Best Hang On Tree Stand for Hunting

Lone Wolf Alpha Hang On II Tree stand

Lone Wolf Alpha Hang On II Tree stand

Millennium Treestands Monster Hang-on Tree Stand

Millennium Treestands Monster Hang-on Tree Stand

Rivers Edge Big Foot XL Lounger Hang On Portable Hunting Tree Stand

Rivers Edge Big Foot XL Lounger Hang On Portable Hunting Tree Stand

For a successful hunting trip, you need several paraphernalia. Apart from the hunting cameras and the knives, a hang-on tree stand should not miss in your kit. Today, we will explore these fantastic products that will redefine your hunting experience.

Hang on tree stands are made to help you sit as you focus on the prey. They are always stable, comfortable, and portable. It is critical that you find the right one in case you need a satisfying hunting experience.

This article will, therefore, focus on some of the best hang on tree stands you can find in the market. We have compared all the options available for you, and we are sure that the articles we will review are the best in terms of quality and usefulness.

Hunting is a collective experience and cuts across all genders. This means that there is an ever-growing market of hunting equipment such as the hang on tree stands. Several manufacturers are therefore coming up to ensure that they take advantage of this.

You need to be careful when choosing a hang on a tree stand or risk falling for a sub-standard good. The reviews we are going to undertake are therefore necessary since you will have an in-depth analysis of the [products that we have picked for you.

Join me; therefore, as we look at some of the best hang on tree stands in the market. I hope that you will find a suitable option. The following are our products:

Best Hang On Tree Stand for Hunting List

Lone Wolf Alpha Hang On II Tree stand

Lone Wolf Alpha Hang On II Tree stand

I am pretty sure that you have come across the name Lone Wolf in the course of your trips or interactions. This firm is devoted to producing some of the best portable tree stands and accessories in the market.

The Alpha Hang on II is the best solution in case you are looking for a means of achieving the right to left leveling on a tree, which is not perfect. This amazing device comes with an adjustable seat and platform, which makes it one of the most comfortable options in the market.

It is lightweight and, therefore, heavily portable. It is also quiet, which is necessary in the course of hunting lest you scare the prey away. You also get easy to use a tree stand that will save you time and effort.


  • Has an adjustable seat and platform.
  • It has an attractive design.
  • It is highly portable. 


  • It is not as light as listed.
  • It is pricey. 

Millennium Treestands Monster Hang-on Tree Stand

Millennium Treestands Monster Hang-on Tree Stand

In case you are looking for an attractive, highly sought tree stand, then this is your ideal item. This product offered by Millennium Treestands is designed to provide you with the best in terms of safety, comfort, and handiness.

The seat is adjustable from 16 inches up to twenty inches off the platform, and therefore height challenges shouldn't be a big deal. This stand boasts of a full backrest and side straps, which adds to its comfort.

As if not enough, it comes with superior construction that assures you of a long-lasting item. Setting up your stand will not be a hard task, and in a few simple steps, you will be done. It is also quiet, assuring you of a comfortable hunting experience.


  • It is easy to set up.
  • It is quiet.
  • It is highly comfortable. 


  • It is pricey
  • Not suitable for a low budget consumer. 

Rivers Edge Big Foot XL Lounger Hang On Portable Hunting Tree Stand

Rivers Edge Big Foot XL Lounger Hang On Portable Hunting Tree Stand

In case you are worried that you will not get a fitting tree stand, this is the product you should go for. This stand has an extra-large platform that measures 37" *24". This will also give you an extra room for standing shots.

For maximum comfort, it is equipped with a flip-up seat and armrests. The seats and the armrests both flip up independently to offer you full use of the platform when you stand to shoot. How convenient can a product be?

This stand assures you of a noiseless hunting experience thanks to the ultra-quiet attachment. This is made possible by the silent strap attachment, which tends to eliminate metal to metal contact in your stand.


  • It is quiet.
  • It has an extra-large platform.
  • It is comfortable. 


  • Check for the craftsmanship.
  • The distance from the seat to stand might be too high for some.

XOP- XTREME Air Raid Tree Stand

XOP- XTREME Air Raid Tree Stand

This is one of the best trees stands you can lay your hands on in the market. It features aluminum construction, which makes it durable enough. It is also strong and will, therefore, support the most significant weight.

This tree stand has a dual functioning tri-layer compression foam seat pad, which ensures that you are comfortable. It has heat-treated steel strap buttons which assure you of security. It also has in cast bow holder and accessory hooks.

