Best Ladder Stand for Hunting

Big Dog BDL

Big Dog BDL

Summit Tree stands Solo Ladder Stand

Summit Tree stands Solo Ladder Stand

X-Stand Tree stands single-person ladder

X-Stand Tree stands single-person ladder

Hunting is an activity that a lot of people enjoy taking part in be it both as a hobby or as a full-time job. For all hunters however, the goal is always one, to get the best shot at the best game. To achieve this goal, a hunter needs one thing. You guessed it right, a ladder stand.

If you want to leave your hunting sessions with a smile on your face and get the game, you need to have a tree stand. A tree stand gives you better visibility of your surrounding area since it is placed in a raised position.

A ladder stand not only gives you a better view of your surrounding but also at the same time it keeps you out of the eye sight of the game that you’re hunting. You therefore get a good shot without being detected by the game. You become a smooth operator during hunting.

However, getting the right ladder stand that meets your needs can seem more difficult than the hunting itself. Let me therefore help you navigate your way to finding the best ladder stand in a market flooded with so many options of ladder stand.

Best Ladder Stand for Hunting List

Big Dog BDL

Big Dog BDL

If what you are looking for is a low-cost hunting ladder, then the Big Dog ladder is a good option for you. This ladder comes secured with four ratchet traps that make it safe for use unlike most expensive ladders that have only two traps.

The Big Dog ladder has a dual rail ladder construction, a back rest that is padded to provide cushioning and two fall arrest systems. The seat is also padded and it measures 37” x 16”. This ladder also has a weight capacity of five hundred pounds.

Big Dog ladder meets all the safety standards set by TMA.


  • It is affordable.
  • The ladder is very stable.
  • It is safe for use. Its safety is assured by the presence of four ratchet straps for wrapping around the tree.


  • It does not come with assembly
  • instructions.The shooting bar is not adjustable.

Summit Tree stands Solo Ladder Stand

Summit Tree stands Solo Ladder Stand

As the name suggests, this ladder stand only accommodates one person. This is a suitable option for you if you are looking for a quality stand and you don’t mind paying a bit more cash to buy it.
This stand is raised 18’ from the platform. It weighs 83.6 pounds and is capable of holding a maximum weight of 300 pounds. The seat of this ladder can be folded to enable you to stand and bow hunt.

The Summit Tree Stand has a brown powder coat that adds concealment and protects the ladder’s steel frame from being affected by the weather. This stand also includes a full body fall arrest harness system.

The gun rest of the Summit stand is padded and detachable.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • The stand is comfortable.
  • The stand is stable.


  • It is quite heavy.
  • It is pricey.

X-Stand Tree stands single-person ladder

X-Stand Tree stands single-person ladder

If you prefer a ladder that provides both safety and comfort, look no further. The X-Stand Tree Stand is a good option for you. Its platform is solid which assures you of stability hence, you don’t have to worry about having a shaky ladder stand.

The stand has locking jaws that fasten it to the tree making it safe for you to climb up and down the ladder. The X-Stand Tree Stand weighs seventy-nine pounds and can accommodate a maximum of three hundred pounds.

The seat size is 22” wide by 16” deep while the platform size is 18” wide x 26” deep. The stand’s height to the shooting rail is 20’.


  • It is sturdy.
  • It is very safe.
  • The ladder stand is of good quality.


  • The ladder stand is pricey.
  • Difficult to assemble -assembly of the stand takes a long time.

X-Stand Tree stands single-person ladder

X-Stand Tree stands single-person ladder

The Muddy Outdoors Ladder Stand is another option that you can look into when you are planning on buying a ladder stand. This ladder comes with very special features. One of those features are bolted ladder sections with silent nylon.

I know you are wondering why bolted ladder sections are such a big deal. Well let me tell you why they are an important feature in this ladder stand. The bolted ladder sections ensure that there are no noisy movements on the ladder.

When adjusting the ladder, there is no contact mental on mental contact hence the adjustment is smooth without any screeching sounds that may be produced by the metal parts rubbing against each other. Convenient right!


  • The stand is stable.
  • Adjustable flip back shooting rail.
  • Features a flip back seat for convenience.


  • It is pricey
  • Assembly takes a long time.

Guide Gear Ladder Tree Stand

Guide Gear Ladder Tree Stand

If you are looking for an affordable and simple way to elevate your hunt, the Guide Gear Tree Stand is an option you should consider. This stand is made of sturdy steel with a foot platform measuring 17.75” x 10.5”.

The seat platform on the other hand measures 19.5” x 10”. The ladder sections are pinned making it easy to transport and store the ladder. The ladder’s support bar is adjustable which in turn provides extra stability.

