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Catcher is a position for a baseball or softball player. At the point when a player takes his/her go to hit, the catcher crouches behind home plate, before the (home) umpire, and receives the ball from the pitcher.

Notwithstanding this essential obligation, the catcher is also called upon to master numerous different skills so as to handle the position well. The job of the catcher is similar to that of the wicket-attendant in cricket, however in cricket, wicketkeepers are increasingly known for their batting abilities.

Positioned behind home plate, the catcher can see the entire field, and is hence in the best position to direct and lead different players in a defensive play. The catcher regularly calls for pitches using hand signals.

The calls are based on the pitcher's mechanics and strengths, as well as the player's tendencies and weaknesses. Foul tips, skipping balls in the earth, and contact with runners during plays at the plate are altogether events to be taken care of by the catcher, necessitating the use of defensive hardware.
This includes a mask, chest and throat protectors, shin guards, and an intensely cushioned catcher's mitt.

Catcher's Mitts (or, Catcher's Gloves) are mitts designed exclusively for the catcher position. Catchers Mitts are measured in circuit instead of length and have an oval-shaped pocket.

Most catcher’s mitts have a variety of a closed website composition and more cushioning than a conventional defender's glove.

Best Catchers Mitt List

Allstar Cm3000sbt 33.5″ Catcher's Mitt


This world class model catcher's mitt has a pleasant mix of reasonableness and quality. It's sufficient for the serious baseball player to claim yet reasonable enough that even recreational baseball players can use it as well.

It features a pleasant symmetrical pocket for grabbing baseballs out of the soil and it's also cushioned in all the key areas that need securing. The cowhide binding that is found all through this meet also makes it profoundly adjustable to fit the hand of the user.

The strengthened dark cowhide sponsorship stiffens it up a little for support and this mitt makes a crisp snapping sound when the baseball goes into it. This catcher's mitt requires a next to no break in time thanks to its extremely soft Japanese calfskin steer stow away.


  • It requires a short time to break in
  • It is very comfortable
  • It is durable and sturdy


  • It is only fit for players with small hands
  • It is costly

Wilson A2000 Pro Stock Pudge 32.5″ Baseball Catcher's Mitt


You will experience serious difficulties not finding numerous Wilson baseball products whenever you go to a professional or recreational baseball match-up. Catcher's mitts that are designed as well as this one are a piece of the reason the baseball hardware they make is so prevalent.

This glove has some remarkable features to it. It has a profound half-moon pocket and the outside cushioning is more slender to enable you to scoop up balls better as you play behind the plate. The palm territory is slightly stretched out also to enable the glove to flex easier as well.

This glove is made out of top notch calfskin that gives it the uncommon blend of beings soft yet at the same time solid. Its expert baseball example is persistently refreshed and improved as necessary. 


  • It features excellent padding and palm protection
  • It is comfortable
  • It is sturdy and durable


  • It is very costly
  • The availability is wanting

Elite Player Pro-advanced 33.5 Inch Cm3100sbt Baseball Catcher's Mitt


This is All-Star's substantially more spending well-disposed catcher's mitt. Just don't mistake that for importance it is anything but a decent quality catcher's mitt. It is a phenomenal decision for teens and recreational grown-up baseball players that like to play behind the plate.

It is a catcher's mitt that has been pre-oil treated to help its sturdy calfskin construction get supple snappier. The rawhide laces it features are substantial to help keep them from breaking.

It has a pleasantly cushioned wrist monitor and a Velcro wrist strap so you can make speedy fit adjustments when you need them. It's more extensive heel channel will also help those whose hands are not as strong close this mitt faster and more tightly. 


  • It is very easy to scoop up with
  • It is strong
  • It is highly effective


  • The light color is not suitable
  • It takes a while to break in

Mizuno Samurai Pro 34″ Baseball Catcher's Mitt


There are not many names with regards to baseball products that convey a greater name than Mizuno. This is an adolescent or grown-up catcher's mitt model from them that is an extraordinary passage level glove for those exploring different avenues regarding or figuring out how to play catcher.

This glove offers a significant level of assurance as confirm by its patent-pending thumb monitor. There is a bounty of binding positions found all through it so you can adjust it to fit easily as well.

This Mizuno catcher's mitt has a specially designed palm they call a ParaShock palm. It is made to hold up to the shock that over and over getting baseball unavoidable causes. This catcher's mitt restrictive designed palm also provides additional cushioning and solace when playing behind the plate. 


  • It features a shock absorption feature
  • It is highly effective
  • It is durable


  • It is only suitable for small players
  • The quality is wanting 

Akadema App240 Prosoft Catcher's Mitt


Here is another extraordinary section level catcher's mitt that is ideal for those that are new to the position and unsure in the event that they need to make an immense investment in a best in class catcher's mitt. This glove is no slouch however with regards to getting pitched baseballs and scooping them out of the earth.

It has a special design where the edge cushioning is diminished to help trap balls in it better and speed up the glove to hand transfer of the baseball. The restrictive "Twofold Flexhinge" innovation incorporated with this mitt helps this glove rapidly snap closed when a baseball strikes it.

There are two features that impressed us with this spending limit well disposed catcher's mitt. One was the manner by which exceptionally soft the calfskin used in making it is. This mitt also has a special 'finger hammocks' design which helps shield your hand from moving around so much when using it.


