Best Baby Carrier for Dad

Babybjorn Baby Carrier One

Babybjorn Baby Carrier One

Ergobaby Carrier, Omni 360

Ergobaby Carrier, Omni 360

Baby K’tan – Active Baby Carrier

Baby K’tan – Active Baby Carrier

Dads generally love adventure, everyone loves adventure. But, if you are a dad, you will most certainly want to tag your baby along on some of them. Mostly to show off and for the attention that comes with it, but whatever your reason is, you will definitely need a baby carrier.

Who would want to show off though, with a worn-out carrier or one that does not suit your style? If you are a dad you do not want to be seen walking around with a pink lady-like carrier, that is quite embarrassing if you ask me.

Going out with your baby is all fun and games until you realize you do not have the right carrier for it, that is my point here. Most carriers we commonly know are designed for moms and you can easily tell this from the screaming colors, shapes and sizes. This does not mean that dads are left behind, you are not.

This article is prepared to help you chose the best baby carrier that suits you and your baby. You need not worry about pink baby carriers anymore or lady like designs. We have got you covered!

Best Baby Carrier for Dad List


Babybjorn Baby Carrier One

Babybjorn Baby Carrier One

Most dads have been more inclined to this particular carrier for reasons that I will show you. For starters, you have to appreciate the fact that it comes in fifteen stylish yet not too ‘girly’ colors. It also has extra padded shoulder straps, which means that you will not strain while carrying your baby.

Are you worried that your baby may outgrow their carrier? You need not because this particular one has a 4-way front and back suitable for carrying babies of all ages. Its flexibility makes it possible to adjust the height and orientation of the carrier.

Let’s talk about safety, we can bet that you will not find a hip-healthy baby carrier like this one. Why? Because it is tested and approved by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. Its adjustable firm head support is also a plus as it ensures the baby’s head and neck are secure and well in place.

It has a waist belt that is stable enough to relieve pressure and efficiently distribute the baby’s weight.


  • Has extra padded shoulder straps guaranteeing your comfort
  • Suitable for carrying babies for all ages up to three years
  • Safety of your baby is guaranteed


  • The zipper may sometimes open when carrier is in use


Ergobaby Carrier, Omni 360

Ergobaby Carrier, Omni 360

This carrier was designed with your new born in mind as it does not require a separate infant insert for infants weighing between seven to twelve pounds. You may have a need to adjust your seat depending on where you want your child to face and this carrier provides just that. This is made possible by its adjustable bucket seat which also offers leg support for your baby.

Your comfort comes first so, this carrier has features in place to ensure that this happens. These include wide shoulder straps and adjustable weight belts. This means that the Ergobaby Omni is suitable for a variety of sizes therefore do not worry that you may be too big or too small to use the carrier.

You will also appreciate the fact that it is 100% cotton and machine washable. Additionally, your child is protected from the sun and wind by a UPF 50+ tuckaway hood.


  • Has an adjustable bucket seat
  • Suitable for dads of any size due to its adjustability
  • Protects your baby from extremities of weather


  • Needs extra assistance to put on


Baby K’tan – Active Baby Carrier

Baby K’tan – Active Baby Carrier

Are you tired of the complicated wrap-styles that come with owning a carrier? Is taking time to put together and untangle clips and zippers a little tiring for you? Well, this will most definitely be your cup of tea.

Would you believe that this carrier has a double loop design which allows it to slip in just like a t-shirt? What is even better is the fact that it comes in different sizes just as a t-shirt does. I’m talking about small, medium large, extra-large, et cetra.

Weight distribution and adjustability is perfect ensuring comfort of your baby and yourself. A head support for your baby goes further to ensure your baby is safe and comfortable.

If you particularly enjoy outdoor activities, you will be happy to hear that this carrier has a breathable performance fabric. For what purpose? Simple, to prevent moisture or sweat absorption and ensure UV rays do not penetrate.


  • Simple to put on as its design is also simple
  • Has great weight distribution and is adjustable
  • Convenient for carrying your baby during outdoor activities


  • It is impossible to share with your partner because it is size specific


Onya Outback

Onya Outback

If you love exploring with your baby and you are almost always on open ground, in open air, this should be your pick. Why? One, its fabric repels both moisture and mud.

Two, Its 100% ripstop nylon body and mesh lining is suitable for all climates. Thirdly, a UPF 50+ tuck-away sleeping hood ensures protection from the sun and rain. Features designed to ensure you are comfortable include a wide and supportive waist wrap, long well-padded adjustable shoulder straps and a large double entry side-zippered pocket.

