Best Gaming Speakers

Logitech G560 LIGHTSYNC PC Gaming Speakers

Logitech G560 LIGHTSYNC PC Gaming Speakers

Razer Nommo Chroma Gaming Speakers

Razer Nommo Chroma Gaming Speakers

Edifier R980T 4 Gaming Speakers

Edifier R980T 4 Gaming Speakers

Gamers well understand the importance that audio effects hold in gaming, which is equivalent or close to the power that visual effects have. We want to hear those high definition sounds as we blast through ammunition rounds!

Speakers in gaming, therefore, come as an invaluable accessory and powerful speakers are a must-have for any diehard gamer.

But how do you choose the best speakers for gaming? Is this as easy as walking into a store and picking what you like from the options presented to you? I wouldn't say it is.

Finding the best gaming speakers can be difficult and even confusing because of the different brands and preferences which may vary too. I may, for instance, be interested in something loud, purely for gaming.

Someone else may, on the other hand, be more interested in something deep and clear, for cinematics and coupling as gaming speakers as well.

These multipurpose speakers, as is important to state, are a go-to in gaming because when you're bored, you can switch to Netflix and Chill, yet still be able to resume your deathmatch whenever you're ready to; with the same blast and unmatched energy.

These options are already confusing for someone who doesn't know much about gaming speakers and may not be well versed with even some key features of high criticality.

To be able to cruise through the available options without stressing much about getting the ideal product for you, we have prepared a list of speakers that we believe will suit you best.
Why don't we have a look at them?

Best Gaming Speakers List

Logitech G560 LIGHTSYNC PC Gaming Speakers

Logitech G560 LIGHTSYNC PC Gaming Speakers

You’ve perhaps been trying and failing, until the Logitech G560. These are the ideal speakers for an exceptionally optimal gaming experience.

Built with a LIGHTSYNC RGB lighting, these speakers have many color loops which not only make the speaker’s visuals breathtaking, but also give it a deeper sense of prominence in power.

It has an excellent synchronization for its sounds and visuals; perfect with in-game actions, music and sounds. It has a 240W peak power.

Enjoy the 5D surround sound blasted through these speakers’ DTS:X Ultra Engine and with it, a mind-blowing experience. These speakers come with an amplifier and have an easy connectivity via Bluetooth to other devices like your PC, tablet or phone.


  • Built in Ultra Engine, DTS:X.
  • 5D surround sound.
  • Built-in LIGHTSYNC RGB lighting.
  • 240W peal power.


  • They have no sperate controls for the volume and bass.
  • They may show incomplete lighting features with gaming consoles like Xbox.

Razer Nommo Chroma Gaming Speakers

Razer Nommo Chroma Gaming Speakers

The Razer Nommo Chroma gaming speakers have a beautiful and sleek design that every gamer is sure to like. This design not only gives every user a good first-impression but will also maintain your good relationship with the speakers.

These speakers have drivers that are optimized and made to deliver extremely clear full-range sounds. This means that you can enjoy high-quality sounds for your music, games and even the few hours that you perhaps plan to chill watching something.

These speakers have custom 3” woven glass drivers and their bass ports were made to face behind/ the rear. These bass ports deliver a range of audio that is all-inclusive. The bass effect also has a control knob for gain control.


  • Personalized lighting.
  • Clear full-range sounds.
  • Rear-facing bass ports.


  • Background-running software.
  • Their compatibility is not all-inclusive.

Edifier R980T 4 Gaming Speakers

Edifier R980T 4 Gaming Speakers

Give your home a classical touch with this set of speakers. Its wooden enclosure resonates sound excellently and is made out of a medium-density fiberboard. With the option to adjust and readjust the speakers’ bass, you can rest assured of having the best sounds for your gaming or multipurpose needs.

What is perhaps most interesting about these speakers is that right from their design to functionality, the manufacturer had the unique idea to do things classically. Therefore, the speakers use a wired connection for transmission of sounds from the TV and your gaming consoles or devices.

Do you know of any vinyl lovers? Then perhaps you should gift them these speakers which have an added vintage record player.

This device has bass controls located on the rear for the easy customization of sounds when playing games or watching movies. These speakers are active and do not really need an additional boost following that the amp is in-built.


  • Enhances bass.
  • Adjustable bass.
  • Dual input.


  • When the volume gets too high, the speakers just hum.
  • May play echo sounds with some devices.

Creative Labs Multimedia Speaker System

Creative Labs Multimedia Speaker System

Are you looking for quality sounds from compact speakers? Then you found the right product for you! The Creative Labs Multimedia Speaker System is the ideal speaker for your ultimate gaming experience.

Creative Labs has been fine-tuned for higher and greater precision, blasting real sounds. It has a 2-way design with many small speakers within, which are powered by 28W. They have the BasXPort Technology for the enhancement of highly defined and realistic sounds.

