Best 12 Volt Portable Refrigerator

Domestic CFX 65DZ

Domestic CFX 65DZ



Domestic CDF11

Domestic CDF11

There are several portable 12V portable refrigerators you can choose in the market. These fantastic products will keep your drinks cold for the longest time possible. Are you, therefore, planning on camping escapade? Worry not, here is something you could use.

We will look at some of the best 12V portable refrigerators in the market. We have looked at all the available options around, and thanks to the ever-reliable customer feedback, we have settled on the most outstanding.

You need, however, to understand the weight of the matter here. These products are in high demand, and therefore, we have several companies trying to outshine one another in their production. Even though this is a good thing, it comes with one major disadvantage.

This high demand puts you at the risk of obtaining a defective option. It also opens up the market to shrewd producers calling for a level of care. I hope that you will find the best product from our prospects.

For those interested in an independent purchase, this is still the best article for you. We will look at some of the features that you need to look out for in your purchase. Make sure that you do not compromise on them if you need the ideal product.

We also have a recommendation at the end of the article if you find it hard to settle on one. Join me, therefore, as we look at the following:

Best 12 Volt Portable Refrigerator List


Domestic CFX 65DZ

Domestic CFX 65DZ

This is one of the best portable refrigerators you can obtain in the market. It is designed by Domestic under their CFX line, which offers some of the best compact-sized refrigerators thanks to their highly functional compressor technology.

This product is highly lightweight and can, therefore, be moved easily from place to place. It comes in two color options, which are black and grey, meaning that you will get to choose one that suits you best.

This product does not need ice whatsoever to keep your drinks cold. It offers you ample space for you to store your products, making it one of the most reliable options. It is highly durable, thanks to the heavy-duty design.


  • It has a heavy-duty design.
  • It works devoid of ice. 
  • It is quite spacious. 


  • It is not dual zone.
  • Complaints about its quality. 




This is another great option from Domestic and just the previous one, I can vouch for its functionality. This product is spacious enough to accommodate all your drinks, giving you an easier time during your camping or hiking experience.

It is highly functional and therefore works devoid of ice. For those interested in deep freezing, this mini refrigerator is unrivaled thanks to the high-performance compressor that can give you a temperature of up to -22 degrees Celsius.

You also get to save on your electricity bills thanks to the low energy consumption enable by the advanced technology applied in the functioning. This, therefore, is the best option for anybody on a budget.


  • It offers deep freeze.
  • It works devoid of ice. 
  • It saves energy. 


  • It is expensive.
  • It might disappoint. 


Domestic CDF11

Domestic CDF11

Our third option features a highly reliable refrigerator that will change your world. It is compact enough and can, therefore, be installed inside the car. This option works devoid of ice, which assures you of high performance.

For those in search of a flexible option, I have just the right product for you. You can refrigerate to zero degrees quite easily. It also has low power consumption and can be run by solar.

To ensure that your refrigerator is safe, you get 3-stage battery protection. It is also highly portable, thanks to the adjustable shoulder strap. This product is a single zone and can hold a volume of up to 10.5 liters. 


  • It is highly portable.
  • It has an adjustable shoulder strap. 
  • It is flexible. 


  • It is small in size.
  • It is single zone. 


Domestic CF18

Domestic CF18

This is our fourth option, and just like all the other ones, this is also offered by Domestic. It boasts of a four-star rating out of a possible five, which is quite good. Let us see what this product has for us.

This twelve Volt refrigerator is highly functional and will quickly refrigerate up to zero degrees at ease. It also works devoid of ice thanks to the powerful compressor technology applied in its making.

Just like all the other options, this product is energy saving. You do not, therefore, have to worry about your electric bills. You can also use a solar to power it thanks to its AC and Dc applications.


  • It has low energy consumption.
  • It can be operated using solar.
  • It has both an AC and Dc function. 


  • It is not adequately insulated.
  • The handle is not as durable. 


Domestic CF25

Domestic CF25

This great product from Domestic is quite affordable as compared to all the other options. It comes in several capacities and therefore offers you a chance to pick based on your specifications and needs.

This product is handily shaped to fit in the least of spaces. It is, therefore, slim and tall and can be easily installed inside a car. You also get a spacious design that will accommodate several bottles.

As if not enough, this refrigerator has a well-defined deep freeze functionality that will offer you the best usage. You also get additional interior lighting to make retrieval easy. What more do you need?


