Best Wall Mounted Headboard

Vänt Upholstered Wall Panels

Vänt Upholstered Wall Panels 

Barn Walls Golden Oak Headboard

Barn Walls Golden Oak Headboard 

Lyke Home Faux Leather Wall Mounted

Lyke Home Faux Leather Wall Mounted 

Are you seeking the best wall mounted headboard? If yes, then you can read this entire article so that you can get the best one for your bed. In this whole context, we are trying to discuss all the necessary points like the positive and negative sides of five headboards that will let you to your goal!
Besides, there are numerous peak points that everyone should be aware of before buying a wall-mounted headboard. But not all of us are acquainted with these factors, and thus we could not manage to pick the best option among others.

To provide a proper buying guideline, we have performed several types of research and, finally, find five best headboards that can be mounted with the wall. So, kindly go through this entire context so that you can learn all the vital details of the headboards so that your sufferings may come to an end!

Best Wall Mounted Headboard List


Vänt Upholstered Wall Panels - King/Cal King Size Wall Mounted Headboards

Vänt Upholstered Wall Panels

If you are seeking the best wall mounted headboard, in that case, this premium-quality headboard could be the ultimate solution for you. This unique Vant Upholstered Wall Panels will never forget to transform your bedroom’s appearance within a blink.

This Vant panel appears in a box, and each box includes four panels whether each of the panels comes with a height of 11.5 inches and either 30 inches or 39 inches width. These four panels can make a total height of 46 inches, and it can be possible to use it as any twin, full, king, or queen size headboards.

Besides all these, this headboard comes with all the essential mounting hardware that you may need to mount it with the wall. This wall-mounted headboard can be installed within 5 minutes because it comes with a patented simple mount TM system.

The most attractive feature of this headboard is it is created with 0.95 NRC rated cotton weave and velvet material as a result of that these panels become ideal for noise reduction. So, besides using it in your bedroom, you can also use it in your office, recording studio, and many more.

These panels are created with safe and incredibly durable material; thus, it will be going to last for a prolonged period undoubtedly. Besides, these panels are available in 30 different attractive colors and six finishes so you can pick the one that ideally matches the interior of your home.

Again, these premium headboards come with a 2-year warranty policy so that you might not have to face any trouble in the long run and can achieve a more satisfactory purchase.


  • Super easy to install
  • Available in 30 different color choices and six finishes
  • Appears with a 2-year warranty policy
  • Soundproof panels
  • Versatile to use


  • The setup procedure is not that easy


Barn Walls Golden Oak Headboard Queen Size Stain

Barn Walls Golden Oak Headboard

So, here is another wall-mounted headboard that is in the second position of our priority list, which appears with all the essential details that a wall-mounted headboard should have. This Barn Walls Queen Size Headboard is proudly made in the USA, and it is created with ¾ inches thick golden oak wood that can be found in the sustainable forests. 

These beautifully and exclusively designed panels come in a set, and each set includes three panels with a length of 64.5 inches, 2 inches width, and a height of 36 inches each. Besides, these solid wooden headboards will never forget to provide an antique look in your bedroom with its unique appearance.

Remember, this headboard requires mounting, and to mount it correctly with the wall, and the set appears with hooks and nails along with an instruction book by following that step by step, you can easily install it.

This premium wooden headboard is entirely compatible with adjustable beds, and as a result of that, you can have a more convenient and flexible experience with this headboard.

Besides the gold oak color, this headboard is also available in seven more color contrasts so that you can choose the one that perfectly matches the interior of your bedroom. It is available in different sizes, which are suitable for full, twin, king, California king, sample, and queen size beds. 


  • Appears with all mounting hardware
  • Super easy to install using the instruction book
  • Available in different colors and sizes
  • Made with premium-quality natural wood


  • Quite heavy and smelly


Lyke Home Faux Leather Full-size Wall Mounted Headboard

Lyke Home Faux Leather Wall Mounted

If you are searching for a leather-based wall mounted headboard, in that case, this one could be the best possible option for you. This LYKE Home wall mounted headboard comes with its attractive appearance, which will create an elegant and luxurious look in your bedroom.

This premium-quality wall mounted headboard is created with high-quality faux leather and comes with a measurement of 55 inches width, 4 inches length, and 27 inches of height as a result of that it becomes suitable for a full-size bed.

Besides all these features, this stylish headboard can easily be mounted on the wall by using mounting hardware. And the package of this wall mounted headboard includes all the necessary mounting hardware, which are drywall anchors and screws so that you do not have to spend more money buying the equipment separately.

Again, the design of this wall-mounted headboard is entirely suitable for modern bedrooms. With its high-quality solid pattern, it will never forget to ensure its longevity so that you will not have a fall in trouble.

Apart from all these, the modern-designed wall mounted headboard is available in various shades which are taupe, purple, cream, and black finishes as a result of that you can ideally pick the one that perfectly suits your bedroom’s interior. The overall shipping weight of this wall mounted headboard is 27 pounds, which is quite lightweight compared to others, and thus it becomes easy to transport.