These speakers are thus ideal for when you want to watch a movie or embark on your gaming. They are wired and come with instructions on how to connect the cables and adapters to your devices, making your work a lot easier.

The Creative Labs gaming speakers also comes with a woven glass cone driver and provides a convenient access to audio controls and sources.


  • Excellent design.
  • 28W power.
  • BasXPort Technology.


  • The speakers' mild tones may sound unrealistic.

Razer Leviathan Sound Bar

Razer Leviathan Sound Bar

Say bye-bye to the stress and hassle that comes with wired connections. The Razer Laviathan speakers are wireless speakers that use Bluetooth connectivity to project sound through other devices or your gaming consoles.

These speakers' Bluetooth connectivity is efficient and fast, running a v4.0 for nothing but superiority in the quality of the sounds produced.

Because of this fact, moving or shifting the speakers' positions is thus quite easy and convenient and so is connecting it with other devices. Its design is excellent for a home or office setting.

This is a small yet powerful set of speakers, with its Dolby and aptX technologies. This set also has an NFC technology which enhances fast sharing.

It also has a dedicated 5.25" downward firing subwoofer for sound enhancements to a perhaps deep, immersive and mind-blowing bass.


  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Saves space.
  • Dolby Technology.


  • The soundbar is not ideal for surround sound.
  • Unsuitable for a living room setup.

Gaming is one of the most fun activities of the current world. You'll often find gamers glued to their screens all day long with drinks and maybe snacks to keep them going; with the main focus being their screens.

What makes gaming even more fun and/or interesting are the audio effects which will give you high definition sounds and thus deliver a worthwhile experience. We all know how attractive quality sounds are.

Are you a gamer and out looking for the best speakers that will deliver quality sounds for your gaming experience? Then you ought to find the best guidance because landing on lesser-guided choices may take you through a path you'll not be able to walk back from easily.

Why? While powerful speakers produce sounds quite appealing to the ear and even relatively beautiful depending on what's playing and the user preference, poor-quality speakers produce poor-quality sounds.

As noted, sound is of great importance in gaming and low-quality speakers may just kill the whole mood. You wouldn't want that, would you?

Remember that these speakers come at a cost, and you may therefore incur losses if you spend money on dissatisfactory options.

We would like you to make the best choices that will give you your money's value so that at the end of the day, what you'll have spent in will have been worth it.

I have below collected from customer reviews and a thorough examination of our top products, some factors that will do you good if you consider before purchasing a gaming speaker.

Why don't we look at them?

Best Gaming Speakers



What features are you looking for in a gaming speaker? And should you be looking at any particular features with keen interest? Well, we can only find out!

To deliver high-quality sounds, gaming speakers will have a variety of features. These features may include a perhaps unique design, internal and external components and various functions.

To distinguish a gaming speaker from the other and for uniqueness, these speakers will have varied designs. Some designs look better than others because they could have something that's missing in the others.

Some could also just look sleeker than others, and depending on what you can afford, your preference here will make a huge contribution.

Some designs also provide more convenience than others because they may provide or enable functionalities that are unique to certain speakers, thus giving them the features that they have.

A speaker, just like most electronic devices, has both electronic and non-electronic components that enable it to function well and perhaps even optimally.

To have a specific or varied result, depending on the manufacturer's intent for the device, these components are made or designed in a particular way.

These components are either internal or external, and are thus positioned either internally within the speakers or externally where you can see, touch and even cause alterations.

Both internal and external components will have varied functionalities, and may thus help enhance or improve the performance of your speaker variedly.

Speakers also have functions that will enable it to operate in a particular way, or adapt to sounds in a particular way. These functions will may therefore help control or manage the quality ot sounds that your speakers produce.

Why are we looking at the general information on features of gaming speakers? This is simply because gaming speakers are unique from regular speakers because of their specific purpose.

Specific purpose devices such as these speakers will be designed to fit their specific purposes, while delivering optimal satisfaction at the end.

Do you ever feel that the speakers you have for your gaming PC are just not adequate enough? Or that indeed you have quality speakers, but the sounds they produce are not giving you the ultimate gaming experience?

Don't worry because you're not alone in this. Why don't we have a quick look at some of the features and key things that you should watch out for in gaming speakers?


Sound effects

Have you ever played music then realized that the sounds that came off for a particular song were slightly or entirely different from what you heard with a more recent or even the previous song? Yes, I’m talking about the sounds and not beats.

You’ll often realize that the sounds produced by speakers change with changes in certain -sound-effect functionalities. Some will deliver a powerful bass and others will deliver a shrill treble, or a mixture of both.

We’re looking for the best gaming speakers; therefore, sound will be one of the key factors that we should be looking out for. Here, the important questions to ask yourself is, what are the sound effects that you’re most interested in, and which ones are available with your speakers?

Most gamers will go for speakers with more bass, while others will prefer something that they can balance between bass and treble. Sound is processed differently in our minds, and perhaps this is why people would have varied preferences where these effects are related.

