Best Hanging Tool Cabinet

The GoPlus Wall Mounted Hanging Tool Cabinet

The GoPlus Wall Mounted Hanging Tool Cabinet

The Storehouse Hanging Tool Cabinet

The Storehouse Hanging Tool Cabinet

The Edsal Steel Tool Cabinet

The Edsal Steel Tool Cabinet

Are you a woodworker? Or do you use tools and hardware often? If so to either or both, then you’re right in reading this article; if you’re not sure, then you can as well join us in this brief journey as we look at the best hanging tool cabinet that we can get you.

Cabinets that you can get mounted on the wall of your garage or workshop are everyone’s go-to nowadays. Why? Wall-mounted cabinets provide a wide area for keeping things, hence are spacious and thus pretty convenient.

Tool cabinets were specially designed for the storage or placement of your tools, hardware and even supplies that you could have in your home. So, after using a pliers, you don’t have to wonder where you’ll keep it. You can simply take it to your cabinet and place it on a shelf or a desired spot.

Because tools and hardware will definitely require enough space so that even tracing each item becomes easier, wall-mounted tool cabinets come as the ideal cabinetry option for your tools.

Do you have one for your home garage or workshop? If not, then you’re seriously missing out and should get one of these cabinets as soon as you can.

Wall-mounted cabinets can come in hanging-wall designs, which are among the commonest of cabinet designs. They will generally feature fronts with 2 and sometimes even 3 doors. Of course, shelving elements, adjustable and fixed, will not miss in a good hanging wall cabinet.

Hanging-wall tool cabinets will more often than not serve their purposes to your optimal satisfaction, storing your tools and even hardware. However, to be able to serve you for the longest time possible, it’s never a good idea to overburden these shelves.

On the contrary, users have in good numbers raised issues with these cabinets, with most noting that they bowed or sagged sooner than expected, despite the fact that they were not overburdened. Nonetheless, these cabinets are every homeowner’s savior.

How do you choose the best hanging tool cabinet for your garage or workshop? The many options and brands can be confusing, and some guidance may help point you to the ideal product. So, why don’t we check out a list I prepared specially for you?

Best Hanging Tool Cabinet List

The GoPlus Wall Mounted Hanging Tool Cabinet

The GoPlus Wall Mounted Hanging Tool Cabinet

This cabinet by GoPlus is quite a convenient hanging storage box for organizing your tools, and you’ll definitely love it! if you’re looking for something elegant yet handy, then this is the wall mount that your garage or workshop is missing.

Its tool box has a measure of 47” x 7.9” x 23.6”. It has three storage spaces, two of which have doors and the third without. These doors have locks and keys, providing you with extra security; what could be more amazing than this?

This cabinet also comes with 6 shelves, all adjustable and with support hardware that is resistant, able to hold a weight of up to 110lbs. This cabinet has been tested and proven to be strong enough, so this is one thing you should never really have to worry about.


  • Its doors have locks for added security
  • It is well-made
  • Strong & durable


  • The assembly instructions are not clear
  • It is still generally hard to assemble

The Storehouse Hanging Tool Cabinet

The Storehouse Hanging Tool Cabinet

This fantastic product offered by Storehouse is an ideal solution to your storage problems. It comes in a sturdy design that ensures it supports the heaviest of weights. It is also compact, making it the perfect shot in case you want to conserve on space.

Users applaud this product because it is highly affordable. This, therefore, is the perfect solution in case you are working on a tight budget. It has three storage compartments and two keys which offer you enough space to store your instruments.

This cabinet is durable enough, thanks to the twenty-gauge steel construction. It has a baked enamel finish and a weight of about 27 lbs. It is well-made and holds a reasonable amount of tools.


  • It is well-made. 
  • It is durable. 
  • It is compact. 


  • Check for missing parts.
  • It is hard to assemble.

The Edsal Steel Tool Cabinet

The Edsal Steel Tool Cabinet

This is yet another fantastic cabinet from Edsal. It is well-designed and spacious and will come in handy for storing supplies and tools. Users applaud this cabinet because it does not require an assembly therefore saving on time.

This product has built-in tool racks, trays, and a central pegboard for hardware and tools. For rust-resistance, it has a gray powder coat finish. This will ensure that your product serves you as long as possible. It is, therefore, one of the most viable options in the market.

To hold the door close, this cabinet has –two hinged doors with a magnetic catch. The entry is also fixed with hasps that will accommodate a standard padlock. You should, however, note that the fasteners require an assembly, but this is made up for by the accompanying instructions.


  • It has a pegboard. 
  • Has built-in racks. 
  • It does not require an assembly.


  • It does not come with a padlock.
  • The doors might bend.

The ClosetMaid Wall Cabinet

The ClosetMaid Wall Cabinet

This product features a two-door hanging cabinet that is made in the perfect design. It is elegant and designed to blend perfectly with any interior. It comes with a gray color and stylish handles, which makes many users go for it.

