Best Foam Floor Tiles

BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat.

BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat.

BalanceFrom Kid’s Puzzle Exercise Play Mat.

BalanceFrom Kid’s Puzzle Exercise Play Mat.

Interlocking Floor Tiles, EVA Foam Puzzle Mat.

Interlocking Floor Tiles, EVA Foam Puzzle Mat.

Is your current floor giving you problems? Are you thinking of changing it? Well you can replace the current floor with the best foam floor tiles. You might be wondering so what makes these tiles different from other tiles?

Actually, foam floor tiles are exactly what they sound like; square tiles made out of thick foam. Worrying about instillation? Don’t be. Installing these tiles won’t require you to destroy your current floor.

These tiles are usually installed on the top of your original floor. They provide a softer surface and an extra layer of protection. So, installing these tiles won’t take a lot of time and they won’t cause your family a lot of inconvenience.

These tiles come in handy if you want to reduce the
noise levels in your house. You can install them in your children’s play area, or in high traffic rooms. They can also be installed in home gyms, workout rooms or as matting under a temporary dance floor. 

Tile floors are very convenient. They are easy and fast to install. No one wants to use a lot of time installing tiles especially if you live in that house with your family. Most have features like
interlocking edges. 

One can simply click them together and lay them on the floor. this feature also means that they can easily and quickly be removed without affecting the flooring itself.

These features actually give most homeowners a chance to experiment with different tile designs. These tiles actually come with different designs. You can therefore easily customize your space to fit your décor or personality.

They come in primary colors, child friendly patterns and a variety of other colors and finishes. You can even buy tiles topped with tire tread print or ones that look like carpet.

Best Foam Floor Tiles List

BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat.

BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat.

These tiles are crafted from EVA foam. The set comes with 36 tiles. You therefore don’t have to worry about it covering enough floor area. One set can cover up to 144 square feet. You can however order tiles in larger packs if you need to cover more space.

They are a half an inch thick. You therefore don’t have to worry about cushioning power as you walk across them or sit on them. Upon instillation you can thereby stop worrying about your kids’ safety playing on them.

They are very useful and can accommodate a variety of activities on them from yoga to weightlifting. The kit comes with seventy-two end borders. They cover the outside edges of the tiles and create a polished final touch.

This makes them very ideal if you are using them in public spaces. Therefore, if you are a businessowner you can utilize them in your offices, gyms and other business facilities.

Most of us when installing floors are very cautious about slipperiness. Many accidents across the country occur due to slippery floors. Definitely no one wants to install slippery floors in areas where kids play or in areas accessed by the general public.

On either side of these tiles, you will find a non-slip surface. They are manufactured in a design that keeps water out. You can therefore regularly clean them without sacrificing the foam density or the structural integrity.

The blocks come in three different colors: blue, grey and black. They also feature a user-friendly design. They have interlocking tabs and therefore to connect two tabs one has to just fit them together. The tiles are light weight, so they are easy to carry around.


  • The tiles are known for their durability. They are made from high quality foam which ensure they last for a long time without losing cushioning.
  • They are easy to install. first of all, they are quite light which makes handling them during instillation quite easy. Their interlocking features also means that to install them, one has to only stack them together.
  • The high-density foam used to make them provides excellent cushioning. The tiles can therefore accommodate a variety of activities on them.


  • The tiles may have surface imperfections that don’t affect performance.
  • If one tile separates from the other, the whole mat becomes destroyed as the others eventually separate.

BalanceFrom Kid’s Puzzle Exercise Play Mat.

BalanceFrom Kid’s Puzzle Exercise Play Mat.

if you are a parent you have probably spent time worrying about how to ensure your child’s safety during playtime. Well these tiles are designed to with this worry in mind. They have been manufactured in a way so as to ensure your child’s safety during playtime.

They are designed from the highly durable EVA foam. The foam softens the tiles providing extra protection for your little ones.

The mats have been designed to be used for different purposes. If you want to use them as a mat, parent can just lay them on the floor and stack them together. Parents can also give them to their children to use them as building supplies.

Talk about a design that is child friendly. Children can just stalk the tiles together in different angles to create different structures.

The tiles come with borders to create a finishing edge. Parents don’t have to worry about their children’s safety playing with the tiles as they are designed to the highest safety standards.

Their manufacturers ensure that they meet and exceed the safety standards that the US sets for toy makers. Parents therefore can sleep in peace knowing that their children are playing with tiles which contain no toxic substances like lead, phosphates and BPAs.

The tiles are slip resistance. This will help keep your kids safe while they play. They also have bright colors. This helps to liven up your kids play area and bedroom. 


  • They have bright and child friendly colors.
  • They are designed in a way that allows versatile use. They can be used as mats or as kids’ toys.
  • They are easy to clean with soap and water.


