Best Baby Wipes

Water Wipes Sensitive Baby Wipes

Water Wipes Sensitive Baby Wipes

Aleva Naturals Bamboo Baby Wipes

Aleva Naturals Bamboo Baby Wipes

Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes

Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes

Buying baby wipes may seem like a walk in the park but once you engage in the nitty gritty of the exercise, you realize that it is not an easy job. Once you walk into a local retail store or supermarket, it dawns on you that there are many choices to choose from and you end up being confused.

Buying baby wipes itself may not seem as important as compared to other seemingly more burdensome such as feeding, playing and the likes. But when your once very clean and dazzling blazer gets dirty in that sorry situation of changing diapers, then it hits how crucial the selection of the best baby wipes is.

The price of baby wipes themselves may not come off as that important a consideration. The cheaper ones are always more likely to disappoint in such times of need; they tend to roll into tiny pieces of balls which eventually expose your hands to the mess you are really trying to avoid direct contact with. 

It is therefore of paramount importance that you research carefully on the best wipes in town before settling on that particular box of wipes on the shelves of your local store.

Best Baby Wipes List


Water Wipes Sensitive Baby Wipes

Water Wipes Sensitive Baby Wipes

This product here has topped the list of our review mainly because of its award-winning endeavors in 2017; having being awarded with the 2017 Family Choice Award and 2017 Top Choice of the Year Baby Maternity Magazine Award.

Furthermore, Water wipes have earned the National Eczema Association of America Seal of Acceptance so it is an obvious choice when it comes to shopping for wipes for kids with eczema. For babies with sensitive skin, they come in handy since they relatively unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.

Moreover, they do not any harmful chemicals such as chlorine, formaldehyde and phthalates. They contain all-organic ingredients; 99.9 percent purified water and a bit of fruit extract in the form of grapefruit seed extract, which is a natural skin conditioner. The wipes are made from non-toxic materials; viscose and polyester which are comfy and snug.

These award -winning wipes are not only instrumental for babies with sensitive skin but also very useful to adults with sensitive skin too or those who frequently break out in rushes


  • Award winning product and formally accepted
  • All-organic ingredients
  • If your child has eczema, then look no further


  • Quite expensive


Aleva Naturals Bamboo Baby Wipes

Aleva Naturals Bamboo Baby Wipes

One aspect that makes this product very unique in this review is that it made from 100 percent bamboo hence making the diaper very strong to withstand the messiest diaper emergencies that your baby can conjure up while and the same time being comfy, snug and gentle to the baby’s skin.

Therefore, these wipes appeal to those moms who wish to go to pains of paying more in order to get something made of natural elements. These wipes therefore give the moms the piece of mind as opposed to constant worry about wipes whose ingredients are not identifiable to your baby’s skin.

In addition, these wipes are made from non-toxic materials, hence you can no longer worry about rushes as a result of harmful chemicals such as chlorine, parabens, phenoxyethanol or dyes. Instead they are made from purely organic materials such as organic aloe vera, chamomile, green tea extract, lavender, lemon, tea tree oil. 

These elements have a cleansing effect hence soothing the baby’s skin. The overall effect of such a combination of ingredients is that they can work in any type of skin.


  • Plant based ingredients which are ideal for parents looking for something natural.
  • Bamboo is an environmentally friendly material and does not cause allergic reactions.
  • They are compatible with any skin type.


  • They are high-priced
  • They exude very strong essence


Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes.

Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes

The overarching feature of these wipes is that they do not contain ingredients that trigger allergic reactions thus causing skin rush. They are scientifically tested hence the ingredients are very gentle on the baby’s skin. Moreover, the materials used to make these wipes are comfy on your baby’s skin, and yours, while at the same time being very effective in cleaning after a wet or dirty diaper, thanks to its soft grip texture.

Furthermore, these wipes will not at the time you need them most, especially when there is a big mess. These are not the kind that roll up into a clump, thus making cleaning and disposal very easy and effective. They do not shred nor cling onto the baby’s bottoms hence economical on the number of wipes used per changing session.


  • These wipes are pocket friendly for those parents who want to save on such commodities
  • These wipes are also textured and made of tough materials hence saving on wipes used.
  • Very light scent and are very moist 


  • Oily residue and little strands left on the baby’s skin. Oily residue may be possibly one of moisturizers used.
  • Not ideal for parents looking for something natural.


Amazon Elements Baby Wipes

Amazon Elements Baby Wipes

These particular types of wipes are specially designed to save some cash so that the parent can focus on other domestic necessities. Therefore, it is the cheapest in this list. Just like most wipes in this article, this wipe is made up of organic ingredients; pharmaceutical-grade purified water, cucumber, aloe and green tea oil.

