Best Adjustable Dress Form

The Singer Adjustable Dress Form

The Singer Adjustable Dress Form

The Dritz Small Dress Form

The Dritz Small Dress Form

The Roxy Display Adjustable Dress Form

The Roxy Display Adjustable Dress Form

Whether you are a beginner in sewing or a professional, you certainly are aware of the importance of a dress form and desire to own one. A dress form will act as an artificial model that helps you see how the garments you are creating will look like when worn.

The dress form provides you with an accurate picture of the clothes’ contour and drape on the body, enabling you to take measurements and make very precise alterations. Dress forms enable you to see the end product then work towards achieving the desired end.

Dresses are designed in different forms and sizes, just like the people they are meant to represent. The most common dress forms model the torso — however, those that model the full body are widely used as well.

What is more interesting about dress forms is that they come in either male or female molds. We did say that they represent people right. Therefore, everyone is catered for by dress forms.

The options of dress forms in the market are many. However, don’t be overwhelmed as I will show you only the best options that you should consider.

Best Adjustable Dress Form

The Singer Adjustable Dress Form

The Singer Adjustable Dress Form

If you are looking for a dress form that will allow you to creatively work with fabric while sewing, this could be a perfect fit for you. This adjustable dress form allows for pattern adjustments prior to cutting, better fitting of the garments and alteration.

Its measurements are: The bust size ranges between 39” -47”, waist 31” -39” and hips 41” – 49”. The exterior is made of foam-backed fabric that makes it easy for you to pin skirts, tops, patterns, and dresses.

At the top of the dress form, you will find the pincushion with a key holder that provides a convenient storage place for the pins; therefore, you won’t have to be worried about misplacing your pins.


  • Lightweight, hence easy to move around.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Four-leg base for stability.


  • Doesn’t accommodate wider body sizes.
  • No measurements on the form.

The Dritz Small Dress Form

The Dritz Small Dress Form

If you are new to sewing, this dress form is a good option to go for. Its dimensions are The bust measures 33” -40”, Waist 26” – 33”, Hips 35” – 42” and the Back length 15” – 17”. At the bust, waist, and hips, there are nine adjusting wheels for changing the body’s dimension.

There are two auto-set dials located at the bust and waist that make it easy for you to make adjustments to the body’s dimension. The neck of the dress form is adjustable and has a built-in cushion.

The height of the form can be adjusted to a shoulder height of 59”. To facilitate an even hem pinning, this form features a pin hem marker


  • Affordable – It is a low-cost dress form.
  • Lightweight hence easy to move
  • Easy to assemble -there are no tools required.


  • Unstable
  • Its padding is thin.

The Roxy Display Adjustable Dress Form

The Roxy Display Adjustable Dress Form

This is a high-quality dress mannequin. With this dress form, it is easy to pin material on the exterior due to its fabric being foam -backed. To enable you adjust body contours, this dress form provides you with twelve adjustment dials.

The bust of the Roxy Display Dress Form measures 40”-45”, the waist ranges between 31.5” – 37”, the hips are 40” – 47” while the neck sizes are between 13.5”-19”. The height of this dress form is also adjustable, a feature whose presence is very crucial in a dress form.

This dress form is suitable for you to use for a sewing project as you won’t have to try on garments frequently.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Its base is sturdy.
  • Presence of a hem guide for even hem pinning.


  • It is expensive.
  • The padding is thin, making it difficult to pin material.

The Only Mannequins White Female Dress Form

The Only Mannequins White Female Dress Form

For display purposes, this is the best model for you to go for due to its stylish, elegant, and well -constructed form. This form is white and comes on a black tripod stand that is adjustable. The height of this sleek dress form is adjustable from approximately four and a half feet to six feet.

The bust on The Only Mannequins Form measures 35”, the waist is 26” while the hips are 34”. The torso is made of fiber-glass then covered with foam and material. If you sew slacks, you can display them by screwing the stand to the side.

To display skirts, screw the stand on the middle.


  • It is stable.
  • Lightweight hence, easy to move.
  • Adjustable height.


  • Thin padding; therefore, extra padding may be a necessary addition by the user.
  • Different measurements from those listed by the seller.

The Dritz Double Full Figure Dress Form

The Dritz Double Full Figure Dress Form

If trying on dresses all the time is tiring you up, let the Dritz Double Full Figure Dress Form take this burden from you. Also, if you feel you need a dress form, but your space is limited, worry not because this dress form can be folded for storage.

The neck of this form is adjustable and comes with pincushions. Its dimensions are: The bust size ranges from 45”- 53”, the waist 38” – 46”, hips 47” – 55” and the back-waist length 16” – 18”. As you can tell, the measurement ranges are large and accommodative to larger body sizes.

Half inch adjustment increments can be made to the neck and waist.


  • Easy to adjust.
  • It is stable.
  • Exterior cover is made of foam-backed polyester material that is easily pinnable.


  • Dials get stuck frequently.
  • Thin padding of the exterior material.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Adjustable Dress Form

Now that I have taken you through the best options of dress form you can choose from and eased your fears on which dress form to get, allow me to give you tips on how to choose the perfect dress form

Best Adjustable Dress Form


This is the first and most important feature of a dress form. Just as we mentioned at the beginning, dress forms are a representation of people and people come in different sizes. Therefore, when looking for a dress form to buy, you have to look at the sizes.

There are three basic measurements that you should consider before purchasing a dress form. These are the bust, hips, and waist. To get the bust measurements, take the measures over the part of the bust, that is, fullest and also across the widest part of the back.

For waist measurements, use your natural waistline in order to get accurate measurements. Hips, on the other hand, should have their measurements taken around their fullest part. This is usually between seven inches and nine inches below the waist.

