Best Cooling Towels

Fogg Toggs

Fogg Toggs

Chill-Its 6602

Chill-Its 6602

Alfamo Cooling

Alfamo Cooling

Cooling towels are essential, especially if you want the best work out experience. They are made from evaporative fabric, which offers you a refreshing experience after a rigorous session and cools you down after prolonged exposure in the sun.

There are several cooling towels to pick from, and therefore, getting the ideal product might be quite challenging. In case you want to settle on the best, this is your perfect article. We will review some of the best cooling towels around.

To help you settle on the ideal product, we will look at the features of these towels. I believe that you have your preferences and specifications, which you will find in these options. Make sure, therefore, that you get the best.

There are certain pieces of information that manufacturers would rather keep away from you in fear that you might think twice. We, therefore, have a detailed pros and cons section for you to help you make the right choice.

We also understand that you might be interested in independent purchases and so we will look at some features that you need to look out for in the course of your purchase. You, therefore, need not overlook these in the course of your purchase.

In case you find it hard settling on a product, we have the perfect recommendation for you that I believe will serve you right. I hope that you will enjoy your time shopping. The following are our select products:

Best Cooling Towels List


Fogg Toggs

Fogg Toggs

This is one of the most affordable cooling towels, and therefore if you want to save on money, get yourself this option. It is properly designed to offer you the best cooling option, even in the harshest of climates.

It is highly effective and can be reactivated quickly. It can relieve the body of up to thirty degrees of heat, which makes it tower over other options. This towel will also offer you the level of durability you need in the course of your usage.

It comes fully equipped with a mesh material that makes it sturdy enough. It will also protect your body from harmful Ultraviolet rays that might adversely affect your skin. This towel will also offer you hours and hours of cooling.


  • It is highly durable.
  • It is affordable.
  • It is effective. 


  • Complaints about the molding.
  • Needs a level of care. 


Chill-Its 6602

Chill-Its 6602

This towel does not need much in terms of care. To keep it clean, you only need cold water and a mild detergent. It also dries faster to offer you the best usage. This, therefore, is one of the most convenient options.

You get a prolonged cooling relief when you settle on this. You will keep your body warm for four hours, from the most comfortable feeling. You can also revive your towel faster by making it wet again after its cooling strength wanes of.

In case you are in search of an easy to use option, this towel is the best for you. You only have to soak it in water and then dry it out for a minute. After that, you can wrap the towel around your neck for the best cooling experience.


  • It is easy to use.
  • It has a prolonged cooling relief.
  • It is soft. 


  • It is pricey.
  • Check on the size. 


Alfamo Cooling

Alfamo Cooling

This is one highly attractive option for those who value aesthetics. It is made of a breathable mesh material that offers you the level of comfort you need. It is easy to use after soaking, giving you a highly practical option.

This towel is extra-long to serve the biggest of bodies. It also has the best width for tying around your neck or head. Due to the size, this towel is highly versatile, and will, therefore, serve an array of functions.

As if not enough, you get an instant cooling in the course of your usage. This is also made possible by the breathable mesh material used in its construction. You only need to soak, squeeze, and snap the towel in the air for revitalization.


  • It offers instant cooling.
  • It is extra-long.
  • It is easy to use. 


  • Check on the dying.
  • It can be quite hard to clean.




Our fourth option features a highly effective cooling towel. It is quite affordable for people who are saving money. This product is also lightweight to offer you a level of comfort needed in the course of your cooling.

The materials used in its making are environment-friendly. You also get instant cooling with the ability of repeated usage. The towel also ensures that you keep cool for prolonged hours and, therefore, highly effective.

On top of all of these, this option fits well. It is quite large to cover sizeable parts of your body. You also get a soft feel that adds to its comfort. Lastly, this product is highly versatile and will protect you from the sun.


  • It can be used for sunscreen protection.
  • It is made of environment-friendly materials.
  • It is large enough. 


  • It needs to be re-soaked.
  • Check on the quality. 


Balhvit Cooling

Balhvit Cooling

This is the cheapest product we have on our list. At only eight dollars, you will get this fantastic option. It comes with a return guarantee that offers you thirty days of assessment. In case you find your product disappointing, you are free to return it to the manufacturer for a refund.

This towel is highly comfortable for the best of experiences. You also get a free waterproof storage pouch for easier portability and carriage. This pouch will help keep your towel safe when out of use. How convenient?

The towel is highly absorbent, offering you a cooling experience without getting you all soaked and sweaty. The pouch also has a handle for those who are always on the move. What more do you need in a cooling towel?


  • It has a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • It is versatile.
  • Easily portable. 


  • Complaints about it drying fast.
  • Not suitable in extreme temperatures

Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Cooling Towels

Getting the ideal cooling towel out of the several options available might be quite a task. You, therefore, need to go out of your way in case you want to obtain value for your money. This is what this part of the article will concern itself with.

We want to ensure that you get the best option, and therefore we will furnish you with factors that you have to look out for in the course of your purchase. These factors will act as a buying guide to help you in the course of your purchase.

You, therefore, need to look out for the following in the course of your purchase:

Best Cooling Towels



You need first to find out how an evaporative towel is used before you acquire one. This will help you exploit the effectiveness of your decision and ensure that you settle on an option that will suit your personal needs.

The working mechanism of your product also makes it suited for select purposes. You should, therefore, ask yourself questions such as the scope and time of usage. This is the easiest way of determining the right product for you.