In addition, these wipes are soft hence gentle on the bay’s skin and at the same time sturdy thus can be used anywhere on your baby’s body. These two aspects serve to effectively clean the baby’s skin. They are large therefore perfect for mealtime to clean those sticky and stubborn stains.

Amazon only makes the experience better. By selecting auto delivery option, you can save between 5 and 15 percent on each order hence saving money per wipe. This auto delivery option also serves to save on energy and time as these wipes are delivered right at your doorstep.

Furthermore, these wipes are made from purely organic ingredients, they do not contain dangerous chemical irritants such as chlorine, alcohol, dyes and parabens. They are therefore very safe for a sensitive skin.


  • Very economical, auto delivery saves you money, time and energy
  • Environmental- friendly
  • Very effective on cleaning most stubborn stains as it is soft, moist and sturdy.


  • Some baby skins are allergic to the natural ingredients.


Babyganics Face and Hand Baby Wipes

Babyganics Face and Hand Baby Wipes

A very unique product on the list, these wipes are infused with chamomile, these chemicals serve soothe diaper rashes on your baby’s skin, these are the only diapers in this article which provide a solution to the malady.

In addition, the ingredients are plant based including a seed oil blend made from tomatoes, sunflowers, cranberry, black cumin and red raspberry. Having that in mind, the parents have peace of mind, devoid of the constant worry of chemical irritants such as dyes, chlorine and parabens. These plant-based ingredients are all hypoallergenic and soothing on an already irritated skin. These wipes are tested by dermatologists and pediatricians. These wipes are also soft yet sturdy and large hence very effective in tackling stubborn stains.


  • The natural ingredients are very soothing to the irritated skin; hence the bay becomes calm.
  • Large and sturdy to protect your hand from messes
  • Light scent and barely noticeable hence comfortable to your nose


  • They are relatively dry, they are not as moist as other brands
  • They are relatively costly

Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Baby Wipes

Baby wipes come in handy when changing your baby's diaper. And to have the best experience with them, you will need the very best of baby wipes for the job since not all will work as per your expectations.

The use of inferior wipes will give you the worst of experiences from time to time. They are so thin, and they tend to curve as you wipe the baby, which later turn into balls as they fold. Before you know it, your hands are messy, and you waste more baby wipes to clean yourself.

That's why getting the good baby wipes get the job done well and fast, leaving the baby cleaner than ever. In fact, you do it with a lot of ease. Inferior baby wipes make you nervous cause you always afraid to get your hands messy, and they make your work hard every time in use.

Therefore this guide is essential, especially to a parent entering the diapers stage and does not know where to start when getting good wipes. Or the parent who has been having a bad experience with baby wipes. 

Best Baby Wipes


Customer Reviews.

You will come through very many reviews on baby wipes on the internet or watching television advertisements, and most of it will be the manufacturer boosting their sales as expected of them.

Do not be fooled by going to buy any baby wipes until you are sure it's what you want. The best method and an excellent way to know more about the best of baby wipes are the customers' reviews who have used the baby wipes on their babies.

The customers' review will help you know which of the baby wipes not to try on your baby as you hunt which one works for them. 



The cost of baby wipes is a challenging factor since spending too much on baby wipes will most likely not mean that you have the best product to do the job, while the cheapest products might give you the service you have been looking for.

Therefore in deciding which baby wipes to choose from, try out different wipes according to the features that attract you to them and the safety of your baby. 

Why is Selecting Baby Wipes Difficult?

No one will understand the stress of getting baby wipes until one is at the local store trying to figure out which baby wipes to purchase at the time without any prior knowledge of baby wipes. 

First of all, there are very many choices of baby wipes to choose from like the scented or unscented wipes, thick, textured, and baby wipes designed for sensitive skin. With all of these to choose from, you would have a hard time.

The mistake most parents do is going for the low priced baby wipes which in real sense are expensive since they run out quick cause you have to use more than one per diaper change, which will cost you more than the priced baby wipes you neglected.

As a parent, when you are making hard decisions such as parenting and daycare, the mere thought of wipes might not cross your mind. Therefore this can be of assistance to a parent who has been having a bad experience with inferior baby wipes that tear and get messy during a diaper exchange.

Now before purchasing any box of baby wipes, I would advise that you first do thorough research on them and understand what works for most parents and also with your baby. 


