Best Ping Pong Table Under $300

Joola 4-piece Quadri Indoor

Joola 4-piece Quadri Indoor

Merax Everest Series

Merax Everest Series

Eastpoint Sports 3000

Eastpoint Sports 3000

Do you enjoy playing table tennis? Do you aspire to know which one is the best ping pong table under $300? If your answer is yes, then you are in the perfect place. Yes, you read that right.

In this article, I will provide you some expert reviews about the five best ping pong tables. What makes these tables under 300 dollars best you will learn throughout this session.

All the unique qualities of these five different products assure you maximum satisfaction while giving you the pleasant joy that you want. Not only that, all the products come with a reliable management system to keep yourself hassle-free.

If you are a sports person and loves to take challenges, then pick the suitable ping pong table for your indoor and outdoor recreation. If you can select the best-suited ping pong table for your play, then you can enjoy your game to the fullest.

Grab the one and have a delightful play with your favorites.

Best Ping Pong Table under $300 List


Joola 4-piece Quadri Indoor

Joola 4-piece Quadri Indoor

If you are looking for the best ping pong table under $300, then JOOLA 4-Piece Quadri Indoor should be in the first position in your priority list. JOOLA is the best well-known brand for over sixty years for maintaining its superior quality. Not only that, this brand is a sponsor of the Olympics, US open, and even in the World Championships.

As this brand is a distributor of the biggest tournaments, so they need to maintain the standard size of the tournament table. The standard size of the ping pong table that comes with a net is not only suitable for biggest championships but also perfectly suits your living room.

You can rely on the table undoubtedly because the 15mm thickness of the ping pong table is perfect for the ball bouncing. All these features add extra uniqueness to this product.

The compact storage capability removes all your hassles, and the 4-wheel trolley system helps you by ensuring a smooth movement strategy. The unique side of this product is it comes to you with solo playback mode. All you need is to fold up one-half of the table and start practicing for better performance even without any partners.

What else can you ask within this budget? The ping pong table is perfect for residence use and ensures maximum pleasure for you and your dearest ones. Give it a try!


  • Within budget
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Best-branded product
  • Solo playback mode
  • Easy to handle, store, and transport


  • Slightly unbalanced


Merax Everest Series

Merax Everest Series

If you want to purchase the next level, ping pong court then picks Merax Everest Series ping pong table. Play the way you like either competitively or casually with your closest one.

The medium density thick fiberboard surface is perfect for creating a rebound to obtain the maximum game control. The clamp-style net ensures easy setup and saves your time while keeping you hassle-free.

This table comes with eight wheels for effortless transportation while the four outer safeguard lockable wheels generate reliable stability while you play or want to fold the table. Another part is its support legs that provide maximum balance throughout the game.

The whole setup takes only a few minutes as it is 90% pre-assembled. You do not need to worry about the setup system because this ping pong table comes with simple assembly instructions.
Again this ping pong court ensures you solo play mode. You need to fold one half and keep the other half as it is and start your training without having any personal trainer at all!

Merax Everest Series foldable ping pong table saves your space and helps you to keep your place organized. It is the perfect table for all, either you are a pro or just a beginner.

Most importantly, it is within $300. What else is your requirement? Grab a one for having the fun!


  • Solo-play mode
  • Within 300 dollars
  • East transportation and storage system
  • 90% pre-assembled
  • Easy setup system


  • None


Eastpoint Sports 3000

Eastpoint Sports 3000

If you are looking for a tournament-sized ping pong table but have a budget limitation, then we would suggest you EastPoint Sports 3000. This foldable two-piece perfect for one to four players. So that it enables you to play a battle with all your favorite buddies.

The easy foldability assures you solo play mode and helps to store your tournament court in a tiny space. You do not have to face any complexities for accommodation.

This table tennis table comes with a fixed center net and a storage system that can hold four paddles and six ping pong ball at a time. So this feature keeps your game more organized, limits the lose of ping pong balls, and makes you trouble-free.

Another attracting feature is its easy-roll and lockable wheels. You have to lock the long-lasting wheels while playing and unlock for smooth transportation and storage. These lockable wheels provide high-grade stability throughout the game.

The powder-coated wheel ensures durability, and the steel frame is corrosion-resistant. The laminated surface of the ping pong table provides a good bounce to the ping pong ball and takes the game to the next level.

The entire package comes with a ping pong table and a high-quality net. While purchasing, you will get a 90 days warranty policy. So if you face any complications, then it is possible to replace the product.


  • Under $300
  • 90 days warranty policy
  • Solo play mode
  • Easily manageable


  • You may notice a few wrinkles on the table surface


Joola Midsize

Joola Midsize

For a comfortable and storable ping pong table, JOOLA Midsize is an accurate solution. Yes, you read that right. I have already discussed that JOOLA is one of the oldest contributors to international tournaments.

