Best Biometric Gun Safe

Sentry Safe Pistol Safe

Sentry Safe Pistol Safe

First Alert 52200DF

First Alert 52200DF

Sentrysafe QAP1BE

Sentrysafe QAP1BE

Owning a gun may sound flashy, but in real sense, it comes with a level of responsibility. Gun safety is of the essence, especially in this era where there is a surge of gun-related crimes and stray shooting.

Gun safety starts with you. It begins with the smallest of responsibilities-ensuring that your gun is safely tucked away when not in use. Most people are compelled to store their firearms because it is a requirement by the law, but on a closer look, it is more than just that.

You need to keep guns away from children or unwarranted access when you are home. In case you are wondering how we are here to help you. We have an option that will not require you to walk around with a key or a combination of codes-just a finger.

Biometric gun Safes are the new wave. These safes act as security boxes for storing your gun. They differ from ordinary gun safes because to access your weapon, you need to scan your hands or hands. Only when compatibility has been established, will your safe be opened

We have five of the best options for you today, and I hope that based on your specifications (which I know you have), you are going to find the right house for your gun. Take your time as we take you through some fantastic products.

The following therefore are the best biometric gun Safes:

Best Biometric Gun Safe List


Sentry Safe Pistol Safe

Sentry Safe Pistol Safe

At the mention of Sentrysafe, every gun owner knows you are in for the best. This giant company has built a name for itself by offering some of the best safes in the century. Let us look at what this firm has for us today.

This product features a highly versatile gun safe. It will serve you both at home and when traveling. This safe comes fully equipped with a bolt down hardware that helps it maintain its position, ensuring security.

You get an automatic opening once you unlock your safe thanks to the biometric technology and the compression gas strut. It weighs only 11.9 pounds, which makes it light enough for portability. It is also burglar-proof features thanks to the pry-resistant door.


  • It is highly secure.
  • It has a silent operation.
  • It has a slim design.


  • Check on the battery life.
  • Complaints about the packaging being heavy. 


First Alert 52200DF

First Alert 52200DF

This second product features a highly portable safe that will be ideal in case you are always on the road. It is highly secure thanks to the eighteen gauge steel construction that is practically impenetrable. You also get padding in the interior to keep your gun intact.

This safe has an electronic keypad which you will use to set your passcode. This passcode runs from three to eight numbers, and if I were you, I’d pick on the highest. (Eight of course). It also comes with a sturdy steel cable which provides extra security.

It will excite you to learn that this safe has received several approvals, the latest being from the State of California. It is rich in interior padding, which keeps your gun safe and scratch-free. For quick access, you get the best door.


  • It is easy to access.
  • It has plentiful interior padding.
  • It is secure.


  • Complaints about battery life.
  • Battery drains quite fast.


Sentrysafe QAP1BE

Sentrysafe QAP1BE

This is another excellent product from Sentrysafe, and just like the predecessor, we assure you of a high quality safe. It is compact sized to offer the best travel option for people who are always on the road. Let us look at some more features.

In case you have a Glock 17, this is the ideal safe for you. With its compact size, it still accommodates two magazines and manages some space for breathability. You get a gun strut that will help you quietly open the safe and retrieve your gun.

This safe is even more useful, offering you single hand access. This will help you respond faster to emergencies. For durability, it comes with steel construction that also makes it impenetrable. As if not enough, the door is pry-resistant.


  • It has a pry-resistant door.
  • It is durable.
  • Assures you of a quiet opening.


  • Complaints about the scanner.
  • Not as secure.


Barska Top-opening

Barska Top-opening

This is one of the safest biometric gun safes in the market. It comes in a sturdy design that would be impossible to penetrate. For security, you get reliable mounting equipment, which enables you to root your device.

This safe is superior since it can hold up to thirty fingerprints. You also get super locking bolts for those who prefer to screw their safes. For easier access, it is equipped with a state of the art hydraulic door. In case of emergency, you can get your gun off with only one finger.

This safe is sizeable and can, therefore, hold more than one gun. In case you want to stay quiet for a long time during access, it is equipped with a silent mode. For its price, it offers you more value for your money.


  • It has a silent mode.
  • It is easy to access.
  • Can keep 30 fingerprints. 


  • A complaint about the prints.
  • It is quite pricey.


Stealth Handgun Hanger

Stealth Handgun Hanger

This is yet another superior option that we will look at. This gun safe is large enough to hold quite several weapons. For silent access, you get a spring-loaded door. One outstanding feature of this product is that it comes fully equipped with a pick-proof lock.