The last basic measurement should be the torso length. To measure your torso length, get a friend to measure the length between the nape of your neck and your waistline.


Purpose of The Form

The purpose of the form is an important feature to consider during the purchase of a dress form. One of the reasons for this is because the purpose of the dress form will influence the price range of the form. If the main purpose of the form is to display garments, opt for a cheaper option.

Purpose of the form also dictates what features will be present in the dress form. Display forms have adjustable height and ae easily pinnable. They, however, may not be realistic for fitting and draping.

A professional form, on the other hand, is a good option if you intend to use a form that can assist you when carrying out the construction process. Professional forms are good for draping, fitting, and also pining.

Professional forms may cost slightly more than standard display dress forms. The higher price, however, assures you of superior features and longevity of the dress form. They feature proportions that are more accurate and are available in various sizes.

Other additional features of professional forms are that their shoulders are collapsible. This makes it easy for you to put on garments easily as well as get them off just as easy. Height adjustability is also available in the professional forms.

You should not forget to consider the functionality of the dress form in serving its purpose. If you are sewing garments that are long and they feature legs, look for dress forms that are bifurcated. Bifurcated forms include legs to enable you to try on short and pants.

Finally, a factor of dress form purpose that is often overlooked is making a DIY replica of a dress form. That’s right, DIY is not only available for makeup. I know you are now wondering how you will make your own dress form.

Worry not because the internet has you covered. DIY options are available online with youtube tutorials from fashionistas giving you guidance on how to create dress forms. How about you hit that subscribe button and get to learn how to make your own dress form
DIY forms will, without a doubt, be cheap. This could save you a good amount of money if you are on a tight budget. If you feel there is a need to adjust the measurements of the dress form, all you will have to do is remake it.

DIY dress form may lack most of the important features that come with professional dress forms. However, they can serve the purpose well enough. They can especially useful for people who are new to sewing.

Dress forms that are DIY will be a good custom option that will serve the purpose of providing the exact replica of a person’s body for and help a newbie in the sewing business kick off their designer dreams.

All you need is the internet, a little curiosity and eagerness to learn, and you get to create a dress form that will serve the purpose in the meantime as you get to establish yourself.


Features of A Dress Form

All professional dress forms are pinnable either partially or fully. Body forms that are fully pinnable come with a thicker foam layer in comparison to models that are partially pinnable. You may be wondering why how pinnable a dress form is, is important.

Well, the extent to which a dress form is pinnable is important since fully pinnable dress forms accommodate the direct insertion of pins that hold the fabric in place. On the other hand, partially pinnable dress forms only hold pins at an angle.

If you plan on using the form frequently for pinning, the partially pinnable forms will be unreliable and annoying to use.

Dress forms that are torso-only come featuring either single connectors or dual connectors. The work of the connectors is to attach the standing pole to the body at the underside which in turn allows movement of the pole.

The pole movement can either remain at the middle or move to the side of the torso, which allows pants to be displayed.


Dress Form Adjustments

The main advantage of a dress form is that it acts as a representation of a human body. A dress form stands in for a model. As we all know, however, is that human bodies change all the time. It is an inevitable process.

The most important change comes from weight fluctuations. People gain, as well as lose weight. Your dress form, therefore, should accommodate for these changes. Nobody size should be left out because of a dress form.

This changes in the human body cannot, unfortunately, be mimicked by static dress forms. This is because static dress forms maintain their shape no matter what. Therefore, if you are a designer, you would prefer to work with a form that is adjustable.

Lucky for you, adjustable dress forms are what I am here telling you about. These dress forms come with very important features for adjustments – the dials. These dials will allow you to adjust key places like the hips or best when you feel it is necessary.

However, in as much as the dials are useful for adjustments, be careful when using them. Caution is important since when using the dials, they can pose a challenge to the process of fitting and pinning as they create gaps and edges.


Key Adjustments Areas

We cannot speak about adjustments features of dress forms and fail to mention key areas that need adjustments. These are areas of adjustability that you cannot afford to give up or turn a blind eye on them.

One of the vital areas that require adjustment is height. People come in different heights. You, therefore, want to purchase a dress form that can either extend in height to accommodate tall people or reduce in height for the short people.

Height adjustment is also important when you plan on designing a long and flowy maxi-dress or even a wedding gown. You don’t want to mess up a wedding gown now, do you? When a dress form is adjustable in height, you will be assured of getting all the length measurements right.

Another key area of adjustability you should not ignore is collapsible shoulders. Collapsible shoulders in a dress form come in handy when you want to fit the dress form with garments that are tighter fitting.

To prevent the tighter fitting garments from ripping or stretching, all you have to do is rotate the shoulders then contract them. This is something that you cannot do with a stationary dress form; therefore, be very keen with adjustability.

Adjustability can also include wheels. Wheels are however, not as important as the height adjustments and collapsible shoulders. The main advantage of wheels is movement. Wheels make it easy for you to move the dress form from one place to another.

With wheels, it is also easy for you to rotate the dress form when you want to work on different areas of the dress form. The presence of wheels saves you from the trouble of having to carry the dress form around when you want to change its position.


You have stuck with me as I took you through all the best options you should look into when planning to buy a dress form. We have also looked at the tips you should consider when buying a dress form.

Allow me to leave you then with my recommendation of the best adjustable dress form that you need to get from the five that I have highlighted. The dress form that is my top pick is The Singer Adjustable Dress Form.

With fully adjustable features, assurance of stability, a wide range of sizes, and a lightweight structure for easy movement, no other dress form beats it.

What then are you waiting for? Don’t be left behind. Get yourself The Singer Adjustable Dress Form today and experience for yourself firsthand what a quality dress form really feels like. We cannot wait for you to enjoy this amazing adjustable dress form.

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