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AKAI Professional Drum Machine

AKAI Professional Drum Machine

Novation Circuit

Novation Circuit

Teenage Engineering PO-32 Tonic

Teenage Engineering PO-32 Tonic

The music industry has grown over the decades, and now it has become a multi-billion-dollar industry. At this rate, many young people have taken an interest in the music sector, and this means that musical equipment has become commodities of high demand.

Drum machines are no expectations. Keeping in mind that there are different genres of music, you should know that they require various equipment to be fulfilled. For example, there are song genres that use mainly guitar or say piano.

In my experience as a person who loves music, I will have to confess that I am yet to hear a song that has not employed the use of electric drums. These products are used to generate percussion sounds patterns and drumbeats.

The music will surely be boring without these drum machines. With the numerous musical products, what is the best electronic drum? This is a question many people find hard to answer.

We have taken a reasonable amount of time and tried some of the drum machines out there. In this write-up, five of the drum machines that we thought were the best have been discussed. I can guarantee you that after going through this post, you will choose the best product.

Best Drum Machine List


AKAI Professional Drum Machine

AKAI Professional Drum Machine

There is a lot this gear can do. When you learn it, each of the completely new universes of creation is readily available. Regardless of the slight expectation to absorb information and the absence of a physical manual, the Akai MPC X is a finished mammoth.

And you will be unable to be more joyful with this product. The nature of sound is top-level, and the potential outcomes and ways you can change, arrangement, make, control, it, and so forth are dazzling suggested.

I highly recommend this drum to any person out there who loves music or wants to start a music career. It has two MDI inputs and four MDI outputs. It is the product that is liked by many out there in the market. You want to give this gadget a try.

It is also loaded with a variety of sound samples from top sound engineering companies. Also, it has six highly responsive pressure pads, and this makes the AKAI professional MPCX a reliable drum machine.

One thing many users like about this product is the adjustable multi-screen that is touch-sensitive, which is used to control the majority of editing features.


  • The pads of this product are very sensitive and responsive
  • This product has infinite sound samples
  • It is quite easy to learn how to use it


  • Some have raised concerns that it is not easy to output files to computer for further editing
  • This product is highly-priced


Novation Circuit

Novation Circuit

If you are new in the world of drums, this is the most suitable product that you can start to learn the basics as you progress your career. It is easy to use, and to operate; you do not need any prior experience to handle the Novation Circuit drum machine.

Those still embraces the digital world would appreciate this product because it comes with an analog-molded synthesizer. The Novation is a four-part drum machine with six-voice polyphony available per synth. 

The storage capabilities of this item are recommendable; it can store up to 128 steps of synth in one shot. The drum patterns can save up to eight patterns per track. You will also love that it is battery powered.

That means that it is highly portable, and if there is a power outbreak, you not be affected at all since your drum will be up and running. This drum comes with an inbuilt speaker and has a three-year warranty.


  • This product is cost-effective
  • The product comes with eight assignable rotary knobs
  • The pressure drum pads are very sensitive


  • There are some concerns that the gadget has limited sound samples
  • There have been some concerns about the sophistication of the sequencer


Teenage Engineering PO-32 Tonic

Teenage Engineering PO-32 Tonic

Do not be deceived by its appearance; the teenage Engineering drum machine is one of the best products out there in the market. It comes with sixteen sounds effects and an additional sixteen-step sequencer.

This commodity has a modest receiver which is used to record new voice effects that can be spared when held alongside a speaker or compatible gadget.

This technique may appear to be somewhat old-school, yet it's an enjoyable approach to impart libraries to other similar items.

To the extent convenient musical electronic drums go, it doesn't get substantially more versatile than this commodity, which is perfectly small in size.

The downside of its small size is that it's somewhat uneasy about becoming accustomed to, yet careful discipline brings about promising results. This little musical machine is unique, modest, and fun; you can't turn out badly.


  • The product is quite cheap
  • It is highly portable
  • The product is highly versatile and is compatible with many pocket operators


  • There have been some concerns about its small size; some claim it is a bit hard to get used to it
  • There have been some concerns raised that the product cannot automate the parameters


Roland TR-08

Roland TR-08

The Roland TR-08 is another drum machine to look out for in the market. The sound is of the highest quality and is what made the foundation of innumerable best tracks. Any musician should want to have this equipment.