This fantastic tree stand has everything you need in your hunting experience. It boasts of two heavy-duty polyester belts, which are also equipped with extra-large cam buckles. Therefore in terms of security, this is your go-to product. 


  • It is highly attractive.
  • The platform is large enough.
  • It is very comfortable. 


  • It does not come with a warranty.
  • Check whether it has a return policy. 

Summit Tree stands The Peak Hang on

Summit Tree stands The Peak Hang on

This is by far one of the most comfortable tree stands you can find in the market. It comes in a handy design that will offer you the best in terms of comfort and support. The armrests are padded, which adds to its satisfaction.

This product also boasts of a large platform that will help you stay longer in the stand without feeling fatigued. For portability, this tree stand has a folding frame that weighs slightly above twenty-eight pounds. You can, therefore, move easily with your stand.

In case you are worried about the weight capacity, this tree stand can comfortably shoulder 300 pounds. It comes with a warranty that will absolve you from all liabilities in case of damages arising from the manufacturer’s side. 


  • It comes with a warranty.
  • Has padded armrests.
  • It has a large platform.


  • It is expensive.
  • Only serves trees of up to 20”

The next big question after obtaining a hang on tree stand is how to install it. The setup is not as hard though you may want help in case you are a beginner. How you set up your stand will significantly influence the experience you will yield out of it. 

There are a few steps that will help you work out the best setup. Therefore, if you want the best hunting experience, ensure that adhere to the following steps when installing your tree stand:

i)  The first process, just like any other, is more of a fundamental level. Here, ensure that you take your tree stand climbing sticks off. Make sure that the process is as quiet as possible. After you have removed them, secure them to the tree.

ii)  After securing the first two climbing sticks to the tree, you need to test them to confirm whether they have been properly fastened. This is necessary if you want to avoid accidents or falling over.

iii) Continue installing the remaining climbing brackets. Ensure, however, that you use your tree climbing belt to move up the tree. This is one of the safest ways to install all your brackets.

iv)  After all the brackets have been set up, it is time to install the tree stand. This is the fundamental step, therefore. Before installing your tree stand, ensure that it is placed in the direction you will be watching most. This will offer you the perfect view.

Also, ensure that the position you choose on is not as far from your last step.

v)  In the process of installation, it would do you well if you started with the top strap. The top strap will offer you e3xtra stability and make the remaining process of installation more manageable. In case you want to make the strap extra secure, you can lift the platform flat and then tighten the belt further to ensure that it is tight enough.

vi)  Ensure that the same process you apply in the fifth process is done for the bottom strap. Wrap the strap around, and in case there is a remaining strap, ensure that it is tucked to offer you optimum security.

vii)  After you are done with these processes, you will discover that by then, your tree climbing belt will be underneath the model. Here, you can use any other harness to take your position above the stand to lift yourself the stand without falling

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Hang On Tree Stand

You must pick on the best tree stand. This may be challenging because there are several options to choose from. Just like we mentioned before, you are most likely going to come across a sub-standard good.

How then do you know that a stand is well suited for you? This is the question that we aim to implore in this next section. There are certain factors that you need to look out for in a tree stand in case you want the best product.

You can, therefore, consider this part of the article a buying guide since we will equip you with some of the factors that you need to check out to obtain the best tree stand. Ensure, therefore, that you check on the following:

Best Hang On Tree Stand



​Comfort should be the biggest priority in case you want the best experience with your stand. Remember, the time you spend up the tree is not usually fixed. You can, therefore, end up taking hours on top of the tree, and the last thing you want is an uncomfortable experience.

Ensure that the tree stand you obtain comfortable enough. How do you gauge comfortability? Check at the seat padding and the back support system. Ensure that your seat well encompasses these two.

The tree stand should have a suitable seat padding. By this, I mean one that is not as thick and at the same time, not as thin. Overly thick padding might be quite uncomfortable in the course of your experience.

The seat should also have a decent back support system. Remember, you will spend a lot of time on your seat, and therefore a bad back is the least you expect. The back support should either recline a little or stand at an angle that will not get you to strain your back.

In case you want to take standing shots, you need enough room. Therefore, ensure that you obtain the stand with the broadest platform. This will give you enough space to make the standing shots.

On the other hand, to create enough room, you can get a stand with a seat that flips up. There are those that both the seats and arms flip up. Such will also serve you well in case you need space.



​How safe is your tree stand? Remember, you will be some inches up the tree, and therefore you risk falling and getting hurt. We want to avoid this. The tree stands you pick on should ensure that your chances of falling are minimum.

For safety purposes, ensure that you go for stands that have harnesses. These will help you clutch on to something in case you are in a potential risk of falling. Also, ensure that the harness is made a bit rugged to offer you the best grip. You do not want a slippery support system.