It boasts of a three-quarters construction and has one adjustable shelf. The steel handles are brushed, which makes them look exquisite. It weighs fifty pounds and has 6-way adjustable hinges that will help in door alignment.

This product is made of industrial-grade laminated wood and the doors fixed with a stain and scratch-resistant powdered finish. This means that your cabinet will retain for the longest time, the exquisite in-depth look.


  • It is easy to assembly. 
  • It has an adjustable shelf. 
  • It has a scratch-resistant finish. 


  • Check for the packaging. 
  • Check for missing hardware.

The South Shore Wall Storage Cabinet

The South Shore Wall Storage Cabinet

This is one of the well-made and reliable hanging cabinets in the market. It is offered by South Shore and is relatively easy to assemble. It has a secure and tested hanging system that ensures you safety and maintenance of the design.

When you pick on this product, you get two adjustable shelves that are individually enhanced to shoulder a weight of up to thirty-five pounds. There is also one fixed shelf that can manage a weight of 45lbs and a weight of 69 pounds.

As if not enough, this cabinet has doors with stylish metal handles, and therefore, if you are heavy on aesthetics, this is your ideal product. It comes with a five-year warranty, which ensures that you get to use this product with a guarantee.


  • It comes with a warranty.
  • Has stylish metal handles. 
  • It has one fixed shelf.


  • It is pricey.
  • Check for quality.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Hanging Tool Cabinet

Getting the ideal hanging tool cabinet might be quite a task because several producers are dealing in these products. You will, therefore, have a range to pick from, which, in essence, is both a blessing and a curse in disguise.

It is a blessing because you have a variety to pick from and a curse because you are most likely going to counter an inferior good. Therefore, to avoid this unfortunate experience, there are certain factors that you will need to consider.

You can, therefore, consider this part of the article a buying guide because we will equip you with some of the factors that you need to check out for to ensure that you get the best product. In the course of acquisition, ensure that you check on the following:

Best Hanging Tool Cabinet



Ensure that the hanging cabinet accords you the level of security you need. Remember, you will be storing some of your high-priced goods in your cabinet, and therefore, you need a more secure option.

Ensure, therefore, that the material used in the construction of your cabinet cannot be easily broken into. If possible, customize your storage cabinet in a way that one cannot break through.

In such cases, you can also consider cabinets with a secure lock and key for safety. Ensure that the lock and the key system cannot be duplicated, or you stand losing all your possessions.

Some options come with several storage components that are each equipped with separate locks and keys. These are highly recommended because you will get to keep your possessions in different regions, and therefore one cannot gain access to all your belonging at once.

It is also possible to fix your storage cabinet with an alarm system that will notify you in case somebody trespasses. This will keep away burglars, ensuring that your items and valued spare parts are kept safe.

You can also consider options that provide hasps that accommodate standard padlocks. Remember, these hasps require assembly but this is answered for by the set of accompanying instructions.

Find, therefore, an option that will serve you best. All in all, ensure that your products and tools are kept safe from intrusion by strangers. You can also consider steel cabinets because they are always hard to break into.

Go for a heavy-duty cabinet that will give somebody a hard time in case he contemplates breaking through. 



You need to ascertain the size of the cabinet you want. This will be guided by a range of sub-factors. The first factor that you need to take into account is the number of tools or products that you need to house.

In case you have a large number of tools to keep, you should go for a larger cabinet. This will give you a larger room to safely house as many products as you can and therefore sort your storage issues.

In case you want to house just a few number of instruments or products, you need a compact cabinet. Small cabinets are also easy to install as compared to the otherwise larger options.

The next factor that you need to consider before you pick on the size of the cabinet is the available space in your workshop or garage. In case there is no space, you need to be economical in your approach.

Such instances mean that you ought to go for a small-sized hanging tool cabinet. This will help you save on a lot of space. The more compact the design, the more storage space you will get to save on.

In case you have a larger storage space, you can opt for the larger hanging tool cabinets. The best part is that these products come in a range of sizes and therefore getting the right size wouldn't be much of a task.



You need to settle on a more durable option. Durability depends on several factors that you, as a consumer, need to be aware of. The first factor is the material of construction.

Ensure, therefore, that you settle on a cabinet made of quality durable material. Several steel options will serve you for the longest time possible. Steel is an alloy, which means that it draws from two stable and heavy metals.

Steel cabinets are also hard to penetrate through and will help keep away burglars who may want to gain forceful access to your cabinet and destroy it in return. If not steel, settle on another heavy metal.

The next factor that you need to consider when it comes to durability is whether your cabinet is rust-resistant or not. Rust is one of the greatest destroyers of metals, and therefore, you need to be wary.

How do you know that a product is rust resistant? Ensure that the metallic parts are not exposed to moisture and other factors that predispose it to rust. This includes oxygen.

Ensure, therefore, that you check on the finishing of your cabinet. Go for a powdery finish or paint coating that will help prevent the metallic parts from exposure. This is the best shot you have at rust-resistance.

Always remember that the durability of your product will significantly influence how long you get to enjoy it. More durable options last longer than all other options in the market and therefore call for more extended usage.

