Best Selfie Stick Tripod

Selfie Stick Tripod with Bluetooth Remote by Danfer

​Selfie Stick Tripod With Bluetooth Remote by Danfer

BlitzWolf selfie stick tripod with Bluetooth remote

Blitzwolf Selfie Stick Tripod With Bluetooth Remote

Bluetooth selfie stick with tripod, remote 59-inch MFW

​Bluetooth Selfie Stick With Tripod, Remote 59-inch Mfw

Selfie!! Wherever you go, you feel a primal urge to take a selfie whether you are at the top of the Everest or in your deathbed. To make sure that you can take that precious selfie properly, we have come up with a list of the best selfie stick tripod. In the old days, people used to have these tripod for the camera, but at this age of cell phone, the cell phones are gradually replacing those classic cameras. Although you can totally take a fine selfie with a regular selfie stick, if you want more precision, then you can definitely use these selfie tripod.

The usual problem with the selfie stick is that it moves very often, which is quite stressful. You might often be tired of taking the same group photo because some friend of yours, got cut out from the picture. So you might often wonder if you could get a selfie stick which can also stand on itself so that you don’t have to deal with the problems. Then you dream has finally come true as these excellent selfie sticks are intelligibly designed to be used as a selfie stick and selfie tripod. You can carry them anywhere in the world and take as much as a
selfie with human, animal or standing in front of a lava mountain.

Best Selfie Stick Tripod List

To use this tripod, you will have to set your phone or camera on the tripod then adjust the height and angle properly. So to help you do that you need a superb selfie tripod. That’s why we have made a list of five excellent selfie tripod so that you can find your best selfie stick tripod.

Selfie Stick Tripod With Bluetooth Remote by Danfer

Selfie Stick Tripod with Bluetooth Remote by Danfer

This is a fantastic product which is highly functional and durable at the same time. They can be used as both a selfie stick and tripod. Use them to take any kind of selfie with your friends and family. They can be extended at your convenience. That makes them easy to use and easy to handle. You can carry on of this tripod in your hand, and you can carry them in your pocket. They are extremely light and easy to carry and comes with a durable material which makes them capable of handling any kind of stress. You can use them to take a picture at your wedding or take a selfie while you are hiking in the forest or mountain. They are extremely useful and enables you to take a picture at any time in any place. The main features which make it unique are that its compact shape and size, you will be able to fold them easily. You won’t have to carry a huge tripod-like, some explorer or cameraman. You will be able to carry them in your pocket and bag. They don’t take much space, which makes them more useful.


  • Comes with a compact size for your convenience.
  • It comes with a battery so that you can take a selfie without worrying about battery.
  • It is compatible with most of the phone in the market. You can adjust it to fit phones with any kind of size.
  • Nice and slick design with a suitable handle which has a high grip.


  • A little bit expensive.

Blitzwolf Selfie Stick Tripod With Bluetooth Remote

BlitzWolf selfie stick tripod with Bluetooth remote

This is a great selfie tripod and sticks for people who are starting selfie stick or tripod for the first time. They are easy to use, and a beginner will find them very useful. These tripods are easy-to-use, which is really helpful for people who are trying out the selfie stick for the first time. The handle has well grip, and they can be used for any kind of purpose. You can hold your phone and camera on the tripod without any kind of problem. They can be easily folded and can be fit into a very small area.

They have some stand out features that easily makes them one of the best selfie tripod. The holder of the smartphone comes with a suitable width which let you set up a phone or camera of any sizes. It offers you a width of 2.2 to 3.42 inches, which makes them capable of holding any kind of camera or phone. Not only that it comes with a replicable camera mount which is really useful. 


  • Comes with adequate width to hold phone or camera of any sizes and shapes.
  • They are compatible with most of the famous brand of phone.
  • They come with an adjustable angle so that you can rotate your camera angle at any angle. It can be rotated at 360 degrees, which is quite incredible.
  • It has a long lasting and durable battery which will guarantee you a long-lasting performance.
  • The selfie stick is really light as it has a weight of 5.6 oz. It can be easily extended and folded.
  • It can be extended around 26 inches and folded to a length of ten inches. Which makes it one of the best convenient selfie stick.
  • To control the selfie stick, it comes with Bluetooth remote control. Because of this Bluetooth, you will be able to take and participate in any kind of group photo.


  • This selfie stick requires repairing every time you will take a new picture.