  • It is apace saving.
  • It has a two stage-battery monitor. 
  • It is spacious. 


  • Check on the warranty.
  • Check on the handle. 

Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Best 12 Volt Portable Refrigerator

Getting the right generator might be quite a challenge, just like we mentioned. You, therefore, need to be quite keen on your purchase. We want you to nail the best out of the market, and therefore, this part of the article will look at the features that you ought to consider.

Look out for the following:

Best 12 Volt Portable Refrigerator



You need to settle on an option that can be easily moved from place to place. This will save you the cost and burden of transportation, which is not necessary with the right choice.

Portability, however, is a comprehensive feature that depends on certain aspects. The first factor, therefore, that you ought to consider is the size of the refrigerator. Settle, thus, for an option that can be easily carried.

You need a compact-sized option that can fit in the trunk of your car. It would be highly unfortunate if you had to slant all your back seats to create room for your refrigerator. The good news is; you get a variety of sizes to choose from.

Portability also depends on weight, which ideally is the most significant factor that you need to consider under this. Get yourself an option with a lightweight design that can be carried easily from place to place.

Lastly, you have to check on the handles. Ensure that you get yourself a portable refrigerator with a sturdy handle that can be moved easily. The handle also needs to be comfortable to give you easier holding ground. 



Apart from portability, size also affects several things. You, therefore, need to pick the rightly sized refrigerator. How many drinks do you want to carry?

Ensure, therefore, that you get the rightly sized product based on your needs. For those with different types of drinks, you can go for an option that has several compartments so that you get to sort out your products well.



These refrigerators are pretty expensive, and you should, therefore, get a warranty on a purchase. A warranty is like an insurance cover-it absolves you from all the costs that might arise from the functioning of your refrigerator.

There are certain factors that you ought to consider regarding a warranty. The first one is the duration. Get yourself an option that offers you quite some time as a warranty period.

The best warranty should never be short of five years. Steer away from producers that have a year warranty on their products-most of them are shrewd. What then, is the essence of the duration?

First, a warranty on regular occasions is a show of trust in the goods by the producer. Nobody will give you an extended warranty on a defective product because the chances are that they will have to repossess it in the end or keep fixing it.

Therefore, the more extended the warranty, the better. I would advise that you get yourself a lifetime warranty if possible, which covers your refrigerator for as long as it lasts. It is usually the best deal you can find in the market.

Apart from the duration, you also need to take a look at the comprehensiveness of the warranty. You should, therefore, get an option that covers the entire product, including the motors and the fan, and not just a part of it.

Be wary of warranties that exclude themselves from certain parts of your refrigerator.


Money-back Guarantee

We have all had instances where we buy a good with high expectations that it will deliver only to be disappointed in the end. How do you recover from such an experience?

Simple. You need to obtain your product from stores that offer a money-back guarantee. With this guarantee, you are worthy of a refund if the product does not measure up to your expectations.

You need to note that the money-back guarantee also signifies the producers' trust in the product, just like the warranty. You also have to look out for some factors which we will discuss in the subsequent paragraphs.

One, what is the duration of the money-back guarantee? Since it is not defined, the best guarantee should offer you a considerable amount of time so that you get to access the product before deciding whether it is worth it or not.

The ideal period should, therefore, be ninety days. I believe that by then, you will have had made up your mind regarding the product in question. The best decision comes from usage, and therefore the longer the usage, the better the resolution.

Two, what percentage is the guarantee? Will you get the entire refund or just parts of it? Will you only get the service fee? Make sure, therefore, that the product you get comes with a one-hundred percent money-back guarantee.


Product Ratings

You should know that products are rated in the course of the reviews. Ratings are purely dependent on the feedback obtained from several customers and, therefore, highly accurate.

Just like any other rating, product ratings are usually done through stars, and as an unsaid rule, the higher the number of stars, the better placed the product is. You should, therefore, settle on a four to five-star rating.

Most of the products with high ratings are usually highly effective are reliable. You will also discover that they are durable for extended usage. There is, therefore, no other best way of settling on the best other than this.



We have several brands that are offering these portable refrigerators. You, therefore, have to consider this fact in your purchase. For the first time purchases, I would highly recommend that you get your products from reputable brands.

What, therefore, do you gain from such brands? When you decided to get your refrigerator from a reputable brand, chances that you will get a defective option are low.

Such brands also trust their products as much, meaning that you will get a money-back guarantee on top of a gracious warranty, which means that you will either be refunded or your product will be fixed.