Above all, make sure that the working mechanism fits your personal needs. 



You need to be comfortable even as you cool your body. Comfort is usually a wide factor that depends on a variety of aspects that we will explore in the subsequent paragraphs.

The first factor that you will have to consider is whether your product is breathable or not. This will offer you the level of air circulation that you need for the best cooling experience.

For breathability, I would advise that you settle on an option with nylon reinforcement. Nylon, ideally, is one of the most breathable materials. With such, you will get a highly comfortable experience.

The texture of the towel also matters a lot. Make sure, therefore, that you get yourself one made from a soft fabric. The fabric should be smooth enough for touch for a refreshing feel.



These cooling towels, just like regular towels, come in a variety of sizes. You, therefore, need to settle for one that offers you the perfect fit. Only by doing this will you be comfortable enough.

Your towel also needs to be long enough to cover a considerable part of your body. If possible, get one that is extra-long and can fit around your neck or waist. The more space covered, the more effective the cooling experience.

Smaller towels are also useful but will need you to restart the cooling process all over again because their area of coverage is quite limited. Trying them around major body parts will also be challenging. 



The best towel should keep you refreshed for the longest time possible. This should be so for the entire duration of wetness. An effective option needs to serve an array of functions.

For individuals who are adversely affected by hot weather, this should be your first factor of consideration. You should, therefore, obtain an option that will soak as much water as possible to keep you cool for quite some time.

Your towel should also save you from hot flashes, which trust me are often very uncomfortable. The cloth you obtain should also work on a person with a high fever.



This is the cornerstone of every item and will determine almost ninety percent of its usage. Just like in any other product, you need to settle on high-quality materials. Only by abiding by this will you get the best option.

In regards to material, I would highly advise that you settle on a towel made of microfiber material. These usually are highly absorbent as opposed to all the other options. Just like we mentioned above, the material also needs to be soft.

You should go out of your way to obtain a durable option. Towels reinforced with a nylon mesh are always the best in such cases. Nylon is sturdy enough to offer your towel the durability needed in the course of usage.

Ensure that it can also be washed easily for the recommended level of hygiene. I would highly advise that you get a machine washable option.


Ease of Usage

The only way you are going to have a comfortable cooling experience is if you get yourself an option that is not complicated. Acquire, therefore, a towel that does not require much from you.

The best option should be ready in three easy options. The first one, which is also quite noticeable, is soaking. After your towel has been soaked, it only needs to be twirled and exposed to air for some time.

Getting it back into operation after it loses its cooling properties should not also be quite a task. 



Some of these towels are quite expensive, and therefore the option you settle on should offer you extended usage. This will save you the costs of re-purchases or hefty maintenance, which are also entirely unnecessary.

Durability is a wide factor which, just like comfort, depends on several aspects. The first determinant of longevity is the material used in the making of the towel. Just like we mentioned above, microfiber materials and a blend of nylon would work the magic.

Your towel should also be sturdy enough to sustain the weight of water when soaked. The material should not disintegrate fast. 


Product Reviews

The best way to obtain information about any product is by looking into the reviews. You will get to obtain accurate information about your cooling towel before a one on one interaction.

The product reviews should be detailed enough to cover the features of the product extensively. It is only from these that you will settle on a towel that suits your specifications and experiences.

If possible, you ought to have a pros and cons section that will inform you of any information that was omitted by the manufacturers. Ensure also that your reviews are obtained from reliable sources. 



These towels sell at different rates, which should also influence your choice. Prices are usually fixed by collective consumption and factors that are above you as a single consumer.

You, therefore, have to get yourself an affordable option out of the products available. There are several products to pick, so do not strain your budget by acquiring an option that will leave your pocket dented.

Ensure also that you get value from your product regardless of the price. This will only be possible if you weigh the features of your products vis a vis the value attached to them in terms of price.

In case your cooling towel calls for a higher price, make sure that you get more than an absorbent fabric. It should also be equipped with factors that make it stand out of all other options.

Most of the recommended products are pricey, but this should not mislead you into believing that price is a measure of quality. There are specific low priced options that will offer you just the same service.


Money-back Guarantee

This is an essential part of the purchase that signifies the producer's trust in the product. You ought to settle on an option that assures you for a refund in case the product turns out to be defective or unsatisfying.

The money-back-guarantee should offer you a considerable period of assessing your product. If possible, you should be given ninety days to determine whether it works for you or not.

The percentage of the guarantee will also count. You should strive to obtain an option with a 100 percent money-back guarantee. With this, none of your money will be retained by the manufacturers.



Though this is not as important, you should focus on it, especially in a first time purchase. Certain established brands have built a name for producing some of the best cooling towels.

To save you from the hustle of extensive market research, you might want to consider this. 


Getting the right cooling towel might be quite a challenge due to the extensive usage. You, therefore, need to go the extra mile. We chose to save you by offering some of the best cooling towels available in the market. I hope that this article guides you to your perfect choice.

Out of all these options we have, I would highly suggest that you get The Fogg Toggs, which is one of the most recommended towels in the market. It is highly durable, offering you the level of usage you need.

This option is reasonably priced and, therefore, well-suited for anybody who wishes to save on money. It will help hold sweat best without necessarily soaking your clothes. It is highly comfortable for the best usage.

As if not enough, you get a highly effective option that will relieve your body up to thirty degrees of heat. What more do you need? Get yourself this towel for the best cooling experience.

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