The point here is to leave having bagged the right speakers that will work best for you. So, play around with the available options on sound effects. Do you feel that a particular gaming speaker doesn’t have bass or to the level you were hoping for?

Then you can always check out another option, without throwing other considerations to the wind because at the end of the day, you will have to look at everything, access the information you have, then make a final decision.

I will diligently and whole-heartedly take you through what I feel may hep you substantially, and anything else you may feel to be inadequate may be supplemented by the information that will come next after this.



Connectivity is one among the most important considerations that you should ever make when you’re shopping for the best gaming speakers. But what is connectivity in this case? You can choose to look at it quite simply actually, here:

Do you see those cables that are connected to your speakers? Those are your device’s wired connections. Wires are used to connect different parts and components of a speaker, and even sometimes to other devices, external or otherwise.

Technology has, however, seen the introduction of connections which do not require wires. So how does this even happen? Wireless connections transmit information and even instructions through non-wired signals; one of the perks of the fast-changing times.

What does this mean for your gaming speakers? Basically, what will work for you is what you should go for. This is because it is only you who knows best what you need most. Let us look at it this way.

Some people do not like having wires around the room, for various reasons. Other gamers will be okay with the wires, but will hope for an added wireless feature that will enable them to switch modes when they don’t feel like being interrupted by everything that’s going on in the room.

Wireless connectivity for speakers is least recommended when you have to worry about safety in movement or maneuverability around the house, length and even quality of the transmitting wires.

Wireless connections will often feature Bluetooth functionalities for most gaming speakers. With Bluetooth speakers, you don’t have to stress about making any physical connections, which may be quite confusing. You’ll also be able to say bye-bye to risks of tripping on the wires and also length issues.

You, however, know best what will work best for you; so, make the right choice, but take your time while at it.



Gaming speakers, from the name, already sound like they’re solely meant for gaming; but is that the case? Well, we have the specific-purpose gaming speakers and we have the general or multi-purpose gaming speakers.

The multi-purpose ones can be used for not only gaming or not only with gaming devices; but also, with other devices and for other purposes. If you’d like to switch your form of entertainment, then you have the flexibility to, without affecting performance in any way.

Which of these speakers should you go for? The good thing about specific-purpose speakers is that they’ll sever their purposes optimally. Therefore, the quality of sounds they produce will most times be higher as compared to the multi-purpose speakers.

Multi-purpose speakers, on the other hand, are quite convenient if you’re looking for something that you can use in not only gaming. This option is advisable for those who may feel bored with gaming after some time. With this option, therefore, you’ll not at all be tying yourself down.



Compatibility is the cream of all this. What does the compatibility of gaming speakers mean? Simply, will you be able to use your gaming speakers with all your gaming devices? Were your speakers designed or made, in other words, for use in the devices you’re intending them for?

Manufacturers of gaming speakers have you in mind while at this. They’ll consider a lot of factors while designing the best devices for your use, and among these factors is compatibility.

What would be the need of manufacturing speakers that won’t work with the most common of devices, like a gaming PC? It is important to consider these common devices. But how is this consideration made?
The manufacturer has to ensure that the speakers they are making conform in functionality with the functionality of the devices with which you intend to use the speakers. This conformity will tell you whether or not something is not working with your speakers, or if you landed on a rare pick.

Gamers, just like other people out to entertain themselves, have their specifications of the devices and accessories they may need for their gaming. Just like any other fun activity, investing in games can be quite satisfactory.

Different games will produce different sounds, depending on what it is you’re doing. If you’re paying an action game, therefore, then the sounds that your gamer would emit are not the same ones that my gamer with which I’m playing a strategy game, would.

Different sounds, therefore, call for different solutions, and the ultimate solution to an ultimate gaming experience is a powerful set of speakers that will see you deliver that final blow so realistically, or cook so professionally.


We began going through this article with the intent of finding the best speakers for our gaming needs. Do you feel that you already have something you like in a particular set of speakers? Do you feel that you may want to get a particular brand already?

I would advise you to keep holding your horses as we further delve into the purpose of tis article, which is to help you make the most guided decision; one that will satisfy you optimally so that you’ll never have to visit a store back for a better device or for replacement.

The five products we reviewed and discussed based on customer reviews, are indeed prominent in the market, and among the best options you’ll find out there. But the Logitech G560 LIGHTSYNC PC Gaming Speakers, in particular, stands out of the rest and proves to have what it takes.

So, why don’t we have a look at what it has to offer?

This set of speakers has a built-in Ultra Engine, a DTS:X. it also features a 5D surround sound and is built with LIGHTSYNC RGB lighting for the delivery of breathtaking color loops which are sure to enhance your gaming experience. It is also powered by 240W peak power.

Should you be looking at other options? It’s okay to, but I highly recommend the Logitech G560 set of speakers for your gaming. Why don’t you get these speakers today?

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