  • Some tile colors may not be as bright and vibrant as they look in photos.
  • The tiles are not thick enough to absorb the impact of heavy objects falling on them.

AmazonBasics Exercise Mat.

AmazonBasics Exercise Mat.

This is a product made specifically for all our fitness brothers and sisters. If you love to work out, you should definitely give this product a try. They are made using dense EVA foam. The dense EVA foam helps to reduce impact on your joins while you work out.

The tiles can be laid under gym and workout equipment or in an open space. When laid under gym equipment they help to prevent the equipment from damaging the floor. The tiles are built strongly so they are able to withstand the pressure of the work out equipment.

However, the foam is not strong enough to prevent floor damages if one drops heavy barbells or weight. The mat helps reduce the noise from work out. Tis will be very useful for those who love to work out late at night or early in the morning.

It will help you avoid making too much noise for your family or roommates as you work out. The tiles have a raised tread pattern. This texture is designed to increase grip strength and to prevent slipping. You can therefore rest easy as your safety during work out is guaranteed. 


  • They have a raised tread pattern to prevent one from slipping.
  • They have dense foam which provides cushioning. This allows on to conduct a variety of workouts on the mat.
  • The foam in the tiles absorbs noise. It therefore allows one to exercise in their own house without producing a lot of noise top distract others.


  • All tiles need to be interlocked to work properly. If one comes off it can cause the rest to shift.
  • The tiles are not thick enough to absorb the impact of heavy barbells or weights dropping on the mat.

Prosource Fit Puzzle Exercise Mat.

Prosource Fit Puzzle Exercise Mat.

These tiles are also purposely built to be used by work out enthusiasts. They were in fact designed for home gyms. They can be laid under gym equipment or on an open space. They are also built with high density EVA foam.

They act as both an insulation and provide cushioning. If you jump and land on the tiles, they absorb the extra impact and provide a soft-landing surface thus lessens the landing impact on your joints.

The tiles have raised double tread patterns which prevent slipping and provide extra grip. They do not contain any toxic substance thus they can be used by children. 


  • They are user friendly. They click together easily so it is easy and quick to lay them on the floor. it is also very easy to separate them.
  • They are made without toxic substances therefore children can easily use them.
  • The foam is water resistance therefore you can easily clean them.
  • Their textured surface prevents slipping therefore they are very safe to work out on.


  • The individual packs provide a relatively small area of coverage.
  • The tiles do not come in a variety of colors.

Interlocking Floor Tiles, EVA Foam Puzzle Mat.

Interlocking Floor Tiles, EVA Foam Puzzle Mat.

These tiles are designed for versatility. They are available in black and white patterns. The tiles are designed to be used in a variety of places from home to the gym to the office and trade showrooms.

The foam is high density to absorb the impact exerted on the tiles while at the same time reducing the noise produced by such activities. Their surfaces ae textured to prevent skidding and slipping.

These tiles are also very affordable and therefore you can buy multiple packs to cover large spaces. The interlocking edges fit tightly together so the chances of them breaking a part are very slim. Their safety around children are guaranteed as they do not contain any toxic substances. 


  • They are quite light. This makes them quite easy to use.
  • Interlocking edges fit in together tightly.
  • They have a textured surface to prevent slipping.
  • They can be used in various situations including at home, in the gym and in the office.


  • They may dent and compress after heavy use.
  • They do not come in a variety of colors.
Best Foam Floor Tiles

Factors to Consider When Buying Best Foam Floor Tiles



This will differ from person to person. How much time will the instillation take? How much will it cost? And how easy is the instillation? Many of us will prefer the tiles that take the least time to install, have the easiest installation process and which are fairly priced.

It is important that you clearly understand how you are going to install the tiles before you purchase them.



You should always check to see how the tiles hold on together mainly in high traffic areas and children’s play area. You wouldn’t want to be left always fixing tiles which have separated from one another.


Color and print.

You should choose the tiles that matches your rooms décor and your personality. If the tiles are to be used in a child’s play area it is advisable that the tiled be colorful so as to arouse the interest of your child.



Texture is very important as it provides grip and prevents slipping. Before choosing tiles you should know what the tiles are to be used for so as to decide what level of texture you need. Work out tiles need rougher textures.


Foam floor tiles can help you accomplish a lot without necessarily changing your floors structure. To accomplish your desired results, it is important that you choose the best floor tires to accommodate your activities.

In general, all the above tiles are quite good. If you are considering changing your floor structure or design, then you should definitely consider installing foam floor tiles. This is because they’re all quite easy to install.

While they’re all good, however, BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat stands out from the rest. It comes in a set of 36 tiles that cover quite a large area. They’re ideal for a variety of activities like yoga and weightlifting and its kit comes with 72 end borders.

With several more amazing features, BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat is the perfect floor tiling option for your home and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get it as soon as possible.

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