Best Dart Flights

5x Sets Harrows Retina Black Dart Flights Slim

5x Sets Harrows Retina Black Dart Flights Slim Cosmo Darts 6 Pack Fit Flight Cosmo Darts 6 Pack Fit Flight

L-style L3d Shape Dimple Champagne Dart Flights

L-style L3d Shape Dimple Champagne Dart Flights

“Darts are easy to learn and hard to master.” Well, I am sure that at some point, especially if you are a dart player, you must have heard this statement. What I will tell you now is that the statement is true.

Any man on the streets can learn how to throw. What then distinguishes an ordinary player from a pro? It goes down to the ability of one to use all the advantage they can get to raise their game to another level. As a pro, the level of your play undoubtedly has to be the highest.

Then there is the anatomy of the dart. Surprising huh! Well, like living bodies, your dart has its anatomy too. To be a champ, you have to master the anatomy of your dart like the back of your pocket.

Then how do the dart flights come into play? The reason is simple champ, to be the best in the room, you have to use the best dart flights on the market.

Over time and my experience in the game, I have noticed that people don't know the best dart flights to use. Today, therefore, we got to find the best one together. Next time you play, you have to get that advantage.

Let’s do this.

Best Dart Flights List

5x Sets Harrows Retina Black Dart Flights Slim

5x Sets Harrows Retina Black Dart Flights Slim

Its glory starts with the manufacturers. Harrow's has a pretty respectful history, and the retina series does a great job of maintaining its high reputation amongst players.

Structurally, the body of the flights is built out of two parts. It has its outer 100-micron thick part designed for strength and durability. It also features a slight honeycomb texture, which gives darts additional drag.

It also has its central display made softer, and it compensates for rigid fins by inducing the much-needed flexibility in the backside. Note, however, that even though the blend of the two is reasonably heavy, it never goes overboard.

Then there is the look. Ooh my! It's what I liked the most about this dart flight. They are sleek and will not look out of place in any professional tournament. This, I will tell you, is the perfect marriage of design and performance.


  • It has a perfect look.
  • It’s quite affordable.
  • Its build thoughtfully combines strength and flexibility.


  • Some people don’t appreciate the added drag.
  • Its modular design has been said to come at the expense of durability. Cosmo Darts 6 Pack Fit Flight Cosmo Darts 6 Pack Fit Flight

With these dart flights, I can guarantee that the flights you will find in the package are pretty solid and well built. I have noted over time, however, that not everyone was pleased with the design. This is pretty common with almost every other product you find in the market.

These flights will fascinate you, especially with the fact that no matter how much you abuse them, the flights will maintain the perfect 90-degree angle between the fins.

Like its increased durability isn't enough, it still goes hand in hand with increased weight, but the flight's overall mass is nicely counterbalanced by the smooth surface. The purpose of this is that it allows them to fly through the more smoothly.

Then now, to the point that this package has an innovative flight and shaft system, which allows for effortless "push-in" installation. Ooh, I should tell you that this is the main selling point of this dear package.

Then in case you fear that installation may be a challenge, know that for me, I did not have to use any other part to assemble the dart.


  • The package will offer six sets of flights at the price point where you can usually find five.
  • The flights are sturdy and well built.
  • To compensate for the weight of the flights is the smooth surface.


  • The flights are heavy.
  • The push-in system does not work on some shaft models.

L-style L3d Shape Dimple Champagne Dart Flights

L-style L3d Shape Dimple Champagne Dart Flights

Right from the onset, you will notice that these L-style L3d flights are pre-molded, very sturdy, and of course, very hard to break or even deform.

These flights tend to be more business-oriented and are less willing to do unnecessary experiments. They do not have fancy locking mechanisms. What's more, they are assembled conventionally; thus, they tend to fall from time to time. This no big deal, though.

Then you will amaze at their reinforced bottom edges and dotted texture, which provides excellent resistance. This here is one area; these flights do try to make a difference. Combined with a pretty solid build, the flight will keep even the longest and heaviest flights flying straight.