You can use JOOLA Midsize for multi-purposes. Starting from crafting this table is suitable for board games also. An ideal ping pong table for all generations!

The most appealing side of this table is it is fully pre-assembled. This feature makes the whole setup more comfortable than other ping pong courts.

You can fold the two strong separate halves legs of the table smoothly below the table like a card. This feature enables you to store the entire table in cabinets even under your bed.

The height of the ping pong table is standard, but the smaller surface of the table makes it possible to accommodate in tiny areas.

You do not bother about the comfort. JOOLA always promises to give 100% satisfaction to all-aged people. You will have all these features below 300 dollars. What are you still thinking?

Order this product to secure the maximum level of satisfaction and joy for you and your nearest and dearest one. Make your life a little more pleasant and trouble-free with this JOOLA product.


  • Compact design
  • Easy to store
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Budget-friendly
  • Best-branded product
  • 100% pre-assembled
  • Multi-purpose table
  • Perfect for all ages


  • Suitable for occasional use only
  • Screws may seem loose


Butterfly Junior

Butterfly Junior

Butterfly Junior is in the fifth position of my priority list. If you are up to buy a ping pong table, but you do not own adequate space, then you should go for Butterfly Junior.

Butterfly Junior ping pong table is a foldable table so that it gives you the best possible solution when it is all about storage. The ping pong table is 100% pre-assemble, and this table comes with a clip-type net to make your setup easier.

The separate halves of the table weigh only 35 pounds and contain two wheels for smooth transportation. The ping pong table has durable shielding edging, which provides maximum protection to you and your favorite ping pong table as well.

This ping pong court comes with a 12mm playing covering to ensure the correct bounce of the ping pong ball and helps you to have the maximum grip over the game.

You do not have to worry about to keep the ball in the table because this table is slightly extensive than a mid-sized table. So you can play more swiftly. Butterfly Junior ping pong table is perfect for the schoolhouse and other indoors.

This table is a multi-purpose table for other games like card games. Most importantly, this ping pong table comes with three years of quality warranty policy. So, you become hassle-free for a few years.


  • 100% pre-assembled
  • Corner pads for maximum protection
  • Effortlessly manageable
  • Three years warranty
  • Compact size assures smooth movement and storage management


  • Not suitable for professional use

Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Ping Pong Table Under $300

Best Ping Pong Table Under $300



While you are thinking about to buy a new ping pong table, then you must need to view the constructing content of the table. The construction quality ensures how longer your product is going to last. It is not only about the durability; the material determines your performance throughout the play.

Weather-proof aluminum play surfaces are preferable for perfect outdoor tournaments. Always try to select high-quality material to remain struggle-free.


The Thickness of Table Surface

You also need to consider the depth of the playing surface. The perfect bounce of the ping pong ball depends on the intensity of the ping pong table.

So if you want an excellent rebound and maximum control over the game, then you must need to check the surface thickness.



Of course, you need to consider the size of your table. If you are searching for a table for tournaments, then you need to choose the standard size table. But if you have a space limitation and want a ping pong table for perfect indoor use, then the size will also vary.

So basically, it is up to which sized ping pond table will accommodate your place flawlessly.



The central fact is if you have a fixed budget, then obviously you need to consider the cost of the table tennis table. Compare all the best products according to their features and price then choose the right one for your maximum satisfaction.


The Purpose of Your Ping Pong Table

Think about the purposes of purchasing of the ping pong table. Do you only want a court that allows you to enjoy table tennis? Or do you want a multi-purpose table? So according to your choice, pick the proper one.

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Are Joola Ping Pong Tables Useful?

JOOLA is the supplier of international level tournaments. So obviously they maintain a standard quality of their products. If you want a consistent play, then JOOLA is the one.


Are There Distinctive Measurement Ping Pong Tables?

Yes, of course. There are different sizes available in the market according to your needs. If you are a professional player and looking for the standard-sized ping pong table, then you must know the measurement, which is 2.74m long,1.525m wide, and height of 76 cm.

If you want a ping pong table for indoor purposes, then according to the measurement of your place, select a suitable ping pong table for yourself.


What Should Be the Thickness of a Ping Pong Table?

The 19mm thickness is the standard-size of ping pong tables. As I mentioned before, the intensity of the playing surface should choose wisely; otherwise, you will not have the desired control over the ping pong ball.

So from the overall comparison, I will recommend JOOLA 4-Piece Quadri Indoor as the best ping pong table under $300. The unique quality of this product makes it different from the other ones.

The quick foldable system offers you smooth management and solo play mode. Though the playing surface is not the best one, what else you can think of within this price range?


Now compare these five products and find out the best one according to your needs. I am hoping that this article will guide you correctly to have a pleasant satisfaction.

Ping pong is always a fun game for both indoors and outdoors. So select the best-suited one for yourself to spend quality leisure time with your loved ones.

Check out our top pick, Joola 4-piece Quadri Indoor (CHECK BEST PRICE HERE)

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