Bluetooth Selfie Stick With Tripod, Remote 59-inch Mfw

Bluetooth selfie stick with tripod, remote 59-inch MFW

This another great selfie stick which offers you a high-performance selfie experience. The selfie tripod works as both selfie stick and tripod like all other great selfie stick. Like the previous products this selfie tripod also offers you a lot of versatility. The selfie stick has an adjustable height, which is really useful if you are a selfie addict. It has an expansive holder which is capable of holding any phone with any sizes. The selfie tripod is more fit for phone or tablet that has a length of around 2.75 to 7.85. from this you can easily understand that this selfie stick is quite useful and has a large capacity. Like other product in our product list, it comes with Bluetooth remote control. The remote control can cover distance around 30 feet, which enables you to take a selfie from a long distance without being left alone. The remote control and the selfie stick is compatible with most of the famous phone brand like Samsung, Huawei, and other brands. 


  • The tripod is highly stable, which make sure that the camera or phone doesn’t move while taking a picture.
  • The holder of this selfie stick is highly stable and holds the camera and mobile firmly to deliver you a perfect selfie.
  • The metallic part of this excellent selfie stick is made of an ionized aluminum rod which makes sure that the selfie stick stands up firmly.
  • The handle is made of anti-slip rubber so that the selfie stick doesn’t slip from your hand.
  • Both the rubber handle and the aluminum rod are highly durable to make sure that the selfie stick provides you a long time service life.
  • It has a hassle-free warranty where you will be able to get help for any kind of problem with your selfie stick.
  • It comes with great customer service, which is a quite useful thing.


  • This selfie stick might not be suitable for some camera. So check the compatible camera model before buying your selfie stick.

Yokkao Upgraded Waterproof Selfie Stick

YOKKAO upgraded Waterproof selfie stick

This selfie stick is highly water resistance, which is important positive features. They are tough and durable, which enables you to travel anywhere with these selfie stick. They are really easy to use, which is good for people who had not used selfie stick before. The selfie stick can be expanded and folded easily without any kind of jamming. The holder of the tripod is extremely rigid to hold the camera without moving them that much. Like the previous one, this one is also compatible with most of the phone brand. 


  • It is a high water resistance selfie tripod, which is a great feature of this useful selfie stick.
  • You can use the remote controller even in the rain. The remote is coated with the high water-resistant material, which is of German quality.
  • The selfie stick has an easily adjustable holder which keeps you always ahead of others. When they are adjusting their selfie stick, you are already taking a selfie at the same time.
  • The selfie stick comes with a compact size which can be easily folded without any kind of problem
  • The weight of the selfie stick is so light, but still, this selfie stick is rigid enough to hold phones and camera with any amount of shape and weight.
  • The remote controller enables you to take selfie or group photo from 30 feet away, which is quite incredible. You won't have to be left alone anymore with this smart remote controller.
  • The design of this awesome selfie stick is simple and elegant. Moreover, it is one of the toughest selfie stick which let you use this excellent selfie stick in any kind of situation.
  • The design of this selfie stick is quite slick, which makes sure that your phone doesn’t get any kind of scratch in the process. 
  • The Bluetooth remote controller is detachable, which is great for any users.


  • It is expensive.

Mpow Extendable Selfie Stick Tripod.

Mpow Extendable selfie stick tripod.

This is an easy to use, and well-designed selfie stick which comes with all the necessary accessories requires for your selfie stick. It has a firm and stable tripod which you can set up on the floor and other places. The design of this beautiful tripod is really nice, and it can certainly hold your phone or camera more rigidly. The selfie can be extended pretty far to let take selfie or photo from any amount of height. The stick can be extended from 7.9 to 27 inches.

You can use this selfie tripod not only for taking a selfie but also in photography, business and other types of activities. The weight of the selfie stick is really light, which let you carry it more easily. The holder of the phone is adjustable to let you take a photo from any distance and from any angle. The head is adjustable and can be rotated at 225 degrees. Not only that, the phone holder is 360 degrees rotatable, which offers you more flexibility. The holder of this excellent selfie tripod allows you to take the pictures in both horizontal and vertical position. 


  • The selfie tripod offers you a flawless experience of taking a photo.
  • The holder has a higher level of grip so that it can hold the camera and phone firmly.
  • Compatible with most of the smartphone, which is extremely useful.
  • The handle is so comfortable that you won't face any kind of problem while taking a selfie.
  • The metallic rod of the selfie tripod is highly wear-resistance and last for a very long time.
  • It offers you a thirty days money back policy, where you can return your phone if you have any problem with them. Not only that, it comes with a lifetime of customer service, which is extremely helpful.


  • The remote may not be compatible with other devices.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Selfie Stick Tripod

Whenever you will try to buy things like that you should consider some factors. We have presented you with all the positives and negatives of a product, but as a conscious buyer, you should know the important criteria before looking for the best selfie stick tripod. So here you will be explaining some important factors which you should be aware of while buying any kind of selfie stick tripod. You probably know all about these selfie stick already, but if you need more information about these selfie stick tripod, then you should read it. 