For safety, this ladder stand comes with a full-body harness, two stabilizing ropes that hold it nicely when strapped around the tree, and a cam-lock strap.


  • This stand is lightweight.
  • Easy to set up.
  • The stand is sturdy
  • It comes with a safety harness.
  • This ladder stand is of an affordable price.


  • The ladder stand’s platform is shallow.
  • The assembly instructions are not very clear.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Ladder Stand for Hunting

You now have the best ladder stand options clearly laid out for you. Now we have to look into one more thing that is important for you to know before you buy a ladder stand. Stick with me a little longer as I take you through the ladder stand buying guide.

This guide will help you know what you need to look for in a ladder stand before you buy it. You don’t want to get a ladder stand that will end up disappointing you because it does not fit your needs. 

Best Ladder Stand for Hunting


Know Your Hunting Area

This is the first step you need to take when choosing the right ladder stand. It is a very crucial steps that should not be avoided nor overlooked. Your location will heavily influence what kind of ladder stand you purchase.

If your location is heavily wooded with tall straight trees, then most tree stands will fit perfectly. This saves you a lot of work when choosing what tree stand to buy. Now, the challenge comes in when your located in an area with thorny shrubs.

This is because for such a location, you will require a stand that fits in that terrain. An area that has large trees can act as a limitation to your tree stand options. This problem may arise because of one issue.

This issue is that tree stands require medium-sized trees with rough-textured barks. Therefore, trees with wide girths may not be compatible with your tree stand. There is one more thing you should consider about your location.

This is the type of tree stand you plan on installing. The tree stand should camouflage with the tree you install it on and the natural backdrop of the surroundings. This will ensure that the tree stand fits in perfectly with the surrounding.

You do not want your tree stand to stick out like a sore thumb making it easy for the game to identify it and hence, run away. Remember the whole point of getting a tree stand is to improve your hunting not make it worse by chasing away the buck you so badly want to hunt.


Size and Age of the Hunter

This may sound like a weird thing to consider but trust me, it is an important factor that should be taken into account when it comes to choosing ladder stands. I know you are curious to know why these two factors are important.

For young hunters, standing on a platform that is suspended twenty feet above the ground, up a tree is not very inviting. This concept can be scary for the young hunters. For such hunters, a ladder stand that is equipped with a rail will make them feel more secure while using the stand.

With the assurance of security, the young hunters can carry on with hunting without any fear of falling off the ladder stand. This boosts the confidence of the young hunters as they have one less thing to worry about.

Let us now focus on beginner hunters. Beginners might prefer a ladder stand that can accommodate two people. This ensures that they have at least one more person by their side to teach them the ropes of hunting.

Having seen how age influences the choice of the ladder stand that one buys, let us now look at how size influences the choice of a ladder stand. For hunters who are larger in size than the average person a specific ladder stand is suitable for them.

This ladder stand will be one that is made of sturdy steel construction rather than one that is made of lightweight aluminum material. The reason for this is quite simple. Steel ladder stands provide more stability compared to aluminum ladder stands.

In order to know if a ladder stand can accommodate your side, all you have to do is check the weight restrictions provided by the ladder stand’s manufacturer.


Size of the Platform

The size of the ladder stand’s platform is an important factor to look into when choosing a ladder stand. One important thing you need to remember when looking at the size of the platform is that, it is not all the time that a bigger platform is better compared to a smaller one.

Yes, a smaller platform can feel as though it is not secure However, the smaller platforms are more portable compared to the bigger ones. Portability of the ladder stand will be of great importance.

This feature is very important especially for standing ladders that have to be carried from one hunting location to another. Remember that the caring of the ladder will be done by you and so will the installing and uninstalling of the ladder stand from one location to another.

A smaller platform also tends to provide more options for location when it comes to stationary ladder stands, and more so those that are of the hang-on variety. A smaller ladder stand is also a the most preferred choice when trying to fit a ladder stand between close branches.

You will find it is easier to position smaller stands compared to large ones.


Which Type of Tree Stand Should You Choose?

The two types of tree stand that you choose from are either the Lock-On or Hang-On tree stands. Worry not, I will take you through these two types of tree stands. Let us start with the Lock-On stand.

This is a simple one-piece unit consisting of a standing platform with a seat attached to it. You use chains or adjustable straps to attach this stand to a fixed position. This stand comes with one major advantage.

The Lock-On stand can be attached on most tree species, whether their trunks are crooked or their barks are smooths. Now that we have looked into the Lock-On stands, let us shift our focus to the Hang-on stands.