Unfortunately for these flights, its good qualities come at the expense of speed and are do not marry well with lighter shafts.


  • They are extremely well-built.
  • Its shallow center does a solid job reducing the flight’s weight.
  • It works like magic with heavier darts.


  • The flights are a bit expensive.
  • They are not intended for versatile players.

30x RUTHLESS Darts Flights R4X Black Xtra Strong Standard (10 sets) by PerfectDarts

30x RUTHLESS Darts Flights R4X Black Xtra Strong Standard (10 sets) by PerfectDarts

You may have heard some of the players regard these flights as generic. They are right. We got to be honest with each other, you know, it's a virtue.

My wildest belief here then is, that if something is doing its job well, I don’t care how generic it decides to be. I’ll tell you that for what they are worth, RUTHLESS Flights over-perform.

Talk of the design, it is just a plain simple plastic unibody. They are considerably lighter than other similar entries. That's not all champ; they are also devoid of any texture, making them a perfect fit for players preferring sped-shots.

Even better, their build quality is a pretty solid one. They won't also break or deform easily, although they are not as sturdy as some other options. However, I didn't feel like the flights affected the dart balance at all. Only kept the dart straight, which at the price, I guess it's okay.


  • They are an affordable purchase for novice and intermediate players.
  • They allow faster shots because of their lightweight.
  • They have a stable build quality.


  • The flights do not improve your technique.
  • The design could be more inspired.

Winmau Rhino Long Life Standard Extra Thick Dart Flights (3 Sets of 3-9 Flights)

Winmau Rhino Long Life Standard Extra Thick Dart Flights (3 Sets of 3-9 Flights)

In the spirit of our sworn honesty champ, meet this product that sounds great on paper, but does not quite live up to the expectation.

The flights I got in the package varied in the quality, and though some proved to be rather sturdy, others bent much easier than I would like them to. All the marketing issues aside, there's still some flesh to this 'bone.'

Winmau Rhino products are reasonably priced. The fins are also large enough to keep the bigger shafts stable, and the lack of texture allows for faster shots, which is a pretty nice middle ground.
You will also discover that the flights come in several new prints. What does this mean for you? Well, if you lie customizing, this might be your kind of product.


  • They are quite affordable for what they have to offer.
  • They come in a lot of exciting prints.
  • They have maintained a delicate balance between speed and sturdiness.


  • As earlier on seen, the build quality does not live up to the expectations the name sets.
  • There are better alternatives at this price point.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Dart Flights

We have successfully looked at five of the best flights in the market. But a question now rises from the list. What makes a product the best option to go for? Deep down, you may again wonder, "Which one of them should I buy?"

Let's have a look at several considerations that should help you find the flight that suits your style the best.



You always have to remember that the added drag you get with the more massive flight can counterbalance the weight of the longer shafts. This prevents the darts from nose-diving when you throw them.

If a shaft and flight are in balance, the dart will fly like a bullet. What does this mean? Simple champ. It means that you are wrong if you think that the huge flight on top of the even bigger shaft would turn your dart into flying stone. Hell no, that’s not the case.


Weight and Durability

We already know that the weight of the flight has an impact on the overall weight of the dart, and allows for fine-tuning. You will also discover that heavier flights also feature improved durability, and their spread does not become as compromised as time goes by.

But even without that, don't you all need durable products? Yes? Same here champ, same. I need not feel like I wasted my money because of a product I only used once or twice and had to dump, only because it turned useless. That's why durability is essential a factor to consider.

In that spirit, here’s is how the four major types are sorted from lightest to heaviest:
•75 micron- this one is great for starters and social use.
•100-micron- it is the most widely used variety on the market. You may need to consider        it due to its popularity because reasonably speaking, masses would not go for a inferior     quality product.
•150 micron- features improved strength and durability. They are mostly used for lobe             attacks.

•Plastic molded- they are the heaviest, but the most durable variety.