  • Modern design headboard
  • Comes with mounting equipment
  • Available in different colors
  • Easy to mount


  • None so far


Prepac Series 9 Designer Floating Headboard with Nightstands

Prepac Series 9 Designer Floating Headboard with Nightstands

Here is another modern design headboard is in the fourth position of our top-five list, which could be the perfect companion for your modern bedroom. This Prepac Floating Headboard is suitable for queen size beds and arrives with its attractive appearance, so it never forgets to draw the attention of others.

This premium-quality wall mounted headboard is created with CARB-compliant laminated composite wood, and as a result of that, it becomes robust, sturdy, and incredibly durable. So, this headboard never forgets to last for a more extended period to keep you trouble-free.

Besides, this headboard appears with a solid black finish so that your entire interior of the bedroom may achieve a luxurious outlook. It is also available in a brown finish and suitable for king size beds so that you can now choose the one that is compatible with your bed and interior.

Most importantly, this high-quality headboard can be mounted easily at any heights by using the hanging rail system for ensuring a more convenient and comfortable journey.

Again, this luxurious wall mounted headboard appears with two built-in nightstands on both ends of the headboard, which features a removable plastic grommet so that you can easily manage the wires.

Lastly, the manufacturer provides five years of limited warranty on parts so that your whole experience becomes an entirely flexible and satisfactory one. So, what are you still thinking? Order one now!


  • Modern design headboards
  • Features two built-in nightstands
  • Suitable for queen/king size beds
  • Available in black/brown finishes
  • Quite easy to install


  • Some customers reported the instructions are quite tricky


Safavieh Home Collection Silva Gunmetal Headboard

Safavieh Home Collection Silva Gunmetal Headboard

Lastly, here is the Safavieh Home Collection Headboard, which will undoubtedly look great in your bedroom. This unique wall mounted headboard is created with high-quality metal, and as a result of that, it is more robust, sturdy, and long-lasting compared to other available ones.

The most attractive part of this premium-quality headboard is it is made by a trusted manufacturer company that has been creating high-quality and uniquely designed products for more than 100 years.

So, there is no doubt that this one also arrives with its own uniqueness and high-quality construction. This wall-mounted headboard is suitable for king size bed, but there are also some other sizes available for the full, twin, and queen size beds.

The queen size headboard comes with a measurement of 64 inches of width and 43 inches of length, whether the king size wall mounted headboard has a length of 42 inches and 81 inches width.

This rare metal-based wall mounted headboard comes with a gunmetal finish, and as a result of that, it creates a fresh and aesthetic environment in your bedroom. Moreover, this headboard is suitable for every type of bedroom.

Besides the gunmetal finish, this headboard also available in antique iron and French silver colors so that you can order the most suitable one for your bedroom in order to achieve a satisfactory experience.


  • Highly durable and long-lasting
  • Available in different sizes and colors
  • Made with high-quality metal
  • Suitable for all bedroom


  • Color may vary from the description

Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Wall Mounted Headboard

Best Wall Mounted Headboard


The most crucial point that you need to verify while buying a wall-mounted headboard for your bedroom is the size of the headboard. At first, determine the right size of your bed and, according to that, choose the headboard that is entirely compatible with your bed size.


Color & Design

So, when you are planning to buy a new wall-mounted headboard for your bedroom, in that case, you need to check the color, design, and overall style of the headboard.

Remember, you should go for the wall-mounted headboard that is not only compatible with your bed size but also it ideally matches the interior and other furniture in your bedroom. So that whenever you enter your bedroom, you can have a pleasant experience.

So, choose the right color and design pattern to create an attractive outlook in your bedroom!



Another essential side that you also need to check is the construction material of the wall-mounted headboard. There are numerous options available like wood, leather, metal, laminated board, etc. 

You should go for the one that perfectly goes with the other furniture that you own, and along with that, it never forgets to last for a prolonged period to ensure a hassle-free purchase.

For example, if all the furniture in your bedroom is wooden based, then it is better to go for a wood or laminated based headboard. On the other hand, if you like experimenting, then you can try the other options as well.



As you are buying a wall-mounted headboard, then make sure you choose the one that is quite easy to install. Try to go for the one that includes all the mounting equipment and an instructions book as well so that the entire mounting process becomes quite flexible and quick.



And lastly, you must check the value of the wall-mounted headboard when you are planning to buy one for your bedroom. Try to purchase the one that comes at an affordable budget and never forgets to serve the purposes ideally.


So, we believe that after reading this article on the best wall mounted headboards; you can now purchase the best-suited one for your bedroom. Let us mention one thing the Vant Upholstered Wall Panels is the one that we loved the most, among others. 

We think this one comes with its own unique features and attractive appearance, which will never forget to create a luxurious look in your bedroom, studio room, or even in your recording room.

At last, we would suggest buying the one that you liked the most, and along with that, you can afford the one without facing any difficulty in achieving the most pleasant buying experience!

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