To help keep your gun in its best condition, the interior of this safe is highly padded. It is made from welded steel that makes it practically impossible to penetrate. The locking mechanism is also straw proof and, therefore, highly reliable.

When you get this product, you will be able to store up to five guns at a go. So do not worry about the arrangement because each gun has its place inside the safe. The arms will also not be in contact, thanks to the rich padded interior.


  • Cans store multiple guns.
  • The lock is pick proof.
  • Has scratch-resistant rods.


  • Complaints about a beeping sound on opening.
  • It is quite pricey.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Biometric Gun Safe

Gun owning is on the rise, and so are gun-related accidents and crimes. You, therefore, need to ensure that your rifle is safely tucked away when not in use. For proper storage, you need the ideal gun safe, which in this case, should be the biometric safes.

Biometric safes are on the rise occasioned by the surge of gun owners, and therefore finding the ideal one might be quite a challenge. We are, therefore, here to help you obtain the best gun safe in the market. I hope that you will find this part of the article necessary in your next safe purchase.

There are certain factors that you need to look out for in your purchase. These are:

Best Biometric Gun Safe



The size of these gun safes differs just like the size of the guns. You, therefore, have to take into account the size of your safe before any subsequent purchase. Trust me when I tell you that this will affect a lot of things.

The size will dictate the number of guns your safe can accommodate. Most households have only one or two arms, and therefore some might think that these safes are equipped for only one or two guns, which is false.

Big safes can hold up to five guns. This, however, cannot be possible if you get a small-sized option. Ensure, therefore, that you get yourself the rightly sized safe depending on the number of guns you have.

You will also need to take into account the size of your gun before making a purchase. Bigger sized guns will require relatively bigger safes. So, therefore, depending on your Glock, get the rightly-sized option.

The size you pick on should also reflect your storage space. Make sure, therefore, that you only settle on a larger safe if you have a larger area of storage. In case you are devoid of space, you can decide on the relatively streamlined options that can fit the least of spaces.


Ease of Access

Guns come in handy during emergencies, and therefore you need to get a safe that will offer you easier access. This means that you should be able to reach for your gun fast before you are ambushed.

How then can your gun safe offer you easy access? Ensure that the prospect you are aiming at gives you a single hand access option. Such safes are also the ideal bedside gun safes.

Your safe should also have a compression strut, which will allow for automatic opening once the biometrics have been keyed. This is the only way that you will get one-handed access to retrieve your gun.

You should also consider getting an option with a hydraulic assisted door that will enable you to quickly swing in your hands and therefore gain access to your firearm before offering your adversary the chance to strike.

You should also ensure that your safe's biometric feature is working so that you do not spend too much time scanning your finger to get the gun. The scanner should not take more than a second.

Most people complain that the fingerprint feature on their safe is not as effective. You should, therefore, take some time to look at this.



The main reason why we get these safes is to ensure that our valuable items are kept safe, which in this case is your gun. Ensure, therefore, that the security features of your biometric safe are in check.

One, check on the door. Your safe should have a pry-resistant door that cannot be accessed even with the biggest of forces. If possible, settle on a safe with a welded door. Such are generally impossible to penetrate.

The second factor that you need to consider is the locking mechanism. Make sure there that the lock your safe is equipped with cannot be easily compromised for unwarranted access.

Most people tend to 'ignite' locks in a bid to open safes. The sad thing about this is most times they are successful. To avoid getting yourself in a situation where you have to answer about the loss of your gun, get yourself pick and straw proof locks.

The material used in the construction of the safe will also by a more significant percentage determine whether it is penetrable or not. The good news is most of these devices are made of hardened steel, which is in itself hard to penetrate.

You can also get one with a security cable, which will be used for fastening. These security cables are always hard to break or destroy, meaning that your safe will stay intact for the longest possible.



This factor deals with the interior of your safe. You need to ensure that the option you settle on is highly padded. This is usually done using foam or any other soft material.

Your safe should, therefore, be richly padded to offer you a scratch-resistant experience. Having a scratched gun might be quite disappointing. Padding will also prevent the gun from hitting the raw metal used in the construction

The padding will ensure that the contents of your safe stay intact to avoid unnecessary accidents or damages that might accrue in bumpy rides. Most people prefer to keep their guns unloaded, and therefore having the contents intact will help prevent accidents.

