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Signature Design

Signature Design

Alaterre Sonoma

Alaterre Sonoma

Home Styles

Home Styles

You need to pair your sectional sofa with the best coffee table. Sectionals have risen in considerably short duration to become some of the most sought after pieces of furniture. To help you get the best combo, this article is there for you.

We have some of the best coffee tables for you. We have gone out of a way to weigh all the prospects, and thanks to feedback from several buyers, settled on some of the best. I hope our options will serve you just as well.

I am pretty sure that you have an intended look that you would like to achieve in your living room. To help you score a product that will fulfill your preferences, we will look at the features of these coffee tables.

You might also prefer an independent purchase, away from all the options we have. We will furnish you with a buying guide so that you score the best table. Just make sure that you adhere to the considerations we will look at in the course of your purchase.

All the options we have are pretty superior, and therefore, you might have a problem settling on one. Worry not because we have the perfect recommendation for you at the end of the article. The following are our products:

Best Coffee Table for Sectional List


Signature Design

Signature Design

This is one of the most durable coffee tables in the market. It is designed by Ashley, which is known for quality furniture. This product is made entirely of wood, pinewood to be precise and comes in two color options.

The pinewood design makes this product the perfect coffee table. It is handsomely crafted thanks to the crossbuck details, the metal bracket accents and the two-sided hinged lift top. To add to this design, you get to stay arms.

This product is a laid back option for new purchasers. It is also large enough to offer you ample storage space. This product will best serve large and smaller rooms thanks to the spacious surface. It also comes with easy instructions on assembly.


  • It has a spacious surface.
  • It is handsomely crafted.
  • It offers room for storage. 


  • It requires assembly.
  • The brown color might not be attractive to everybody. 


Alaterre Sonoma

Alaterre Sonoma

This second option features an appropriately crafted coffee table. It comes in a variety of designs, giving you a chance to pick one that fits your specifications. It has a rustic and natural style making it outstanding.

Do you want the perfect addition to your living room? This table measures forty-two inches in width, giving you plenty of space to help you with your decoration. The wood used its construction makes this table durable.

This coffee table has strong metal legs for the best stability. You get a felt pad on the bottom legs. This product weighs ninety pounds and boasts of favorable customer reviews. You should, therefore, try this option.


  • It has sturdy metal legs.
  • The bottom legs come with a felt pad.
  • It is wide. 


  • It is pricey.
  • It is not suitable for low budget consumers. 


Home Styles

Home Styles

This is a highly attractive option for those in need of the perfect living room addition. This table comes in a variety of colors and designs so that you pick on an item that matches your specifications. What more do you get?

Our coffee table has a hand rubbed white paint finish with a wire-brushed rustic look. It is made of weathered wood hence outstanding. It is also highly durable, thanks to the mahogany frames. You have to assemble it, though.

This product boasts of a plank top design and a full-frame, which makes it suitable for both the large and small rooms. It has a lower shelf that will offer you storage space. It is also lightweight to give you a comfortable time during relocations.


  • The frame is made of mahogany.
  • It is durable.
  • It has the perfect finish. 


  • It is not as large.
  • Be careful about the color option.


Green Forest

Green Forest

This is a round coffee table option for those who would like to serve justice to their sectionals. It has metal legs to offer you the level of stability needed. It comes in two color options, which is the 3D Walnut and the Oak.

This table has a metal frame for durability. It is made of high-grade material giving your room the perfect finishing making it an ideal option for anybody in dire need of ideal coffee tables.

This round table has an open storage shelf that will house a variety of your belonging. It is also perfectly sized for an array of coffee tables. You are, however, advised to use resistant hot pads when placing hot drinks.


  • It is attractive.
  • It has a durable frame.
  • It is made of high-grade materials.


  • It is not as big.
  • Check on the durability. 


Sauda Dakota Pass Lift-top Coffee Table

Sauda Dakota Pass Lift-top Coffee Table

Our last product features a superior option for those who would like to furnish their rooms. It offers a versatile work surface thanks to the lifting top. For its qualities, this is one of the best deals in the market.

To house your belonging, this table has a concealed compartment and a shelf. The shelves are also open for display and to offer you considerably ample storage space. The craftsman oak finish also makes this table highly attractive.

This product offers you a warranty of five years. Remember, a warranty is a manifestation of the producer’s trust in the product. Even though assembly is required, you get detailed and straightforward steps that will save you time. 


  • It has a five-year warranty.
  • It has a lifting top.
  • It offers a versatile working surface.


  • It only offers two color options.
  • Check on the durability. 

Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Coffee Table for Sectional

Just like we mentioned, getting the right coffee table for your sectional is not a guarantee. You, therefore, need more than just wit and good luck. Certain essential factors must come into play for you to score the best option.

We do not want you to get duped. This part of the article will, therefore, focus on the factors that you ought to consider in the course of your purchase. There are several options to choose from, and consequently, you ought to be keen on your selection.
Look out for the following: 

Best Coffee Table for Sectional



These products come in a variety of prices, and while it may seem lucrative to obtain the most expensive option, you need to think twice. Make sure that you fist ascertain value before spending on a product.

The downside of this factor is that it depends on market forces that are above you as a consumer. You can haggle, but all in all, pricing solely relies on the manufacturers and the supply and demand curves.

How then do you ascertain value? Make sure that the features of your coffee table are equal to the price attached to the product. An expensive option should give you an extended stay.

The best options are quite pricey. This, however, should not be a measure of quality. Get to ascertain the features and the value first before making a purchase. Make your purchase count! Make it worth it!