Its added versatility of an integrated chair has made it a pick for many. This makes it easy to have your coffee or tea at a restaurant with your child strapped to the back of any seat. This carrier is all accommodating as it supports toddlers of up to 45 pounds.

Note however that it is better suited for larger babies. For babies weighing below 15 pounds, you will need a separate baby booster insert.


  • Suitable when carrying the baby for outdoor activities
  • Has exemplary features to ensure that you are comfortable
  • Supports a wide range of ages and weights


  • A separate baby booster insert needed for babies of up to fifteen pounds


Lillebaby the Complete Baby Carrier

Lillebaby the Complete Baby Carrier

For those dads worried about how a carrier looks on them and their style, this carrier has got you covered. You will turn many heads, hearts too perhaps, with this carrier’s all 22 stylish colors.

 If there was such an award as’ best dressed baby and daddy in carriers’, you will certainlybeat everyone to it with this carrier. The stylish colors and its perfect fitting nature are just so irresistible to look at.

Rating this carrier on looks only would be shallow. We cannot therefore ignore the fact that it has six carrying positions, a headrest for protection and a strong waist belt. All these ensure comfort and safety for both you and your baby.

It has a temperature regulation panel that zips up for warmth or reveals a cool 3D breathable mesh. Its light weight ensures comfort as it does not add much onto the weight of the baby.


  • It is very stylish and comes in a range of colors
  • It is flexible and adjustable meaning you can carry your baby however you want
  • Has a temperature regulation panel to cater for changes in weather


  • The cost varies according to the colors

Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Baby Carrier for Dad

Best Baby Carrier for Dad


Reasons Why You Need a Carrier

With society viewing baby carriers as more of a ‘mom’ thing than a ‘dad thing’, it becomes difficult for you to see the need of having one as a dad. If you have gone through each one of these carriers but you are still skeptical on getting one, you may want to stick around this section a little bit longer. I will take you through all the benefits that you may have missed in the above sections.


No Need for a Stroller

If you are opting for a baby carrier, you have most definitely explored other options before. A stroller, not being an exception. You have your reasons for abandoning the stroller, which I shall echo out still.

You will waste a lot of time trying to avoid stairs and escalators. It becomes extremely difficult to find a stroller friendly route. However, with a baby carrier, this is the least of your concerns as its flexibility and portability is suitable for any route.

This means that it becomes easier for you as a dad to go out hiking with your little baby or for any other such outdoor activity that you may fancy. You will enjoy your experience without having to worry about routes or where to leave your baby.


Multi- Tasking Made Possible

Responsibilities that come with parenthood can be overwhelming. It gets even more overwhelming when you constantly have to check on your baby while trying to focus on other things.

A baby carrier solves this problem. You have your baby very close by, and you are able to check on them once in a while. With your hands free, you are able to perform other tasks while checking up on your baby. How convenient is that!



You are probably wondering how you will get to bond with a little guy who does not even talk. You will be surprised to find out that, that quality time your child spends in close contact with you, suffices as bonding time.

The closeness that comes with carrying your baby for a walk or a hike is mind blowing. Mind blowing because, you get to connect with your little human so deeply without uttering a word. They get to hear your heart beat, breathing rate and see the smile on your face which warms their little hearts.


Types of Baby Carriers

What we looked at in the former sections are the more specific types of baby carriers. Having a general outlook however, is equally important as it will help you in narrowing down on what you really need. That said, we shall look at five basic types of baby carriers.



This consists of a quite popular style. Users like it because it has a long piece of stretchy fabric that is enough to wrap around you and your baby. You do not have to worry about the loose ends because they are tied to create a secure resting place for the baby.

Safety of your baby should be a priority and it is considered by this type of carrier. When buying a more specific carrier, you should ensure that its straps are long enough to accommodate you and your baby. You do not want a situation where your baby is made uncomfortable by the extremely limited maneuvering space.



It can either be a ring sling or a pouch sling. There is no much difference as both types go over your shoulder. A tube of fabric is used for pouch slings which has built-in pockets. Rings on a ring sling are attached near the shoulder for easier adjustment.

When buying a carrier a major factor to consider is its adjustability. You need to make sure that it is easily adjustable to cater for a variety of circumstances. The most important being, a baby growing.

When a baby grows older, they most certainly increase in size thus adjustability is such an important feature. Instead of constantly buying a carrier each time your baby grows, you will save a great deal of money, time and energy by getting yourself an adjustable baby carrier


Mel- Tal

This can be considered a hybrid of wrap and soft structured carriers, I have discussed soft structured carriers below. It is structured in a way that four straps attach to a rectangular piece of fabric. The straps are tied around your arms for adjustment with some having waistbands.