These established brands only have one shortcoming-they are quite expensive. You are therefore going to pay a higher price on their product, which on close assessment, is not a bad deal since you are assured of quality.

I would also advise that you try product hunting, which makes you more flexible. You will discover that certain, less famous brands will offer you just the same, if not better, quality products.



This, perhaps, is one of the essential features that will determine what product you will have and the one you won't. Due to the number of producers and sellers, these products come at different prices.

The only disadvantage you face as a single purchaser is that unlike all the other factors, price is dependent on collective consumption. The best you can do, therefore, is to settle on an affordable option.

I would, therefore, advise that you first put your finances in order and come up with a budget then get an option that falls within the budget. Do not go for an expensive option that will render you broke with no money for maintenance.

Most people believe that the pricier the product is, the more durable and functional it is. Makes sure, however, that you first ascertain the features of the products and weigh whether what you are getting is equivalent to the price.

Take note that you have first to see value in the good before the acquisition. How, then, do you establish value? Make sure that you get an equal trade meaning that the amount you spend on your refrigerator should be equivalent to the service it will offer you in the end.



We all want an option that will serve us for the most extended term possible, saving us the cost of re-purchase and unnecessary maintenance. Ensure, therefore, that your refrigerator offers you this quality.

Just like portability, durability is a wide factor that depends on several aspects. First, look at the build. You need to get a refrigerator that is sturdy enough. Take note that the sturdiness originates from the frame.

Remember, it is from the same frame that all other parts of the refrigerator arise, meaning that the sturdier it is, the better placed your product is. Unfortunately, this is a feature that not many people look at.

Durability also depends on the material used to build your refrigerator. I would advise, therefore, which you settle on a weather-resistant material. Remember, the main essence of getting a portable refrigerator is to help you keep your foods cold as you move from place to place.

If there is any metallic part in your product, make sure that it is either coated or painted so that it is not as exposed to the environmental factors that might lead to rusting. Remember, rusting is one of the greatest destroyers of metals, and if your product is left at the mercy of it, you are done.


Product Reviews

I am quite sure that you want to know more about your product before making a purchase. You should, therefore, consider looking at the product reviews. I believe that such information will form a basis for your purchase.

Product reviews focus on the features of the products so that based on your specifications, you can find one well suited for you. Make a point, therefore, to obtain a detailed review.

You also need to consider the pros and cons provided for in the reviews. Remember, this part captures the strength and the limitations of the products which you need to weigh for proper decision making.

There is, however, one consideration that you ought to make. Make sure that the reviews are obtained from a credible source. If possible, makes sure that the reviewer is an Amazon affiliate.


Customer Feedback

This is the most accurate source of information regarding a product. You need to know what the users of a particular product feel about it before going on a purchase.

Customer feedback is highly accurate because it is a byproduct of a one on one usage of the product in question. It is through this that you will know whether the product is highly effective or not.

The good news is; there are sites such as Amazon that offer customers a chance to provide their feedback after making a purchase. I would, therefore, advise that you take some time and look at such if you want to know more about your product.

A straightforward hack, though; rely on feedback from verified purchases. Do not depend on hearsay.



These products can hold up to a certain capacity. You, therefore, need to settle on an option that will capture your needs and serve you just as well. In case you are planning to take a lot of bottles with you, go for the more spacious options.

Remember, the capacity is measured in liters, and the higher the measurement, the more spacious your product is. I would, however, advise that you settle on the more liters options provided that they are easily portable.

We have looked at some of the factors that you ought to consider in the course of your purchase, with the high demand, I would advise that you be keen on what we have discussed. Have fun shopping! Get the best!


You need to get it right in your purchase. We have therefore looked at some of the best 12V portable refrigerators you can nail in the market, and I hope that you have settled on the best.

Out of all the options we have, I will highly recommend that you The Domestic CFX 65DZ, which comes in two color options; black and brown. This product has a heavy-duty design that offers you the level of durability you need.

It is equipped with a high-performance compressor that levels it to the regular house refrigerators. It is, therefore, a powerful option that works devoid of ice. This refrigerator offers you ample space to store all your drinks.

To help you save on your bills, this is a low-energy consumption option thanks to the advanced compressor technology. As if not enough, you get an interior LED light for easier retrieval.

What more do you need? Get this fantastic option from Amazon and stay organized on your next trip.

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