  • It is cost efficient
  • It is comfortable to use
  • It features an innovative design


  • There are concerns about the durability of the product
  • The quality is also wanting 

Things to Consider Before Buying a Baseball Catcher's Mitt

Best Catchers Mitt



Like whatever you ear size is significant and it's actual with regards to catchers mitts as well. At the point when a glove is sized appropriately it fits well and thus, a solid match gives you significantly more authority over your catcher's mitt.

One thing that you must note when sizing a catcher's mitt is that it is not sized the same as a customary defender's glove. A positional player's glove is sized by the length from the top to the base. Catcher's mitts are sized contrastingly because they are sized by the boundary of them.

Youth players just starting out in youth baseball will usually choose a glove size that has a boundary around 29 ½" to 30" and teenagers and grown-up gloves can run somewhere in the range of 32" to 34 ½" contingent upon a person's hand size.

The significance of sizing a catcher's mitt appropriately for you or your kid can't be emphasized. The fit is basic to how well you can control a catcher's mitt and field the position. 



Any sort of catcher's mitt you choose will either have open or closed webbing. Generally catcher's mitts have closed webbing because that kind of webbing is considerably more tough than open sort webbing is.

You can discover some catcher's mitts with prevalently closed webbing that do have some open spots where you can see the ball in the glove on the off chance that you like to have that alternative.

The main way you will discover increasingly open webs on catchers mitts is on the off chance that you pay to have them custom worked for you. 



On the off chance that a baseball is tossed to you hard enough when you are finding it will sting a little when you get it. It is a piece of the activity when you play behind the plate.

A glove that has a thicker pocket and great cushioning elsewhere in it will help limit sting and secure your hand as you play this extreme position. 



We have referenced a couple of times in this purchasing guide the significance of 'fit' with regards to wearing a catcher's mitt. That is the reason you need any catcher's mitt that you purchase to be slightly adjustable so you can customize its fit to you or your childhood baseball player's hands.

Adjusting the attack of a catcher's mitt is finished by loosening or fixing the laces that are found in various locations on it. At the point when you are taking a gander at various mitts ensure you not what number of better places with binding there is on a specific catcher's mitt to make adjustments on it.

The more there are the more adjustable that model catcher's mitt will be. 



The pocket size of your catcher's mitt is significant because it helps you better field balls that are tossed in the earth and spinning and moving because of the manner in which they are pitches.

Lamentably, the pocket size on a catcher's mitt is somewhat in direct extent to its boundary. Smaller catchers' mitts will in general have smaller pockets yet there is some slight variety between models so search for this on the off chance that you need as large a pocket as possible for your hand size. 



There are basically 4 types of materials that baseball gloves are constructed out of:



This is an extraordinary material for youthful baseball catchers with developing hands. This material is lightweight and inexpensive yet does not hold up well over a significant stretch of time.



These are catchers' mitts that are mostly cowhide with the exception of the back which is a synthetic mesh material. These gloves will in general be somewhat lighter in weight than all calfskin catchers mitts are and they are truly agreeable as well.

The disadvantage to mesh sponsored catchers mitts is they are not so solid as their everything cowhide cousins. 


Soft Leathers

Soft cowhide is incredible because it makes for an agreeable catcher's mitt that requires almost no break-in time. They also are less expensive than sturdy calfskin catchers' mitts. The issue with this material is it does not hold up as well as catchers mitts made out of tough cowhide do.


Sturdy Leathers

These are the glove material of decision for serious or professional baseball players. They cause the sturdiest catcher mitts, to have the most cushioning and make a pleasant crisp popping sound when a baseball is gotten with them. The drawbacks of this material are it makes these catchers mitts the most expensive ones and they are heavier as well.



For what reason do you need a decent guarantee when you purchase a catcher's mitt? The best method to answer that question is to consider precisely what your catcher's mitt will do. Its sole capacity is to trap hard focused rawhide baseballs that are tossed at a decent speed several hundred times in a game. That adds up to a ton of mileage on any baseball mitt.

Materials can have defects and assembling personnel and gear can have awful days as well. You would prefer not to need to continue supplanting a thing that can cost several hundred dollars at your very own expense on the off chance that you didn't cause the issue with it. 


You're going to need to purchase a catcher's mitt based on whether you play baseball or fast pitch. Some defender's gloves can be used for either sport, yet a catcher's mitt will have an alternate design for each. The reasoning behind this? The size of the ball.

Since baseball uses a 9" ball, a baseball catcher's mitt will have a smaller pocket and boundary, as well as all the more cushioning around the outside. Usually, a grown-up catcher's mitt will extend from 32" to 34" in the boundary.

Fast pitch uses a 12" ball, so the glove should be greater in outline and has more slender cushioning to compensate for the size of the ball. When shopping for a grown-up catcher's mitt in fastpitch, the size will go from 33"- 35" in outline.

With this in mind and every other element of a good catcher’s mitt, we recommend the ALLSTAR CM3000SBT 33.5-inch CATCHERS MITT. This product is durable, and it does not take long to break-in, it is highly effective and cost-efficient as well. 

Check out our top pick, ALLSTAR CM3000SBT 33.5″ CATCHER'S MITT (CHECK BEST PRICE HERE)

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