Along these lines, as far as sound, it's the nearest you will find a good pace TR-808 out of an advanced drum machine. This product is a top-quality drum machine that you need to have in your musical instrument collection.

Each voice has a unique channel that contains rotating handles for maximum response similar to rot. The devoted channel offers you a lot more extensive sound-forming conceivable outcomes since you can focus on the littlest subtleties.

The only drawback of this drum is that it lacks basic characteristics of the analog TR -08 has. That should not worry you; this piece of equipment is worth every penny in your pocket.


  • This product can be moved from one place to another quite easily
  • It comes at a pocket-friendly price
  • It is highly durable


  • It lacks some features that the original TR-08 has
  • Some have raised issues about limited editing options


Elektron Analog Electronic Machine

Elektron Analog Electronic Machine

The last drum machine we are going to review in this post is the Elektron Analog; it functions properly and does not disappoint. It comes with more than ten track sequencers that are fitted with easy to use track selection buttons.

This item has highly responsive pads that will pick up any touch and respond as expected. The sound quality is just remarkable. It has a large OLED screen that will give you clear feedback even in a dark environment

It is also equipped with many easy to use buttons that make the machine quite easy to use and operate. It takes some time to be comfortable using it, but once you are familiar with it, you are never going to leave it aside.


  • It has the best sound quality
  • The drum pads are very responsive
  • It comes with a sequencer that works excellently


  • This drum machine is not recommended for beginners
  • The product is highly-priced

Things to Consider Before Purchasing The Best Drum Machine

Music is often in the hearts of many people, besides musicians. It is medicine to the soul in certain cases. But did you know that there is actually a big process to be undergone before a complete product is released?

Some musicians see it best to begin their music production journey by first assembling the rhythm. However to others, the harmony is what they give priority. There is yet another category of persons that prefer to begin making their music by first having the melody in line.

What this means is that a good drum forms an essential part of the work of many musicians. It must be present in order to complete the entire puzzle. The problem, however, is identifying the best drum.

There are a lot of drum machines available, and we have recognized that it may be a tedious task for you to settle for the best. I have attempted to make a buying guide that may make the task easier.

Here are a number of factors that you may consider before purchasing a drumming machine. Although the list may not be conclusive, I do hope that you will find it helpful!

Best Drum Machine


Whether You are a Beginner

There is a big difference between the types of drum machines that a beginner may want to settle for and those that experts actually do prefer. This is because of the difference in ability to operate the same.

If you are a beginner, you may want to go for a drum machine that will be user-friendly. Put differently, try to choose a drum machine that will give you an ample time as you learn how to use one.

Actually, a drum machine with less complex features would be best suited for you! As you get used to operating the machines, you can gradually advance to others that you may want.



An analysis of most drum machines shows that they are not pocket friendly. But this does not mean that you have to settle for just any machine. Remember, good things will always cost you more than most sub-standard items.

What should you therefore do? You should begin by setting the range of money that you are willing to spend on a drum machine. Consequently, identify all drum machines that match the qualities you are looking for.

Consider those qualities to see which drum machine would be best suited for the purpose. This process should be done bearing in mind the amount of money you want to spend, and not independently.

Thereafter, you may proceed and purchase the drum that is pocket-friendly to you. However, remember that these are just mere guidelines. Therefore, before purchasing a drum, you should give priority to what you really wanted.

You should not at any point in time give priority to the price of the drum machine and forget other essential features, as not everything that is expensive may actually serve the purpose you want.

For instance, if you are beginner, you may want to purchase a drum that is easy to use and not so very complex. 


Ease to Operate

It is always advisable that you buy something that will not give you any difficulties when it comes to using it. There are different kinds of drum machines that are made by different manufacturers.

In the same vein, those drum machines are designed in different ways. Before settling for a given type of drum, ensure that it is user-friendly, and that it is in a position to serve your intended purpose.

You are likely to know if a drum is user friendly after you have considered its features, or further consulting with persons who have previously dealt with the same.


User reviews

This is an important aspect when you really do want to know if something is of a good quality. The reason is simple; nobody would lie about something that they have actually spent their money on.

You should look at the user reviews of the different kinds of drum machines that you are considering to buy. Who knows, they may be in a position to persuade you to purchase a given drum, or even stop you from buying one.

Thereafter, consider the other aspects such as the price and fitness for purpose. A combination of all this aspects will point you to the right direction, and you may not regret your choice. 