We have talked of adjustability, how about waistbands? We have looked at the specific types of baby carriers and the best of them constitute stable waist bands. Stable to mean, that they are firm enough to relieve pressure and ensure comfort of the baby.

You now know yet another factor that you should consider when getting yourself a baby carrier, a stable enough waist band.


Soft- Structured Carrier

This has buckles on the straps and waist bands which are adjustable to ensure you and your baby are comfortable. The fact that it is made of fabric offers more support ensuring your baby’s legs are straddled around your waist.

When buying any baby carrier, safety of your child should always be a priority. Looking for safety features in any baby carrier is therefore a factor to consider. Baby carriers that have been approved by certified bodies should definitely be prioritized when making buying decisions.

Features that support your baby’s neck and head should be looked out for. A carrier that ensures your child is not only comfortable but secure should be a first choice.


Frame Based Carrier

You can call it a bag pack if you like. This is because they are designed to carry older babies or toddlers for longer periods of time. A light weight frame will offer more support for your back and is convenient especially when your child becomes larger and heavier.

When choosing a baby carrier, you should keep in mind that sometimes you may have to carry your baby for long hence you will need to be comfortable. A light weight frame is therefore most suitable for this.

You also need to consider that having a light weight frame is not enough if other features to ensure you are comfortable are not present. For instance, you will need well-padded straps, strong waist bands among other features


Carrier Health and Safety

Your baby’s health should always be a priority and I can’t stress this enough. Before you purchase any carrier, regardless of the amazing features, you should look at whether it is designed to keep your child safe. Some manufacturers are more interested in making the extra coins than the safety of your child.

Moreover, there have been many reported cases of damaged hips causing adverse medical conditions like dysplasia. You do not want your baby going through this. That is why you need to be extremely careful before purchasing just any baby carrier that is in the market.

I have compiled a list of safety precautions for you, for the sole purpose of guaranteeing your baby’s safety. These precautions will help you before you buy a baby carrier and after. I hope this is insightful enough for you to make an informed decision.



Make sure that the stroller you want to buy has been certified by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. With increasing cases of hip damage, you need to make sure that your child does not go through the same. You are safer purchasing a stroller that has been approved by a certified body.



Going through customer reviews can be insightful. The negative reviews especially, help you make a more informed decision on your purchase. This is because it is plain, bare, blunt and to the point.

A customer complaining about a particular important feature lacking in a certain baby carrier, would help you take note and avoid purchasing it at all costs. You should therefore never take customer feedback for granted.

While at it, however, you should look out for malicious people who are out to tarnish a particular brand’s name. This would mean that you should not just look at one review and make up your mind. Looking at several reviews is highly recommended.


Features That Ensure Safety

It goes without saying, that the carrier you settle for should have a couple of essential safety elements. Always ensure that the safety of your child’s head and neck is catered for. You should look out for a head and neck support feature to prevent any straining or fractured necks.

Before you buy any carrier, ensure that it has a stable waist belt. This ensures that no undue pressure is placed on the child making them quite comfortable.

Physicians recommend allowing your child’s legs to form an ‘M’ shape, and all carrier models should simulate this. If you have made a mistake of purchasing a model that does not support this, you need to manually ensure that your baby’s legs are in this position. When purchasing one therefore, ensure that this is adhered to.

A good baby carrier should cater for temperature extremities that may arise during outdoor adventures with your baby. You should look out for a baby carrier with a breathable performance fabric. This not only ensures that sun rays do not penetrate but also prevent moisture and sweat absorption.

A UPF 50+ tuckaway hood is another feature to look out for. This ensures that your baby is protected from extremely sunny and extremely windy conditions. Direct exposure to UV rays is not good for your baby and my damage their sensitive skin permanently on constant exposure.


Dads, you can finally breathe. Now you know that you do not have to walk around in a baby carrier that does not suit your style. You also have a variety of carriers to choose from.

Choosing is quite confusing with all these exemplary options on the table. Each baby carrier seemingly appearing to be perfect, getting the perfect one can be quite a task.

If I were you though, I would go with the Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier One. You would definitely ask why out of the other four. Simple, its features and ratings are rather outstanding.

For one, it accommodates babies of all ages up to three years. It is adjustable and flexible allowing you to carry your baby in a variety of directions. You should also not forget the stylishness that comes with 15 different ‘dad’ colors.

Safety is guaranteed given that it is tested by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. Remember it also has a stable waist belt that relieves pressure and distributes your baby’s weight evenly.

I am convinced that there is no better baby carrier worth spending on than this one. I’m almost sure you share the same view by now. So why waste time when you can get yourself a Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier One today?

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