This is an essential factor that you have to take into account. What sizing do you want? These tables come in a variety of sizes, and you should, therefore, settle for an option that is best fit for you.

Before getting the right size, there are certain factors that you ought to consider. The first one if the size of the sectional. You do not want to get a viable option that will leave your room looking all unbalanced.

On the sizing, you first have to check on the length of your coffee table. Get one that is either equal or lesser than the length of your sectional. Remember, the coffee table should also permit free movement around the house.

Most of the compact options look very attractive, and I would, therefore, implore you to consider such. They can also be transported easily in case you are shifting houses or moving into a new residence.



we all need an option to serve us for the longest time possible. These coffee tables are quite pricey, and the last thing you need is constant re-purchases. How then do you bag durability?

One, check on the frame. Makes sure that the option you get is equipped with a sturdy frame. Remember, it is from this frame that all parts of the table arise, and it will only be wise if it is strong enough.

The second determinant is the material used in the construction. Your coffee table should be endowed with heavy-duty construction. The best option when it comes to this would be those made from wood.

The glass looks good but is highly brittle. You are, therefore, at a significant risk of losing your coffee table faster, especially if you have a small kid around. I would also advise that you settle on an option with a metal base or top.

Still, on material, you should also consider options made out of acrylics, which ideally is an excellent material. The good news is most of these coffee tables are made of this option, offering you an extended usage.



How is your coffee table shaped? Make sure that the shape blends in well with the sectional. There are several options to pick from, ranging from rectangular, circular, oval, and squared options.

In case you are wondering which shape best fits your sectional, we have looked at how you can match your coffee table and the sectional properly. 


Product Reviews

The best way to know about a product in question is by first obtaining the reviews. These reviews extensively discuss the features of these products, helping you get a viable one based on your specifications.

The reviews of the table should, therefore, be detailed to offer a full feature, pros and cons section. This is also the best way to uncover certain pieces of information that the producers might have kept hidden from you.

Products are also rated in the course of the reviews and therefore, to be on the safe side, I would highly suggest that you focus on such.



Since these tables are pretty expensive, it is only wise that you get a warranty on every purchase that you make. A warranty will absolve you from costa arising from the usage of your coffee table.

There are two factors, however, that you need to look out for. The first factor is the duration of the warranty. Make sure that it covers your table for a considerable period, ideally not less than five years.

The second factor is comprehensiveness. The best warranty should offer comprehensive coverage of your product.

How to Match Your Coffee Table to the Sectional

Getting the perfect coffee table for your sectional is not absolute. You need to ensure that you correctly match it to your sectional. The truth is, sectional sofas have been around for quite some time and still have a large grip on the market.

Sectional sofas are highly attractive and offer the perfect finishing to any room type and size. They also provide just the same seat size as all the other conventional options. On top of this, these seats are very comfortable.

You, however, need to ensure that your coffee table is well paired with your sectional. You do not want to invest in expensive and well-built sectionals and coffee tables and err on the pairing. How, then, do you achieve the perfect pairing?

First, you need to make the space well balanced, which calls for the right sized coffee table that will measure up to the size and scale of your section. Do not get a lesser option for a more massive or considerably huge seat. This will have a profounding effect on the appearance of your room.

Ensure, therefore, that you check on the height, width and visual weight. The laid back clean-lined sectional will need a slim coffee table, one equipped with a metal base or made of acrylic material.

What about the L-shaped sectionals? For such options, your coffee table should not be big enough to extend to the arm of the sofa regardless of the end. Try to picture a scenario where one of the sides of your coffee table exceeds the arm of the couch.

The chances are that your room will feel oddly arranged, hindering you from achieving the perfect balancing. For a loveseat-sofa option, you need a rectangular sized table with a width equal to that of the sectional.

What if both sides of your sectional measures the same length? If so, you need an option that is square sized. Anyone can easily access such options after sitting. You also want to create some space, so that movement within the house if not stalled.

For U-shaped sectionals, you need a round coffee table. This offers you the widest of spaces so that you get to move around comfortably. These seats are devoid of any sharp corners, and would, therefore, be highly suited for an upcoming family.

For those with a large ottoman, you only need a little addition to your coffee table. You can, therefore, get your table a tray to add to the natural feel of the table and aid in holding drinks. These, therefore, are some of the ways you can pair your coffee table with the sectionals.

When selecting your coffee table, there are some things that you should do and others that you should not. Be keen therefore not to:


Settle on an Extra-large Option

You risk getting an option that is not proportional to your sofa. You will consequently ruin the entire appearance of your room despite the expensive, well-looking pieces.


Settle on an Extra Tall Option

Refrain from tall coffee tables. A tall variant predisposes you to accidents. The best selection guide would, therefore, be two inches lower than the height of your sofa.



Jut settle on an option whose width is proportional to that of your sectional.


You have to match your sectional with the best coffee table. We have reviewed some of the best options hoping that you pick on the most viable. I hope that this product has served its intended purpose.

Out of all the products we have reviewed, I would suggest that you get The Signature design, which is a durable option offered by Ashley. It is made of pine wood, which contributes to its aesthetic feel. This product comes in two color options that are white and brown. 

To help you understand that this is the best option, this product has an ample surface that serves both large and small rooms. It also comes with handsomely crafted cross bucks details and metal bracket accents.

As if not enough, it has an easier assembly and comes complete with easy to follow instructions. What more do you need? Get this fantastic coffee table and add pomp to your room.

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