Best Camera Harness

Black Rapid Breath Double Camera Harness

Black Rapid Breath Double Camera Harness

Micnova MQ-MSP01

Micnova MQ-MSP01



Photographs are past life in still motion. Every moment you capture brings back memories and elicits certain emotions be they happy or sad. Blur lines are a big bummer.

They take away the glory of the photo each line at a time. I am however here to tell you there is no need to fret. Twenty first century problems can only be solved by twenty first century solutions.

A camera harness is the solution to all your problems. Just one strappy thingy and all your problems are solved. Impressive how that has an easy solution right?
A harness is a device that is specially designed to holds cameras in a manner that absolutely prevents or compensates for the unwanted camera movements like a camera shake. It is extremely convenient as it is worn or strapped to your upper body.

If you are into photography, you will love this article. Keep reading to discover so much more. Be sure that you will finish this with a smile on your face, a genuine smile.

Below are some of the best brands of camera harnesses so far;

Best Camera Harness List


Black Rapid Breath Double Camera Harness

Black Rapid Breath Double Camera Harness

Well that was a mouthful. Anyway this is the best brand of harnesses in the prevailing market. It has been given an outstanding ninety nine percent rating (99%)

Yes, you heard me right ninety nine percent. Let me give you the reasons for the ‘sky scrapping’ rating. To start with, the harness is dual camera.

This simply means that it can hold two cameras at the same time. This baby has two shoulder straps. Each of these have a camera lock screw hinge that ensures that your camera is sturdily gripped at all times.

The last thing you want during a shoot is to drop your tool of work. Plus cameras are expensive, once it drops so does your heart. An extra lock has been put on the clip to prevent those mini heart attacks from happening.

The straps on the harness are adjustable. They are adjustable in two ways or dimensions. The shoulder to camera length to suit the angles you want, shoulder to shoulder adjustability is for a perfect fit.


  • Dual camera.
  • High quality.
  • Front sternum stabilizing strap.
  • Bumper locks.


  • Sits a little high.
  • Expensive.


Micnova MQ-MSP01

Micnova MQ-MSP01

This brand may not have stayed in the market for too long but for the amount of time it has been there, it has made a name for itself. It has commendable features. Some of them include its security promises.
This camera harness is fitted with rings as well as hooks that are attached to the strap. This enables you to firmly fit your camera and other equipment needed on the already firm strap. This is much safer than any tripod or sling.

Further, it has an interested duo. This comprises of a hard edged chest harness and a side harness that is attached to the rig. This enables you to swing that camera back and forth as you wish whenever you want to take another snap, different from the ones taken by the camera fastened to your chest. How awesome is that?

This brand is cost and value effective. Every dime you cough out for it is worth. It is durable and is of high quality.


  • Two camera harness.
  • Extra strap security.
  • Has an adjustable fit.
  • Budget friendly price.
  • Has quality craftsmanship.


  • Tends to have budget clasps.
  • Has hub wall issues.




Well that is a tongue twister. This brand has the most amazing adjusting system. It is adjustable literally everywhere, touch any joining parts of the strap and close by you will see an adjusting feature.

The shoulders are also adjustable. Yes, the sizes can be reduced and increased for different fits. Just strap it on and make it feel like part of your body.

Ztowoto camera harness is made of a material that is non slip around the shoulders. This ensures that the camera stays still as well as any other equipment that you may have attached to the strap of the camera harness.

The material used for this nonslip region is very breathable in. This makes it in turn comfortable to stay in and prevents sweating on the shoulder areas. When pressure is exterted on moist skin continuously, one can get bruised or get pressure lines which are rather uncomfortable.

The aim of this harness is to make it as user friendly as possible. The price is also considerate ensuring that it is within the reach.


  • Chest and back stability straps.
  • Non clip shoulder pads.
  • Very adjustable.
  • Great extras.
  • Budget friendly.


  • Has shipping woes.
  • Budget level plastics.




This has got to be the most funny looking harness out there but here is the catch , it has the most space and is the most comfortable to carry around. When i say weird looking, I mean it looks like a bag that has been turned inside out.

This however is its greatest asset. It has outdone itself with the amount of stuff it can be able to carry. It literally holds everything.

Try thinking of anything you need to have when going for a shoot, you have a place to put it, yes, even that water bottle that is creeping up in your head right now.
In addition to that, it is ergonomic. In lay mans language it has well distributed weight. This comes through very much mostly because it has a lot of features to hold equipment.

It has everything in the right place to ensure that the weight does not incline very much to one side. This prevents back pains and general fatigue.

See how much they care about your well being?


  • Sturdy chest camera harness.
  • Two lens pouches.
  • Back scabbard.
  • Affordable.
  • Comfortable.
  • Adjustable.


  • Below premium plastic.
  • One camera mount.


Pro In Style

Pro In Style

The name just makes you feel like a champion already right? This is the most hip as well as the coolest harness in the history of camera harnesses. It is stylish and trendy and you definitely want to strut down the street with it strapped to your torso.

The strap is made of extremely high quality leather as compared to other camera harnesses. It has the millennially christened true blue or Uber hipster style.
The straps on this harness are fully adjustable to suit your preferred length and fit when it comes to the shoulder region. It is a dual camera harness which saves you the trouble of having to strap on two harnesses or worse still have a harness and a bag, Fateful.

The high quality nature of the harness is a sure way of giving value for the price you will have to pay to take this baby home.


  • Quality leather.
  • Dual camera harness.
  • Fully adjustable straps.
  • Premium quality in general.
  • True blue / Uber hipster style.