Choosing the Baby Wipes

When choosing the baby wipes, you most likely want the best that works for you. Here are some factors you would like to consider first before you get any. Which are :

  • The container type- The container types that t dispense wipes one at a time may be hard for you, especially if you hate the wipes that stick together and make it hard to separate after they entangle and stick together. The kleenex box style is perfect for the job where you can pick wipes easily with one pick.
  • The thickness of wipes- This is an essential factor you will most likely focus on since you cannot take anything overly thin, which will lead to a messy diaper exchange.
    Go for wipes that are a bit textured and thick to do a good clean up. The thin wipes will most certainly get your hands dirty and therefore leading you to use more wipes to clean the baby and yourself.
    Thick baby wipes will save you a lot of wipes and time. Furthermore, the job is done in good time, and your hands don't get dirty in the process.
  • Sensitive skin formula -A research showed that a parent who has sensitive skin would most likely also have a child with sensitive skin.
    If you find yourself in such a situation, it's best to always look for baby wipes that have a specially designed formula that will not react with your baby's skin.
    •Store brand and name- There are a lot of baby wipes from different brands and stores for you to choose from when looking for the best baby wipes for your baby.
    A good brand name and a high price tag do will not necessarily mean that the product is good enough for you. You might be surprised that some cheap baby wipes will work out well for you.
  • Scented or unscented- The use of scented baby wipes is entirely your choice, but the best advice is to use the unscented ones at all times.
    The scented baby wipes might have the excellent scent that you love on your baby, but they contain unnecessary ingredients that may harm your baby's skin.
  • Safety ingredients - Safety comes first in everything you are buying for the baby, and some of the wet baby wipes may contain additives and chemicals that you may not be comfortable with exposing to your baby.
    Hence you should purchase the organic and natural baby wipes to ease the paranoia you might have of not knowing what risks you are putting the baby. Most parents ignore the small facts that affect the baby later on.

Should I Buy It in Bulk?

The baby will approximately have 2500-3000 diaper changes, and that's a lot of baby wipes in the first year. And most parents would have the idea of buying the baby wipes in bulks even before the baby is born. That will most likely lead to a loss cause your baby might have sensitive skin.

The best idea is to hold off. In the first few weeks, you can choose from a variety of baby wipes that are safe with the baby's skin, and you can buy them in small packages. After deciding on the perfect baby wipes and sure that the baby is comfortable with the wipes, you can now purchase in bulk. 

How Many Baby Wipes Will I Need?

Assuming you have 1500 diaper changes in the first year, you may need one or two wet baby wipes per diaper change to do a clean job, which might surprisingly do an honest job most times.

But conditions might worsen from time to time where you will find there is liquid poop involved; hence you will have to use more baby wet wipes to do a clean job at times even ten.

And considering you will also use the wet baby wipes for other tasks such as wiping other parts of the baby's body. The baby wipes also come in handy when traveling with the baby, and no sink is available to wash your hands after changing the baby's diapers you can use the wipes to clean yourself and the baby.

Most of the time, to be on the safe side, you will need to always carry emergency baby wipes. You will need to have backup baby wet wipes in specific areas such as the car or place of work when you carry the baby around to be on the safe side. 

Can Baby Wipes Expire?

Most parents buy baby wipes online, which most times you should be careful. If you are buying baby wipes in bulk online, you should be cautious and not buy ones that expire within the month.

Most of the baby wipes have their expiry date written on them. As you buy them, you can check the years to be sure. Or, as you order, be specific on which periods might affect you after expiry.

Baby wet wipes that are plain with fewer ingredients last longer compared to the others if you don't let them dry out. But if they dry out worry not just sprinkle amounts of water as you use to make them useful again.

When Storing them, you need to store them upside down if in a soft package. If they come in a container, make sure the lid is always closed and airtight to prevent them from drying out. 

Are Wet Cloth Wipes a Thing?

Baby wipes represent a total of thirty percent of non-biodegradable waste materials in total. Most times, they are impossible to flush down the toilet, which is worse than throwing them away.

Many people are not aware of wet cloth wipes, which are really cheap and socially responsible. For those eager to start a more eco-friendly lifestyle, this is one you should try. Not cutting off the disposables but reducing the amount used can be useful for the environment.

The disposals are perfect for emergencies, but the wet cloth wipes are excellent since they do not contain any ingredients and chemicals in them hence good for the baby. Therefore they will make good wipes for babies with sensitive skin or reactive skin. 


In conclusion, the above list should be helpful enough to guide in your shopping for wipes. However, I would like to highlight that the above list is not exhaustive and the number of wipes discussed in this article is limited, therefore more work is encouraged on the part of the shopper.

Personally, I would recommend Water Wipes Sensitive Baby Wipes, these are the best for babies with eczema. It may be a herculean task to find wipes that aggravate the eczema condition. 

The best aspect about this particular type of wipes is that they do not contain irritable chemicals such as chlorine and dyes that would otherwise be harmful to the child’s skin. Moreover, the ingredients are plant based, hence very safe and comfortable on the baby’s skin.
Furthermore, the wipes are made of viscose and polyester; these materials are soft and gentle on a baby’s skin yet sturdy so as to clean messes effectively without getting dirty.

Get these wipes today!

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