These stands comprise of a separate seat and platform assembly, making them a two-piece unit. These are the most mobile types of tree stands. These is because they allow you to easily move from one hunting site to another.

The ease in which these stands are portable is an advantage to the hunter as it will enable you to quickly reposition your stand and get on with hunting. Portability also protects these stands from being stolen especially if you were hunting a frequently used hunting ground.

The only down side of the Hang-on stands is that they tend to be heavier compared to the Lock-On stands. Therefore, be prepared for some heavy luggage if you opt to buy a hang-On stand.


Accessories Available for the Stand

In most circumstances, the tree stands come accompanied only with the equipment necessary for hunting. However, this should not worry you as there are plenty of accessories you can add onto your stand to make it more comfortable and increase its camouflage with the surroundings.

One category of accessories you should consider are those that make your stand comfortable. This is because you will be spending a lot of time sited on your tree stand waiting for your game to appear.

The first step to comfort while using your ladder stand is ensuring that your seat is padded. A padded seat is definitely better than a hard-cold metal surface won’t you agree? When your seat is padded, you will be able to patiently sit and wait for your game to appear.

And as the old adage goes, patience pays. Sooner than later, that game you have been patiently waiting for will appear and you will take your best shot at it. Adding extra padding to your seat is not the only way to increase your comfort.

Hang-it-all belts, hangers and shelves are accessories you should consider adding to your tree stand. You know why these items are important? They are of great use because they make it easy for you to access everything you need for hunting.

All the necessary equipment will be right at your fingertips. You will be able to access them without any struggle or fear that some may fall of if you make any movements. How convenient is that!

To protect yourself from harsh weather conditions, you can accessorize your stand with an umbrella. The umbrella will protect you from too much sunlight and also protect your equipment from damage by rain.

Blind kits are other good accessories you can add to your tree stand. Blind kits allow you as a hunter to move without being detected by nearby game especially useful when drawing and firing your weapon.


Ease of Assembly

This is a factor that you should definitely not overlook while choosing which ladder stand to buy. Ease of assembly is comprised of several factors. The first one that we will look into is the amount of time it takes for you to assemble the ladder stand.

This is especially more crucial for those stands that you move with from one hunting location to another. You want to get a ladder stand that will take the shortest possible time to set up. You do not want to take a longer time than is necessary to assemble the stand.

You want to quickly put together the various parts of the ladder stand and get on with hunting. I am certain that you would not be happy if the you miss to get a shot of the game you have been wanting to hunt down all because you took a lot time to get the stand set up.

The second factor to consider is how quiet is the stand. Does it squeak when you assemble it? Any noise will spoke the game you so badly want to hunt and it will run away. This will definitely disappoint you.

Therefore, ensure that the parts that need to be assembled produce unnecessary noise that will alert the animals of your presence.


Ease of Installation

This goes hand-in-hand with the assembly of the ladder stand. Once you have assembled the ladder stand, the last step in setting it up on the tree. The tree is what will hold the stand and provide the platform to hunt.

Choose a ladder than will be easy to install. If possible, go for one that you can install on your own. This saves you time and makes for a smooth transition into hunting.


How Solid is the Stand?

This is a no-brainer when choosing a ladder stand. I am sure you wouldn’t appreciate falling off the stand while sitting on it or worse still, when you are just about to take a shot at your game. To avoid this, opt for a stand that is made of steel material.


The Height of the Ladder Stand

You should opt for a ladder stand that is at least twenty feet above the ground. This is because, the higher the stand, the less likely you are to catch the attention of the game you are hunting. If you are scared of the height, you can add handrails to keep you secured while hunting.


A Footrest

A ladder stand is not complete without a footrest. Hunting can take quite some time. The work of the footrest is to prevent your feet from hanging for too long and therefore, making you tired. A footrest ensures that your feet are relaxed while waiting for your game to appear.


We are at the end of this journey that you have walked with me. However, I cannot leave without giving you the final verdict on the best ladder stand. The ladder stand that tops the list is the Big Dog Ladder.

What makes this my top choice? You may ask. Well, it is a low-cost ladder and therefore will not leave a dent in your wallet. This ladder is also safe for use. Its safety is guaranteed by the four ratchet straps which are two more than what is provided in more expensive ladder stands.

That is not all. The Big Dog Ladder stand can accommodate a maximum weight of five hundred pounds! Most ladder stands only accommodate a maximum 300 pounds. The Big Dog Ladder Stand can accommodate an additional two hundred pounds!

How about you get yourself this ladder stand and hunting will never be same again!

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