Other manufacturers provide multiple safety straps to be secured to the tree. These are the most common and will offer you the security you need. Such will prevent you from potential falls.

Ensure, however, that the safety feature takes into account your weight capacity. You should go for an option that includes adequate weight support. You want to avoid a case where your safety straps will give in to your weigh and unfasten.

To ensure that you are on the safest side, you can go the extra mile and check on the material used to make the straps. There are specific straps that are reinforced with steel, and these would be the perfect ones in this case.

The best models of tree stands support up to three-hundred pounds, and therefore you need to ensure that the straps can adequately support this. You can also check on the type of buckles the safety belts come with. Ensure that these will hold up well.



Tree stands have weight limits. Therefore, ensure that you confirm your weight and check whether it is covered in the range provided by the tree stand. This is key, or you risk your stand collapsing.

The weight will also heavily influence factors such as portability. You need something light in case you are into frequent traveling. For more comfortable transportation in the course of your travels, go for the lighter options.

The weight will also influence the setting up of your stand. In case you want a tree stand that is easy to set up, go for the lighter option. The heavier ones will require that you even employ extra labor when setting up.

The weight of your tree stand will also depend on the material used in constructing the frame. Iron is ordinarily heavy, and therefore, when you settle for an iron frame, be ready to meet extra costs in transportation.

You should, therefore, pick on a lighter material. Here, you also need to be careful. Ensure that you do not sacrifice the durability of your good by going for the lighter material. In as much as you want a light tree stand, make a point to check on the longevity of your stand.

Most stands will support up to 200pounds. There are superior ones that will serve up to 300 pounds. These are normally recommended, especially if you want a product that works with a comprehensive weight range.



This is an essential factor that you need not overlook. How durable is your hang on tree stand? Strength will come a long way in determining how long your product will serve you.

Durability is a diverse factor and will depend on several sub-factors. First, ensure that you check on the material used to make a stand. The material will always determine how long and withstanding your stand will be.

When it comes to material, you should focus on the stands made of steel. Steel is durable and will withstand the heaviest of weights. Steel is also durable enough as compared to other metals.

You can also pick on stands made of aluminum. Just like steel, aluminum is also durable. It will also shoulder the heaviest of weights. Such products are everywhere in the market, and you only need to look a little further.

Most of the time you will be in the wild with your tree stand. You will thus be exposed to environmental factors such as moisture or snow. Therefore, ensure that the option you choose is rust-resistant.

Rust is one of the greatest destroyers of metals. You can check on the finishing of your stand. Most rust-resistant options have a coated or powdery finishing on their surfaces. This will prevent exposure from environmental factors that may bring about rusting. 



Reviews are an essential part of market research. What are other customers saying about the product? Do they find it effective? Is it useful? The reviews will answer such questions.

Reviews will influence the decision you make. Sites such as Amazon offer consumers a chance to provide their feedback after a successful purchase. You need to focus on such.

Reviews, just like the ones we have done, will always equip you with the features of the product in question. This will offer you an in-depth analysis of the same to help you make a viable decision.

Ensure, therefore, that you focus on the product with the most positive reviews. Certain reviews come with pros and cons. Such will give you a chance to explore both sides of the coin and help you make the best decision.

Another reason why you need to first look for product reviews is the fact that there is some information that the sellers and manufacturers will keep away from you. Such information are always negative and might significantly influence your choice.

In case you need to know everything about a product, look for the customer feedback. These are normally accurate because you get information from people who have had a one on one interaction with the products in question.

Ensure also that you obtain information from reliable sites. Some independent reviewers are also known for offering accurate reviews. You can focus on such.

It is also important to note that in the course of reviews, products are also rated. Rating, in this case, is usually done through stars and is a manifestation of collective customer feedback.

Ensure, therefore, that the good you settle on has a favorable rating, if possible, five stars.


You should settle on the best hang on tree stand if you want the best hunting experience. This is the reason why we saw it wise to review some of the best options in the market. I hope that this article has offered you the best buying advice and market research.

In case you find it hard to settle on a product, I would advise that you go for The Lone Wolf Alpha Hang on II Tree stand. This amazing stand will offer you a means of achieving the right to left leveling on a tree, which is not perfect.

As if not enough, it comes fully equipped with an adjustable seat and platform, which makes it one of the most comfortable options in the market. For portability, it boasts of a lightweight design that will give you a hustle-free shopping.

What more then do you still need? Grab this fantastic tree stand and enjoy your hunting experiences. 

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