The padding should not also be too thick to eat into your storage space. Just the right filling, in this case, is enough for your safe provided that your gun does not move and hit against the surface of the safe.



These safes are not just meant for the house. You can also drag one along in the course of traveling or in your car. In case you are a person who is into adventure and travels a lot, ensure that you get yourself a portable option.

Portability is a wide factor that depends on several mini-factors. The first factor that you will have to consider in this respect is the size of your safe. For a portable option, you need a compact or a relatively lighter safe.

The weight of the safe will also count when it comes to portability. In case you need an option that will allow you to cruise around comfortably, get yourself a relatively light safe. The good news is most companies are striving to create such models

For more accessible transportation, you can also opt for a safe with a handle. This will help you hold or carry your safe around. Certain safes are TSA approved. These options are always cleared during flights. 


Quiet access

It is also necessary that you retrieve your gun silently without giving away the location of your safe. The access should be in such a way that you get the upper hand in case you are cornered.

You can consider going for safes with a silent mode feature that will enable you to reach for your gun quietly without raising eyebrows. .A quiet safe will also help you quickly retrieve your weapon.

This is the reason why you will need a safe with a strut gun so that one will not know when you're pulling your arm. The element of surprise is normally crucial in any robbery or emergency. 



This is also an important feature that you need to look out for. Ensure that your safe offers you the durability you need for an extended stay. This will save you the cost of re-purchase and maintenance, which trust me might be quite overwhelming.

Durability depends on several sub-factors that we will look at. The first and perhaps most significant determinant of longevity is the construction. How is your biometric gun safe constructed?

Under construction, you need to get yourself a heavy-duty option, equipped with the best metals. Most of these options are made of steel which is very durable. They will, therefore, serve you for long.

You also need to consider certain weather conditions. Metal construction usually is vulnerable to rust, and it will, therefore, do you even better if you get a rust-resistant option.

You, therefore, need to ensure that the surface of your safe is coated to prevent and keep away certain factors such as moisture that propagate the formation of rust. Remember, rust is the greatest destroyer of metals, and therefore it is better that you keep your safe away from it.


Battery life

Biometric safes are normally operated using batteries, which is used for the fingerprint scanning. You need to confirm whether your safe has adequate battery life.

Most people have a problem with their safes when it comes to this. Ensure, therefore, that the battery has a larger capacity to keep charge for the longest time possible. Your biometric safe should serve you for long before the battery drains. 



Most of these products are costly, and it is only wise that the option you settle on comes loaded with a warranty. With a warranty, you will not have to meet repair costs in case your device breaks down or when there is a problem with the scanning system.

A warranty should also offer you some substantial time to enable you to enjoy the usage of your product. This means that you need to get an option that will be covered by the manufacturer for the longest time possible.

If possible, get a safe with a lifetime warranty. Simple. This means that your device will be covered for as long as it lives. This is convenient since you do not have to cover any charges concerning malfunctions or defects.

A considerable warranty period also signifies the producer's trust in the product since no sane man would offer a lifetime warranty on a defective good. If you cannot get the lifetime warranty, make sure that it does not fall short of five to ten years.


The Number of Fingerprints

You ought to have in mind that these safes usually store the fingerprints which can be used to access them. Depending on the number of persons you intend to grant access to the safe, you need to check on the number of fingerprints your device can hold.

In case you want multiple people to have access to the safe, you can get an option that will accommodate thirty fingerprints. You can also get one that will accommodate five or ten prints depending on your intention.

However, if you need the safest option ever, I would highly recommend that you settle on a safe that can only accommodate one print, which of course, should be yours. Multiple access might cost you your gun.


Additional Security Features

You also need to have in mind that the fingerprint scanning in your device might fail. You will, however, need to retrieve your gun regardless of the fails. You there need a backup feature.

Opt, therefore, for options that have a key log in as additional security features. The key system should also be highly reliable.


Gun safety is of the essence if you want to avoid accidents and prevent the loss of your gun. You, therefore, need a biometric gun safe, which can only be accessed by your fingerprints. I hope that this article has served its purpose.

In case you find it a little bit challenging choosing the right safe, I would recommend that you get The Sentry safe Pistol Safe which trust me is one of the most reliable safes. It is relatively light and therefore suited for people who are often on the road

It has a pry-resistant door that ensures that your gun is safe at all times. You also get a compression gas strut that offers you smooth and easy access to your safe. It can be operated using one hand.

What more do you need? Get this alpha gun safe at your nearest armory store and enjoy the best gun security. 

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