  • Premium price/expensive.
  • Pretty featureless.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Camera Harness

Best Camera Harness



When looking for a camera harness you want the lightest one there is in the market. A light camera harness will enable you to carry a lot of equipment around without much struggle.

It is however important to be keen on this. The reason behind this statement is that counterfeit goods tend to be cheap and light. This may fool you and have you thinking that you just landed yourself a score only to get disappointed shortly after you have started using it.

You also need to take into consideration your height when buying your harness. Some of these products have been designed to distribute weight to different places at different heights. Get yourself one that is well proportional to your body.

Bulky or heavy weight accessories bore you real fast. We do not intend for you to buy a camera harness then put it somewhere and forget about it because it was too heavy for you to han



This might come across as a very funny point. You are probably wondering don’t all camera harnesses do the same thing? I will answer this with yet another question. Why do we have different types of spoons and all just put something in our mouths?

Different photographers use their equipment differently. Some may want a camera harness that holds one camera steadily on his or her torso and another one that can be swung around. Another one may prefer one sternum holder and one camera that they can swing around then clip back on the harness for support.

Get a camera harness that works for you. There are so many with so many different features, you will definitely get the one with, if not all, most of the features you are looking for. Do not sttle for less when you can get so much more.



Camera harnesses can carry quite a number of equipment. This being said, you need to take into consideration how many gadgets you have as well as how often or how frequently you use them. If you have many devices or accessories you need a harness with many holder and hooks or pockets if available.

This will ensure that all your equipment is compact in one place. This in turn increases the accessibility of your tools when working. This enables you to enjoy the full camera harness experience.

These products have plastic attachments on the straps that are used as pockets. Look for a harness with a bunch of these. They help in carrying things like, spare lenses or wider angle lenses that may be used in the course of shooting.

Take a keen look at the extra pockets for quality purposes as well as weight distribution. This prevents you from getting back pains or shoulder pains after a long day at work or a fun day out where you have to be the designated photographer.



The value of a product is determined by the ease of use, durability and the most important, the price. To start with, the ease of use is solely dependent on the features of the camera harness that you bag. This means that features that do not require much hustle to operate make the experience smooth and enjoyable.

This makes you happy with the product and makes you feel that that was money well spent. That right there is value. In addition to that, the versatility of a product gives it value. Versatility depends on the type of material used to make the product as well as how well you handle the product.

Badly handled harnesses tend to get ripped despite the good leather used, it also tends to flake. It may also start being rather dusty which really demotes it in the aesthetics department.

The price of a product determines its value. A product with a high price is mostly made of high end or premium price parts. Gold attracts gold. That being said good parts call for a good amount.

A genuine branded product with a high price will tend to last as long as you will you it. The only reason to change or replace is due to monotony and the desire to have variety.



A comfortable strap will enable you to carry your cameras in your harness without pain and tire. These products have adjustable straps that help you get those shoulder pads to the right fit.

To add on to that, the shoulder region of these camera harnesses are padded. This padding helps to make the strap not dig into your shoulder blades. If the strap digs into your shoulder blades, the chances of getting cut are also very high since bruising has already occurred.

Bruised shoulder blades cannot withstand weight or any form of pressure exerted on them, plus it makes taking a shower really painful as you skin is stingy and prickly till they start to heal. The healing process can take quite some time which may make you miss out on a great deal out there



Straps are supposed to have at least two adjusting length regions, the shoulder to camera length and the shoulder to shoulder length. The shoulder to camera strap is adjusted to fit the needs of the photographer at that particular moment.

This is because one needs to take a variety of shots and to break monotony one needs to take shots at different angles. The adjustable shoulder to camera strap comes in very handy.

The shoulder to shoulder strap enhances the harness fit to your torso. This makes the harness feel light because it is positioned as an extension of your body. 



A camera harness can be made to feel more like a, you kind of product. This is done by adding more customized pockets that fit your equipment like a glass slipper. In addition to this you can add more hooks to the camera harness.

This not only increases the surface area for the things you store but also enables you to have things strapped or hooked on at the places you feel most convenient accessing them from.

Most straps have enough room for you to add a few things here and there. Be keen on the position of the additions you make so that you do not offset the weight distribution on the camer harness. It will definitely haunt you when one side feels heavier than the other.


The Type of Material

Opt for durable materials. Strong leather straps are the best you could settle for. They are durable and have an elegant if not sophisticated feel to them.

There are straps that have been fastened with rubber to make them hardier. These are also a really good pick. The rubber offers cushioning which helps in the comfort department.

Get a material that is also not heavy. There are durable lightweight products in the prevailing market. Feel free to be in control of what you want and let not one good feature make you turn a blind eye to heavy harnesses.



There are quite a number of harnesses in the prevailing market, both in physical shops and in online shops. There are many budget friendly products made especially for you.

Do not over burden yourself with the high end products when you can get a pocket friendly product with just as amazing features. Just take your time and look through the price logs carefully.


The leading brand in the camera harness industry is none other than the Black Rapid Breathe Double Camera Harness. The long name comes with a long list of benefits that accrue to having one of these babies.

The main benefit of this brand is its price. It has the most reasonably priced harness in the market as well as some of the best features.

The have outdone themselves with the security features on the straps just to give you peace of mind. They have out in place a lock screw hinge for both cameras since it is a dual camera harness. An extra lock has been put on the clips of the lock screw hinge, they are referred to as bumper locks.

How is that for maximum security? You almost want to do a flip just to show the world how secure your equipment is.

Its straps can be adjusted from the shoulder to both the camera and to the other shoulder for preference and fit respectively.

It also has a front sternum stabilizing strap to ensure that your camera is steadily held in place at all times.

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