact.



Try to pick the duck decoys that come with the realistic depiction, and the art is durable enough so that it does not fade away while coming in contact with water or other materials.



Lastly, compare the price among the all best ones and snatch the one that perfectly fits within your budget line. While you can have all the required features at a lower rate, then why spend more money?

Frequently Asked Questions of the Best Duck Decoys


Can I Use Duck Decoys to Decorate My House?

Well, of course, you can. There are many people out there who not only use duck decoys for hunting ducks but also they decorate their houses with lures.

It is entirely up to you in which purpose you want to use the decoys. You can even use these decoys as your pet’s toy.


Can I Use Decoys in Dry Settings?

It will depend on the decoy that you are going to purchase. There are mainly two types of the keel of lures that got sold mostly, which are water keels and weighted keels. These keels ensure the lifelike movements of the decoys.

So, while you want to purchase the decoy for a dry set up then obviously pick the weighted keel as on a dry setup, there will be no water out there.


So, overall, this is all I have to provide you with duck decoys. I hope that you find this article quite helpful for yourself, and now you can select the perfect one for your hunting adventure.

But if you are insisting, then I would like to recommend the Avery Greenhead Gear Pro-Grade Mallard Harvester Floating Duck Decoys is one of the best duck decoys that you must need to try.

This economy pack of duck decoys ensures premium-quality while maintains a perfect size of the lures. You can entirely rely on this decoy because this high strength decoy will undoubtedly last longer to make you bother less.

Not only that, you can even decorate your house with the help of these decoys. What else can anyone ask for within this budget?

Lastly, I would suggest you pick the one that fits in your budget while ensuring the quality of the product. Make your hunting journey pleasant with the right one.

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