Drum Pads

To effectively discharge the function for which the drum machine is needed, the drum pads ought to be responsive. The number of the drum pads also matters. Why is this the case?

More responsive drum pads will make the work of a musician easier and more fun. They are instrumental in the triggering of hits, loops or even as steps in the case of a step sequencer.

Pressure sensitive drum pads may also be vital for finger-drumming. Do consider all the drum machine samples that are available and settle for the best that will be worth the money you are spending. 


Other Available Features

The more the packages a drum machine comes with, the more priority you should give to it. Drum machines that have more features than sensitive drum pads are not just amazing, they are the best.

Do we mean by this? You should consider whether the drum machines have other physical controls such as link knobs, which make them even more effective in their work as you can edit what you want on the fly accurately.

They should have OLED displays to improve the visual feedback. Further, drum machines with an adjustable multi-touch screen provide a wider variety of controls. The multi-touch screen should be responsive, to ensure the editing functions are convenient.

The drum machine should allow you to upload samples of sounds that you want to hear, besides those already available. This essentially means that you are in a position to generate the exact thing that you want.

Although too many features may make a drum machine seem complex, they may be the best to some other people. For instance, look at someone who wants to really build his studio.

Do you think a basic sub-standard drum machine would be the best? Definitely, no!. Therefore, you should make your choices wisely depending on the purpose for which you want to use the machine.



There are various scenarios where there may be need for musicians to use drum machines. The first is in studio. Here, many people will most probably prefer big and complex drum machines to build the studio.

However, there is a challenge that comes with this, as they may not be convenient to move the drum machine from one point to another. It is best suited where the drum machine is constantly required to be in the same position.

Another set-up where a drum machine maybe vital is during live performances. Here, a different design of drum machines may be needed, as they ought not to be bulky or too big.

This would make it hectic moving from one place to another. But how do you deal with this problem? Does it mean you have to purchase two different types of drum machines, each to serve a different purpose?

This would prove to be uneconomical and expensive! Therefore, before purchasing a drum machine, ensure that is it convenient for purposes. It ought to be portable and not too bulky. 


Sound Quality

The main point for buying a drum machine is so as to be able to produce some sort of sound as the end product. In most cases, you want to give some finishing to your music so that it is unique.

Therefore, the quality of sound that comes from a drum machine is of utmost importance. The drum machine you purchase should be in a position to give a quality sound, and this is a prerequisite that must be surpassed. 


Battery Life

This is another important factor that you should check out for before buying a drum machine. You should consult with the appropriate person just to be sure it is the right machine.

Imagine a scenario where you have gone for a concert somewhere, or here is some electricity cut. What do you do in the event the battery life is not long enough? This is just the reason why you ought to be extra careful.

A battery life that cannot serve you for 1 hour is not worth the money you spend. You should be ready to part with money when you are sure that you are getting quality products in return.

This is something that is non-negotiable, as in some cases it may be impossible to return the defective property for a better one.

Advantages of Drum Machines

There are advantages that come with using a drum machine. These includes the following:



Drum machines are flexible and very effective to you as a music producer. This is following the fact that they allow you to modify the sounds to match a given idea that you may be having in mind.



Drum machines give you an avenue to create beats that evolve over some period of time, or that contain some aspects of randomness. It is therefore the best place to work on your skills.


Other Advantages

Additionally, they are easy to play on drum pad or some other controller. Drum machines also provide you with quick access to a wide variety of sounds, and allow you to adjust the sound of your drum kit by simply touching a button.

This coupled with other numerous advantages make drum machines the best option you have.


Drum machines play a significant role in music development. Producing a song that many people will love is not as easy as many people may think it is. Many instruments need to be used together to make a piece of triumphant music.

One of the essential pieces of equipment is the drum machines, which are used to create sound percussion and drum beats that make up the best music. Using the best drum machine will determine the success rate of your work.

Of the five drum equipment reviewed in this section, I would highly recommend that you consider getting the AKAI Professional MPC X. It is the best musical tool on the market money can buy.

It is highly durable and comes loaded with a variety of sound samples from top sound engineering companies. Another reason why you should buy the AKAI MPC X is that it has six pressure pads that are highly responsive and thus effective.

It also a high-quality audio interface; you can connect your guitar and headsets directly to the equipment and record full tracks. If you are looking for a musical instrument that will help you create impressive percussion sounds, I highly recommend AKAI MPC X.

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