It is quite uneconomical going for a product over and over again. This might prove too expensive in the long run. However, high-placed a product may be, ensure that you settle on the most durable one.

The construction of your cabinet will also dictate whether it is durable or not. In such cases, ensure that the cabinet is sturdy enough. This will also help it support the weight of the tools that you wish to store.


Weight Capacity

Cabinets have different weight capacities. Some will shoulder the heaviest of weights when others barely manage heavy loads. Therefore depending on the weight of the tools you want to store, pick on one with a viable weight capacity.

Going for a lesser weight capacity when you have super heavy objects means that your cabinet will get to sag or loosen in the process. Cabinets are relatively expensive, and you might not want this.

The best cabinets, therefore, are those that can sustain heavier weights. Such also have stronger and sturdier designs as compared to the standard options. They are also made from heavy-duty metals as compared to the other existing options.

This is one of the challenges that consumers go through. Ensure that you are keen on this.



Most hanging cabinets are relatively expensive, and it is best if you are offered a warranty. A warranty will absolve you from all the costs that you might be required to meet in case there is a defect with the cabinet.

A warranty is generally an insurance which provides that the manufacturer or seller is liable in case of any issue arising with the use of the good during the given period.

Getting a warranty is not enough in itself. You need to ensure that the warranty you obtain is highly comprehensive. This means that it should cover all aspects and parts of the good and not just a few parts of your cabinet.

You also need to check on the duration of the warranty. Ensure that the warranty you pick on covers five or more years. Most manufacturers like to offer a limited warranty period so that they are absolved from liability after the shortest time possible.

A reasonable warranty period signifies that the manufacturer has placed a level of trust in the product in question because nobody in his right senses is ready to offer a warranty on a defective product.

A longer warranty period also means that you will get to enjoy the usage of your product for the longest time possible without having to worry about meeting the cost of repairs arising from defects.

Ensure that you also get to read on the warranty requirements so that you get to know where you stand in regards to the agreement. 



Price is also a factor that you need to consider. There are several hanging cabinets that you can choose which come at different price ranges. Based on your pocketability, you are likely going to get a product that suits you.

Price is a factor that individual consumers have little or no say about. This is because it is usually fixed by market factors that require cumulative customer efforts, such as the supply and demand forces.

Before you settle on a product, ensure that it will offer you the value you need for the amount in which you are getting the product. This brings us to the basic rule, which requires one to obtain value for the merchandise you purchase.

Check, therefore, if the specifications of the product match the price. The quality should also be obtained from the option you purchase. Pricing should, consequently, not be a measure of quality.

If you need a superior option, you need to be ready to spend. Most highly-placed options are often high-priced, and therefore you need to ensure that you have a considerable money source.

However, if it does not offer you value for your money, steer away from the product in question. Some of the highly-priced products will not provide you the quality you want, and that should be something you ought to take into consideration.



Reviews are necessary for every purchase. You must get to know what other consumers feel about the product in question. Ensure, therefore, that you get a one on one interaction with consumers through reviews.

Some sites offer customers a chance to talk about the products after a successful purchase. Make sure, therefore, that you exhaust the customer review section in such cases. The best sites are like Amazon.

From the customer feedback; you will get to establish the strengths and the limitations of the cabinet you are planning on going for. Some customers will even go to greater lengths to outline the pros and cons.

The thing is, there are certain pieces of information that a manufacturer would rather keep away from you in fear that it would negatively impact on the sales. Most of the time, this information is necessary and needs you to rely on it.

For you to get a complete view of the product in question, ensure that you get to know all sides of the product. This can only be accessed in the reviews or customer feedback. There are detailed independent reviews that will ensure this.



You also need to remember that in the course of the reviews, products are often rated. Ratings, in this case, are done through stars. Just like any other ratings, the higher the number of stars, the better the product.

Ensure, therefore, that you obtain the good with the highest rating. There are several options in the market. Such goods assure you of better usage and a durable stay. Most people find faults with the quality of their cabinets, and therefore you should strive to get the ratings.

Some sites offer specific ratings of products. This is usually done on certain particular qualities, such as durability and effectiveness. In case you are looking for a product to satisfy a particular goal, ensure that you check on such.


Finding the best hanging wall tool cabinet that will fit your garage excellently may not be as easy a task as you may have imagined. However, with my guidance, perhaps things should get a lot easier for you.

We began by looking at five products of our recommendation, and I’d like to point you to a specific one; The GoPlus Wall Mounted Hanging Tool Cabinet. Indeed, the other tool cabinets have a lot to consider, but this cabinet by GoPlus is just something.

Besides having three storage spaces, two of which have doors and the third without, this cabinet also comes with locks and keys, providing you with extra security. It has 6 shelves, all adjustable and a support hardware that is resistant and is able to hold u to 110llb.

What more could you be looking for in a hanging tool cabinet? I highly recommend that you get yourself the GoPlus Wall Mount Hanging Tool Cabinet today!

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