Best Selfie Stick Tripod



As you have read about extended length throughout this article, you should know by now that extended height is really important for any kind of selfie stick tripod. This is one of the most important features that you should look for while buying the best selfie stick tripod. While buying a selfie stick, you should check the extended length of your selfie stick. If your stick’s extended height is too low, then you won't be able to take selfie properly in some situation. So be sure to check the extended height of the selfie stick before buying them. Otherwise, you will look like a fool who brought a selfie stick which doesn’t extend much to take a good picture of your friend.



For a higher level of performance, you need a stable and flexible holder in your selfie stick tripod. The rotatable holders are more efficient as they let you take the pictures in a horizontal and vertical position. This feature is mandatory if you intend to use a camera on your selfie tripod. A rotating holder lets you take the picture in any kind of angle. So if you are a guy that wants to take a lot of selfies and along with that you also want to do some decent photography, then you have to make sure that you buy a selfie tripod which is rotatable and flexible. There is one minor thing that you should before buying. Sometimes the holder creates scratch on the back of your phone due to its design and shape. So check the holder’s shape and design so that your phone doesn’t get any kind of scratch. 



A good selfie stick tripod should be able to be folded easily. Not only that the folded length of your selfie stick should be small enough to put in pocket or bags. The folded length should be around the length of your hand. The small folded length allows you to carry it easily. It gets rid of the problem of carrying a huge tripod-like some film crew. You will be able to fit them in your bag while traveling, not only that, you can go anywhere with this selfie stick tripod as it is small enough that you can carry it in your pocket. So it is necessary that your selfie stick tripod has a smaller folded length. Along with that also check for any kind of jamming while folding the stick.



Stability is a major issue that user of selfie tripod often has to deal with. Many selfie stick tripod seems to have weak footing. Lack of stability of the selfie tripod will affect the quality of your photo. This is especially crucial when you intend to use a camera on that selfie stick. If the stick is not stable and often vibrate or move, then you will often be disappointed with your selfie stick tripod. So before finalizing any stick tripod, make sure that they are stable enough to hold the weight of your camera and doesn’t vibrate or move during taking a photo.



Very often, customer complains of dangling selfie stick. To make the stick long, sometimes the manufacturer doesn’t pay much attention to the rigidity of the selfie stick. So whenever you try to take a superb selfie, your stick may bend or dangle which is pretty irritating. While buying the selfie stick, you should check the metal rod of the selfie stick. The metallic rod of the selfie stick tripod should be sturdy and rigid enough to hold the phone’s weight properly. Rigid metallic rod is a prerequisite for buying the best selfie tripod. So check the metallic rod of the selfie stick before buying them.



The handle of the best selfie stick tripod should have excellent grip so that you can hold the selfie stick without any kind of slipping. Lack of a good quality handle will in the way of your selfie-taking. Lack of proper amount of grip might lead to dropping, which may cause some serious damage to the phone or camera that you are holding. Imagine yourself in a party where everyone jumping around and you are trying to take a selfie. Everyone starts to gather around you, but you suddenly drop the selfie stick. So if you are a selfie-holic, then you should not buy any selfie stick tripod with poor hand grip.


Remote Controller

The Bluetooth remote controller is a great feature for the best selfie stick tripod. But sometimes this best feature might turn into the most irritating things. The remote controller helps you to control the camera from a specific distance. Before doing that you will have to pair the Bluetooth to your phone or camera. In some selfie stick, you will have to pair each time you connect the selfie stick with your phone or camera, which might be quite troublesome. So check them properly before buying any kind of selfie tripod. Without them, you won't be getting the full performance of your selfie stick tripod. Another thing that you should check before buying is the functionality of the Bluetooth remote controller. Check whether the Bluetooth remote control works properly before buying.



You would always want your selfie stick tripod to be stylish and slick. You don’t want to go to your friend's wedding with a bamboo stick. So choose a selfie stick with better design. Because according to some people selfie stick tripod represents the taste of its owner. So present your self in a better way and buy a selfie stick with elegant design.

Frequently Asked Questions of the Best Selfie Stick Tripod


Which Brand of Selfie Stick is the Best?

According to our product list, the Selfie Stick Tripod with Bluetooth Remote by Danfer is the best choice for you. But the other products in our list are also a good contender for the best selfie stick tripod. You can buy the first product on our list, but you should also take a look at other fine product in our product list.


Is Bluetooth Selfie Stick Better?

Definitely, the Bluetooth selfie stick is better as it offers you with lot more flexibility and other benefits. It makes it easier for you to a photo in your selfie stick. It comes really handy when you are going to try to take a group selfie. 


So we have presented you an article to help you find the best selfie stick tripod. So you should try them before buying them to check for any kind of deformation.

Check out our top pick, "Selfie Stick Tripod With Bluetooth Remote by Danfer" (CHECK BEST PRICE HERE)

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