The offer of the flight shapes you will find in the market is hugely varied. You will note, however, that as time goes by, you will probably settle for some of these five most common types.

•Standard- if you are that player who does not like too much experimentation, this                     comes out as the most exceptional choice for you.
•Kite- this is for anyone in need of improved control.

•Teardrop- this is well known due to its ability to provide maximum lift from a smaller                area.
•Lantern- it is an aerodynamic shape designed to improve the dart’s stability while                      keeping the tail down.
•The no. 6 shape- this is the most forgiving option for both professional and novice                    players who need maximum lift and stability.

I believe that as a dart player, you know exactly what you need from a flight. The above shapes are all designed for varied purposes. It is easier for you now, therefore, to pick the flight with the shape that serves the purpose you want. Shape, again, is critical.



Like clothes or any other commodity, flights can be found in all sorts of price ranges and bundles, some of which feature dozens of pieces in the package. You need to avoid these "wholesale" options because, in most instances, they are of low quality and made for social occasions.

I would go for the professional packages where you are asked to spend up to 30$ per set. In case you are a casual or semi-pro player, you should be able to find good looking and even better performing five-set packages for not more than $10-$15.

Even with all this, you cannot stretch farther than your hand. You, therefore, can only get what you can afford. Even with a thin budget, I believe that you can still find a flight that can serve the purpose you need. Just some proper research and knowledge of what you need are enough.

Why Are Flights So Important?

This is another question we should be able to answer champ. We need to see why they are so important for professional players. Here are the reasons:


The Symmetry

To stabilize the dart is the primary purpose of flights. If it isn't attained, the dart would quickly lean forward and start whirling.

Flights, therefore, have perfect symmetry and good spread. The balance would be disrupted, and the dart would lose its course if they became flat.


Air Resistance

But how? How does something as small as a piece of plastic affect the air resistance of the dart? Well, you will discover that aside from the fact that the flights have a significant impact on how the dart breezes through the air. They can also make or break your distinct playing style.

To have your dart cut through the air effortlessly, always go for smaller and smoother flights. Be cautious with this option, however, because it is less forgiving and not that suitable for angle attacks.

On the contrary, your dart will fly slower with the use of more significant and more textured flights. The additional drag on other instances will make variations with angles much easier.


The Weight of the Dart

You may want to believe that the flight makes a proportionally small part of the dart’s overall weight. To your disbelief, the variations are there. In fact, in the world of experienced players, the variations make all the difference.

For longer shafts, steel tip darts, and softer lobes, go for more extensive and heavier flights. This means that the dart can fly slower and gain momentum while descending to the board.
Accordingly, always go for smaller and lighter shafts if you want shorter shafts, soft tips, and harder shots.


You notice that this journey has been quite a long one. However, I wouldn't mind a long walk with lots and lots of benefits that it brings along. We have had a deep delve into some of the greatest and best effective dart flights in the market today.

We have looked at their structure, use, purpose, and the pros and cons associated with the products. We have also seen the various factors we need to consider before choosing the dart flight to go for, all the way to the multiple reasons why you may need the dart flight to be that pro you admire.

Many thanks to you for the company. You've got to be the champ in your next coming games, just like I've referred to you throughout our interaction.

We can also agree that the dart flights have one good aspect in them, that they have shown effectiveness in their unique ways. Remember, it's not me who vetted them to the list; it has to do with their performance and level of customer satisfaction.

Then to my best pick champ. I believe that the 5x Sets Harrows Retina Black Dart Flights Slim is the best you will find in the market. Why do I have it as my best? Many reasons champ.

First, it has to do with the respectful history of the manufacturer company and the fact that it is a product of the retina series which have maintained a high reputation amongst the players. Secondly, it is the fact that it is good looking. We all want good looking stuff, don’t we?

The other fact is that it is also affordable. Its build also combines strength and flexibility. These are factors other flights can’t match up to.

Why then, don't you walk into that store and get yourself this dart flight. I believe, legitimately from the performance and customer reviews, it is not one of the decisions you would regret. 

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